Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 062 - The Forbidden Zone

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Hydra screamed out as the light from the outside world bombarded and invaded his sight. Before he even had the opportunity to adjust his eyes he was already screaming in joy towards the sky above him. After being in pitch black space where the only source they had were small candles it was naturally difficult to see much of anything.

However now that he knew there was light he didn’t care where he ended up as any place was better than being trapped underground for so long. After finally creating his Bread Order, he was excited to find out that from Pan’s reactions he was able to lead them directly out of the cave. Cline had assumed it must have had been from the scent of the undead travelling back and forth, even though it might be a few days naturally and animal’s sense of smell is leagues above a human’s

Hydra was soon followed by Cline, Falcon and Valeria as they too were blinded by the light and unable to see. If hydra could see their expressions he would be able to tell they were just as happy as he was. In fact they were even more happier it was just that their expressions failed to show the emotions deep within them. The three of them had all carried important positions whether it be in the underworld, government, or bandits they naturally knew the cold side of the world and showing emotions was the quickest way to die.

Thus they adapted and learned quick to hide their emotions, that just showed how happy they truly were to be free. Although Cline had lost his family, and his world was colourless, with Hydra’s arrival Cline was able to warm his frozen heart. Thus he vowed to follow Hydra until the time came in which Hydra no longer wished for him by his side. Cline had a knightly honour, and even more so to those who saved his life. That was a debt that must be paid with life itself. A life for a life, as such this was just as important in the knight’s guard as it was for bandits.

Brotherhood was something that meant everything to the bandits. Failure was possible losing honour was possible, even throwing their entire pride away for their brothers were possible. Even though they were considered family, they all felt they were closer than real blood relatives. Watching each other’s back was naturally what allowed them to become so strong and fearless. On top of the fanatic power of their new religion, they were an unstoppable and fearless army that even facing a storm of blood they would twitch.

For Valeria, it was different, trust and honour was simply foolishness for someone who worked in the underground world. In a place where betrayal was more common than friendship holding people important was naturally even more precious to her. If someone was willing to safe her life, or anyone for that matter, the person would drop everything to assure that they paid their debts in full. Valeria also agreed to values such as a life must be paid with another life, and thus too decided to follow Hydra. With three powerful allies who wholeheartedly believed in Hydra after his miracles and saving them, even though there were slight differences for each of them, a common goal was made it possible to rise above even larger and stronger powers!

Unity was the most important thing for a group, next to a powerful and charismatic leader! While Hydra was still did not fit the leader position yet all three of them had high hopes for him, especially Cline, as he had planned to teach him everything he knew! Finally after a long wait their eyes finally stopped tearing up from the blinding light!


What Hydra managed to see caused him to blink a few times and even rub his eyes to make sure the light didn’t affect his eye sight. Hydra was positioned on the midway point of a hill, and as it was behind him, he naturally wasn’t focused on it at the moment. However that was a different story for what was in front of him. He could see nothing but an endless sea of trees! These trees differed in sizes some ranging from the height of a person, others the height of a mountain. Lastly, there was a single tree in the distance, and although in the distance it looked as if the tree was rooted right in front of him. It reached the clouds so none of the Bread followers were able to see the crown of the tree!

The tree itself could very well be the thickness of the entire Beginner’s City! This was something Hydra was simply unable to picture in his head. But the moment he saw it he thought in comparison it must be in similar size! Although the tree was large and thick as a city this was not the defining feature that caused Hydra to have shortness of breathe. It was the very fact that this tree was pure white! In the sea of multiple colours of greens covered in the forest it was huge contrast and would always draw in the gazes from its surroundings. It was a tree that spoke ‘I’m the center of this world’!

It was then that Cline, Falcon and Valeria also managed to fix their gazes. However Instead of Valeria focused on the tree she was lovingly staring at Pan who she carried. As a woman she loved cute things too, however her duty was above that and she naturally begged Hydra to look after the emissary of the Bread God AKA Pan! This was something that gave HYdra a headache as he knew, oh boy did he ever know that every time a female saw Pan a switch would go off and immediately logic was thrown out the window. The only thing he was truly worried about was what would happen if a giant group of girls gathered and swarmed his poor Pan?!

It would be like a popular boy band member throwing himself into the crowd! He would be bombarded with kisses and maybe even suffocated inside of them. Naturally Hydra was secretly jealous but when he thought of this a sudden glimpse of a certain memory appeared within his mind. Hydra had no idea what it was but all he remembered was something soft, and then he was unable to breathe any longer and passed out! This was the memory he tried to hard to remember but only the action of losing consciousness has come back to him at this moment however it caused to uncontrollable shiver and he shook his head and stared at this beauty in front of him!

Although Valeria ignored their surroundings Falcon and even more so Cline did not. And their expressions turned complicated while they both reluctantly walked over to Hydra. Falcon knew he was in a lower position than Cline and did not speak and patiently waited for Cline to talk in which a short while Cline, slowly breathed and spoke out to Hydra.

“Hydra I imagine from your reaction you don’t know where we are?”

“That’s right but isn’t it amazing?!”

Cline sighed at Hydra’s excitement, however Hydra failed to miss the complications behind Cline’s sigh and only looked on with a slightly confused expression. Naturally Cline wouldn’t keep him as so curious to rush out to find out for himself and spoke again.

“It’s natural I bet even some of the band- I mean members of the Bread Order would not know where we are. However I am fortunate enough to have some degree of knowledge of the matters here. This is the land of the Elves! It is-”


“Yes as I was sayin-”

“Holy crap are they are pretty as they say?!”

