Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 009 - Code 321

Landon at this very moment was in a predicament.  A troublesome one at that.  He had just woken up, but it didn’t take long for him to realize that the sun was clearly hanging in the sky and not just rising.  Landon at this moment picture the Old man face, he was supposed to be at work at this very moment, while he didn’t know what time it was he knew if he didn’t rush he would soon be dead.  While thinking of death he soon realized that his last few hours seemed  to only consist of near death events.

‘He’s so going to kill me’

Landon sighed to himself, finally gathering the courage to admit his mistake of sleeping in and prepared to leave the bed.  However this was the second problem he soon realized.  He didn’t notice it because the bright sun and the Old man’s anger took precedence, but now that he was trying to leave bed he couldn’t.  There his two sisters were wrapped around his body.  Two young beautiful girls one energetic full of confidence while the other bashful and quiet.  It was hard to say which of the two were cuter in this situation as both of them with their slightly messed up hair was beautifully stuck on their face’s.  Their pajamas were matching with Lisa wearing a pink two piece with white polka-dots while Azla was wearing a yellow set.  It might not have been the most fashionable set of clothes but Landon knew that even those were the best they could possible manage.  As the orphanage would not spend more money than necessary, but it couldn’t be blamed on the foster parents themselves, they were a loving old couple that tried their best to help the younger generations and give them a start into the world.  It was more than anyone else would do for them.  That was why Landon was very thankful towards the orphanage and why he was trying so hard to help his family, that included not only the children but the employees and foster parents as well.  They themselves were poor as well, but all of them were happily eating dinner together every night.  While Landon smiled at the cute appearance of his sister’s he immediately frowned and realized the current predicament.

‘Why are they here, better yet why are they prepared with pajamas and in my bed.’

Landon was suddenly worried but to the two sister’s it was a chance to be spoiled by their brother.


“Azla, can you get the phone please?”

An elderly voice called out to Azla, it was a tone filled with love and kindness.  A softness that would allow even a crying baby to settle down and listen.


Azla cheerfully agreed.  While the phone call was definitely not for her that wasn’t a problem it gave her a strange happiness to be on the phone regardless of who it was.  It was definitely the instincts of a common girl her age, who could stay on the phone for hours without getting bored.  Upon hearing the recipient on the phone and the reasoning for calling, that changed instantly.  She hung up with a force that surprisingly didn’t break the phone and Azla called out to Lisa.

“Lisa Code 321!”

Azla was yelling cheerfully full of energy.  A moment later she heard running footsteps at mach speed where Lisa showed up with a toothbrush in her mouth her appearance still messy.  The sisters were definitely polar opposites in almost every way, Lisa was not a morning person while Azla couldn’t be more happy to jump up and start the day.  But upon hearing the words spoken by Azla, a sparkle appeared in her eyes and she quickly replied.

“Are you serious?  We haven’t had the chance for code 321 since ages ago!”

“I’m serious let’s go we can risk getting scolded later.  This is our only chance!”

Lisa nodded enthusiastically, rushed back upstairs and not even a minute later appeared in changed clothes with two pairs of pajamas.

“To brother’s!”


They both cheered and high-fived and rushed out the door.  While an elderly woman came out from the kitchen.

“Code 321?  My, it has been a long time for that.  I guess we can let them act spoiled for once.”
She grinned softly the wrinkles made her appearance seem old but the smile gave off the liveliness of anyone younger by 20 years.

“Dat damn brat.  I swear if he doesn’t come in today and tell me how much loot he grabbed I’ll make him work overtime for free!”

“No, I seriously don’t think that’s the issue here Old man.”

“I even had to call his sister’s to get them to wake him up!  It’s frustrating but I know they will get the information from him”

“No, like i said Old man that’s not the problem here…”

“Urgh I can’t wait to hear what he thought of the Goddess as well!”

“No, at this moment i think he’s more worried about you slaughtering him…”

“If he didn’t stay up all night playing I’ll make sure he doesn’t come late to work again!”

“Are you an idiot??  What kind of employer says that?”

“What did you…”

“DAD!  Stop slacking off or I’ll tell mom!”

“Yes darling”

“Like mother like daughter, my condolences Old Man.”

“Why you..”

“Both of you, if you say another word I’ll tell mom!”

““I’m sorry””
“You girls wake up….”

Landon softly poked at his sister’s cheeks in order to wake them up.


They softly let out sounds of their disapproval, before finally slowly opening their eyes.  Noticing their brother was sitting up staring at them they softly called out at the same time.

“Morning Brother.”

“No, I seriously don’t think that’s what you should be saying right now?”

Landon gave a light glare towards his sister’s.  He knew they snuck out to come over this early and he knew that the only reason they were here was because they were given a call by the Old Man.  As he did not have a phone he left his contact information as the orphanage because his sister’s would usually know where he was at any given point.  No it was not because they had a brother radar, it was more because he only went to work and stayed at home and if he wasn’t at work he was at home.  In this case Azla was phoned and heard about how their brother was still not at work.  This could only mean one thing for their diligent brother!  He must have stayed up all night gaming and slept in!


