Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 053 -  Obliteration!


Wild screams took over the entire cavern of Yorula, as a small army of convicts flooded the entire town. One could almost describe it as a blitz tactic because of the sheer power that came with it after attacking a oblivious group of skeletons or zombies. Fortunately for Hydra, everything was already turning into his favour.

As the convicts attacked small groups unlike when Hydra had lured the entire massive army together towards the pathway, the patrolling groups were all in small numbers thus they were easily wiped out by the berserker Bread cult members. Yes that’s right Hydra had already thought of them as full fledge members and the reason why? Because upon noticing how terrifying their attack methods were, Hydra didn’t have the courage to deny them.

The convicts used everything in their arsenal to attack the skeletons, but how could they have anything in their arsenal when only 65 swords were given out? Even most of the convicts weren’t equipped with chest plates leaving over half still completely unarmed. However, to the convicts who were one sidedly following the will of the Bread God, they used everything they could think of to destroy their enemies!

This meant that the convicts would claw with their non existent nails or bite the skeletons bones like a hungry dogs. They also would team up in pairs or more in which one would tackle the skeleton down regardless of the damage they took while the other would steal the weapon or grab a rock and pound the skeleton multiple times till death.

Simply put the unintelligent skeletons and even more so the helpless zombies would only turn into experience for these crazed cultists! Naturally Hydra looked on with a great grin, however the thoughts deep in his mind was to never ever anger his new members! Fortunately he had a weapon that would always protect him and that was the almighty bread!

Cline who at this point had not taken up arms against the weak skeletons, maybe it was simply because they were too easy of prey for him, or that Cline had wanted to watch Hydra command over these convicts. However even Cline had no idea what to say or how to react when he saw the savageness behind the convicts actions.

With both leader and sub leader struck stupid the fight was entirely fought by the mindless bread followers alone. Standing there awkwardly was about the only thing Hydra could do as if he jumped into the mess he wasn’t sure that the convicts wouldn’t attack him! The very reason he thought this was because sometimes the taken down skeletons with a convict on top would be slammed by a rock or multiple convicts would pile on top of the skeletons. It was without a doubt a terrifying seen to behold.

“Hey… uh Cline.. I know like I said I wanted to use them to help but… After seeing this I shouldn’t be worried about the [Reaper Lich] at all right?”

“…..Probably the Lich will die within a few minutes to be honest…”



Cline didn’t answer but instead nodded with a troubled expression, as they both looked on like spectators in a giant one-sided war. Of course there was never a good side or bad side in war however at this point, Hydra almost felt sorry for the skeletons. As small groups at a time would rush in only to be obliterated without even making a few steps within. The convicts then would spread their domain and their control started to explode outward.

That was until the moment finally came. Like when Hydra himself killed over 100 skeletons, as the convicts killed 100 skeletons the time it took was rather quite short in comparison, the minotaurs finally came into action. However this was a big difference to when Hydra fought the minotaurs.

Instead of one [Gatekeeper Minotaur] there were now 8! As Hydra stared dumbstruck he looked to Cline for answers. Clearly there were only 2 the other day so where did the other 6 come from? Cline looked back at Hydra, and from his facial expression he was able to tell immediately what he was thinking.

“There isn’t only one entrance to Yorula, and naturally each one will have a pair of [Gatekeeper Minotaurs]!”

“Well….. dang this might be harder than I thought.”

However Hydra, immediately forgot about how deadly the force of the bread cultists were! Thus the moment they saw new prey it was like an ant army attacking a larger prey, as they dozens swarmed the minotaurs like it was simply food to bring back to their queen! Although in this case it was simply bringing back loot to Hydra in the name of the Bread God!

As the convicts gathered and crawled all over the bodies of the minotaurs it became impossible for the minotaurs to take action. Their heavy axes and heavy bodies that were sluggish became even heavier under the assault of the convicts. Thus there was only one result for the just entered minotaurs and that was death! With an anticlimactic entrance and anticlimactic death the minotaurs fell down and a levels popped up on most of the convicts!

