Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 007 - A Trump Card

‘Maybe if i don’t identify it will just leave me alone?’

Hydra stared in front of him distraught.  The reason was clear a giant 10 foot spider was in front of him.  completely covered in shadow, and an eerie feeling was given off by the darkness crawling on it’s body.  He was just staring at the nice looking sword over there just waiting to be pulled out by him, and some rude stat more like a curse just had to bring more trouble to the situation.  It couldn’t get worse right?  So instead of dying helplessly he decided to bring out his secret weapon.

‘It’s my last one but this time I’ll make it count.  I refuse at this point to go down without a fight.’

“Take this you eight legged freak”

As Hydra threw his last piece of bread at the Spider Queen it arced in the air without any climatic feeling behind it.  Just as it was about to simply ‘plop’ on top of its head a window appeared in front of Hydra.

Miracle!  Due to the Luck stat [armour penetration] has been applied to the object.
-1 damage


Hydra was fist pumping in the air, at this point when he was at wit’s end he couldn’t be happier at the thought of damaging a boss.  It was indeed lucky to even get a -1 when he was equipped with no armour or weapons, though that later turned into misfortune for him.  Hydra noticed the Spider Queen started to act weird and as if to answer his questions, window appeared in front of him.  It indeed was possible to get worse for him.

Spider Queen due to unforeseen taunting it has become enraged (All stats +50%)

“I’m sorry!”

Hydra bent down on his knees and begged for forgiveness.  Why would he?  Hydra threw the bread on purpose but because of karma he felt that if he didn’t apologize now the situation would turn for the worse again!  But just as he was admitting his wrong doings the Queen screamed and rushed towards him.

‘This is the worst.’

Hydra dove to the right dodging the incoming strike from the Queen’s leg.  But he had no time to rest as another strike was coming straight for him!

-200 damage


Hydra was cursing in his mind.  The Queen only lightly touched him, even though he was flown back a dozen feet, and it had already took away over half his health in one strike!  If it wasn’t a cheat he didn’t know what it was.  Therefore to confirm his feelings he identified the Queen.

Shadow Queen
Level 12 Health 999/1000
As the Queen of the spider’s she has been roaming the cave as an empress for eon’s.  A shadow does not age and therefore it is impossible to tell how old it truly is.  However because she has not been in contact with anything life forms for eon’s she is easily taunted.  If the taunting is successful it will turn cause the Queen to be enraged.  Therefore it is highly recommended that a party distributes the damage evenly.
Currently Enraged (All stats +50%)

‘The words!  It burns! Why didn’t  If only i identified it first…’

Hydra swore that if he could apologize to whoever he offended in his past life he would without doubt bow a few extra times.  Even though he could not see the extra stats boost without the skill [Advance identify], he knew that he would further be depressed but thankfully it wasn’t over just yet.  He still had one chance for victory, and luckily he was knocked towards his one hope!

‘That light can hurt the other spiders so it definitely will have an effect on the Queen as well.  The question is can i survive until then?’

A burning light flickered in his eyes.  Determination filled his body although his body was numb from the incredible hit he had received, it wasn’t time to be worrying about such minor difficulties.  While he started to run the Spider Queen also moved and started to chase after him, though without any suspense because their positions reversed he was too close to the light by the Queen to be a danger even if she got a head start.

‘Okay, now I just have to use the same method again.’

Just as he was thinking that, he realized something strange.

‘Wait,  isn’t she still charging quite…. fast?’

Hydra, started to feel cold sweat all over his body.  He forgot one important piece of information.  He enraged the Queen!  She wouldn’t stop unless she killed Hydra, even at expense of her own demise.  He had taunted her with bread and he even from previous results that it was the most successful way to piss off an AI.  There was only one hope for him now.

‘I just need a weapon.  I need to pull out this sword Arthur or not it’s my only hope!’
As he grabbed onto the hilt of the sword and pulled with all his strength a window popped up.  It was not the message he was hoping for.

You are in combat and can not use this action

“Okay trump card number two.  SILVER COIN BEAM!”

Posing exaggeratedly, Hydra pointed the coin towards the spider the spider that  was only increasing its charging speed.

Critcal Hit!
Target has been struck directly in its core, and will be stunned for two seconds.

