Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 057 - The Fight Above The Darkness

“Okay Cline! Use your new powers and defeat the [Reaper Lich]!”

“What? I don’t know how to use my [Azure Dragon Arm]!”


Hydra, had planned on making Cline do the grunt work and reaping the rewards however it turned out not the way he had expected! Although Cline had acquired an arm that he was able to efficiently use without awkward delays the abilities behind the arm were still unknown!

‘Is it just a regular arm but it’s a dragon arm?’

Hydra couldn’t help but wonder to himself, however Hydra didn’t have the time to be pondering over the arm as the [Reaper Lich] who had now finally recovered after realising it was a betrayal nor a sacrifice screamed in rage!

“Humans! You dare take me as a fool?! I will make this place your grave and torture your souls for eternity!”


Hydra nearly turned around and ran the other direction. However it was different now! He couldn’t cower in front of a tough enemy as he had his companions to look after! They were already really weak and if he left they would surely die and because they were Naturals they wouldn’t be coming back!

Not to mention that Hydra had to get the [Ancient Shadow core] off of the [Reaper Lich] as well. If he didn’t how would he be able to continue with his profession quest? Naturally his fear lingered deep in his heart however the courage to overcome the situation, and the benefits of the loot, took precedence as he walked forward to the darkness.

Although Hydra was unable to see in front of him he hard the direction of the Lich’s voice and followed it along with Cline. With every step Cline took, the shadow was eaten away by the starving arm and even the shadow was encasing it it’s brilliance was not hindered in the slightest. The Lich noticing they were approaching yelled at the new summoned [Death Wolves] to action, in response they howled and charged straight towards Cline and Hydra!

The rest of the bread followers were simply to weak to engage and thus could only watch painfully as their leaders fought for their survival! Although it was to save his new cult members, however the main reason was still his quest and loot! His real life was after all the main reason for playing this game!

Cline on the other hand was definitely charging to save his own life and fight for Hydra’s cause. He now saw a potential leader in Hydra and because of how lucky, or lack thereof, he was Cline decided that following him to the end might make for an interesting adventure. After all to Cline was nothing more than a colourless picture, and now with Hydra a drop of colour splashed onto that painting. Naturally Cline would want to see the remaining colours and chose to charge forward!

At this moment that the wolves had arrived and were about to engage by leaping, as Cline and Hydra were about to retaliate with a counter themselves, Cline heard a voice inside his head!

“If you want to win, repeat the words I say!”

“Hu…. okay!”

Cline was the captain of the Wall guard at the imperial city, so naturally when Kurgal’s voice sounded in his head he was able to react quickly. Although he was still confused it wasn’t exactly the right time to be questioning such things as their lives could be decided at any moment!

“Hydra hold them off!”

“Wait?! No? Seriously?!”

Hydra cried as he watched Cline run away, at least this was the only possible picture Hydra could make of it at the time, and suddenly he felt like crying a flood of tears. After all dying together with a new friend wasn’t too bad but to die after being ditched? Well that was another thing altogether!

However as Hydra fended off the wolves that was too many to count he noticed as he gaze passed by Cline’s location that he was holding onto his [Azure Dragon Arm] while chanting in an unknown language! Clearly it had something to do with why he left.

Now that he knew Cline was doing something definitely suspicious, he was able to fight off the wolves without worry. Of course the wolves didn’t go after the bread followers, and the reason was the [Reaper Lich] cherished his life above all else and only focused on the things that were possibly a threat to him. Namely Hydra who fought off many of the marauders and skeletons himself!

The [Reaper Lich] had tried to command a few wolves after Cline, but the moment one ran off Hydra would kick it in the but to aggro it back. An effective measure regardless if one’s soul was being controlled as aggro was simply a system set up by the game, how could the [Reaper Lich] possibly know of such an omnipotent system? Naturally he just thought of it as the beast instincts of fighting the stronger foe and returned his concentration on Hydra!

It didn’t matter if the [Reaper Lich] kill the others now or later as to him the results were all the same! The biggest threat was Hydra and without him the rest would fall easily, of course Cline would be able to put up a good fight but if Hydra was gone the lich could teleport Cline to the crater and that would be the end of it!

Only when the [Reaper Lich] was sure of his victory would he use his trump card and thus with 2 potential threat he didn’t dare to act. But this train of thought would be exactly the reason for his demise, he just didn’t know it yet!

Finally the chant from Cline was finishing up as he rose his arm towards the sky and his arm momentarily stopped sucking in the shadow! As the shadow was no longer covering the arm, the blinding light filled the room and sparks of fire spread throughout the cave! These sparks hit the surfaces of the bread followers, Hydra, the ground, the wolves, the bones of the skeletons and even the [Reaper Lich] but it was at this moment when everyone was dumbfounded that in front of Cline appeared a beautiful azure rune.

This single rune was able to attract the gazes of everyone present and with Cline’s [Azure Dragon Arm] he started to fill out the rune.  As the rune started to fill into with a deep cerulean blue the rune was slowly convulsing! Finally the [Reaper Lich] realised something was terribly wrong and commanded all the wolves even the one deadlocked with Hydra to immediately attack Cline!

However it was already too late! The rune was finished and Cline slowly opened his mouth!

“[Azure blood of the Dragon God] Ignite!”


The sparks fully exploded on the entire surrounding area blinding everyone! The sparks on the bread followers caused them to scream in worry, including Hydra who was quickly ‘Stop, Drop and Rolling’ as he learnt by his foster parents. Naturally no one had time to look at him as they were currently being ignited with flames as well! However, there was two differences in the sparks on Cline’s allies and his enemies!

