Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 005 - I Am Hydra!

The moment Landon woke up he was assaulted with a numbing sensation. It was even difficult to open his eyes.  As he finally opened his eyes a window popped up further increasing his depression at the moment.

-You are the first and only person to have been killed at level 1!  Being the first and the only one is a type of luck as well!
Luck +1

Landon held his head and wept silently in his mind.

“Stats are good and all but this must be the absolute worst way to achieve an extra stat ever’
Landon finally recovered from his depressed and got up.  Upon standing he realized he was not in an area he has seen before.  It was a cave.  The area he woke up from was bright therefore he thought he was back in the church where he started, but now that he’s looking around he realized that he was wrong.  The area he was in was lit by a small hole in the cave that allowed fresh air and light to come in.  While the rest of the area was dark and the path ahead of him looked to be endless.  The end was pitch dark so and because the only direction available was in front of him he got up and walked into the darkness.

“where am i?”

After walking a few meters in the dark while holding onto the walls.  It was better off to hold onto the wall incase he needed to back track.  Landon would have no idea if the space opened up in front of him or not, it was hard to even see the hand in front of him let alone the rest of the cave.
As the bright area became more distant and the wall started to increasingly get wider he noticed that he was no longer in a long pathway but a gigantic cavern.  A new window popper up upon reaching this area.

You have discovered “The cave of beginnings”
The cavern has become forgotten in the world.  It was a cave before man could write and was only communicated by Elder’s of the village.  As time became endless the cave become less and less important while the Elder’s passed on their knowledge.  But upon closer it can been seen that this cave is from the time of the war of life between the Ancients.  There is no telling what kind of danger lurks ahead.
-For being the first to discover you have been granted 50% drop rate 100% experience boost and +200 fame.  This effect lasts until four days.

‘hmm this is surprisingly lucky.  I might have died…. Wait…. I died…?  I know for a fact that it should be impossible to die at level 1.’

It should definitely be impossible.  Phoenix guaranteed it was impossible as no one would enjoy a game that they died right from the beginning so why did he die?  There was only one difference between Landon and everyone else.

“fuck my luck”

He was depressed who would have thought that the stat everyone would assume to be the best would also bring about his destruction literally.  As he remembered about his death he decided to look at his luck stat.

-Luck  (When a new effect of luck is found it will be listed.  This stat can not be increased with stat points and will increase when the player is lucky.):
-Critical hit chance
-Drop rate
-Evasion rate
-Armour penetration chance (new)

“honestly this is a curse.  what part of this is luck.  I hurt an invincible NPC because of luck….. Forget it let’s just get out of here.”

Landon’s mood was foul but seeing an adventure in front of him he was quite excitedly to be the first to explore an unknown dungeon.

Walking in front he noticed an object move in the darkness.  While the colour was unknown he could see the contour of the object.  It had a round body and eight legs.  Yes it was a spider.  But this wasn’t a normal spider nope not at all.  This spider was four feet tall and three feet wide.  While Landon was somewhat discouraged it was the beginner area after-all so he decided to scan the enemy for weakness.


Shadow Spider
Level 10 Health 550/550
A shadow lurking in the dark but the thing about shadow is it has no distinct form nor is it technically physical.  Therefore physical objects will do minimum amounts of damage and vice versa the spider does not have the organs of a spider therefore it does not have poison glands.  It can however shoot webs of darkness at its target to blind.

‘Nu-uh I’m done.”

Landon turned around and walked away.  He was terrified!  Who could blame him?!  The game was made in order to fight similar level enemies and users  and a level gave guaranteed 50 health.  And now the game expected a level 1 who was supposedly not able to die to fight an opponent  10 times his level?!

“I’m so depressed I’m going to sign in tomorrow with a fresh start.”

As Landon view the menu and clicked the logout option he waited for the timer to count down.  But after the 10 second counter he was still there. So he clicked it again.  This time, he noticed a terrifying message.

You can not log out in a dungeon

It was the end!  At his breaking point he no longer stood up and sat down sulking like a child.  Grumbling non-stop about how imbalanced this game was if he could log out now he would probably quit forever.

Just then Landon noticed the spider.  More so the spider finally noticed Landon, as the name went red signalling he aggroed the spider.

“Oh Hesria you said you were looking forward to seeing me again.  How could you do this to me.  I’m just a poor noob.”
Landon got up discarded his depression and ran for his life.  Or he did until he remembered something.

‘I can’t die at level 1.  While I did already die from the NPC that was probably more because I attacked it first therefore the game must have bugged thinking I was not level 1.’

