Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 006 - A Combination Of Three Words

‘Now, let’s see what the drops are.’

Hydra finally saw a glimpse of hope after all the misfortune he suffered.  Unfortunately  the spider only dropped one item.  Though to Hydra that didn’t matter.  It was his first drop in [Second Saga]  even if it was one of the most basic items in the game, which would be impossible from a monster from a dungeon no one has been in, it was still the very first drop!  Excitement started to take over and Hydra rushed towards the carcass of the spider.  What he saw was a black orb that had a flowing like mist inside of it and the moment Hydra picked it up the flow started to move faster as if
it was alive.


Due to the Luck stat the item was able to be properly identified!
Shadow’s Core (Rare Gem)
A core of a shadow creature.  If the core is struck by a physical attack the shadow creature will be greatly damaged, although because the shadow can freely move their core it becomes an unrealistic strategy therefore most chose to use magic to fight abstract beings.  A core however never drops unless the shadow has been killed by the power of light as usually it’s source of life comes from drawing energy from the core.  However if the shadow being is killed fast enough the core can be salvaged.
-Gem can be socketed into an item which will change it’s ability depending on the equipment.
Weapon- Will allow the user to deal shadow damage and chance of shadow possession (shadow possessed targets will be binded for 4 seconds.)
Armour-  Greatly increases resistance to shadow attacks (if the player has  100% resistance to a type they will then be invunerable.)
Accessory- Allows the user to hide in the shadows ([stealth] can be activated during the night for up to 30 minutes cooldown: 24 hours.)
Aether Blade-  Material used in becoming the Aether blade profession (Materials needed: 1/10 shadow cores ???? 0/1)

‘What isn’t this amazing for only a rare gem?’

Hydra couldn’t help but fist pump in an arc motion!  It was incredibly lucky to be able to kill such a difficult monster 10 times his level but Hydra didn’t hope for anything good because he had been so unfortunate already.  But seeing the item he was shocked, it was beyond amazing.  The thing he noticed after finally calming down was the profession, ‘Aether Blade’  That must be a hidden job class.  A hidden class was definitely rare, most people would choose their class immediately after creating a character!  Even Hydra was no different he was after checking ou the Quartermasters until he was killed unexpectedly.

‘Maybe the luck stat isn’t so bad after all.’

The ‘curse’ hallucination was finally starting to turn back into it’s proper form of luck.


As Hydra though to check and distribute his stats, after-all gaining 4 levels was 20 stats he could add.
‘The luck stat might be getting better, but there is no way to tell what will happen in the future.  I have already decided to increase my agility.  If I can’t run away I’ll always just die, but if i can’t do damage then i’ll only be able to runaway forever so for now it will be 1 STR 4 AGI.’

Hydra was taking the easy way out!  It can be said adding to agility is a smart choice, it did increase evasion rate, attack speed, hit rate and movement speed, but the reasoning was too poor.  If his sister’s heard his reasoning, while Azla would tackle him in protest even Lisa would give a disappointed look towards him. If anyone else was placed in the same situation they would probably opt to do the same!  He was thrown in a dungeon with monsters stronger than him by many times.  He could only run, who would dare to punch a shadow creature much stronger than you?  It would only lead to a pointless death, thus Hydra opted that if he couldn’t fight running was the next viable option.  Fight or flight it was a basic instinct for many animals while humanity has lost it over the years, now Hydra had regained that feeling after thoroughly being so close to death.

This wasn’t to say Hydra was a coward, he was someone he weighed the benefits and disadvantages on a scale.  If the scale was too heavy for the cons he would run away until he was strong enough to come back for his thirsty revenge!  Now that Hydra had a method to killing the shadow creature the flight instinct vanished and the only thing on Hyda’s mind was ‘Loot, Experience, more loot more experience’.  The birth of a Core gamer started for Hydra at a mere level 5. Hydra distributed his stat points and after one last glance he ran off.

Name Hydra Level 5
Race Human Profession
Vitality 350 Mana 100
Strength 14 Agility 28
Stamina 8 Wisdom 5
Intelligence 8 Luck 41

‘I should take advantage of the rest of this dungeon.  As the Old man said, if i want to be a Core gamer, I have to earn it.  What better place to start than a hidden dungeon.’

Finally finding another monster it was another spider.  Though also level 10 Hydra was no longer worried.  With his strategy down, all he had to do was aggro the spider by throwing bread at it.  Surprisingly bread for whatever reason was the item to piss off the spider the most.  Hydra couldn’t help but be puzzled at that conclusion.

‘I tried throwing rocks from the ground, while the spider did get aggroed it wasn’t nearly at the level of bread.’
What Hydra failed to realize was that [Second Saga] was created by a quantum computer.  It was a simple thing for the AI’s in this game to have their own consciousness and even though Hydra knew that was the case for NPC’s he hadn’t realized that it was the same for monsters even abstract monsters!  To the spider what was more demeaning than being hit by a piece of bread?  A spider was by no means an intelligent creature but it wasn’t stupid enough to stand and watch merrily while being hit by an item meant to be consumed.

Hydra was even shocked at how much faster the speed of the spider moved when using bread and if it wasn’t for the stat points he just added to agility he would have definitely become possessed by now.  While it took awhile to kill five more spiders, the experience he received plummeted in comparison to the first one.

‘Must be that after level five the experience needed is greatly increased.  Even after killing five more I was only able to gain 1 level.’

Hydra wasn’t depressed by that though, as he looked into his bag and found 6 shadow core’s.  It would be nearly impossible to find even 1 shadow core, but with the method of killing, extra drop rate from a new dungeon and the luck stat he was able to acquire a core every time a spider was killed!  He only needed four more if he wanted to complete the first requirement for the Aether blade profession.  The core’s were simply too amazing so if Hydra could he would completely farm this dungeon until the drop rate bonus decreased.

Unfortunately Hydra realized that in this dungeon the respawns only occurred until after he left the dungeon.  So he had a the choice of using it on equipment or the Aether Blade class as the amount left of spider was only four.  Even though this was still only the first part of the cave, he had the feeling it was set up like this on purpose, but it wouldn’t matter if he didn’t get the second part of the class requirement so it wasn’t something he thought too hard on.

After finally killing the last of the four left over spiders a window popped up

You have cleared the room of monsters, the Origin pathway has been opened.

‘I didn’t think the requirement to opening the next room would be clearing the room of monsters.  I might be severly lucky that I was able to start with one silver coin.’

All beginners would start off with e same salary and it was exactly 1 silver coin which was equal to 100 copper coins, while it took 100 silver coins for 1 gold coin.  It was clearly a coincidence but Hydra was somehow starting to think it was set up.

‘It doesn’t matter either way’

Hydra shrugged his shoulders while no one could see the gesture but he didn’t care and followed the wall until he met up with the cave leading out.

The new cave however was not dim in the middle bright just like where he woke up.  Although in the middle of the light was a stone.  Inside this stone was a sword pierced into it.

‘What is this king Arthur?’

While Hydra was not taught a lot in his schooling the employees of the orphanage would tell stories to the kids before bed time.  The most popular being king Arthur, so it was impossible for him not to recognize such a situation.  But although he retorted in his mind, his expression was definitely happy.

‘That sword must be at least a Rare if not Unique, maybe even Legendary tier!’
While it was possible to be any of those and none of those Hydra didn’t care his excitement was overflowing until once again a unfortunate window popped up

Due to the luck stat, the Hidden Elite Boss Spider Queen has been found!

Hydra had never thought that three such words could make his situation sound so hopeless.