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Chapter 064 - It’s Time You Explained

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‘What… what do I do? I wasn’t expecting such an outcome so early! Kurgal told me he wouldn’t arrive for another week. Wait…. Did she do this one purpose?’

Inside Irina’s mind flashed thoughts of Kurgal smiling wildly at fooling Irina so easily. As Kurgal was able to telepathically talk to Hydra through the [Azure Flames] it was no trouble to talk through Pan through the flames either. While the flames were not active inside of Cline’s body, the blood that flowed through Cline’s body was still that of the Dragon God. Naturally she would be able to utilize her own life force as she wished.

The main reason she chose to help Cline was so she could keep watch on Hydra’s group easily without trouble. And as she told Pan to find the scent of similar to that of Irina, and told him he would soon see Irina if he followed that similar scent. Thus for Pan who treated Irina as family he was naturally happy to oblige Kurgal’s command. When Pan saw Irina, he was naturally overjoyed that it came true!

While Kurgal managed to teleport Irina back to her hometown, clearly she didn’t tell the whole truth behind Hydra’s time of arrival. When unexpected situations happened Irina was unable to cope with them quickly, because she was a person who would always think ahead in hopes to never see unexpected situations. Now that an unexpected situation happened she stood there dumbfoundedly staring at Hydra. Of course she didn’t forget to continue petting Pan who was crying softly in content.

The atmosphere was incredibly heavy at this moment. Although everyone had different reasonings, such as Valeria was currently glaring jealously at Irina for petting her Pan. Naturally Valeria didn’t throw out the importance of Pan’s position in the Bread Order, however cute is after all justice. For Falcon, he looked on confused, as he was unable to make out why the situation was so tense. Pity for being nothing but brawns for brains however at the very least he thought his muscles looked pretty good. So it was okay for him in the end even if he was imprisoned for a second time, just another moment to witness Hydra’s miraculous ways.

Naturally as Hydra being the epitome of luck and misfortune as there was simply no in between for him his luck sometimes would be greatly shown. After he paused for a moment to clear his own thoughts of randomly seeing Irina, he called out to her again.

“Umm…it’s nice to see you again?”

“….Indeed… wait… Why are you with a group of imprisoned people?”

Although their reunion was something to be happy for, it was cut short after Irina noticed that Hydra seemed to be companions of the rest. Although Hydra himself was not bounded she was naturally able to notice the gazes of worship behind him. And because Irina was being teleported the exact time that the World message had popped up she had no idea what Hydra has currently done in the meantime. She only knew where he was sent and that he was to arrive in the [Forest of Forgotten Time] in which she was to meet him. Instead she found him here in front of a group of prisoners that her brother had captured. With this Irina finally turned towards her brother, who was naturally shocked that his little sister was acquaintances with the Bread Priest that was Hydra.

His expression was that of confusion, and although Taye was an intelligent and gifted leader, there were still times even he wouldn’t be able to react. Now was such a time as he and his sister made eye contact. As family even without exchanging words enough Irina’s gaze was enough to tell Taye what she was getting at and he immediately called out towards his subordinates.

“Release them!”

Although the elves were surprised they did not refute either. As there was no conversation between his sister and him, naturally they would be a bit confused as how to react. However they still untied the ropes and the bread followers were overjoyed. Except one person who was still sadly looking on with envy at a certain red animal being petted.

“Thank you.”

Hydra, always one to react quickly, thanked Irina. He didn’t know the true identity behind Irina, however if she was the sister of this powerful elf Taye it was enough to show that she had some standing. Especially when she was able to have her brother listen to her so easily.

“It’s nothing, I see that you have made some new companions! I trust that you didn’t die while you were fighting right? After all you remember our promise… Right?”

The problem for Hydra was whenever he met with Irina’s gaze he was unable to argue. It didn’t matter what he said or thought, it was a powerful gaze that forcefully made him give up. Although he wasn’t weak-willed but when it came to his friends, who were mostly females, he naturally let them win most of the time. Hydra simply did not know how to react to a woman’s heart enough to win against them and thus it was better to join them instead of losing.

However, in this moment there was a rebellious feeling that swelled within Hydra, and if this was the usual Irina and Hydra he would naturally give up and admit he died. But to Hydra there were a lot more important things on his mind. Usually Hydra was not one to force others but seeing Irina now, he was unable to be kept in the dark any longer and instead of answering Irina, he asked his own question.

“Irina, it’s time you explained about yourself and what you know. At the very least tell me about yourself. I think I deserve that at the least.


Irina was shocked and her mouth opened and closed numerous times. Although she wa reluctant to talk, at the same time her expression was full of guilt. She too wanted to tell Hydra her feelings and her background, but she was unable to due her ability to trust Hdra completely. She knew he was still weak, he needed time to grow stronger before he found out the truth. However to save her and and everyone else from the situation, a powerful yet serene voice filled the entire area.

“Irina, Taye… Don’t let our guests stay outside. I imagine they are quite hungry after their long journey. Taye, have everyone gather a feast for the Hydra’s companions. Irina as for Hydra, please have him come to our house.

“”Yes Mother.””

The siblings immediately answered towards the voice. Then Irina gave Hydra a slight nod as she walked towards the voice’s origin still with Pan in her arms. Hydra could only follow and he nodded towards Cline, Falcon and Valeria. All this time Cline hadn’t done so much to even move. He barely even blinked and only allowed for the situation to unfold. The reason mainly to stay focused encased they had to fight their way out. Although that was the last resort if it was to save Hydra, and his new companions he would stop at nothing to turn into the [One-armed Dragon Knight].

After Taye commanded his subordinates to take care of the bread followers he too followed after Hydra. Directly walking beside Hydra Taye called out to him.

“Never would I imagine that you are ‘that’ person. It looks like I’ll have to reintroduce myself.”

As he said that he raised his hand with a hand shake gesture. AS he did that he spoke out again.

“I am Taye, the leader of the [Wood Guards] in Grenit. As I have successfully achieved high standing in the coming of age ceremony I was given a position this position. Although we may seem bloodthirsty, it is only to protect our land and our traditions. Please forgive me, my new brother.”

“Oh no worries.. wait brother? Wha–”


Before Hydra was able to ask what Taye meant by that, Irina in the front who hadn’t turned around this entire time screamed at the top of her lungs. At this, Taye rushed towards the front, who looked like he was running for his life. Hydra and his companions at the time stood there confused. There was simply too many questions that were left unanswered.
Finally Hydra arrived towards a giant tree. Although all the trees were considerably large in this forest this was one of the medium, sized trees that he could see when he was on the base of MT Myriad. Although it was medium that was only to describe its size in comparison to the single giant white tree, and this medium tree was still large enough to nearly reach the clouds. With a smaller appearance and the colour that of brown with lively green leaves, there was a doorway at the base of the tree.

Without hesitation Taye had already entered through and was sooner followed by Hydra. Although Hydra did hesitate for a second, he wasn’t worried about being attacked because Irina was here. Naturally if his class was important to her, it was also important to the remaining elves. At the very least that was how Hydra imagined it. As a race that is so strongly united, it was natural for Irina to think anything important would somewhat affect her own clan. Thus Hydra had already figured there was something important about the [Aether Bladist] to the elves and now it wa time to finally find out!