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Second Saga

Chapter 071 - Do You Like Me?

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As Hydra left he had no idea that Lixiss was having a chat with his companions. As it was already late and the sun was setting causing a beautiful orange light to shine through the gaps in the leaves of the trees. It was something that even Hydra who was running for his life was able to appreciate, but then again it might be specifically because he was worried about his life ending that he focused on the moment.

Without so much as looking back Hydra rushed towards his house, although the chatter how died down considerably from the daytime one could still see groups of elves talking amongst themselves. The only difference was instead of the bread followers being ignored they were actively being included in conversations!

Although the elves or at least most of them did not any interest on joining the bread order they still managed to see the sincerity of the Bread followers! Naturally as bread come from the earth and wasn’t a resource that required destroying any land to make the elves didn’t have any problems with the humans. Although Hydra had no idea what kind of magic the bread followers had used to get so friendly at the same time he found that mainly after traveling with them they were bad people. They were simply trying to survive in a world where the weak was eaten! Thus with no money and no way to survive other than killing, stealing, or becoming a bandit they would only be left to die without a single person carrying!

To say life is but a game is not wrong however it depends on the point of view you look at it. While for those struggling it turns into a survival game where the only thing you can win is your life. A gamble in which no one wants to take however what choice does one have? This was the same for the bread followers as they were forced to make a choice in order to live. Thus when Hydra finally started to chat with Valeria, and Falcon mainly, although he had managed to chat shortly with a few others during their trip, he realized none of the people were deep down bad people.

As Hydra forgot about his worries, namely Irina, he was able to somewhat smile at seeing his little members smiling happily. Hydra wasn’t sure how happy they were in the past but he could tell now, at the very least now they were happier. The bread followers had no place to call their home, no family other than themselves to love or take care of. Thrown away like a piece of garbage on the street they had been sentenced to death. It was only when Hydra came and freed them giving them a purpose were they able to show their true feelings, and not just unhappy feelings they were feelings of joy, excitement and pure bliss. Something they all had forgotten after the many years of hardships!

Although Hydra was a cheap person and like to hoard all the gear to himself, he wasn’t a tyrant and all the monsters that the bread followers slew, the drops naturally went to them. This included not only health pots, gold but any gear as well! Thus with all skeletons they killed the only drops that Hydra had received were the ones he previously had taken and let the bread followers borrow, and of course all of the armory loot that wasn’t used to equip the bread followers!
Looking at their happy faces, Hydra couldn’t help but smile as well, although their appearances were strange with the mismatched gear or the rags that were about to fall off, they looked happy. To Hydra happiness was an emotion that meant everything to him. Why was it so important? Well Hydra grew up for the most part pretty well, he wasn’t able to complain however he couldn’t say it was a great life either. He had no schooling, or parents, he had the moment he grew of age he was required to work to pay for his everyday life. However at the same time Hydra was happy, this didn’t bother him much but was that to say that everyone should be forced to live a life like this?

Shouldn’t the kids at the orphanage have the opportunity to choose their lives? To have the chance to go to school and create a happy family in the future with a job they went to work every single day happy or angry. It was something that Hydra dreamed of, not for himself, but for the kids in the future.

Now, it might be a small step but somehow after seeing the bread followers Hydra reconfirmed his goal of looking after the orphanage kids. He wanted to see those children with faces like the bread followers! Finally without even noticing the distance he walked he was already in front of his temporary home! Hydra entered, engraving the memory of today within his mind.


“What do I do?!”

At this point Hydra was in a predicament. He had totally forgot about Irina’s visit later! He knew that such a ‘visit’ was anything but good! But what could he do? If he ran it was death. If he stayed well it might be death but it will be torturous first.

‘Wait scratch that. If I run it’s torture over 9000. I mean I can’t handle that. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Wait why did that all of a sudden come naturally to me? I think, I’m too stressed talking about things that don’t even make sense me to anymore…’

Hydra’s mind was nearly at its limit that he was thinking some strange thoughts. Unfortunately before Hydra could think of a solution to his problem, the so-called problem showed up!

“Hydra? It’s Irina, may I come in?”