“Well yes naturally elves are very beautiful, but as I-”

“Bread Followers, I have been shown a vision! We must pass on the Bread God’s magnificence to the Elves! They will be the first we convert into the [Fellowship of the Bread Order]!”


Finally at this loud burst of excitement, Valeria looked up at her surroundings and unconsciously spoke out.

“…We’re screwed.”

Who was Hydra? Someone who failed to notice anything else once he set his mind to it! As a boy he naturally fell in love with fantasy worlds and when one spoke of fantasy elves were always a must! How couldn’t Hydra be excited to see such a beautiful species?! Flowing with endless magic and living as one with nature! Truly a paradise! However Falcon, Cline and Valeria knew the truth to be much different from fiction and thus Cline grabbed Hydra’s shoulder, Falcon reacted quickly and grabbed his feet and they quickly dragged him away to a private area. Valeria also followed, naturally with Pan in her arms!

“Hydra listen!”

Cline spoke out with the utmost urgency and tried to calm the excited Hydra down. He then started to speak slowly and with urgency as to have Hydra focus his attention on every word.

“This is a forbidden zone for all species other than the Elves! They are peaceful, yes, even beautiful! However they are ruthless to invaders and will stop at nothing to massacre any who decided to invade their territory! Even merchants can only being in their goods accompanied by the Elves without any of their own personal guard! This is how strict the law of the Elves are with outsiders! If we get caught they will send an entire army just to wipe us out!”

“Soooo…… Using bread won’t work?”


“Teaching them about the Bread God?”

“No they are atheist..”

“My fantasy?!”

“…unfortunately going to stay one!”


Hydra bellowed to the skies as a slight tear could be seen in his eye wells! He had just finally discovered an area he wanted as in he could personally choose to go to that single place he really wanted to go and now he was told that he was unable to! It was a crushing blow to his heart, and even Falcon and Valeria gave Cline a reprimanding gaze. Cline felt as if he was the bad guy, who had to sacrifice himself for the greater good, it didn’t feel nice but it had to be done, otherwise death would be brought upon them all and he continued to speak.

“Now I know this is going to be difficult but we must go back to Yorula and find a different exit! As climbing Mt Myriad will be impossible with our current levels.”

At the word Myriad, Hydra slightly regained some composure and finally noticed the mountain behind him. Although he “noticed” it, it was hard for him to even see it clearly as the entire mountain just rose endlessly on. Hydra was unsure of which was taller the tree or the mountain however he knew they were both amazingly large and the mountain itself he was unable to determine its base width as he was simply too close to see from his position.

After finally taking in what Cline said, he nodded in agreement. It sucked that Hydra couldn’t meet his fantasy but he knew that following Cline’s advice was for the best, after all Cline was in fact very intelligent and would never say anything if he did not truly believe it!

Thus Hydra reluctantly walked back to where his remaining bread followers were. However as he turned the corner he saw a scene he never expected. Luckily, his wish was granted! He did get to see the Elves he wanted to so badly. They were adorned in green leather like material that resembled that of a giant leaf. On each armor were different patterns and not a single leaf armor was similar. Their bodies were slim and tone but extremely well toned, the girls beauties could match any top beauty in reality and without a doubt men would beg just to hold their hands. Their blonde hair with a faint tinge of white reflected the light beautifully as it peacefully rested on their shoulders. None of the elves hair were shorter than their shoulders male and females alike!

However, the peaceful scene was nowhere to be found and exactly like Cline had said, they was an entire army with bows nocked and aimed straight at the bread followers, who were all in kneeled positions with their arms held high. THey had surrendered without a fight, how could they? When they fought the skeletons that was easy because they had no intelligence however Elves were similar to humans although possessed greater knowledge in healing, life in the forest they still were enemies to be feared!

At this Cline, could help but rub his face violently. He never knew his luck could be so bad, however little did he know that in the future this was just a tiny bit of ‘luck’ he was going to experience. Valeria and Falcon, were saddened however deep in their minds they prayed to the Bread God for another miracle to happen. Finally noticing their arrival an elf, also wearing a leaf like armor however this one was red instead of green walked forward and spoke up to Hydra who was in the front.

“Are you the leader of this group?!”

Hydra stood there slightly cursing his luck, but at the same time he was splendidly happy! They were everything he thought they were going to be, if only they didn’t have gazes that pierced like their readies bows and arrows! Gaining his composure Hydra had no choice but to speak up.

“Yes. I am Hydra. We have just come from the city of prisoners and unintentionally passed into your lands. I hope that you can forgive us!”

With a heartfelt apology and with a tinge of begging Hydra matched the gaze of the red leaf-armoured man. At this the man lips only twitched as if it didn’t affect him in the slightest he turned around and started to walk away as he did he gave out a command to his subordinates.

“kill them!”

“Wait! Hold up!”

The man turned around matching Hydra’s gaze again. He didn’t respond and only waited for Hydra to speak.

“Would you be interested in joining the [Fellowship of the Bread Order]?”


Was the reaction every single person in the surroundings had. The bread followers were no different, and Cline, Falcon and Valeria as well were looked towards Hydra dumbfounded! At the moment of death, he was trying to convert them?! Such a thing was only possible for Hydra who created miracles through the Bread God! It was because it was unexpected that it was so amazing to them. However nonetheless they were still dumbfounded and could only away the reaction of the Red leaf-armoured man.

At this the Red leaf-armoured man smirked and moved his lips to speak once more!