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Second Saga

Chapter 068 - The First Repeatable Quest

Heh~  It only took 68 chapters but our poor Hydra finally gets his first normal quest… Or is it?!  What will happen?!  Who knows~  You guys will just have to read this fun filled chapters with lots of laughs

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Hydra had already been led to the place he was staying at. The sun had set long ago and there was no one seen in the surrounding area other than Hydra being led by Taye to his establishment. He already found out that everyone else was staying in the town hall, luckily Hydra was given special status, and even though they were Hydra’s companions they still were treated with some disdain from the elves. At this Hydra could only shrug in his mind, finally at this Taye had left after Hydra entered his room and quickly Hydra already logged out.

There was nothing for Landon to do in the game any longer, thus he decided to get some sleep before jumping into the game again. Although in the Box unit, the brain was already able to enter a half sleep like state, nothing was better than the body fully able to immerse in the feeling of slumber.

Daytime had already arrived and after having his breakfast, shower brushing his teeth and cleaning Landon jumped straight back into the game!


After logging in Hydra was in the bed he had logged out on the previous night. Although usually a login would be in a temple where spawns occurred if the user logged out in a hotel or bedroom they would re log in that location. Another possible relog is when a user is trapped in a prison cell such as Hydra during his time in Yorula. Without wasting any time Hydra jumped off the bed and prepared to explore the territory of the elves! Although at the same time Hydra clenched his fist and muttered some words.

“Today is the day I receive a regular quest like any other player!”

With determination that was oddly strong for such an anticlimactic quest. But for Hydra the one person who hadn’t even ever been given the option to go questing on his own was greatly looking forward to all the easy quests he could achieve here! After all while he might not be the first player to arrive in the forest, he had already found out he was the first person to be accepted into Grenit without being killed! This was the reason why he never achieved a first find message as the other players had snuck into the town but were soon killed and forcefully respawned at their previous town’s location!

With fire burning in his eyes Hydra ran out the door! He was soon stopped as he was greeted with his army of companions kneeling in their prayer stance early in the morning. Cline was at the side patiently waiting while Falcon was staring with admiration towards Hydra. Clearly Falcon had thought greater of him once again because he was able to save their lives without even lifting a finger. It was a ‘as expected of their Lord’ kind of situation!

As for Valeria, she ran off with Pan during the bath and hadn’t returned him the whole night so Pan was clearly wearing an unhappy expression as he cries seemed quite tired. Hydra had no idea what Valeria had done, but she too had an expression of fatigue that filled her face. Although she smiling brightly as if nothing could affect her current mood! However it was only now that Hydra realized there was someone else with the group. It was an Elf, oddly enough he had a bot belly and looked strange being one of the only fat elves Hydra had seen so far. The strangest thing was he was wearing a leaf like apron! He had no idea what was going on however Hydra knew someone would step up and answer as his emotions were clear on his face. To answer that call Falcon stepped up a face full of smiles and spoke.

“Lord! We have found another Bread Follower!”


Hydra was stupefied!

‘They seriously converted someone? In just a day? Holy crap I might become the leader of a terrifying religion in the future.’

Hydra could only think to himself as these bread followers were truly too fast. Simply put the elves hated outsiders! How was it that they managed to convert someone so easily? However Hydra’s question was answered quite easily after Falcon explained.

“Lord, allow me to introduce you. This is Pete, and he is the bread baker in Grenit!”

At this Hydra face palmed. Although he immediately forgot that no one knew what that meant except for one person who took it the wrong way and before Hydra could speak up and explain it properly Valeria had already scream out happily!

“That gesture!! The lord only does this when he is extremely pleased! You all have done a great deed for the Bread God!”

“OH! We truly have done well?!”

“I knew we were in the right! Bless the Bread God and Lord Hydra! Bless Pan the emissary!”

“All Hail The Bread God!”

“Quick Let’s go see if we can convert more of the elves! They may hate us but how can they hate the Bread God?!”


