Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 074 - Enter The [White Winged Tree]

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With a new pocket full of gold, Hydra left the auction house without so much as looking back. Somehow at this moment Hydra felt his goal in allowing the children and his sisters going to school would soon become a reality. It was just a simple bag of gold but in the real world it was still close to $4000! This was an amazing amount of money, and although the $300k was still far away, a single step forward is what matter most!

This single step would compel Hydra to try harder in the future as he now realized it was possible to succeed as a Core gamer. As he looked happily at the [Phoenix Coin] and its new rank. Surprisingly Hydra may have been the only one to reach rank 2 in a single attempt at selling a bunch of items. After all who would possibly sell over 300 pieces of gear and weapons plus a unique item?

Unique items alone were well unique and thus they didn’t drop often! However Hydra was someone who had already conquered multiple hidden dungeons. If he didn’t get at least a rare item it would be rather surprising! Now with everything completed in the auction house he stood on the teleport platform, making eye contact with Amy and a slight nod in thanks before he was teleported back!


After returning Hydra had completed everything he needed to do. Over the next few days, he had already spoken with Lixiss on mutltiple occasions and every time she brought up the topic of protecting Irina. At this Hydra felt a warmth he never felt before. A mother’s love. It was a happy feeling even though he wasn’t able to truly feel it for himself however because Lixiss was so loving to Irina he was able to see what it was like to be raised by your old blood. A special bond was created that could never be ripped apart, even if Irina screamed out towards Lixiss’ teasing, Hydra was unable to see it as anger and instead of a simple playful conversation between the two.

During this time the Bread followers had grown! It was actually quite surprising that some Elves had been converted! Hydra had thought after hearing about the unity of the Elves it would be impossible however due to the kindness and helping hand of the Bread followers they were able to befriend many of the elves some of which, when they saw the sheer amount of devotion to their god felt they too should join in! Thus the 300 member [Fellowship Of The Bread Order] turned into 320! While it wasn’t a large amount it was still enough to shock everyone who knew how unified the elves were, which included Falcon, Cline, Valeria and even Irina!

When Lixiss and Taye heard this they simply smiled and waved their hands as they didn’t seem to care at all. To them the elves were all family but that didn’t mean they weren’t able to have freedom! Unless of course you were the princess like Irina, who still managed to get out and have a little freedom, not including the parts she was captured.

It wasn’t just listening to the playful fights of Irina and her mother that Hydra partaked in. At this Cline had one day finally arrived to his house alone and barged in. Although he was displeased about intruding on Hydra like this, he felt if he didn’t arrive first and make the first move he wouldn’t have the opportunity to spend time with him! It was at this that Cline finally spoke up at the surprised Hydra who had just finished getting ready and was about to leave.

“Hydra! Let me teach you how to become a true leader even in the face of true despair! Let me turn you into the man you were always meant to be! I wish to have that honour as your subordinate.”

Dumfounded Hydra started to shake his arms, while happily smiling he spoke.

“Cline! You don’t have to be so formal about it. I, too, would be honoured to have you teach me!”

Thus during the mornings Hydra would spend time with Cline going over how to organize an army in warfare or how to react in situations of unrest. The sheer amount of knowledge started to overwhelm Hydra and thus he was only able to ever spend a few hours at a time so he didn’t explode.

In the afternoon Hydra would spend time doing dailies for the elves, and unhappily regulated more of the ever-growing population of [Lil Bunnies]. Although he couldn’t complain too much as it wa still exploits, health pots, and money! These were all important to him!

The last thing Hydra managed to spend time doing was fishing! He had spent many of his hours and although he never caught a single thing once in his entire multiple hours spent fishing he did however catch more and more boots! At this he was thrilled and jumping each and every time when he managed to ‘fish’ a pair of boots. At this the elf who was in charge couldn’t help but pity Hydra as he truly felt he was the unluckiest man alive. Two entirely point of views was strange indeed.  Unfortunately because Hydra had never actually manged to ‘fish’ any fish he didn’t learn the skill.

As nights came and went Hydra had naturally visited his sisters at work and the old man. Although Sarah herself was too busy also playing the game to conveniently stop playing like she did last time and thus no awkward situations came out of it. Hydra had even during the saturday worked and didn’t log in at all. It was a nice change of pace for him and was the first time he worked since playing the game. Many of the regular customers were happy to see Hydra come back as they chatted him up or teased him about marrying Sarah.

After all these regulars had all been coming for years and watched Sarah and Hydra grow up from teenagers into young adults. A feeling that was special to these customers who had no families of their own or simply like to tease the two.

