Rebirth Online World

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Second Saga

Chapter 063 - You?!


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“Well, why didn’t you just say so?! I saw the World message myself and was hoping to have a night chat with the creator of the [Fellowship of the Bread Order]!”

The red leaf-armoured elf immediately lightened up and had a soft smile on his face. Hydra too released his tension along with the rest of the Bread followers as they breathed a sigh of relief. However unfortunately that was exactly what the elf was ahoping to achieve. The moment they saw a glimpse of hope he crushed them with his next words!

“Capture them all! As my sister has just returned after a long while we should not soil the earth while we are in celebration! After she leaves again naturally we can turn these filthy humans into fertilizer for our beautiful forest!”

“No wait!”

As Hydra called out in protest immediately someone appeared behind him and hit him in the back of the neck. Hydra heard the sound of a message popping up but because his eyes were awfully heavy he was unable to keep his eyes awake and he lost consciousness. The surrounding screams still from the bread followers, Falcon, Cline and Valeria still rung in his ears after he plopped down without any resistance.



“Oh you’re awake great priest!”

As Hydra began to regain consciousness even before his eyes were opened a similar voice called out towards him. It was clearly towards him because of only he could be called a priest within the order!

As Hydra managed to open his eyes enough to see the person in front of him, it was the red leaf-armoured elf! As for Hydra he finally noticed he was tied up and being carried by one of the larger elves. Now that Hydra could look at his surroundings he noticed that everyone else of his companions were being dragged in a single file line bounded by a silvery rope.

Although this rope was extremely thin it was more than likely strong enough to bound Falcon, that was enough to say for its strength in holding others down. Now that Hydra was conscious the red leaf-armoured elf gave a signal towards the bigger elf as HYdra was then let down. Hydra himself was bounded and was standing right beside this leader of the elves still fully equipped. Even Hydra for a single second thought to fight it out. But immediately after the elf spoke out to him.

“If you wish to try to slay me, you may try. If you succeed, I’ll even give you my word that no one will harm you afterwards and you are free to go! However, shall you fail, and all of your companions will meet the most painful torture imaginable. You yourself won’t have to go through such acts but I’ll bind you in front of them and force you to watch and listen to their screams until their last breathe.”


Hydra unconsciously thought to himself!

‘These are elves?! They were simply terrifying beings!’

Although Hydra knew himself that the humans had such tortuous methods as well, Hydra had figured from all the books he read that the elves were naturally peaceful and lived away from war! However the truth of the matter was completely different from his imagination. Thus when he heard the choice he and even if there was a small chance of succeeding there was no guarantee that he would be able to survive after killing their leader!

However Hydra just didn’t realize the amount of power this elves words had on his people. If he said something it was they same thing as life and death for his subordinates! Not because he was tyrant but because he was that well-respected among his people. Naturally Hydra would not know anything of the internal matters of the elves. Hydra also didn’t know the meaning behind the red coloured leaf-armour! It was not as simple as being a different colour! Nor was it simple status, as even with status like a few among the rest of the elves had, they were still unable to wear such armor!

“I won’t fight.”

At this moment a Hydra’s face slowly turned into a frown as he picked up Pan at his side who had been awfully quiet this whole time.  He wasn’t sure why, but he could tell that even Pan was intelligent enough not to cause any problems.

“That’s a good answer! Truthfully, I’m level 124! I can see from your lack of equipment and also the pitiful equipment you’re wearing now that you are not very strong.”

The leader elf was not wrong as Hydra was pretty much equipped with low-level gear but most of his gear was exceptionally rare and though rare they clearly did not give off a magnificent aura like the red leaf-armour that the elf was wearing. Hydra’s [Dusk Glove] was thin and gave off an impression of elegance but nothing to help in defense, however how would the elves know of the hidden abilities within his equipment? Like the ring and the chest although they were ancient and had lost their true elegance with time they were still incredible items!

