Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 056 - *Title Is Hidden*

“Boy! I see that you managed to ignite my [Azure Flames]!”


Hydra was struck stupid upon hearing Kurgal’s voice inside of his head! He couldn’t believe that the dragon was telepathic and could speak to him who knows how far away! Before he could recover his surprise she spoke again.

“Haha don’t mind the small details and listen up! Your situation seems to be pretty hard right? I can tell through the [Azure Flames] as they are lit through my own blood and naturally I am able to control any and all of my blood which includes those flames.”

“Holy crap you could cover the entire world in and become an all-knowing dragon!”

“Are you an idiot? I would have to use all of my blood to cover that much area!”


Hydra made a thoughtless comment and of course Kurgal would not miss the chance to make fun of him for it. Naturally at this moment Cline was standing there confused but before he would say anything Hydra put up his hand to stop him. Although they were joking around Kurgal clearly could see how important time was and quickly brought up the main point.

“I just so happen to have a way for you to turn the situation around. With you and this power you should be able to have enough strength to overcome the [Reaper Lich]”

Hydra thought quickly for a second.

‘Didn’t that mean she had all the intentions to let me fail to begin with?’

Of course Hydra forgot that his thoughts were directly being transferred over to Kurgal and naturally she laughed and let it go.

“I just believed you would find a way and now that you have created the chance, with my help you will be able to defeat the Lich! Now do as I say and throw your armless friend into the [Azure Flame]!


Without hesitation Hydra was already dragging Cline towards the flame. Naturally Cline was confused and immediately started to worry upon seeing where he was taking him!

“Hydra…. You can’t be seriously doing what I think you’re doing are you?!”

As Cline tried to viciously resist he felt a huge amount of power pulling him closer and closer to the fire. He had no idea where Hydra stored all the hidden power and only Hydra would know!

‘Hehe, you think you can get away with just taking back your equipment? I, Hydra do not give so easily up on equipment I have picked up and if I don’t willingly give it to you I naturally will hold a slight grudge no matter how small it is you can only blame yourself hehehe’

Of course Hydra knew nothing bad was going to happen as Kurgal wouldn’t so easily lie about his companions future. She may like to tease around however she was not one to give hope for no reason and because Hydra believed there was some reason he naturally dragged Cline towards it. However Hydra didn’t give an explanation and only said these words to him.


While Kurgal who heard this only shook her gigantic head and smirked. She unconsciously spoke out without transmitting her voice to Hydra.

“What an interesting boy!”

However Cline was anything but happy for such a cause! He didn’t believe in the Bread God, as he wasn’t so foolish to believe such a miracle would be so easily applied because of following such a ridiculous god and spoke out his complaint!

“Hydra! I don’t believe in such foolishness!”

However that was the biggest mistake Cline could ever have made in his entire life! Once the cultists heard that they IMMEDIATELY stopped what they were doing and even if they were hit with a counter attack for being distracted they didn’t care and all 300 plus pairs of eyes looked at Cline! Shivers ran throughout Cline as he felt fear for the first time in his entire life!

Now that the plan had been organized, Hydra dangled the bait and Cline naturally bit it as Hydra knew he wouldn’t be able overpower Cline if he truly resisted. But what if he had the help of the cultists? The first person to react was Falcon and with another man they grabbed Cline and picked him up. Over the shoulder Cline was carried towards the fire!


Cline screamed and all the while the skeletons and the [Reaper Lich] was unable to follow up because the [Reaper Lich] could only watch in amusement as they sacrificed one of their allies! Naturally a [Reaper Lich] loved betrayal and death the most thus only patiently watched as their deaths were inevitable anyways! Because most of the cultists were injured it was only the leader figure left with full strength! And in this darkness combined with the [Reaper Lich’s] teleportation magic he could just kill him instantly! However the [Reaper Lich] was cautious and wouldn’t waste his one use of spatial magic on and if situation. It would only use it when its life was in danger! Little did the [Reaper Lich] know at the time that this would lead to its downfall!

Slowly but surely Cline grew closer to the fire, to be honest he was already really close but Hydra wanted to make it more dramatic after seeing the monsters no longer attacked and had Falcon and the other man do a full revolution around the fire! It had now turned into some cultist ritual and even the bread followers were chatting some weird things that gave Hydra a smirk.

‘Revenge is definitely the best’

Hydra grinned and watched happily as he stared at the pale face Cline! Of course Hydra knew the fire wouldn’t damage him however that wasn’t the case for the Naturals and even the monsters as no one had seen this type of fire before and because they have no way of identifying objects because it was a game element!

3 steps
2 steps
1 step!

Finally they arrived and paused just in front and looked towards Hydra for the signal! Hydra roared to the sky!

“All Hail The Bread GOD!”



Cline fell straight into the flame!




EVeryone was struck stupid by the development, even the [Reaper Lich] was struck stupid was the loudest to react! It was looking forward to seeing Cline burn up into dust by the flames and to everyone’s surprised Cline was screaming but after only feeling a slight burning sensation he quickly calmed down!

Hydra all this time couldn’t control it anymore and giggled while covering his mouth! He couldn’t hide it from the cultists but thankfully none of them were watching Hydra and only stared at the miracle in front of them! What possibly could allow Cline to survive flames?  The Bread God! Thus they screamed their prayers to the sky!

“Oh mighty Bread God! This unfaithful subject failed to believe you and you still were benevolent to him! How gracious of the might Bread God!”

Valeria Spoke the first words and tears even appeared from the faces of the bread followers! They had simply been brainwashed too much that no matter what the situation is they would believe it was all because of the Bread god!

But just then everything changed! The [Azure Flame] that was burning around Cline exploded outwards causing everyone to fall down! Even Hydra himself at this point had no idea what was going on and stared blankly! However as the flames ignited, Cline could feel a scorching pain!


He screamed as the scorching pain invaded his entire body and the worst part of the pain was where his once missing arm existed! As the flame collected near the shoulder it started to expand outwards! This flame slowly but surely kept gathering and spread to the shoulder as it started to take a form!

The pain for Cline was simply too much however he could not do anything but stand there allowing the situation to unfold! One second passed and few more later and then everything started to make sense as the form finally became clear!

This form was that of a small dragon arm! The scales on the flames could be clearly made out and arm gave off an intimidating feeling as Hydra stared wide eyed at the new development! He had no idea what was going to happen but if someone told he Cline was going to grow a dragon arm Hydra would probably look at the person stupefied and walk off without so acknowledging his presence anymore!

The pain finally dispersed clearly and Cline had now a new arm! cline moved the arm clearly as if it had always been a part of his body a piece of the puzzle that always existed but never placed! Now that final piece was placed and Cline could feel the never-ending power surge within him. He then roared to the heavens!

“I, a new follower of the Bread God, shall now be called, [The One-Armed Dragon Knight]!


“Well all’s well that ends well.”

Hydra shrugged as he smirked. The death of the [Reaper Lich] was all but certain!
Chapter 56:  The One-Armed Dragon Knight!