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Second Saga

Chapter 061 - Raising The Bar

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Are you sure you wish to call it “Holy crap it actually happened”?

“No obviously not!?”

Hydra rejected the message that soon popped up after speaking in amazement to the world message. He had thought that the bread cult was simply a way to remove his mind off his his luck stat from being a curse stat instead, and currently it was working well as he didn’t get nearly as worked up when he simply pretended to pray to the Bread God. However, that all changed now that it had become a reality within the game.

He had created a new religion! He even had 300 plus followers, who were devoted to the point of insanity! It was simply an amazing feat and the game acknowledged this, and thus a new religion was born. However because Hydra was so surprised he accidentally spoke a name that would be entirely unfit for the religion’s name. Luckily there was a second message that allowed to confirm his choice. After rejecting it however another messaged popped up as if to tease him.

Are you sure you wish to call it “No obviously not?!”?

“No! Wait I mean… crap.”

Are you sure you wish to call “No! Wait I mean…. crap.”

Hydra zipped his mouth after being mocked for the third time and then face palmed. Until he was able to figure out a name for his cult he was surely going to not talk. He didn’t want to entertain whoever came up with the idea of mocking the users in the first place.  Afterall with a magic system that requires writing why wouldn’t he just write the name down instead?

It was clearly just method of trolling their users. However, as it worked on Hydra naturally it would work on other as well, and in the long run it can definitely be called successful. After all the developers need to have fun once in a while with their users as well right?

Hydra, naturally started to ponder a name, with his finger to his chin he looked down with a complicated look. To this the bread followers who had just finished praying were naturally looking towards their leader. As they had no idea the reasoning behind the complicated face, they decided to avoid disturbing their leader. Naturally they thought if something was complicated for Hydra, it was of the utmost importance. Truthfully at this point in time for once Hydra was making a severely important decision for the bread followers, however as Hydra could enver think of something so seriously for himself, it was not as complicated as one would think

The main reasoning for his complication is he had already been trolled three times and required him to come up with a name before he could talk again. Naturally if Hydra, who always had a response to everything, couldn’t talk it was a BIG deal.

‘Finally I think I have come up with something.’

Hydra took a deep breath in and looked up upon all his fellow companions, he rested his gaze onto Falcon, Valeria, and Cline the longest as he prepared to announce the name of the cult once and for all.

“Fellowship of the Bread Order!”

Are you sure you want to name it “Fellowship of the Bread Order!”?



Please input a name for the world message to go under!



Just as the message disappeared in a fashion like closing curtains Hydra once again made eye contact with the entire group. His gaze was resting into the distance however, to everyone staring back at him, it was as if he paid attention to each and every single one of them. The bread followers had heard it clearly. It was definitely just announced, but they were unable to react. They expressions dumbfounded, as they could not help to slowly settle themselves, only to break down into tears! They were finally truly acknowledged at this point! And to prove it, Hydra continued.

“From this point on! You are all part of the ‘Fellowship of the Bread Order’ and as such, you will act in a way that will always be true to the Bread God! So wipe your tears stand tall and together let us show the world, the greatness of the Bread God!”

The tears stained their faces, as they all quickly were wiped and the bread followers faces changed into that of great joy. It wasn’t long after and it was unknown who started first because it seemed to have happened all at once as they shouted and shook the entire cave.


At this Pan was so surprised it fell over, and could only cry out softly in discontent.


At this Valeria immediately rushed over and paid her respects before cautiously helped Pan to recover from falling. Valeria at this moment felt she had done a deed so important she nearly fainted. Although Hydra was happy to have followers, after seeing this he was starting to worry about how scary they truly could be.


In a room full with books on shelves filled to and endless roof, such a room, had many individual dark brown wooden tables just big enough for a single person to use. In this room there were many people, however different from the usual chatter one would find in such a populated area, was quiet a snap of a finger would cause an echo to full the entire room. At a certain table a young man sat there reading carefully into a dark black book. This black book had many strange runes of an unknown language, at which it would be nearly impossible to read it if were not this man working so hard to decipher it. Finally after tedious work the man called out!


His voice echoed throughout the entire room, causing others to look at him with gazes of displeasure. Feeling awkward the man immediately stood up and walked away with the book, as he repositioned his glasses on the bridge of his nose. Quickly returned the book the man rushed out.

The location the man rushed out to was a bustling city, as the entire city was covered with lavish buildings as far as the eye could see. The streets were all perfectly made of rectangular bricks of a light grey colour that matched perfectly with the surrounding buildings. These buildings were all had their own special traits but none of them looked better than the other, as this could only point out the high quality of each one.

