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Second Saga

Chapter 055 - Skeletal Marauders

The fight continued and even though a few minutes passed the situation wasn’t looking any better! Although the darkness was settled and none of the cultists were overly hurt from the time they were blind, the army of skeletons just kept on coming wave after wave! Their bones piled up and the surrounded area became the followers within a giant bone wall. However The skeletons would either climb of their fallen brethren or be reborn through the pile of bones.

It was a never-ending fight as the continued to hack and slash continuously while the armored cultists were struck multiple times and slowly their health started to enter critical states! However noticing that immediately Cline once again gave orders toward the cultist!

“Everyone who is wearing a chest plate switch with the ones with swords! Only switch after you killed a monster and have time to change over without disrupting the formation!”

Hydra was surprised at how effective Cline was at leading! In fact he was rather jealous, and thought to himself.

‘I’ll definitely get Cline to teach me how to lead so effectively, so one day I can stand in front and order like that!”

Although Hydra’s strong points weren’t in leading as he never had the chance to, he was definitely above average in fighting strength in fact he was out damaging even Falcon who was a much higher level than him simply because Hydra was able to dodge with minimal actions and strike in the cracks of their armor!

EVen before the battle happened Hydra had already used [Shadow Blade] on his sword and swept it around endlessly!

245 damage!
259 damage!

Numbers appeared every time he swung and even though the monsters were better equipped they were still only averaging level 30.  There were some odd taller built skeleton monsters in the back but they hadn’t made a move yet. Hydra felt that he could only wait patiently until he thought of a plan but at last no plan had come to him even now!

There was no way to fight their way through if they couldn’t see! Although they could pick up the flames, it was still overly dangerous to rush through as the formation would easily break apart! Unless they had a solid plan it was better off to keep their stance and fight it out. However that would only eventually lead to death and they could not hold forever.

However as if the [Reaper Lich] knew they couldn’t hold on forever and that time was important he roared into the darkness!

“My subjects! Kill these maggots and throw their bodies down the ‘Drop of Salvation’ so they may become part of your brethren!”

As the lich’s echo sounded in the cave the taller skeletons finally started to take action! Upon noticing this Hydra rushed to confront one of the bigger skeletons. These monsters were equipped with fully body armor that was a blackish blue from head to toe and even Hydra had no idea what level these guys were just looking at them. Without any choice in the middle of the fight Hydra quickly identified them.

Skeletal Marauders (Elite)
Level 47 Health 2350/2350
Before these skeleton warriors were killed in actions they were famous warriors that rushed straight into the enemy’s camp and destroyed everything in their path. After the destruction of the camp their allies would arrive and would see a destroyed camp that had looked like they were pillaged by bandits. Thus these famous warriors were given the title Marauders of Justice. Unfortunately their lives were short-lived as always charging could never succeed forever and their lives were thrown away by their allies when they charged into a camp where the enemies were simply too strong. Even though their allies had abandoned them, they kept fighting to their last breath and destroyed nearly half the enemies forces before their last breathes. But their lives ended with grief and rage for their allies cursing with their last thoughts, their souls were unable to pass on normally. Thus when the [Reaper Lich] found these souls he whispered sweet lies of revenge into their souls and were trapped for eternity as the [Reaper Lich’s] subordinates!

“Wow these guys sounded like badasses!”

Hydra couldn’t help but be interested in the story and even forgot that he was in the middle of the battle! He read the entire thing in one and go and gave enough time for the marauder to arrive right before him and strike him with its long sword!

146 damage!

Luckily enough though he was hit it was straight on the [Armor of Shadowless Man] and because of this the damage was minimized. Hydra cured himself as he let his mind wander so easily. It was an amateur’s mistake but someone like Hydra who respected a warrior’s heart-felt their anger as they were abandoned and could not help but feel sorry for their imprisoned souls!

With eyes of anger Hydra charged at the marauder. He swung his sword constantly and dodged every strike that came at him. Hydra felt the marauder to be pitiful of their once legendary feats, and although he could not see their true strength because they were mindless slaves, by their gallant bodies alone he could tell they were once great heroes.