Lisa looked guilty but wasn’t reflecting and only was slightly turning red.  Azla on the other hand looked towards Landon full of smiles and posed a “V” sign before speaking.

“Mission successful!”

“You girls are too old for this!”

Landon directly pushed the girls off his mattress. While he dropped them off  The mattress had no bed spring so the height they fell was only about a foot or so.  But even so they both sulked and showed their disapproval about their brother’s actions!

“We don’t get to see you often enough anymore! So spoil us once in a while!”

Azla puffed her cheeks and spoked cheekily.  Lisa couldn’t help but feel a bit lonely at her words.  Landon who knew how they felt couldn’t argue with them and softly stroked their heads.

“Isn’t that what today’s for?  Here get up.  We have to go to the Old man’s.  I’ll somehow get the rest of the day off and spend it with you two alright?”

The two girl’s show of disappointment changed immediately.  They were only acting as their original mission was successful so they were already happy as it was.  They only wanted to tease their brother so that they could easily get away with it.  As Landon was soft to his sister’s and knew they were clearly acting, but he played the fool and got up.

“I’ll go change outside,  I know you came prepared so get dressed and let’s go.”

As the three of them left together, Landon was in the middle with a beauty on each side.  He was the envy of every man at this moment.  While it was easy to pass it off because they were family.  They were after-all not blood related but as the three of them were raised together, none of them could say they had romantic feelings for one another, at least that was how Landon felt.  Landon might have no experience in the matters of love but he wasn’t stupid and it was easy to see they were all just simply that close.  They simply had no other people around them growing up.  Not being able to go to school made it hard to meet other children, and the rest of the kids in the orphanage were simply too young and needed to be looked after.  That was the reason all three of them were so close.  It wasn’t long before that changed though.

“What you want to skip out of work and go on a two timing date with your sisters?!”

As Landon tried to ask for the day off that was how the Old man responded.  The Old man at this moment looked particularly angry.  While Landon called him Old man, Michael wasn’t actually that old.  He still had a head full of black glossy hair and a rough stumbled beard.  It was only because Michael had called him a new variation of young everytime they saw one another that he came up with his own nickname for him.  But instead of getting angry, the Old man actually liked Landon more, and from there the marriage proposals started.

Upon hearing the word ‘date’ the two girls self-consciously blushed.  While at first that hadn’t thought of that.  It was definitely a date, although with an extra person.  So it wasn’t wrong for the Old man to call it a ‘two-timing date’.  But before the situation could escalate Sarah showed up and quelled the situation.

“Okay, you can go Landon.  It isn’t very busy today, so I can handle it.”

As the Old man was about to say something, Sarah turned towards him and smiled.  It was anything but a smile though and the Old man slouched and didn’t say another word.


Landon thought.  He was definitely never going to get on her bad side no matter what the cost.

“But,  I have one condition.”

As Sarah said that she walked over towards the sister’s and whispered in their ears.  The sight of watching three beauties converse in secret had a certain charm to it, but it seemed the conversation was not that simple as the sister’s frowned.  Stepping back Sarah let the two of them discuss in private together.  The three men in the scene stared in confusion, the third being Steve, the customer who is always lingering around for some unknown reason.  The girl’s expression turned into a smile and they happily nodded.

“Okay you got a deal Sarah!”

Azla happily answered for the both of them.  Sarah in return smiled happily and skipped off.

“Let’s go brother, today you better treat us to ice cream!”

Lisa grabbed Landon’s hand and skipped off.  Azla quickly followed and grabbed his other hand dragging him even faster.  While the Old man was the boss he knew better than to argue with his daughter, so he gave up and went back to the kitchen before remembering his early purpose.

“Dammit kid, you better tell me what kind of drops you got tomorrow!”

“No, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you, that isn’t the problem here!”

The three who left the store ran off.  It might have seemed like Landon was reluctant but he himself was happy to enjoy his time off with his two sisters. So the three of them played still dusk.  The two girls had devoured the ice cream their brother had bought for them and gave a terribly sad look when finished.  His heart sank and he gave in a bought another one for each of them.  Clearly Lisa was the happier of the two and didn’t even remember to thank her brother before happily eating away.  For the last event they went to the arcade and when they left, in both of their arms was a yellow bear and a pink rabbit for Azla and Lisa respectively.  Landon had won the two bears in the crane game.  While kids it wasn’t possible to afford video games or expensive dolls, but in order to make his sister’s even a bit more happy.  He used his allowance and mastered the crane game.  Though it had been close to a year since the last time he played.  His skills hadn’t diminished at all and the girl’s happily received the best present they could hope for.  To them their brother was their hero who tried everything he could to make them happy.  That’s why they both promised themselves when they would do everything they could to return all that he had done for them.  It was a mutual loving family.