The bustling crowded streets caused the man to squeeze his way through as he rushed to the middle of the square in the distance. In the middle of the square there was a fountain. It was a large fountain of a few gods and goddesses dancing on the clouds as water appeared from a few jugs or the cupped hands of a certain goddess. As the man didn’t care about the fountain and what was located there he didn’t focus much on it.

Finally he saw what he was looking for and called out!

“Goliath! I found it!”

“Really Lockon!?”

“Oh my god we finally get to go!”

“Umm.. I agree It was starting to get really boring waiting!”

“Well sorry! Do you guys realize how hard it was to get this [Decipher] skill? I had to pull an all nighter and still go to university while you guys could attend all well rested!”

This man who was reading the book was exactly Lockon, and it was the rest of the [Shadow Lurkers], he was clearly unhappy as he had to work, while his friends were enjoying the imperial city Elysium! This was the imperial capital of the Valeria Kingdom! The population of this city was immense and even the largest of cities in reality could compare to it! Naturally Lockon wanted to join in on the fun, however he was the smarts in the group and they had all decided to try and find an amazing quest to go on or a ruin to explore!

Naturally in [Second Saga] the options available to the users are made in order for them to work for it. If one wanted the normal grinding session this was all possible! However if you wanted to become someone famous, or find riches, you had to work for it! In this case Lockon had done just that was just to tell his friends what he found.

“I finally figured out how to read this book! And inside this book the results were as expected!”

“Well don’t beat around the bush what did it say?!”

Goliath called out impatiently towards Lockon. As the two girls stared with excitement in their eyes. Lockon who was unhappy about being left out teased them for a minute or two as they started to purse their lips in displeasure he finally gave in and explained!

“‘Within the River country of Oluza, around a warm lake surrounded by hundreds of blue never ending snakes, exists a temple worshipping the [Maiden of Water]’ Is what it said!”

“What does that mean?!”

“It means let’s go for an adventure!”

Lila asked curiously, however as if no surprise Goliath ignored the important details and was already walking off into the distance! As everyone was clearly just as excited as him however were unable to act so true to their emotions they grinned and followed. It was just then that a giant green message appeared in the skies of the imperial capital.


Announcement to all Foreigners and Naturals!
Foreigner under the alias of Shadow, has created the first religion! From today on the a new god is being worshipped throughout the lands as the new religion is named ‘Fellowship of the Bread Order”!  Due to being the first Foriegner to create a religion they have been awarded +1000 fame, wisdom +20, intelligence +20 and a faith stat!  They will be acknowledged as a Priest in their new religion!

Naturally the [Shadow Lurkers stared with their jaws dropped to the ground. Of course the reason their jaws were resting on the ground was that had all tripped while reading the message in the sky. Their bodies toppled over and they laid on the ground with an expression that was hard to describe, part amazement, some surprised and a whole lot of ‘Really?’ was mixed in together.

At this Goliath, Lila, and Rina looked towards Lockon as if waiting for his reaction. However Lockon failed their expectations and rolled his eyes.

“Come on how the hell can I even say ‘as expected of Shadow’ I mean… he created a religion, that just raised the bar even higher, from now on I’ll have even higher expectations for him!”

At this Goliath frowned, he was unsure whether making a religion was a good or a bad thing, but creating a world message was a big deal and Hydra had even done it twice! Naturally getting publicity was important in this world! Especially that being famous in the real world was possible through this game!

Even though the four of them didn’t say it, they all knew each other’s feelings on the matter and with it even more determination to find this ruin filled their hearts as they stood up and rushed down the street disappearing soon after.


At the same time, the [Shadow Lurkers] saw the message a white cat woman, Haras to be exact was sitting in a chair reading the message aloud to herself. In her presence were four tiger men standing behind her also reading the message. While one called out to Haras.

“It would seem this Shadow is quite the amazing person! He has already been on the world message twice!”

Haras looked back towards the tigerman, Yopi, flabbergasted.

‘That was suppose to be amazing?! Is he an idiot?! That guy created a religion with bread in the name who would possibly do such a pointless thing!?’

Little did Haras know, that this person she was criticizing was the person she like the most, who knows how she would react if she knew about the truth!


“HAHA! I’m telling this boy is just the greatest!”

“Now now, give it a rest you already helped him enough right? Let him spread his own wings from here on out!”

“Trisha! You know I have an obligation to look after him right?!”

“…I know exactly what you mean but if you treat don’t let him grow stronger by himself it won’t be his own accomplishments.”

“Ahh you’re right, but still most of those miracles were his own doing. I only gave him a slight push. Still he didn’t fail to meet expectations he truly managed to spread such a ridiculous thing!”

“Hehe, as expected of their child!”