Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 050 - Rewards After Hard Work!

“Urgh… I feel like the days I’m not actually playing the game are harder than when I am…”

Landon complained to himself as his rubbed his tired and sore body. After training with Sarah, and basically being used as a punching bag he was able to relieve a lot of stress from all the fatigue he accumulated in-game. However it seemed like a new source of pain arose and that was his body.

Thankfully after eating he’ll be able to dive into the game and no longer be able to feel his pain with his real body. The senses from real didn’t carry over from the real world to the game world. However there still was emergency measures in place, as if the diver came under a certain amount of pressure or illness they would be immediately ejected from the game and the internet connection with the game would immediately call 911. It was after all a brand new unit that had been tested many times over however, things happen both in the real world and in the game world. Thus certain measures had to be taken in order to protect paying customer’s lives. Of course by doing this Phoenix Enterprises would be able to possibly claim that their device saved lives thus selling even more copies.

Landon sat down and like a broken recorded repeated the same line he always does when he enters!



A voice called out to Hydra. Hydra shook his body as he realized he was laying down of a cold damp surface. A voice called out to him and before he was even able to react to the sudden spawn of his body, a person ran over to him.

That person was Cline. It wasn’t the first time Cline had, seen Hydra pop out of thin air so he wasn’t too surprised and only called out to him lightly.

“Yeah I’m fine. Did anything happen while I was gone?”

“Besides all the convicts getting the crapped beat out of them for causing a small riot after your performance? Nothing.”

“Oh so no biggie, alright then well it’s time to escape, and this time. I’m getting my revenge on that [Reaper Lich]!”

“Are you crazy? How do you plan on getting revenge on it?”

“Well I acquired a ton of gear from killing all those skeletons, and we have a lot of armless men ready to fight to the death.”

“True, the moment you bring up bread to them they will turn into fanatics. Seriously even I almost started to pray to the Bread God you follow after watching you.

“Hehehe! Well anyways let me check what I got first!”

Rusted Sheen Sword (Rare)
Damage 35 Durability 30/50
A once rare and powerful sword, however due to the rotting death aura and not cleaning the sword, it has rusted to a point of no return. However although rusted, the sheen of the once powerful sword can be seen. This item can not be repaired and will turn into scrap metal after breaking.
Leve requirement: 38


Aegis Gauntlet (Unique)
Defense 50 Durability 80/100
A rare and strange gauntlet made by a master craftsman named Urlic. Because it is made with superior craftsmanship it also has superior stats. The shield attached to this gauntlet will never break even when the durability drops to 0, it will only need to be repaired. This item is used as a replacement for a held shield however as the shield gauntlet is a lot smaller, the difficulty in using it also rises.
Level requirement: 45


Just as Hydra was about to get excited Cline rushed over and grabbed onto Hydra’s hand!

“That’s my [Aegis Gauntlet]! You even brought back one of my items. I must thank you after all I would be useless in a fight without this!”

Hydra grumbled to himself. He was sad and mad, but he wasn’t greedy enough to steal things from others. Yes he did pick up the item from killing a monster himself, but Cline was a new friend he had just met and Cline clearly saw him take out the gauntlet, so it wasn’t as if he could lie. Hydra wasn’t too good at lying so best to just give it up straight. With that Hydra continued to check the items.

Armed Shoulder Guard (Rare)
Damage 10 Defense 20 Durability 40/50
A shoulder guard that focuses on a balance of damage and defense. It can be used to charge enemies and if the force is great enough, the damage caused will greatly increase chance of stuns. The metal is made with above average craftsmanship and thus durability will fall at a lower rate than normal.
Level requirement: 50


“Hydra! You found my [Armed Shoulder Guard]! You’re honestly such a good friend!”


Before Hydra had a chance to wake up from his stupor, Cline had already rushed back over and took the [Armed Shoulder Guard] from Hydra. Now Hydra was more sad than anything, he wasn’t sure about the next item so when Cline went back to his corner to let Hydra look at his items, he turned around so Cline couldn’t see what he took out. Luckily the next item was his for the taking!

Bent Shin guards (Common)
Defense 7 Durability 20/30
Shin guards meant to protect the leggings of a martial artist. As the martial artist over used the guards they eventually became warped, although they can be repaired with the help of a craftsman.