Without even so much as waiting for Hydra to blink the bread followers have immediately rushed out and left. Naturally they didn’t forget to take their new follower with them who surprisingly seemed excited to join them. At this Hydra cried in his mind.
‘This might be bad….’

After he thought that Hydra looked towards Cline who only shrugged his shoulders and gave him a ‘You’re the leader’ look. Hydra gave a stare back saying ‘Well you’re second in charge!’.
‘I’ll listen to your commands!’ was given back in response and after a few more stares with a bunch of meaning behind them Hydra gave up and started to explore the rest of the city.

Naturally Cline, Valeria and Falcon followed him as wherever he went was of the utmost importance! Of course finding more followers for their religion was but protecting Hydra was a job for those in important positions, the rest can be given up to the minions!

“What is the plan now Lord Hydra?”

“I’m going to get a quest and enjoy it to the fullest! Also, Falcon and Valeria, while we are alone you are to call me Hydra.”


“No buts, as I trust you, I have high expectations for you two. Please call me Hydra when it is only us!”

With this although the both of them looked reluctant at the same time when they heard the words trust they looked on with excitement! Truly it was an honour for them to be trusted by their leader! He was naturally the closest person to the Bread God and being close to this person they could witness more of his miracles!

The surroundings by Hydra’s temporary house was rather quiet and was kind of far off from the bustling part of the town so naturally it took a few minutes before they were to arrive to the main part of town. While they were walking Cline could only ask the question that had been bothering him as of late.

“Hydra, who is that young girl we met earlier? I was surprised to see you knew an elf!”

“I also was surprised! Before I saved her from imprisonment sort of like you guys, and she decided to venture with me for a while. But when I saw her she was disguised as a regular human, although I knew she had some secrets I had no idea what they were!”

“Hm will you go see her today?”

Hydra thought for a few seconds at Cline’s question and spoke out quickly with a complicated expression.

“No…. I imagine she does not want to see me today.”

Of course Hydra was thinking of the embarrassment that Irina had received yesterday. Of course it was not something that someone could recover from in a single day and it would be awkward for the both of them is Irina was bothered by it. Thus Hydra decided to do his own thing and grab a nice and easy quest for him to enjoy. Finally they arrived to the center part of the city and although there were many things, such as strange items being sold by merchants and tons of elves chatting softly to themselves that didn’t leave the impression of a busy town. Even though it was full of people the sound was quiet and only softly echoed in the air.

However there was only one thing the current Hydra was interested in and although Falcon, Cline and Valeria were looking around with differing expressions, Hydra’s remained serious and it was then that he saw the thing he was looking for!

At the edge of a certain stall, was an old elf but while old only a few wrinkles could be seen on his face. Though that was not the important part. What was important was the giant exclamation point above his head! It was covered entirely in blue and was slightly even transparent but it was exactly what Hydra wanted and the moment he saw it he rushed over with a giant grin on his face, calling out to the man.

“Hello there! Would it be possible to accept your quest?”

“Oh! Young traveller! You didn’t even listen to the hardships of this problem of mine and you’re already willing to accept?! How can I ever thank you!”

“No no no, the honour is all mine! Please allow me to accept this quest of yours!”

Because Hydra was so enthusiastic about accepting the quest he didn’t even listen to the details and immediately accepted the quest, however because the quest message explained it as well it was no worries to ignore what the elf had to say. However usually Hydra would pay attention but, now was different it was Hydra’s first quest that he willingly actively going out of his way to accept! It was also going to be an easy quest! How could he not rush the details?! With that a sound echoed in his mind and window appeared.


Reduce the overpopulation of [Lil Bunnies]! (Repeatable Quest)
The [Lil Bunnies] have gone through mating season and with that there is an overpopulation of them. Garth the elf was in charge of regulating the [Lil Bunnies] but even with him and his group of hunters they were unable to successfully regulate them. Thus he has turned to you in order to help diminish their population!
Difficulty: F

“OH! OH! It’s… It’s actually a F difficulty… Oh praise the Bread God! No matter how unlucky I am, my curse stat will be unable to harm me this time! Hehehe!”

“Pssss Cline.”


“That… what is that..”