Hydra had already told the Old man, and his sisters about the gold he made, in which the two girls naturally jumped up and down. Although they had no idea what Hydra had planned to do with it they were simply happy to see Hydra earn his first income that was already greater than a month’s pay at work! With good byes Hydra set off again and dived into the game to play again. During this time the Naturals, all had wondered where Hydra had gone off too, but they as well knew that sometimes Foreigners would sometimes would disappear for days at a time only to show up from thin air. However as Phoenix Enterprises had made this a part of the game the Naturals had never gone past simple curiosity and left it at that. It wasn’t because they didn’t’ have freewill simply because it was embedded into their minds that it wasn’t important enough to care!


Everything was calm and peaceful, until the day finally came that [Coming of Age Ceremony] would happen within the [White Winged Tree]. Hydra’s entire group of bread followers, along with Irina, Laxiss, Taye and a few special body guards with a darker shade of green leaves than usual travelled with them. As Hydra had already known about the ceremony naturally he assumed that this darker green meant they were stronger warriors. Thus when he identified them he did indeed notice they were stronger than the average elf at around level 100! However as the number was only around 20 it was obvious that they were incredibly important to the overall combat level of the elves!

“We are almost there!”

After a long calm walk through the entirely beautiful forest of never-ending greens, Lixiss spoke up. Although there were conversations were in the background happily chattering away as if going to a picknick, the moment Lixiss spoke about nearing their desintation everyone tensed up. Or at the very least he elves did as they knew that their holy land was being invaded by an evil parasite!

This birthed an endless rage within their hearts as even their own lives meant nothing in comparison to the importance of the [White Winged Tree]! If it wasn’t for Lixiss, their queen, forbidding them from entering or attacking the entire elvish race would probably already be extinct! Even though Hydra was weaker than any of these elves and Hydra was 99% sure he would lose in a fight with them. The task of saving the tree could only be left to Hydra! Thus the elves had naturally looked at Hydra in worship! This too was part of the reason that the Bread Order had increased its numbers.

After the silence invaded the group with a few more steps, and the sounds of twigs snapping and birds chirping, a clearing appeared.  As they had been walking for some time under the overhang of the trees the bright light blinded them all for a few seconds. It was only when Hydra’s eyes managed to adjust that he was able to see the sheer massive object that was in front of him!


Although incredible was a strong word Hydra had felt that even it was unable to describe a tiny big of this magnificent tree. The base was at least a kilometer wide and the trunk endlessly climbed into the heavens as if to show its might to the gods itself. Although one could not see the top as the mist clouds prevented anyone from being able to, Hydra could imagine the two giant branches extending outwards reaching further into the skies as the beautiful soft white leaves fluttering in the wind. It was picture that for Hydra that even managed to warm his heart. Something so incredible was existing right in front of him.

Even in fantasy it was something he had never heard about before, and he was truly excited to see the top if it was possible. Although he didn’t know where the infection was, he promised himself if he had the chance he would exit to see that wondrous sight he envisioned! Stuck in his daydreams he felt a tug at his side. Upon noticing Irina’s confused look at him he noticed everyone was staring into him with deep meaningful eyes. At this Lixiss noticing Hydra had snaped back into reality and started to speak.

“Now, I have already discussed it with everyone, but we must not left Hydra be stalled as the window for those giant doors to open will not be long.”

As Lixiss spoke she pointed to the 10 meter high doors formed out of the wood from the [White Winged Tree]. It was engraved with many different symbols that Hydra had thought very familiar after remembering he had noticed them in the cave which Kurgal had slept! At this Hydra couldn’t help but wonder to himself.

‘Was the temple Kurgal sleeps at constructed by the elves? Or was it a different race that also constructed these doors?’

Although Hydra had no time to ponder any longer as he realized a strange situation was starting to occur! If between him and the doors, numerous black shadows appeared as if barring them entry into the [White Winged Tree] and it was just then that the loud sounds of breaking, that the doors slowly with their massive size started to open up!

“Protect Hydra! Do not let him be stalled!”

Lixiss called out as the entire Bread Order yelled as they charged forward along with the Elves and Taye. Only Lixiss, Irina and Hydra along with Pan who was handed to Hydra from Irina. At this Hydra stared in confusion as he had no idea why everyone was working so well together without prior arrangements! At this Irina, only gave a few words.

“Go! We have already planned to stall them for you, so without worries take your sword and do what you must do!”
A little push came from behind him as Lixiss, gave him a slight pat on the back to get him started. Although Hydra was confused it didn’t stop him from agreeing quickly as he bolted straight into the open pathway the his companions had made for him! As he ran by he could hear the shouts of his comrades!

“Go Lord Hydra!”

“Make sure you come back Hydra, you still have a lot to learn!”

“Please be safe Lord Hydra!”

“Hydra, please save the [White Winged Tree]!”

“All Hail Hydra!”

Finally Hydra ran straight into the doors, that had already started to close behind him. Although he had no chance to look back, but if he did he would be able to see the loneliness and worry in Irina’s eyes, along with some soft words.

“Please be safe.”