As Hydra called out in happiness he immediately equipped his new shin guards. He wasn’t sure what else he grabbed, thus he wasn’t about to check his overall stats at the moment. Continuing on Hydra pulled out a black leather armor. He wasn’t sure what it was but upon seeing it was immediately shocked after reading the stats!

Armor of the Shadowless Man (Unique)
Defense 50 Durability 60/75
This leather armor has been made a long time ago by an elvish craftsman. The orders for the craftsman was to create an armor that would blend into the night. Although the armor is thin it is just as hard as steel and allows the user to move with the utmost comfort. This armor is part of a set and only when the set is completed will its true abilities shine.
Set: ⅓ Current set bonus (Ability [Shadow Walk]: Allows the user to form a thin layer of shadow to walk onto. However this ability can only be used if the owner is able to use Dark magic. Mana 100 mana for 10 feet)
Level requirement: 35

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Yeah! I can even equip this right now!”

As HYdra equipped his new black leather armor he felt a surge of pride fill his body. It was the first good piece of equipment that gave him defensive stats. He now didn’t look like a huge bum in [Second Saga] after all Hydra was probably the only person who didn’t have full equipment at this late in the game. Although the reason was because Hydra was unwilling to spend and of his gold on buying equipment.

Finally, Hydra had one more singular item in his bag to check after all the rest were duplicates. AS he pulled it out he noticed how abnormally long it was even while being so thin. He then checked the stats on it and gasped.

Sting, Sword of Eternal Revenge (Unique)
Damage 65 Durability 68/70
A beautiful long sword crafted with the utmost care, as even the smallest mistake could damage it. This crafting process itself took numerous hours to create, and the craftsman himself spent his entire life creating this one masterpiece. Although the sword was made by an average craftsman, every bit of soul was put forth into this sword allowing it to be birthed as mighty weapon. This sword was given it’s name due to it’s thin and long appearance resembling a wasp stinger. If one provoked a wasp, the only result was to be stung in revenge!
Level Requirement: 53

“OH! My beautiful Sting! I can’t believe I was so lucky to have found you!”

This time Hydra didn’t even have the time to saw how amazed he was at the item and it was directly and even forcefully removed from his hands from Hydra. Although, now that Cline was fully equipped with his past gear, except his chest plate which was a normal knight’s armor to begin with, he did fit the name [One armed Demon Knight] as it looked incredibly intimidating with one side full of weapons and defense while the other was bare and non-existent.

Hydra nearly fell on his back in disappointment, after all it was truly incredible sword and would triple his damage output if he could use it. He wasn’t high enough level yet but it was doubtful whether his [Shadow Stealer] would be stronger by that point in time. However when he remembered his gains in this past conflict his frown turned into a smile as he stared at himself.

Now Hydra, gave off a dark heroic aura. The rest of the items weren’t entirely that good, as he mainly got [Steel Swords] that barely gave any good damage. They were the majority and he received 65 of them. The next most item was chest armor that the skeletons were wearing, and although they were once good, they were too rotted and damaged to be repaired to their original states. Finally he got a good amount of beginner pots, gold, ragged clothing, some skeleton bones, in which didn’t have much of a description other than that they were bones, and finally some zombies brains. However Hydra immediately dropped that into the crater below pretending he never picked it up to begin with.

Although Hydra was hoping to acquire some more gear from himself, he couldn’t complain as he already acquired most of the items he needed.

“Now let’s check my stats!”

Name Hydra Level 35
Race Human Profession Aether Blade
Fame 1750
Damage 108(+21)~ Defense 62
Vitality 1840 Mana 410
Strength 108 Agility 94
Stamina 12 Wisdom 10
Intelligence 12 Luck 48
Shadow Nemesis-+10% resistance to shadow magic, can not be bound by elementary Aether magic.
[Shadow Stealer]- damage +21
[Dusk Glove]- Defense 0:[Shadow Arm] (Cost 25 mana)
[Worn Boots]-Defense 5
[Armor Of The Shadowless Man- Defense 50 [Shadow Walk] (Cost 100/10ft Mana)
[Bent Shin Guards]-Defense 7

“You better get ready [Reaper Lich]! Cause here I come!”