“Don’t ask Valeria, maybe he had some message from the Bread God.”

“Oh.. Falcon what you say has some truth.”

At this Cline face palmed. Although Cline had no idea what it truly meant, he knew Hydra enough to know that it could be used in the current situation. However as Falcon and Valeria saw Cline facepalm they thought he was strongly in agreement with them and naturally smiled.

After accepting the quest Hydra ran off in the direction that the elf pointed to. He didn’t want to waste and any and didn’t even wait for Cline and them to follow. Naturally Hydra had already gave them a party invite when they began to adventure with one another back when they were trying to find an exit for Yorula! Thus all Hydra needed to do was find the [Lil Bunnies] and be done with it.


“What is that?!?!?!?!”

Hydra had already rushed to the area containing the overpopulated [Lil bunnies]. However what he expected to see did not match the reality of the situation in the slightest! What was in front of Hydra were clearly bunnies, except one important piece of information.  The word “Lil”? Yeah these bunnies were at least 10 feet tall! Hydra stood there and grumbled to himself.

“What! Just what! Just what the hell are those?! I mean really bunnies!? You know the cute little adorable things?! How are those gigantic fat things bunnies!?”

The bunnies in front of him had the qualities of bunnies in his world, such as having the white fur the noses that move up and down in a cute fashion, and a bunny tail! Although they were extremely large! Although they looked fat it was more like they were beefy giant elephants in a bunny costume! However it was when Hydra was depressingly stating that the bunnies that Falcon, Cline and Valeria arrived.

“Oh! So it’s [Lil bunnies!]”

Falcon called out their name exactly! Naturals didn’t have the menu windows that appeared so for Falcon to call out their name Hydra was stupefied.

‘These are regular bunnies!?’

He couldn’t help but feel frustrated in his mind. Although what Falcon said next somehow gave Hydra an idea.

“Well this should be rather easy as long as the [Big Bunnies] don’t arrive.”

“Oh really?! Falcon! I have just the job for you then.”

“Of course! I will definitely achieve it with all my ability!”

“Oh such a faithful follower! Now…. Falcon do you have any bread?”

“Oh! Naturally Hydra I got some from Pete earlier!”

“Oh! Oh! Good wonderful! Now I’m going to teach you a secret technique!”


At this Valeria looked on with jealously little did she know she was not going to feel any feelings of jealousy ever and from then on knew not to nudge Hydra when he was in a bad mood. Naturally Cline learned of Hydra’s vengeful side. Although it can’t be said to be truly evil, a deed was never left open for Hydra!

“Yes! All you need to do is throw that piece of bread for the [Lil bunny] to see the power of the Bread God!”

“Oh as expected of the Great Bread God!”

At this Falcon grabbed a piece of bread and careful prepared to throw it at the [Lil bunny]. At this because bread so of the utmost importance to Falcon, he failed to realize that Hydra had already moved over 20 feet away, and while Cline and Valeria were confused as to why they too followed Hydra.


With an arcing motion anything but climactic the bread swooshed in the air and fell on top of the [Lil bunny] with a plop!

A message appeared in front of Hydra as he read it he smirked!

Infinite Stomp!
Enragement has unlocked the [Lil Bunnies] Hidden skill!
The [Lil bunnies] have no idea why it was disturbed with a piece of bread however it until the user has been thoroughly beaten

“Aaaaah! Lord Hydra! Help me! The stomps! They are infinite!”


After some time of watching Falcon being beaten did Hydra finally rush in and quickly slay the [Lil bunny]. Afterwards Hydra casually gave Falcon a health potion and ran off to slay some more [Lil bunnies]! At this Valeria spoke a few words to Falcon.

“You should have realized that he was in a bad mood!”

After that Valeria left following after Cline who had already left. At this Falcon feeling somewhat wronged mumbled to himself.

“I don’t even know what I did wrong….”

Although Falcon felt wronged at the same time, he, Cline and Valeria soon found out that getting on Hydra’s bad side was definitely a big no in the future! With this after healing all of his injuries Falcon ran off following the rest!