With some hesitation in his voice Hydra spoke out to the voice on the other side of the door. Naturally this voice was Irina’s, as she slowly opened he door. However what Hydra saw absolutely stunned him! Instead of having a terrifying smile, it was of a smile of grace and tenderness. Her hair was combed multiple times and was void of knots. Although it was already dark and a candle was the only source of light, the blonde hair was still easily able to reflect the light clearly. Her eyes stared deeply into Hydra’s gaze as he unable to continue meeting them for unknown reasons as his heart started to thump wildly, he looked at her clothing. This was an appearance hYdra had never seen before! Although she usually wore her white one piece with red tinted shoulder straps, that held her curves tightly, this was a piece of clothing that allowed maneuverability! Although it was a one piece she was still wearing shorts underneath that covered the important parts. However now, this all changed! Irina was now wearing a long green silk like dress! It also was completely different from the leaf like material that Hydra was used to in Grenit. This dress contained no stitch like marks and could only be seen as a single piece! Now that Irina was wearing it she looked like a princess from a fairy tail! One prepared to wait in the forest of ions for her knight in shining armor.

This was the impression Hydra got from Irina, and simply he had never seen her look so beautiful until now. It made him gasp in amazement as he truly noticed that she was a beauty that would attract men from across the world.

“Well how do I look?”

Irina broke the silence as she realized that Hydra’s gaze was clearly different than usual she couldn’t help but blush a deep red. This tinge of red with green made her look so mesmerizing and Hydra tried to hide it he was unable to hold but his words.


At this Irina had no choice but to look away as even she was unable to take such a direct compliment! Once again a silence took over the room as both of them were now in an awkward position. Luckily Hydra still had some manly traits to himself and he quickly realized she was still standing at the doorway and spoke out.

“Here come sit down.”

“…Thank you.”

Irina walked forward with her palms overlapping she had no idea what to do with her hands and could only tightly hold them as she felt somewhat embarrassed. As she sat down on the bed that Hydra had hinted too, she realized that all of sudden the pace was moving too fast and screamed out!

“Hydra how could you!”

“Huh? Oh.. no wait I don’t want to do that!”

“What?! Am I not good enough for you?!”

“Wait… no I didn’t mean that either!”


After realizing that Hydra was simply being kind and her emotions had gotten the better of herself she couldn’t help but laugh after realizing how silly she was by overreacting. Although the later parts of it were her following the conversation and teasing Hydra. Seeing Irina, laugh so as if singing, Hydra was able to finally release all the tension he had felt to this point. Now that the mood had relaxed Irina finally spoke out her intentions for coming.



“I’m sorry…”

“For what?”

“For keeping so many secrets… for deceiving you…for forcing you to help….. for not being there when you needed help the most… for….for everything.. I’m sorry!”

As she kept speaking the words were somewhat forced by the end as tears in her eyes started flowing out. Upon noticing the tears fall, Irina hid her face within her hands. Although it failed to hide her beauty, Hydra could not help but feel a pain in his chest noticing this girl in front of him shed tears for his sake!

At this Hydra couldn’t help but approach the girl in need and slowly but surely, Hydra opened his arms and embraced Irina! The arms pulled Irina in, and feeling this sudden pressure Irina’s shoulders twitched, however she did not resist the embrace as she quietly let Hydra stroke her head as she cried softly in his embrace.

Hydra didn’t remain silent and to her troubles he answered them with his own set of resolve.

“Irina. To be honest, I never once cared about your identity. It might be strange to say but I’m like you in the sense that I was never able to grow up freely. I didn’t have a lot of friends, but I cherished those I did have. Ever since I met you, you were already included in that. That is to say Irina, as your friend I will always trust you. Even if you stab me in the back, I’ll be unable to think you did so without a reason. I might be terribly naive to say this, however this is just who I am, over all else I believe in the people I care for.”

After hearing Hydra speak Irina was unable to respond, however she was able to stop crying and thought in her head.

‘He isn’t mad? Not only that, he says she trusts me this much?’