The sparks on his enemies started infuse with their bodies and healed them! As the life force of Kurgal naturally there would be no better elixir for them. As the bread followers stood there in befuddlement amazed by their current bodies conditions!

“Wow I feel great!”

Everyone started to call out their own satisfied opinions! Meanwhile Hydra didn’t care about being healed and still trying to roll the flames away. Sometimes being more knowledgeable how it’s downsides and this was definitely one of those times.

While the bread followers were happily rejoicing, the wolves were crying in pain. They had no idea what was going on but the ignite sparks were eating away their entire beings and they were unable to put of the flames no matter how hard they tried! The only thing that could happen as the continued burning until their deaths, which soon happened.

The [Reaper Lich] on the other hand being a mage had a high resistance to magic, however even he was badly damaged by the flames of the [Azure Blood of the Dragon God] magic. Although it he was hurt it was still not enough to be worried about. However the worst was definitely at hand! The [Reaper Lich] had already summoned quite a few monsters to fight off the bread followers and usually it wouldn’t even take this many people to down an elite boss monster simply at level 75!

Although being an Elite Boss monster, being below level 100 was still considered the beginner area! Even if a group of beginner’s managed to find a group of 300+ plus soldiers could they compete with the bread followers who ran forward without a care for their lives? Of course not! Besides if an army approached the [Reaper Lich] would not stand still and allow them to enter, however this was completely different! They attacking army came from within! And before the lich even had time to muster his forces they were already completely wiped out by the hungry bread followers!

This was the reason was Hydra would never forsake them, because if he did he knew exactly what frightening result would follow!

Now that the bread followers Cline, and Hydra who finally calmed down and stood back up when the flames has disappeared fully, were healed, Cline stood there and pointed his [Azure Dragon Arm] toward the [Reaper Lich] and shouted!



The army ran forward and fully knowing if it did nothing only death would await it if it stood there, the [Reaper Lich] started to run! The ruler of the prison of Yorula was turning tail and running! However what mattered most was not their pride it was their lives! And thus it ran without hesitation! However who were the bread followers? The bread followers obviously and naturally noticing that the [Reaper Lich] was running they all threw their weapons! Including Falcon who had a the gigantic minotaur axe!

Counterless damage markers could be seen as Hydra also chased after [Reaper Lich] and because he was the closest naturally he would be the first to arrive! Even though weapons thrown were all swords that was still around 200 swords being thrown and even if some of them missed, which of course bandits couldn’t miss throwing objects as they were used to throwing rocks to ambush knights or merchants, most of them hit! With nearly 200 swords hitting that were hitting anywhere from 50-100 damage a hit left the [Reaper Lich] is a bad shape!

However how could the [Reaper Lich] just fall down easily like this? It was the follower of the [Lich King]! It couldn’t just sit and die like this, and with its last remaining chance for survival, it casted the teleportation magic on itself!

The small tiny rune flew a dark grey with shining silver! At the time Hydra didn’t notice it before because he was too busy staring at the [Ancient Shadow Core] but this time he could see it! But that was the problem! He knew that the [Reaper Lich] could get away! Hydra dashed forward with his entire being shouting in his mind.

‘Come on! Reach it!’


You have disrupted the teleportation magic!

Just as Hydra managed to grab the [Reaper Lich] just as he finished completing the rune a message popped up, however it was soon followed by another one!

All allies and Enemies in contact will be teleported to an unknown location!


Hydra immediately disappeared with the [Reaper Lich]! Appearing once again in another location! However this location wasn’t much different from where they were currently. Hydra could still see the blazing arm of Cline and the bread followers. Although there was a slight problem! First, Hydra was in the air, more like locked in combat in the above at the highest reach in the cave. Second, the highest point in the cave, just so happened to be directly above the crater!

“Argh! Human I will kill you!”

Hydra didn’t have time to worry about his location and engaged in a fierce combat with the [Reaper Lich] in the air above the crater, where the bread followers and Cline stared at the fight with wide eyes!

Naturally it was very difficult to utilize Hydra’s core abilities of dodging and countering in the air, however he was still able to utilize the Lich’s body for leverage and continually stabbed into the Lich’s chest area!

While being continuously stabbed and falling, the Lich was unable to cast any magic, how could it? It was simply too distracting to cast magic and the game itself would only allow magic to be casted if they could complete it without being attacked! However the Lich didn’t just fall while being stabbed it countered with its own bones and clawed at Hydra!

125 damage!
324 damage!
123 Damage!
336 Damage!

Numbers appeared left and right as Hydra fell faster and faster towards the endless abyss! Luckily it was just then that the last blow struck something!

Special Critical hit!
[Shadow Stealer] has struck the shadow core of the [Reaper Lich] and it’s soul has been sucked within! All remaining health has been removed!

The [Reaper Lich] started to disappear into particles and Hydra had already saw the endless messages of leveling, drops and other messages appear however he simply didn’t have time to worry about that! He grabbed everything he could see including the black dark core he had his eye on this whole time!

However, the problem started there! Just as he grabbed the core he fall past the plane of Yorula and was now falling to his death! He wracked his brain and luckily he remembered one thing! He quickly summoned a single rune in the shape a cloud like formation and upon finishing it he called out!

“[Shadow Walk]!”

A thing black missed appeared underneath his feet as he ran towards the edge of the crater to grab hold of it! His mana was falling sharply and he had no idea if he could make it, but with ever fiber in his body he tensed his muscles and ran forward! It was his only hope, nothing else at this point could save him other than this skill, so naturally he put his all into running forward to reach his safety!

Your mana has been depleted!

Finally the window appeared as Hydra used the last remaining bit of mist to jump! His arms flailed in the air as he tried to reach the edge of the crater, unfortunately he was too far off! And started to follow gravity back into the abyss!