Hydra roared out to his fellow allies!

“Everyone! These marauders have been imprisoned! And the Bread God wants to free them so what do we do!”

“Free them!!!!”

The bread followers roared to the ceiling and because there was no sky to allow the echo to freely move that noise reverberated throughout the cave shaking it! Their morale skyrocketed and even if it wasn’t a speech of confidence or encouragement, just by knowing their leader was fighting alongside them and acknowledging them was enough to light up the dwindling flames in their hearts.

The once calm bread followers dispersed out and rushed out to attack any nearby skeletons! The marauders were teamed up against and even Cline had rushed out to meet two of the marauders in a fight! In total there were about 20 marauders and only the strongest of the convicts were able to equal them in power such as Falcon and Valeria!

With Hydra piercing and stabbing he felt rage build up from his very heart and couldn’t wait to vent his anger on the [Reaper Lich]! It was one thing to have subordinates but to make them into slaves? Not only was this a shame to a warrior it reminded him of the real world he lived in! Of course the Naturals like Cline would be ignorant of such things but Hydra knew!

HYdra felt that the current would only thought of their citizens as slaves to give them more money and this only angered Hydra even more! He gritted his teeth and swung faster!

“Faster,faster faster!”

Hydra was passing his limits and the marauder was even unable to strike back because soon after a swing another attack would follow immediately after! Just as Hydra was hitting blow after blow a message popped up!

Massive combo! A stun has been applied to [Skeletal Marauder] for 4 seconds!

The next thing that happened was the fall of the first marauder. Hydra had been so angry he lost his mind and forgone his defense and only focused on attacking! All of this didn’t matter to Hydra as he move onto the next one with a pained frown as he only gave tiny glance at the particles disappearing where the marauder had once existed! finally he managed to stop gritting his teeth for a few moments to leak out a few words.

“[Reaper Lich]! Not only myself, but for these souls you imprisoned I will make you regret it!”

Hydra ran off towards the next marauder wiping off any expression he had and focused entirely on fighting. Although his emotions deep down were of rage, he was a warrior trained at heart and because one of their rules was, there could be no emotions brought to the battle field and one must never be distracted when fighting Hydra could only follow what i was ingrained into his very being!

A few minutes passed by and the previous 20 marauders dwindled down, however it wasn’t only the marauders numbers that dwindled, as the bread followers were also starting to weaken and the injured increased as they fell back behind the lines of their allies for protection!

The worst was yet to come though, as if knowing this was the final stretch the [Reaper Lich] once again summoned a giant Rune above its head! This was only visible because of the initial light that came off from a Rune when it was created as it was a system to prevent people from being killed unknowingly by ranged magic. This was something Hydra had read during his break from dying in the game. Whenever he had a chance he would read up on [Second Saga] although the knowledge was not nearly as in depth as Lockon explained it was better than nothing!

As the Rune was soon completed even faster than the previous one, Hydra and the rest were unable to tell what kind of creature was being summoned! However they soon found out as they heard a loud noise!


“Hydra its undead wolves!”

As Cline called out he was momentarily distracted and even though Cline was already one-handed and at a disadvantage against two opponents he was flawlessly fighting them easily! Something even Hydra was momentarily surprise about in the middle of the fight. He would use his sword to attack and when he did immediately switch to using to gauntlet or shoulder guard to block an incoming blow! It was nothing but amazing for someone to be able to fight with one arm! However that slight second of distraction was enough to cause a fatal mistake!


Cline was knocked back and landed straight in front of the blazing [Azure Flame]! Although the damage Cline took was not fatal it was enough to be worrisome, and Hydra could only rush towards Cline to help him up.

“Cline, stay back and command the….”

But just then, something peculiar happened to the [Azure Flame] as Hydra could easily notice it because he stood in front of Cline whose back was toward the flame he could see it flicker with some in a manner like an excited child dancing. Just then a voice appeared in Hydra’s head!