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Second Saga

Chapter 076 - Overcome Yourself

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Hydra now realized that the moment one passes a test they are able to take a leaf from these branches would then become their armor!  This was something that Hydra thought was truly amazing.  Although he was sure that he could now take this dark green armor as a new type of armor for himself, he wasn’t sure if one was only allowed a single leaf to use.  Thus if he passed the next floor and took this one but wasn’t allowed another he would lose an incredible chance!

However on the flip side it meant that only a few hundred were even able to pass this test out of the thousands of elves! After experiencing the test himself he too realized that without some sort of special ability it would be nearly impossible to collect all the leaves, as he thought about this he stared at the tree in the middle as he was climbing further up the [White Winged Tree].  Although he found it difficulty truthfully Hydra’s blood was boiling! This was the perfect place for him to test his abilities and although the first had nearly ended in failure, it only fueled his spirit.

After turning his gaze to the ceiling he smiled and softly muttered.

“I can’t wait to see what’s next.  I know this is supposed to be means aving this tree but these trials are too awesome!”

He started to climb once again, carrying Pan in his arms who had he had his tails wrapped around Hydra’s arms, prepared to take the next test.


The distance Hydra had to climb this time was much further and took much longer but that didn’t bother Hydra one bit.  As he got closer and looked one more jump to the next branch his excitement only grew.  It was then that Hydra finally reached the final branched and stepped onto the next floor.  This time without any caution and an aura full of confidence he looked around the area.

Much like the first floor, there was a another tree in the center however this tree was much, much smaller.  Infact the tree was only a bit taller than Hydra!  This tree was as skinny as a built man, thus by no means a wide tree.  The branches were thin, but seemed incredibly durable as it looked like it could bend 90 degrees and still not break.  Instead of green leaves like the previous tree, these leaves were yellow!  Finally when Hydra had a good look at the tree the orange message finally appeared!

Second Trial:  Trial of Strength!
Rules: Defeat the opponent!  There is no time limit.

Without hesitation, Hydra put Pan down and nodded towards him before quickly pressing the start button.  He was brimming with confidence and although each trial was not easy and very possible for him to fail he didn’t mind that.  Right now the only thing Hydra had on his mind was what kind of opponent he was going to get.  Would he be gigantic?  Strong?  Swift?  All these ideas ran through Hydra’s head.  As long as one wasn’t in a death match Hydra would without a doubt enjoy fighting with people, and of course these trials were not set up in order to kill the opponent, as such what better spot for him to fight?!

As he was thinking that the tree in front of him shuddered.  The shudder was quiet and slow, as he stared from the bottom and worked its way to the top without any hint of rushing.  As the shudder ran through each and branch and through the tips of every yellow leaf, the tree started to have a reaction.  The tree started to move!  Not a shudder like before but the branches were moving!  That wasn’t all a the tree then started to take on form!  This form was none other than a similar image of Hydra!

Although the facial features were not there, the outline of the shapes, equipment and pose were all similar! The main difference was the colours, as the yellow leaves had now taken the form of armor and instead of black or rotted looking leather, it was a beautiful yet soft yellow.  Just before it took on the last bit of its form Hydra quickly called out.


[Mirror Tree] (Legendary Plant)
Health ?/? LvL ?/?
An ancient tree where only one can ever exist at a time.  If there were to exist two, and they possibly met their existences as doppelgänger would destroy themselves.  As such the [White Winged Tree] has been watching over the [Mirror Tree] for a very long time.  The [Mirror Tree] will copy all the abilities of the one it finds an enemy.  However in this case as the [Mirror Tree] has been chosen as a guardian of the second trial it will not kill those it transforms into.  All stats, abilities, equipment, bonuses and equipment skills will be copied by the [Mirror Tree].  Thus if you wish to pass one must overcome themselves!

“I get to fight myself?  Interesting!”

Just as Hydra finished reading the last bit of the message the [Mirror Tree] finally made its move!  It struck out with its wooden [Shadow Stealer] towards Hydra!  In response Hydra didn’t block but instead with the minimum amount of movement he dodged to the side.  When he did he immediately counter attacked in the same way the [Mirror Tree] had just failed in!

“Let’s see how similar you truly are!”

Hydra was just testing how far the [Mirror Tree] could copy his abilities, and as such he was surprised by the actions of the tree.  In fact instead of merely copying Hydra, it had flawlessly also dodged the sword!  One could say that was indeed copying however in such a timely dodged was timed nearly perfectly, thus how could one argue such a timely dodge was a copy?  Although the tree itself copied Hydra’s abilities it still had to utilize those abilities for itself.

Hydra had forgotten, however that this [Mirror Tree] had been here since ancient times!  Patiently waiting and testing all the elves that had come time and time again! It was only natural that the [Mirror Tree] would have enough experience to utilize all of Hydra’s abilities!  The absolute only difference between the two was stamina!  After all, Hydra was still human, but the [Mirror Tree] was a plant!  Although Hydra assumed its stamina was not infinite, he also could assume the reason there was no time limit was because Aspa would not have to worry about the [Mirror Tree] getting exhausted!

A counter attack came back to Hydra and as if to test the full extent of the copy in front of him Hydra strode forward with a burst of strength.  As he did he dodged the incoming blow and grabbed the [Shadow Stealer] with two hands and swung in a diagonal motion will all his strength!

Although it was an impractical approach coming from Hydra without making sure that this tree was the exact same as him, he would need make 100% sure.  If this was the case, the one weakness he could think about himself was his strength!  Although he was strong, his agility was definitely his strong point! Even then he almost failed the agility test, but this was different!  If it wa his own strength he knew how to overcome that!  It was to use all in slashes with every bit of strength he could muster each time!

As he thought this his slash made a heavy blow towards the [Mirror Tree]!  As such the Tree blocked it with its own wooden sword, but immediately after it seemed to be having troubles withstanding the blow and backed off.  Noticing this, Hydra grinned and spoke towards the [Mirror Tree].

“Now, we know one another’s weakness.  Shall we go straight to it?”

Without waiting for a reply, whether or not the tree could talk Hydra knew it had some type of consciousness to be able to take a form like this, and charged straight towards the tree!  No dodging, no swift sudden movements.  This was a straight path to the strongest attack Hydra could make!  In response the [Mirror Tree] switched to a two-handed style as well and dove straight towards Hydra!

The two blurs clashed and even though one was not metal, sparks ignited around the impact area regardless!  Hydra pushed down with all his force against the [Mirror Tree] and likewise it pushed down with all its strength.


Hydra groaned.  He only now realized that his plan was a little flawed.  He might be able to use his strength to overcome the [Mirror Tree] however the tree could do the same, and as he wouldn’t tire Hydra could only rely on using his wits to overcome it.  As Hydra he jumped backed gaining some room for himself he spoke out.

“Not bad, well let’s start round two shall we?!”