Even before he was able to celebrate the charging spider although stunned was still moving at high speeds showed no signs of slowing down.  Hydra without even thinking used his young body to instinctively dodge in time.  The spider had then crashed into the stone that the sword was pierced into.  With a loud crashing sound dust was spread out everywhere and the spider continued to slide it’s stunned body on the ground.

‘That was way to close.  I nearly had to end my gaming career after a single day’

Although speaking lightly, He knew it wasn’t over yet.  A hidden elite boss wasn’t as simple as dodging a few times for it to be over.  He waited patiently for the boss to recover from it’s crowd control.  It was an obvious move on his part he had no means of damaging the spider and it was currently beside the lit area.  If he walked towards it there was a big, no an infinitely large chance of being struck and possessed.  His possession rate over time hadn’t decreased while it was safe at 70% so one strike wasn’t enough to fully possess him he was no longer level 1 and could be killed.  While he body would die it could not be revived until a sec countdown!  A long enough countdown for the spider to wrap him hundreds of times in shadow.  It was a result even worse than death.  The only thing and truthfully the only thing he wanted to do was stay put.

‘The Queen’s finally recovered.  Now, will is it luck or a curse?’

The Queen got up howled in pain and circled around the light.  While it charged through to attack him, he was no longer inside that area.  The Queen even while enraged would not intentionally damage itself.

‘So she currently has lost around 40% with that one step.  Unfortunately, she’s now the one closest to the light.’

The climax was about to begin.  He had to repeat the damage at least two more times, as he had no idea how much damage the silver coin had done.  Frankly he was more worried about his own safety to care whether it destroyed the rock or not.  Now, he couldn’t afford any mistakes.  He had to dodge all the future attacks otherwise it was over.

The Queen however made the first move.  It jumped straight in the air at Hydra’s position!  But Hydra, was currently fighting for his life and reacted quickly enough and ran straight ahead diving just as the Queen had crushed the ground he was just at.  Truthfully Hydra was thankful that instead of charging, while the Queen was smarter than the other spider’s it still couldn’t compete with a human’s intelligence and noticing that charging had come with a huge price to its health it was reluctant to do so again.  This was the chance Hydra needed, and he rushed straight into the lit area while quickly pulling out his silver coin.  As the Queen was still recovering from it’s pounce Hydra had already reflected the light in it’s direction.  The health bar was consistently decreasing although not by a huge amount it was enough to give Hydra more confidence that he could win.

‘It’s not hopeless yet,  I’m still a virgin and I refuse to quit this game before succeeding.’

It was a completely irrelevant topic even though he was a virgin in reality as well, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t dream!  While the Queen was crying in pain it was unable to charge while the light was shredding its body apart.  Instead, to Hydra’s surprise,  It ran away from him and climbed the wall disappearing into the darkness.

‘Okay, now I can’t see a hidden elite boss in a dark cave where I’m the only visible target.’

He didn’t care about the situation he was in and grabbed his head and sulked.  The game was taking the part ‘hidden’ too literally that it was becoming difficult to stay sane.  He was just getting confident and now he was in a situation where he couldn’t see a giant boss monster!  He started to worry, after all it had been a few seconds before the Queen had made any actions.  Although Hydra during this time was desperately trying to find the Queen with the reflected light, it only went so far and could not cover the width of the cave!  Just as worries peaked, he remembered a similar situation had occurred before and just as he was starting to remember a window popped up!  Hydra, didn’t spend any time to read and immediately dove forward.  A loud crashing sound cause a small crater blowing Hydra to the edge of the lit area.  It was definitely the skill he saw the first spider he face use.  The Queen had been charging a shadow to directly shoot Hydra from a distance.  He could only think he was lucky he had an earlier experience.  While trying to recover and run another window popped up although this time he had no choice but to read it, it seemed his luck ran out.

Shadow Bind
You have been snared for 4 seconds.

It was over!  The Queen had only need one more hit to kill Hydra, and as he was being snared it climbed back down the wall and he view it again.  It was charging at him!  It wasn’t going to even give him the slightest hope of survival!  As it was about to strike him with its leg, Hydra closed his eyes and braced himself for death.