Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 052 - New Members!

“I’ll fight!”

The moment the words came out of Hydra’s mouth Cline nodded with a smile, his intentions on telling him the truth wasn’t to frighten him but instead just to make sure Hydra was resolved to see this through. Hydra himself wasn’t absolutely sure this was going to work, but now that he said it would try his absolute best to succeed!

‘Well that is so long as the bandits join up with me. But from how Cline described the riot my actions influenced them so maybe it might be easier than I thought.’

Hydra thought of the possibility of not utilizing the convicts but to be honest without the convicts Hydra felt he would just be teleported instantly again. At least this way the convicts could be used to confuse the [Reaper Lich] and Hydra would be able to sneakily attack the [Reaper Lich].

Hydra wasn’t sure how the teleporting worked exactly so he could only hope it was going to go in his favour. Thus Hydra pulled out the [Jail Key] he received after kill the numerous skeletons and unlocked the cell door.

“I’ll be sure to follow your decision and see it through to the end regardless of what happens to me!”

When Cline spoke up, Hydra looked at him with a thankful expression but didn’t say anything and continued down the hallway.


“Hey Boss…. didn’t you want to ask brother about how his game was going?”

“….Why doesn’t anyone remind me when he’s here!”

“Because brother is more important duh.”


“Azla that wasn’t very nice you’re suppose to say ‘because we can’t focus on anything else but brother when he’s here’”

“Oh is that how it goes? Alright what she said boss”


“HAHAHAHA! Old man you had that one coming to you!”

“Get the hell out if you’re not paying today!”

“But today I am a paying customer after all I really wanted to get served by your cute employees!”


“Pssssst Lisa…”


“Don’t you think that customer is rather creepy?”

“Yeah… I hope we don’t have to serve him…”

“HAHAHA! Well Steve it looks like you won’t be getting your wish as my employees don’t seem to like you so I’ll just have to do the honours then!”



Hydra started walking down the hallway and opened up each and every cell on the way. After opening the cell the convicts would immediately notice that their savior was the person they cheered for previously. Thus they immediately ran out and followed behind him. As he went deeper and the hallway kept curving around the crater the line of followers became longer and longer. The line was so long Hydra was unable to even see the end of and he finally realized at how many people were imprisoned here.

There had to have been 300 or so convicts male and female alike. Hydra was utterly surprised at their sheer numbers! While they caused a riot it wasn’t actually a group riot and they just screamed through the cell doors to get attention and naturally the result wasn’t in their favour. Buy now? They had a small army that on average were level 40’s or above! That was ten levels higher than the skeletons and even though the skeletons had armor and weapons, they weren’t that strong and the advantage would be left to ambushing the army quickly.

Hydra wasn’t willing to try to fight on the pathway again, even though his skills improved greatly and he was able to find that [Shadow Blade’s] bind has an increased chance under his domain skill [Shadow Rain]. To Hydra that was a big plus as it would allow him to fight against a larger number of enemies without being swarmed. If it got a certain point he might even be able to create a shield of binded enemies that would hinder his enemies. However that possibility was far down the line.

Finally Hydra, opened the last cell door and the floods of convicts kept piling together. They didn’t care how close and how stinky the person next to them was. They all wanted to see this messenger of the Bread God speak. As Hydra already assumed he would have to convince them, however he didn’t know that they were following because of him praising the Bread God when he was fighting.

All he heard was a loud bunch of noise that he thought was to distract him. Thus he zoned out completely when fighting and couldn’t tune into any of the words they were saying. Thus Hydra spoke up and all ears and eyes were upon him, including Cline!

“Fellow prisoners! I have come today to save all you! However, it will not be that easy. You all know of the [Reaper Lich’s] power right?”

“Yeah! He’s way too much for us! How will we escape?”

One of the prisoners spoke up although that was Hydra’s intention. He wanted to let everyone know that the [Reaper Lich] was powerful, because only then would everyone be able to band together for the greater cause. Originally because they were all convicts, bandits, murderers or even some other reason for being imprisoned Hydra had thought naturally a bunch of differing opinions would be hard to convince. However, he was greatly wrong, but he could only continue to speak from his point of view!

