Rebirth Online World

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Second Saga

Chapter 073 - Phoenix Auction House

So I actually enjoyed writing this chapter, because truthfully even I’m getting bored of not writing any fight scenes~  Although it’s gotta happen and now is just a good time Very Happy

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I’m glad you all enjoyed the sneak peaks!  Although it is but a drop in the ocean for this story you can all see how big this story is probably going to be! I don’t think it will be as long as LMS but I hope to at least have it the same length or longer as Ark.  Thus sit your butts down and let’s enjoy the story together!~

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“Okay Pan, I promise to spend some more time with you when things slow down alright?”


Pan cried happily in content and then snuggled his way back into Irina’s bosom. At this Irina was thrilled and softly pet Pan’s fur over and over again. Instead of watching this scene Hydra was now staring at the building in front of him. It was clear to Hydra that this was the auction house that Irina had spoken of. Why was that? It was clearly the only human like building in the entire town! Thus other than the auction house what could it be?

However that too was a problem as it looked quite out-of-place because of that. Even more so the building looked old without an traces of maintenance done in years, to Hydra it was unknown at how old this building truly was!

“Are you going?”


“Okay I was told under no circumstance am I to enter there thus I will wait outside with Pan.

“Sure. But Irina.


“When we venture again Pan has to start walking!”

At this Irina didn’t’ respond but pursed his lips in disappointment. She knew that this was a topic that Hydra was unyielding in! He wanted to make money! He wanted all the loot and gear possible! He also wanted Pan to actually level for once! It was terrible that in this entire time of Hydra leveling Pan had yet to level a single time, even if he only needed one more item pick up it was because of the girls he kept on meeting carried Pan wherever they went. It was truly becoming a habit and now Hydra was finally putting his hand down to stop it.

Thus Irina didn’t argue but that didn’t change her unwillingness about it either. Without any more words, Hydra left Irina and walked into the building. Surprisingly the moment he entered he was greeted with a window!

Welcome to the [Phoenix Auction House]!

The moment the message appeared his entire surroundings disappeared. He had just entered and the window popped up, and he naturally looked at the window in front of him first thus he didn’t even have a chance to look at what the inside of the building looked like! However now Hydra was no longer within a single small house but a gigantic mansion!
In this mansion were numerous people as Hydra stared at the passersby and the chatty users. Some were screaming and yelling while others were actively trying to sell gear in a corner booth. At this point Hydra looked at his feet and finally noticed he was on some sort of platform! When he finally managed to regain some of his composure he walked off and was immediately greeted with another player!

“Hello! My name is Amy, and I am a guide to the [Phoenix Auction House]! I can see it’s your first time here! Here take this badge! It will rank up in according to how much you buy and sell! With higher ranks means better discounts and will open up rarer auction rooms!”

Without so much as giving Hydra any time to respond, Amy a girl with an incredibly average looks and plain to the utmost degree, forced onto him a beautifully crafted silver coin. On one side of the coin was the picture of a king, however on the other side of the coin was a dazzling Phoenix with its wings spread out to the highest point! A flame like tail flowed out from the bottom, at this Hydra recognized it immediately! It was the logo of Phoenix Enterprises in his world! At this Hydra couldn’t help but ask.

“Is this directly controlled by Phoenix Enterprises?!”

“Of course! As this Auction house deals with RMT we have must abide by law and open up as a bank for money to flow through properly! Without running the auction house directly we would be unable to have real money being traded! Thus we created a system where all users could gather together in one area to trade! However there are still some who wish to do their own dealings as you can see over there. This is of course up to the user. Now then sir, do you have any other questions?”

“I actually just have a bunch of uncommon and low tier magic weapons that I wish to sell where should I go for those?”

“Oh that is easy! If you go down the right corridor there will be a large room with countless holes. All you need to do is stick a weapon inside and automated price will be determined by the system! In which will be registered immediately throughout the entire auction house for other uses to see a digital picture. If you wish to see other goods you can take the left corridor and there will be a viewing room for customers to look through all the goods we have accessible!”

“Really? I can’t name my own price?”

Hydra frowned when he heard that he was unable to set his own price, however at the same time he didn’t know what price it was naturally going to be sold at so he thought maybe to check out a few other goods before hand however that was entirely no longer possible! When the young plain girl heard that she smiled, and even her smile was too average at which Hydra could only smirk at.

“Indeed, because we understand that most users are young adults with no real business experience, we do not wish to see the market being unreasonable whether that’s too expensive or too cheap. We wish to make all purchases worth the effort in selling and buying them!”