Ah the bliss of finding hope out of a hopeless situation.  That was until the spider attacked him.

-10 damage
You have been inflicted with Shadow possession
When a shadow creature attacks a creature with physical form it has a chance to full possess the user’s body until the physical body is destroyed.  Amount left until full possession (80%)


Landon was so shocked that tears were forming in his eye wells.  If he was possessed his physical body would keep under the control of the spider while he would be able to log out.  His character would forever stay under its control until the body was destroyed.  The problem however is that no one knows about this dungeon and Landon doesn’t even know how to enter it!  Even if he wanted to ask for help he couldn’t!  It was crisis!  Landon opened his menu once again after running.  He had no idea what to do but he had to do something.  As he was thinking he glanced over towards the luck stat and started to hallucinate it as “curse” instead.  He tried his best to think otherwise so instead of looking at the menu he checked the status on the spider.

“It’s still chasing me!?”

Landon had been running for a minute and the passage was now a dead-end.  He was back to where he started.  The spider however was not stopping so how could he?  Landon ran straight towards the wall and in desperation even rammed into the wall where the light was coming out.  Who knows maybe his luck would finally turn into something good for him!  Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

“I swear instead of becoming a Core gamer, I’ll just sue for this abuse I’m taking from the game.”

The last words he was going to say before losing his character forever was about somehow getting revenge.  Landon was a good person but when he was wronged he definitely would turn into a different person and until the revenge was settled it hid deep in his mind forever.

The spider pounced at him.  A giant four-foot spider jumping at someone was indeed a terrifying site while it was only the outline shape and the spider itself was completely black it was not a way Landon wanted to die.  He could just imagine being wrapped in shadows and losing control of his second life forever.  The spider jumped through the light and landed on top of him, but to his surprise the spider was squirming and screaming in pain.  It did not even have the slightest intention on harming and tried with it’s every being to escape.

‘No way…’

Landon gasped and while coming up with an idea he held the spider down but it was clearly impossible for him to do.  A level 10 was definitely much stronger than a level 1.  While the spider became free it left the light and stood outside screaming at Landon within.

‘The light definitely harms the shadow.  It’s body was already deteriorating and it looks like its health is really low from that’

As he was thinking that he immediately scanned the body to see its left over health.

Shadow Spider
Level 10 Health 96/550
A shadow lurking in the dark but the thing about shadow is it has no distinct form nor is it technically physical.  Therefore physical objects will do minimum amounts of damage and vice versa the spider does not have the organs of a spider therefore it does not have poison glands.  It can however shoot webs of darkness at its target to blind.

‘urgh, if only I held out for a little longer… wait what is it doing.’

As Landon was complaining the spider turned around, it was not retreating instead it was gathering shadow into a concentrated area.

“no no no no no no no… What do I do now”

Landon panicked if he got shot by that it was definitely game over for him.  Even if the light would weaken it as long as it pierced him it would still be enough time to make him bleed out.  While he couldn’t die once he last all his stamina he wouldn’t be able to move either and clearly the darkness is recovering it’s strength already.

“I gotta do something!”

Landon ran though his void bag throwing out anything and everything.  Bread given to beginners was thrown as the spider in hopes of staggering it but only increased the tint of the red to a darker colour.

“Haha, to think I could piss it off more,  If only you were a vampire i could throw silver at you…  Wait.. That’s it!”

Landon quickly grabbed a silver coin from his bag.  He furiously started to polish the coin with his shirt.  When it became somewhat shiny and the spider seemed ready to shoot him, Landon point a side of the coin towards the spider’s behind.  The spider started to scream and the gathered up shadow quickly dissipated.  The silver coin was reflecting the light!  Landon had no idea as to how well it would work, no he was sure it was only enough to get the spider to run away.  But as the strength looked incredible he felt it was now or never to end this but the spider had different plans screaming in pain it tried to quickly run away.

“No you don’t!”

Landon pointed the coin towards left side of its legs where it quickly tore through and fell on its flank.  A few seconds passed by and the spider stopped screaming while a windows flooded Landon’s screen.

Your level has increased!

Landon had increased a four levels from just one monster.  It was easy to tell that it should be impossible to kill a monster 10 times your level even if the difference was only 9 it was a difference that would be impossible to overcome normally.  Thus realizing this fact Landon’s mood improved greatly.

“That’s right.  This is my second life.  Here I am Hydra!”

For the first time Hydra finally felt he was playing in a virtual reality.