Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 054 - A Flame In The Darkness

“Pitiful little humans! Why must you resist when your death is inevitable!”

“Woah… Cline the [Reaper Lich] just asked the most stupid question I have ever heard! How do I reply?!”

Hydra asked Cline, but as Cline himself was struck stupid but such an obvious answer he was unable to even notice Hydra’s gaze upon him. Thus Hydra moved towards his two new subordinates, and while the woman, who was more intelligent of the two was like Cline and struck stupid. However, fear not as there was a perfect person to answer such a stupid question. Brawns for brains are what Valeria and Cline would think had they not been blank minded.

“Your Lordship, if I may I have a solution!”

“Oh, please feel free to tell me!”

“It’s so we can live! To follow the Bread God we are unable to die such pathetic deaths here!”

“….Why not, Falcon go scream that at the Lich for me as your voice is louder than mine!”

“With pleasure! [Reaper Lich]! I in the name of his lordship the Bread God. Tell thee that we are here to fight for our survival in order to spread the wonderfulness of the Bread God! How dare you commit such a sin to fight against our just cause!”

At this point nearly Valeria woke up from her stupor and even had a hint of pride in those words. Clearly she felt every word that Falcon breathed was the correct one, and likewise the rest of the convicts nodded in agreement. However Cline and Hydra nearly passed out from shock!

Hydra shook his head and face palmed, he like his new members, maybe even more because of their dedication to the Bread God, but seriously they were so one-sided in their opinion it actually hurt his brain to think about it!

The [Reaper Lich] only looked upon the insignificant ant in front of him. Although there were many and it was but one it wasn’t afraid in the least. Unbeknownst to the rest was that the Lich had many trump cards it could pull out in time of need. However it also didn’t know about the strength behind Hydra’s cult army!

Thus with both sides hiding their strengths until one met the other both were at a standstill staring daggers at one another. Hydra was unsure why the Lich was not attacking the moment it arrived and even the Boss message didn’t appear yet.

‘Does the message only pop up when the boss engages a fight?’

He couldn’t help but think to himself. He had been in two boss fights before and the previous ones the boss monsters had all come to attack him on his own. Thus seeing the situation where the Lich only stood there and waited until they made the move confused him.

He was unsure why the Lich was not fighting however as it was a perfect chance to check his stats Hydra at last identified his reason for coming to Yorula!

Reaper Lich (Elite Boss)
level 75 Health 5000/5000
A Reaper is an existence that ferries the souls of the dead to the nether world. However because this monster is a Lich it hides itself with its cloak to fool the souls in thinking it will ferry them away safely. Thus the Lich got its name of a Reaper Lich because of its treacherous lies. With all the souls not passing properly the souls are used to raise the dead for its followers. After a millenia of controlling Yorula and snatching away their souls it is unknown how many souls the Lich has truly stolen over time immemorial. This Lich is a follower of the Lich King and only under its orders will it move. The [Reaper Lich] is an original inhabitant of Necropolis. Not much is known about Necropolis because it exists within Niflheim and is only the strongest of warriors will dare adventure to such a place. Even those who have managed to escape have lost their sanity.

“If I manage to win I can already imagine the rewards I’m going to get for this!”

Hydra eyes widened as he grew excited to fight this monster. Just then as Hydra unconsciously twitched, the [Reaper Lich] started to make its move! A single giant rune rose into the sky above the [Reaper Lich] and at this moment Cline immediately shouted out in worry!

“Don’t let him finish that Rune! If he does he will summon numerous undead to fight for him!”

The entire convict army rushed out immediately, because Cline had stayed by the side of Hydra this entire time, they naturally thought he was already the sub leader and followed his instructions immediately. As Cline shouted he and Hydra also rushed towards the Lich. It was not time to worry about who was a leader or not and simply interrupting the Lich was the priority.

However, as the Lich kept its distance and did not immediately attack them after leaving its base, the distance was enough for the Lich to easily finish even such a large rune with ease. THe single rune didn’t flash but instead grew darker and sucked in all the light from the cave. THe chandelier unable to produce enough light was sucked dry and the entire cavern turned into nothingness.