“Hmm. That sounds fair enough, alright thank you!”

“You’re very welcome! When you are done registering all your items you simply need to take you coin over to the wall and you will be given [Phoenix Points] for you to rank up. Lastly, RMT is a 1:1 ratio thus spending real money is only advised if you are prepared to spend it.”

“Thank you.”

After being informed Hydra naturally felt very grateful to this girl, even though she was an employee by the company she still didn’t need to go out of her way to explain all of this unless Hydra specifically asked for these details. Thus he was naturally grateful to her.  Without wasting anymore time Hydra ran over to the right corridor. He passed many people and he even eyed some of the goods being sold, but because mainly everyone was similar or lower level than him nothing caught his eye. Even the conversations in the background didn’t attract his interest as they were mainly “OMG Did you like see my nails?!” kind of thing and thus he zoned out and rushed towards the selling room.

The corridor wasn’t very long and it didn’t take longer than a few seconds to arrive, however although the corridor was small, the same could not be said for the room Hydra just entered! When Hydra looked around he could see that this room was at the very least bigger than a football stadium! He might not have been to one personally however after seeing it on the tv of his foster parents and comparing it with the size of people he would naturally tell it was very large!

That was the feeling Hydra had felt now. Although large the room felt cluttered with the sheer amount of people coming and going. There were many holes filling the entire wall that reached up farther than Hydra could stretch his neck! Naturally there were elevator like platforms that just allowed the user to stand on a 1 meter by 1 meter block to rush up to the next floor!. From looking off in distance the holes some with lit up while others were not! They were either lit up with a white light, or a darkened. Hydra assumed that this meant a space being taken up.

Without waiting any long Hydra too sneaked by the crowd and boarded a free elevator to climb on. He went straight to the top floor, and although the height was incredible, with the people in the distance being no bigger than ants, it took hardly any time at all. Somehow Hydra had felt he blanked out for the entire time but truthfully it was just that fast.

After finally rushing to the top, Hydra glanced at all the darkened holes and immediately smiled. He had already assumed darkened meant they were free and because of the sheer amount he had come to sell he wanted to be able to stay in the same area to sell these items! At this Hydra immediately rushed over and took out one of the [Skeletal Swords] he picked up and handed it into the hole. Soon a message popped up fully describing the item and even showing a picture. At the bottom corner there were two additional pieces of information. One was the amount of money received which in this case was 10 gold, or 10 dollars! The next piece of information was just to explain that this was the sample page of what it would appear to other users in the buy area! Without wasting anymore time Hydra quickly slid the coin on the side panel and ran over to the next one!

Hydra had a few hundred items that required to be all individually scanned! Although in the case of materials they could all be sold as a bunch, it was completely different for gear! This made it so Users couldn’t try to profit from others having no choice but to buy two of the same gear, and although Hydra complained it was unlikely he would carry so many items again, thus it didn’t bother him too much. Finally Hydra looked at the last weapon he needed to sell! The [Bloodquench Great Sword]! While slowly putting in the giant sword Hydra hesitated! Although he knew it was easy to cancel the item being sold he would have to pay a fee corresponding to the items price! Thus Hydra was a little uneasy as he hoped it would be worth a lot!

Slowly but surely, Hydra finally placed the great sword in the slot. As the slot light up a window appeared and closing his eyes to delay the inevitable Hydra sneaked a glance! At seeing the number his eyes immediately shot open! It was worth 1000 gold! That was a 1000 dollars! Hydra had never made such an extravagant amount of money and while he had not technically sold the item yet he was sure someone would buy it! With a happy expression Hydra swiped his coin and a bunch of rank points filled his coin and he had immediately reach Rank 2!

“It seems quality is much more important than quantity here.”

However just as he finished speaking a ding was heard!

Congrats! You have sold the [Bloodquench Great Sword]!


Hydra stared back at the slot where the sword just existed, however instead the sword had already disappeared and the light had darkened once more! But it was just after that, that numerous dings were heard once again!

Congrats! You have sold….

The messages kept appearing and it even overwhelmed him! However instead of being annoyed, he was thrilled! He was making money so easily, and with his money changing by huge amounts he looked at the final amount he carried. He made in totally 3689 Gold after the taxes from the auction house, and previously he had only 100 gold! Thus in just a few minutes he increased his gold by over 30 times! With this Hydra only muttered to himself.

“My path as a Core gamer has finally begun!”