“We must gather our strength together and fend defeat the [Reaper Lich] together! As fellow humans it is now that we must unite under a common goal and defeat the Lich! We must not give in to weakness because we have a power deep inside of us! All of us are blessed with this power and you only need to believe in it to use it!

This caused a chain reaction and i was indeed what Hydra had hoped for. However, Hydra did not realize that his words led to a misinterpretation from the convicts point of view and whispers ignited throughout the crowd.

“D’you hear that? If we believe in the Bread God he will give us strength!”

“You think even I can become blessed? I haven’t been so happy in my entire life! I’ll give up everything for the Bread God!”

Whispers turned into a regular conversation that soon turned into yelling and roaring! Finally one person gathered the courage to light the last bit of fuel they needed in their hearts!

“Long Live the Bread God!”



Hydra stood there dumbstruck. He had no idea when the situation turned around but he knew for some reason people had joined his cult. The one True cult of the world, The Bread Cult! When Hydra gave a confused look towards Cline, Cline in turn whispered in his ears about how they were following so easily due to the miracles you produced and thought it was because he was a messenger to the convicts from the Bread God!

Hydra was one to react fast to details, and with such a golden chance how could he not take this chance to further fan the flames in their hearts! So he did what would piss them off the most at this time! He took out the rotted bread and roared to the crowd!

“Look! My fellow bread brothers and sisters! Look at what this vile place has done to the Bread God’s beloved bread!”

“That animal!”

“How dare he!”


Hydra gave a smirk as his planned seemed to work. In fact he didn’t realize at the time but this new-found hatred for Yorula had an explosive effect, and he would only find out after! But for now he was ignorant of it all and kept fanning the flames even more!

“Yes! Look and this is all caused by the monster [Reaper Lich]. So my fellow cultists, what shall we do?! WE FIGHT! We fight to spread the name of our Lord! We fight to protect the Bread! And when we fight, we will win!”


Hydra didn’t forget to mention the most important part though and because everyone at this moment was brainwashed it would be easy to do with the help the Bread God’s name!

“I will let you borrow the Bread God’s power, take up arms take up the equipment and destroy the skeleton army! But when you do, make sure to bring back all the drops and the items you borrowed for the Bread God needs its!”

“I don’t know why he needs it but for the Bread God!”


Luckily only one person was able to voice out his confusion that soon turned in a brainwashed minion. Hydra could only stare happily at his small army that would do anything for him at this moment! He was a force to be reckoned with and even Cline was terrified at how Hydra was able to incite this army so well!

They had become berserkers that would fight even at the costs of their lives for one reason! The Bread God!! As everyone either took a weapon or a chest plate to act as shields they were all armed and ready for Hydra’s signal. Then at that moment Hydra rose his arm and yelled!



The army rushed down the hallway at a frightening pace. However the moment they left Hydra remembered an extremely important piece of information that he forgot to mention because of the moment. He forgot that the doorway was still locked! Thus when the army arrived they would be unable to exit! Hydra could only frown and mutter softly.


Cline heard him but had no idea what he was referring to but didn’t ask. Just as Hydra started to run the problem happened.

“Wait.. Wait! Everyone stop the door in…”

Before the person was able to finish the army kept on moving forward because they were simply unable to see the locked door in front of them. Wave after wave crashed into each other and damage markers appeared on everyone’s head. Hydra who caught up looked innocently around as if the entire situation had nothing to do with him. He sneaked his way between everyone one at a time quietly saying ‘excuse me, passing through’ while he did.

Finally arriving at the front he unlocked the door. The eyes of the convicts radiated a blood lust and once again Hydra yelled.



As if the entire slip never happened the army rushed through and attacked the guards who immediately were struck stupid by the sudden idiotic charge. However the moment they noticed the door opened it was too late! They were run straight over and the army flooded Yorula! Hydra upon seeing this could only speak a single sentence as he grinned wildly.

“It’s time for payback [Reaper Lich]!”