Confusion erupted through her thoughts, as a princess of the elves Irina was unable to grow up with many friends as everyone around her treated her differently. That was part of the reason she begged her mother to allow her to travel before her coming of age ceremony. When she came of age it was likely that she would forever remain without the [Forest Of Origin] never to see the world again! MAny situations happened that required her to fight for her life, and in the end she was still captured by the Liza and just when her life was about to end, she met hope. A small glimmer in the darkness, her savior she was unable to see, however she knew that this person she could count on.

When she found out that he would sacrifice himself to save her, although it was for the quest at the time, she was unable to relieve her worries deep inside her heart. Someone who threw their lives away for the sake of others, where would someone find that kind of person in this day and age? However against all odds, in the last moment she found exactly that person. Hydra saved her and even after being chased he miraculously survived. That wasn’t the end of it though, as the town was about to be destroyed Hydra miraculously saved the town as well. At this Irina confirmed that she would follow this person, regardless of her background! She wanted nothing more than to be friends, this was a feeling at the very bottom of her heart.

It was only after that she found out that he was the [Aether Bladist]. Instead of being happy, she was instead filled with worry. The last thing Irina wanted was for these feelings she had just found within her heart to be disturbed by her family matters. Thus she worried, and worried every step she took. She tried to be strong within her heart but the emotions couldn’t help but burst out when she almost saw Hydra die. She was a wreck and although Hydra didn’t seem bothered she couldn’t help but worry deep down inside.

What about now? Now, it didn’t matter, as all the feelings she had bottled up was released all at once. She had asked for forgiveness and instead of just being forgiven, Hydra came out and told her his feelings. Although they both of their feelings for each other were small, at this moment for the both of them it sparked a new beginning!

After finally calming down Irina released herself from Hydra’s grip. They both stared in each other’s eyes for a short moment before somewhat being embarrassed. Irina then stood up and ran towards the doorway before giving one last glance towards Hydra and spoke.

“Thank you… promise me you’ll take me with you after this is all done!”

Without waiting for a reply Irina ran out the door. At this Hydra chuckled and calmly answered however there was no one there to listen.



At this moment Hydra had some complicated feelings deep within his heart. Having seen a different side of Irina, one of a frail girl who had all the worries deep within her heart, he noticed that he was feeling warm. He felt something but he wasn’t able to think much of these feelings as a knock arrived at the door.

“Hydra? I forgot something can I come in?”

“Irina? Yeah come in!”

When Irina walked back, she her mood was completely different from that of a few seconds ago. The bashful Irina was no longer present instead, the Irina now had a mature like feeling although nothing was different about her other than the air around her. At this Hydra’s emotions also stabilized, as one could say that others auras were able to effect their surroundings, this was such a case. Irina walked forward without so much as waiting for Hydra to speak and sat down beside Hydra on the bed.

Her gaze fell deeply onto Hydra and without a shred of embarrassment she stared straight at him as if looking through his soul. Hydra was unable to keep the contact and was about to turn his gaze when Irina’s hands stopped him!

“Hydra.. do you like me?”

‘Wowowowowowowowow what is going on. The development here is happening way too fast right now!’

Hydra screamed within his mind as the previous and current Irina’s were too different he wa unable to keep up with the current topic.  Without even giving him a chance Irina already spoke out again.

“Well if you like me, why don’t you take me right now? I wouldn’t say no.”

“…Yes please… I Irina what are you doing!”

Hydra’s other ‘self’ nearly took control for a second and led this into a very bad direction as he was luckily able to calm himself immediately. He grabbed on to Irina and stood up with her as he questioningly looked at her.

“Hahaha oh lil Hydra, you are after all the most fun to tease!”


At this Hydra was confused, but the next moment Hydra realized the familiarity of the voice and yelled out.


“Oh my, I guess the secrets out!”

After ‘Irina’ spoke out, her appearance changed into that of Lixiss! Although she was wearing the same green silk like dress as opposed to the soft beauty elegant beauty Irina held, Lixiss was a seductive mature beauty as Hydra was couldn’t help but step back when he saw Lixiss.

“Why did I come? Haha oh Hydra you should try to hide you thoughts a bit better. Naturally I came to talk about Irina!”