Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 077 - Final Stand

Soooo I should be studying, but like I just hate not giving you guys your [SS] crack~  Especially at a cliffhanger~  I mean how rude of me right?  Thus with a surprise here is the finale of the [Mirror Tree] fight~  I hope you guys enjoy it

Hopefully for you guys I can slack off and give you some more chapters xD

Until next time Ciao my cubs and bread followers~


Hydra roared as he rushed towards the [Mirror Tree]. To be honest the only hope for Hydra was to absolutely overwhelm the [Mirror Tree], who was at the very least as strong as him! The disadvantage to stalling out the fight was clear to even someone like Hydra, as he fought longer his stamina or satiety would fall! Although users could fight for a near infinite time that was only so long as they could replenish their satiety levels!

Although satiety didn’t drop very fast it all depended on how much effort one was using! Thus HYdra rarely got hungry in the game, although he cooked for fun and at times he was of course cooking meals for the bread followers, the amount of food they had been miniscule thus they were nearly starved by the time they reached the exit! The dungeon left all food to rot and thus were only left with scraps of salted meat that had aged for so long they may have died eating it!

Luckily there were no problems in the end and Hydra tried to boil the meat a bit allow it to be eaten easily. However the food wasn’t much and left them still hungry. Now though it was different Hydra clearly stocked up on the all important bread, and other meats he got from the [Lil Bunnies] along with rare spices from the [Grenit] Elves. But the most important factor for this fight was that one could not eat food items in combat! Only potions and such items were useable during combat! As such with his satiety dropping at a fast rate where his heart pumped faster, his muscles tensed and released more often, his breathing faster and deeper. It was not doubt that in the long run Hydra would be at a disadvantage!

This was why Hydra struck with all his strength and didn’t give the chance for the [Mirror Tree] to retaliate! Dodging definitely had its effectiveness in drawn out fights which were Hydra’s speciality, however this was only the case for those who could get tired and show openings! Thus Hydra exploited his own weakness! Although Hydra felt it was difficult, his expression only turned into one of pure bliss!

“This is great! Haha! My mirror image show me more of my strength! Show me how weak I truly am! I will overcome myself and reach another level in my path!”


Hydra slashed down toward his copy, as he did he roared towards his opponent. An opponent who was himself, an opponent who Hydra had to overcome! It was not a simply task of fighting an enemy with a set path or a mindless giant, or even a Lich who fought behind its numerous summons! This was a fight that rendered all his specialities useless! This was a fight that Hydra could call his absolute hardest!


A strike barely missed Hydra’s face, the next moment without a hint of fear Hydra rushed in to close the gap that was just made between him and the [Mirror Tree]. Strike after strike Hydra clenched the [Shadow Stealer] and flexed his biceps, his back uncontrollably tensed in reaction to his strikes. His legs absorbing all the pressure exerted onto the [Mirror Tree], as he did so the fight grew harder and harder for Hydra.

The fight was anything but beautiful as the amount of dodges were simply miniscule, there was nothing that resembled a so-called ‘blade dance’ as the strikes were two-handed and Hydra was unfamiliar with all techniques involved in absolute strength, however even if he was unsure the only way for the [Mirror Tree] to defend was also to wield the sword with two hands! Two entities, both of which were fighting in their weak points! It would only take a single strike to end this fight as with one strike the momentum would allow the other to fully end this fight in a single push!

Finally though after numerous blows the [Mirror Tree] was able to retaliate fully without Hydra making a move! Hydra messed up first! He was able to fight with two hands but because he was simply to unaccustomed to the fight he hadn’t been able to recover fast enough. Now the [Mirror Tree] was just a second away and a strike could possibly end everything as he was about to be hit. Although it was at this moment that a memory flashed in Hydra’s head.

“I didn’t want to see you lose! The person I trusted so much to lose in front of me! I wouldn’t care if I died but you can’t lose while you’re with me!….. Even if I died you must never lose!”

Hydra remembered the tears that fell from Irina’s pale, yet beautiful skin. It was a sight that made Hydra’s heart rip in two as he couldn’t stand the pain that emerged his eyes flashed a hint of determination. His mind was running so incredibly fast it was as if all time froze and Hydra at the final moment thought of a plan.