Feeling their power surge they felt as if the Bread God was truly giving them power and all they had to do was believe! Such a miraculous thing can only be described as a God’s blessing! Although the convicts themselves didn’t notice, Hydra who was standing off to the side did. The convict’s eyes were now tinged with a darker red, their blood lust filled the area and they immediately devastated any remaining monsters in the vicinity. When they were finished they brought back the loot and kneeled towards their leader! One of the stronger looking convicts with broad shoulders and a massive build that contained scars upon scars on his body. He was one of the sword wielding convicts and yet he had no upper body clothing, as such Hydra could see the amount of battles this man has been through.

In fact this man was definitely nearly double Hydra’s level at 60 however at the time Hydra did not know that. This was one of the reasons why the large man stepped forward, as in this world strength speaks for itself. However the man was not the only one to step up as a beautiful barely over 20 years old lady also stepped up.

Even though her clothing was made of rags from being imprisoned it was unable to hide her beauty. Even with the terrible conditions her hair and face was untouched by blemishes of any sorts. She stared with her big blue eyes straight towards Hydra as he felt she could see through him. Her long black hair was down up in a bun, and shined with light flicker of the chandelier above.

When these two walked up to Hydra and arrive just in front of him he was unable to do anything other than gulp. He had already noticed the strength of this small army and he was definitely scared to anger any one of these individuals. But just as the two arrived they immediately knelt down in front of Hydra and spoke.

”Your Lordship! We await your further commands!”

“Uhh…..Hold on!”

Hydra turned towards Cline looking for help. Clearly Hydra wasn’t the leader sort of type and could only leave it to Cline who was used to such situations! Thus when Cline met his gaze he rolled his eyes and shrugged! Cline had clearly left Hydra hanging! Without any assistance Hydra only stood there in front of a kneeling army that was calling him his ‘Lordship’!

Just then the lady spoke up towards Hydra.

“Your Lordship, we have just acquired all the loot what would you like us to do with it all?”

Like usual Hydra was one to react quickly and noticing a way out of the situation but still looking magnificent was important, thus he deepened his voice to sound more intimidating.

“Yes! Well done everyone! As you should already have noticed the Bread God has bestowed you with his powers and I shall also bestow you with rewards for your hard earn work! You two seem to be the leaders of the rest is that correct?”

The big man and beautiful woman immediately answered.
“Yes you Lordship! This one’s name is Valeria, and I was the leader of the underground slave market in Elysium!”

The woman spoke up as to curry favour with their new leader. Strength meant a lot for these people and they all had already watched the miracles Hydra had produced fighting by himself. Naturally they all thought he was much stronger than them and willingly would follow him. Noticing the lady step up first the big man also spoke up with his identity as well

“Your Lordship! My name is Falcon, I was a bandit leader in valley regions of Valgar!”

The big man answered with his background. It was clear that both of them wanted to show their ability in hopes of being higher in the hierarchy.

“Good. However! Now that you follow the Bread God you must only fight with monsters and no longer with your brethren! You will spread the word of the Bread God when we leave, but first of all we have to defeat the [Reaper Lich]! The Bread God is almighty and protects and cherishes those who follow him, and as such the axe from the minotaur will be bestowed to you Falcon! For you Valeria you will acquire a sword in my possession, and is called the [Rusted Sheen Sword] may you two use your new gifts for the Bread God!”

“Thank you, your Lordship!”

The man and woman grinned from ear to ear clearly showing their happiness. THe rest of the convicts grew with envy however it wasn’t an envy that would birth unhappiness, it was an envy the birthed dedication to their one true God!

But as everyone was finally settling down, a loud crashing noise was heard!


The chandelier exploded with fire and lit up the entire cave. Just then the [Reaper Lich] roared in anger!

“Who dares to defile my domain!”

Hydra turned towards the [Reaper Lich] who was just exiting his house. It was seemingly unhappy however it was still caressing the [Ancient Shadow Core] even at this time. However Hydra was anything but scared at this point in time. Now that his army had been nearly fully equipped and that they were even willing to die in the name of the Bread God, but Hydra wasn’t willing to sacrifice his new members. It wasn’t easy to find such devoted followers in his cult and thus he would do everything in his power to succeed, fight, win and gather loot without sacrificing anyone!

It might be impossible however, nothing in the face of his Luck was impossible and Hydra learned that the hard way multiple times over. As he stared at the [Reaper Lich] and vice versa, the final battle was about to begin!