Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 008 - Death Was The Only Answer

130 damage

Hydra was knocked backwards into the darkness.  Although the numbing sensation was incredible he didn’t care!  He knew he survived and that was good enough for him, though at this moment he questioned as to why he survived.  The window for a miracle didn’t appear so the time he needed it most was not there. It must have been because the enraged timer effect wore off!  Hydra stared at the Queen in front of him and likewise the Queen faced him, although it didn’t seem to have eye’s Hydra knew its attention was only focused on him.  Both of them were a critical levels of health.  He, who only had 20 health left was definitely worse off than the Queen who had around 30%.  To make matter’s worse, he was still binded!  The Queen as if knowing she had her prey caught still rushed towards him to deal the final strike!  Hydra didn’t have any time to dodge, although he was able to move it was too late as he was still sitting on the ground.  Just then, his right hand bumped into a cold object.


Hydra grabbed the object a window popped up but he already knew what it was.  He didn’t have anytime to read the message and stabbed it into the oncoming Queen.  The object pierced the Queen and she howled in anger, but it didn’t stop there as the shadow started to be sucked into the sword imbedded in her stomach!  It was the sword that from the rock!  When the Queen smashed into the rock it was destroyed and knocked the sword away.  At alarming rate the health of the Queen was diminishing, at the final moments Hydra had the sword and used the last effort on a gamble!  A gamble that worked so well Hydra was even shocked.  The sword was absorbing the shadow endlessly until a window appeared!

-You have vanquished the Spider Queen!
-+50 fame for killing a hidden elite boss +1 to all stats


You have gained the title ‘Shadow Nemesis’
+10% resistance to shadow magic, can not be bound by elementary Aether magic.


You have gained three levels!

“This sensation just can’t compare to anything else”

Hydra’s first boss kill was soloed and his first dungeon clear, not to mention the new items experience.  It came with a lot of hardships but in the end the only thing he truly lost, was his bread.

‘I have gained a few levels but I’ll leave that for now and check out the drops and this sword.’


Shadow Stealer (Growth)
Damage 1 Durability ??
A long forgotten sword used by an Ancient during the War of Life.  The Ancient who created this masterpiece had imbued it with the ability to absorb darkness.  However where there is darkness there is light instead of being a sword of light it actually is weakened by it.  Therefore this ancient sword after being drowned in light for time immemorial has lost all its strength.  Though just by wielding this sword the user will feel the incredibly power it once held unlocking the great potential within but only by first feeding it the necessary amount of Shadow energy.  This sword can grow in power with every shadow creature absorbed, the damage gained varies on the quality of shadow.[Shadow Stealer] is made with ancient blacksmithing and can not be destroyed.
[Aether Blade]: [Shadow Stealer] 1/1 [Shadow Cores] 10/10


New information has been updated about [Aether Blade]
An ancient class that embodies the darkness to fight against it.  An Aether Blade will fight with the ability to master the sword and master the darkness.  They can make make even the most evil of beings back in fright.  An Aether Blade will absorb the darkness to increase their strength, while not weak to light magic it’s abilities will be hindered because it’s skill set utilizes Shadows.


You can now change your class into an Aether Blade.  Would you like to change now? [Y/N]

This was more amazing than he originally thought.  While the description of the class is vague that didn’t matter.  It was important enough to know that it was possible to use magic and metal weapon!


It was something Hydra didn’t even need to consider!  First it was a hidden class and countering became exceedingly difficult fighting against opponents you don’t know their skill sets.  The other was already mention, magic and swords is a no brainer, even Hydra, a noob, could tell that being able to support his close combat with surprising magic or starting off with long range magic would be a huge boost in combat ability.  It didn’t take long after Hydra accept the new class that he was surrounded by a shadow that covered his body.  The body continued to cover every part of his body and even his vision was blurred for a second but shortly after a window popped up

Congrats!  you have changed to the Hidden Profession [Aether Blade]
For being the first of this profession all stats +1 and Luck +1 for being the first [Aether Blade] class.


[Dual Wield☆☆☆☆☆](passive)
Allows the user to use magic and swords, but it isn’t limited to that.  Upon further levels the ability to use other weapons grows.


[Shadow blade☆☆☆]
Runes will be placed on the sword imbuing with shadow magic. 150% damage for every rune applied to the sword and chance to bind 3%


Shadows cover the user and hide him from sight.  However this skill only works in areas of darkness as it needs to blend in with the surroundings. (Cost:0, Cooldown: 30 minutes after release)


[Shadow Rune☆☆☆☆] (passive)
Allows the user to learn shadow magic, however only the basic shadow rune is currently known.  Defeating shadow beings will unlock new potential runes (Cost per Rune: 5 mana).

He had even learnt a 5 star passive skill!  It was obvious that the Duel wield skill would only be stronger when he leveled it up but even at level 1 it was strong enough to be called broken.  Thrilled by his new profession he started to walk towards the carcass of the Spider Queen it was the last thing to accomplish before he left.  That was to check the drops!  After all the it was hidden elite boss.  The closer her got the more worried he was, he was uneasy, it was too good to be true getting another amazing drop from the Spider Queen would absolutely turn his Luck into a curse in the future.  So he was almost sure of the possibility of it being a terrible item.  After approaching he noticed a thin black glove and cautiously picking it up to inspect it.  Hydra had already braced himself so whether it was good or bad he had already achieved enough.

Dusk Glove (Unique)
Defense 0 Durability 5/5
Special effect: [Shadow Arm]- The shadow extends as an arm and can grab targets far away or bind, if resistance or strength is strong enough the target will be slowed instead (cost:25 mana)
A glove made of shadow, because it has an abstract form it can not be destroyed indefinitely and will recover as long as the user is in the dark.  Although this glove has no defensive capabilities its utilization can be the difference between victory or defeat.

‘It’s surprisingly a unique item’

He hit the jackpot!  While the work needed to get to this point was taxing the rewards clearly reflected the difficulty.  Hydra was no longer worried about his luck and in the future even if it caused problems this was definitely worth the misfortune.

While happily checking his new items, abilities the cave started to shake.  A new window popped up and Hydra unconsciously read it out loud.

“The ancient sword has been removed without the seal the cave is unstable and is collapsing….”

Hydra panicked.  He had just finished everything and when he thought he could finally leave he was about to be crushed to death.  Rocks started to fall while Hydra was running around looking for an exit everywhere.  To no avail he seemed to have realized something.

‘This cave never had an exit to begin with…’

Just as he realized the truth of the world a giant rock crushed him.

-20 damage


You have died level has decreased by 1, because there are 5 stats free they have been and will be regained when the user levels up.

Landon woke up from the virtual reality and removed the headset.  He didn’t realize until he died but once you die after level 5 you can not login in again until 24 hours has passed.  Though in this case Landon was so exhausted he didn’t even mind at all.  He stared at the time and it had surprisingly only been 1 hour of real time.  He had played for 4 hours in the game.  With the last bit of strength he dragged his stiff body into bed without even tucking himself in he passed out.