At this point every froze. Even though they couldn’t see anything, they knew from the sounds of cracking and other indistinguishable noises that the [Reaper Lich] was summoning an army. However because the undead did not require sight to see their enemies the advantage was already clear!

Hydra somewhat panicked as well as the rest, even with their new-found power of believers being in a disadvantageous situation was nonetheless apparent. They could only slowly bunch in together as the noises of movement slowly approached them.

The convicts backed into each other as they tightened their formation of a circle. Hydra and the rest knew they were all surrounded but it wasn’t even that simple. The only thing they could rely on was the ever approaching sounds of bones clacking against the ground! The clacking sound was only the loudest however there were even other sound carrying in the air.

Finally the undead arrived at the cultists and started its full on attack! Screams were being heard everywhere and in attempts to counter attack they swung outwards towards the never-ending darkness! Although some attacks landed it was futile as they had no idea where the monsters were exactly located they had no idea whether or not their attacks were effective or not! As they could not see the damage markers above the undead in the darkness their frustrations grew!

At this moment Cline shouted out!

“Everyone! Those who have chest plates or some form of guarding get your asses to the front! I don’t care if you can’t see protect your brethren! Those with sword hold the shoulder of those in front of you and continuously stab out until you can no longer breath!”


In the hopeless situation the bread followers roared to increase their morale! The situation was looking grim but it wasn’t over until the last man standing fell! Thus they did everything they could to rearrange themselves as told even at the cost of some falling and getting hurt! At this moment Hydra was also thinking of a way to overcome the situation but to no avail!

Hydra was worried and had no idea what to do. The entire cave was filled of darkness and now he had no way of seeing how could he attack? But it was just then, that Hydra felt a sensation from his [Void Bag]. He wasn’t sure what it was but surely enough even if it was pitch dark he was still able to see the menu clearly in his mind when he closed his eyes.

The item that was giving off that sensation was the [Blue Ash]! When Hydra took it out a menu appeared!

The conditions for [Blue Ash] have been met!


[Azure Flame!]
The ancient blue flame was the fire of life from the ancient Dragon Kurgal! Only in pure darkness when one needs it most, can [Blue Ash], the natural counter to Darkness be awoken! Kurgal created this shadow eating flame from its very life essence and due to this reason only darkness can reignite it! The reason [Azure Flame] is unknown is because only Kurgal can create these flames! If one has received the blessing of Kurgal may they ignite the true flame, the [Azure Flames!]

Hydra was immediately surprised by the reaction of the flames as the source of the [Azure Flame] grew and grew as it ate the darkness! It did not hurt Hydra in the slightest however a message popped up in front of him!

Shadow magic is unable to be used in the vicinity of the [Azure Flame]!

While Hydra cursed that he could only rely on his physical abilities he was still naturally happy. The reason being the flame had lit a large enough area to cover a 25 meter diameter! It was just enough to cover the surrounding area of the cultists and their enemies in front of them! Now that the cultists were able to see they noticed the undead skeletons with dark armor that would be unseen in darkness. Even the slightest shine of light from the [Azure Flame] did not reflect from the dark armor! They had scimitar swords and round shields. Their legging armor was thin and allowed a normal soldier to move freely in them. Their boots were leather and was only there to protect from the stones on the ground while walking. However this was enough for the cultist to make their counter attack and with vision it was much easier to defend against their attacks!

Back and forth the fight continued even though Hydra and the rest were unable to see the [Reaper Lich] they could only fight against the minions before hand! However Hydra and Cline both knew that was impossible as time was not on their side! Naturally the starving convicts could only fight on their emotions for so long. Sooner or later they would get physically or mentally tired, or even be wounded unable to continue. Time was running out and Hydra had to think of something before the fight would be over before he even got the chance to counter-attack!

The only thing that Hydra could breath a sigh of relief at was that for some unknown reason the [Reaper Lich] hadn’t teleported any of them yet. This did not go unnoticed by Cline and Hydra, and if he didn’t teleport them it could only mean one thing! There was a limitation to his teleports! However even with knowing this the situation wasn’t going to get better unless that actually started to fight the [Reaper Lich].

Hydra look upon the new army, as he strode forward gallantly looking forward to the new gear in front of him! He might need to figure out a plan but until he could he would continue to fight and kill as many skeletons as possible!