“It’s now or never!”

Hydra knew that the use of magic in a such a close proximity fight it would prove useless, as he knew clearly his own abilities more than anyone else he would simply be unable to write an incantation before he would be struck! The [Mirror Tree] didn’t use magic as such why would he use such a stupid tactic? However it was only when Hydra could sacrifice everything in an all out attempt that he could use magic and as he thought of the spell he wanted to use the black runes flickered into the space in front of his left hand.

At this moment Hydra was no longer using both his hands to wield his sword but instead he was fully utilizing his [Dual Wield] ability to its greatest potential! The meer second came fast and as the wooden sword came slashing down, Hydra posed his [Shadow Stealer] to block! It was a block with one hand against a blow using two!

As such it was the outcome was obvious as the swords collided, Hydra was completely unable to block the blow his own sword was pushed against his shoulder digging deeply into his shoulder! A numbing sensation completely overtook his entire left body however, to counter this in order to continue writing his numbed left hand, Hydra bit his own tongue! As a damage markers could be seen over and over with the blade lodged in his shoulder a new message appeared after Hydra bit his own tongue!

Miracle! [Final Stand] has been evoked!
With unshakeable determination, a hero must stand up at times when even he is at his last breath. Because one has something they must protect, a cause they must fight for, a dream they must turn into reality, a hero rises against all odds to overcome his own self even at the cost of their own life!
All Pain (Numbness) has been ignored! The user for 5 seconds will resist all forms of CC. Stats +25% for 2 seconds!


Due to the luck stat a miracle has occurred!
+2 Luck stat!
[Final Stand] has been learned!

“The Luck stat truly is a blessing!”

It was the first time since Hydra started playing the game that he actually acknowledged [Hesria’s Blessing]! Although some incidents indeed game him a bit of luck it was not nearly as important as it was at this moment! Hydra new that biting his tongue would show no effect and he knew that with the numbing sensation invading his entire left arm it would be impossible to continue to write! But that didn’t matter as his once thought of ‘curse’ stat had finally become a true luck stat!

Without wasting time Hydra focused entirely on the incarnation disregarding the sword stuck into his shoulder! As the flickering light all changed into one bright flash, the incantation was completed and Hydra roared out.

“[Shadow Piercer]!”

Although Hydra used it on the leaves its true purpose was in overall destructive ability! However at this time Hydra didn’t plan for it to be used to win against the [Mirror Tree] as he knew with his current mastery it was impossible to win over the [Mirror Tree] with just the [Shadow Piercer]! However when the blades of shadow erupted from the ground piercing the [Mirror Tree] the effect he wanted was achieved!

Snare! The Target has become unable to move for the duration of 2 seconds (equal to the duration of [Shadow Piecer])!

“More than enough time!”

Without hesitation Hydra ripped the [Shadow Stealer] from his shoulder and immediately slashed towards the [Mirror Tree]!


The blow struck the [Mirror Tree], but how could Hydra leave the opportunity for only one strike? As such Hydra kept striking towards the [Mirror Tree] in a beautiful combo that fully utilized the entirety of his abilities! It was at this moment that one could say Hydra truly looked like he was dancing swinging the sword making contact with all the critical parts of the [Mirror Tree’s] body! As such numerous damage markers appeared and even after the effects of [Final Stand] left and the numbing sensation in his arm took over he continued to strike!

It was just a few seconds later and an orange messaged appeared!


Congrats! You have passed the Second Trial!

As the message appeared the [Mirror Tree] with some health still remaining jumped back and slowly turned back into the small tree. Seeing the message Hydra’s expression softened as he fell back onto the ground with a hard bang. He then started to laugh to himself and looked towards the next ceiling of the tree.

“I did it!”

After yelling Hydra lost all energy and passed out. Seeing this Pan ran over and with a congratulatory look licked Hydra’s happy face and softly cried out as if cheering for Hydra’s victory.


He then snuggled into the crevice of Hydra’s neck and wounded shoulder softly licking Hydra’s wound. Miraculously the wound started to heal up, however Hydra who was unconscious at this moment had no way of knowing what Pan was doing!