For the elves recognizing the [Shadow Stealer] was even more far-fetched than seeing the hidden abilities of his armour. After all the last [Aether Bladist] was thousands of years ago from the time of the ancients! Even with the elves longevity the amount of time they lived was a drop in the ocean compared to how ancient the [Shadow Stealer] was.

Thus the elves couldn’t be blamed for being ignorant of Hydra’s great armor! The worst thing is Hydra only looked like a beggar with mismatched equipment and even missing some! A thin clove, an old chest piece rotting boots and a sword that looked as dull as a table knife! If not a beggar what else could the appearance be?

If it wasn’t for the fact that bread followers saw first hand what Hydra could do and the miracles he created they would have also had the same reactions. However, now they unconditionally even now believed in Hydra’s ability and that they would either escape or come to an agreement where they would be set free. That was why even though imprisoned again, even after finally only just getting free they remained expressionless without a trace of fear.

The earlier words from the elf had no effect on them as their belief was much stronger than their attachment to their lives. As for the three leaders, they were naturally unfazed by such a trivial matter! Torture? Death was a way to release from such a terrible thing, and if it came down to it the three would bite their tongues and kill themselves! It was terrible to think about, but the amount of courage and resolve it took to make a decision so lightly was definitely nothing to make light of.

Although Hydra was able to walk freely among the leader elf he did not feel safe in the slightest! He knew that infact the most dangerous spot to be in was beside this man! Even though it might seem like the best opportunity to others, Hydra knew differently!

‘This guy. He has an aura stronger than that of even the Old man when he’s training! I would undoubtedly lose immediately if i tried anything funny against him!

Just when Hydra was sighing to himself at knowing the daunting aura of his enemy, his enemy spoke up.

“Well it might be short, however you may feast your eyes upon the great city of the forest, Grenit!”

At that moment they passed the final bush blocking Hydra’s ability to see the city and what he saw in front of him shocked him almost as much as seeing the giant white tree! The city in front of him was completely built out of trees! Hanging from the giant trees rising above were houses that hung from the giant branches like that of an acorn! There were bridges built from the tying of vines from the trees to connect each and everyone one! The city was made entirely of natural resources and no metal could be seen anywhere! While the weapons themselves seemed to be made of some sort of metal it was clearly that of a different metal than what humans were used to!

After being struck dumb by the city a lovely sweet voice sung in his ears.

“Brother Taye! I told you how many times to stop attacking people in our borders! How can you keep doing this! This is the time where we need to unite in order to overcome the our situation!”

A young elf girl, came rushing over towards the so-called Taye Elf! The moment she spoke the hard expression the brother was wearing immediately softened and he smiled as he lovingly called back out to her!

“It’s okay! I only captured these guys! How about this you can decided what to do with them! That will make it alright right Irina?”


Hydra thought to himself It was obvious that he knew a person named Irina as he ventured with together with her for a time. Although short she was already a precious comrade and he sort of missed her teasing and lovely giggling from time to time. Now Hydra had taken deeper look at her and he noticed something immediately strange! This girl, was the same height as the Irina he knew. She had similar long blonde silky hair that even a comb was unnecessary. Her round green eyes that gave off the impression she knew everything about you was exactly the same, even though Hydra was not making eye contact with her. In fact everything about her was the exact same that Hydra remembered Irina as. The voice, the face, height, the only difference was the long ears that she had.

However it was at this moment that Pan didn’t remain quiet any longer and cried out!


He swung his tail excitedly. Of course at the sudden cry, everyone including the Irina elf look turned over. However, the girl unconsciously let out a sound upon seeing Pan.


She rushed over towards Pan and immediately grabbed him from Hydra’s hands without even so much as glancing at Hydra. At this Hydra too also couldn’t help but leak out a sound.


At this moment the elf Irina put two and two together. She herself hearing a similar voice, could only slowly look towards the owner of the voice.