Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 049 - If You Ever Need To Relieve Stress

“Hey Sweetie!  huh?  Why are you all red?”

“N-No reason!”

“Huh?  Well whatever, after Landon is done with the shower can you go train with him for a bit?  He said he wanted to use the dojo and I can’t leave the shop right now.”

As the Old man asked his daughter for the reason for her red tinged face, he quickly shook his head as it didn’t really matter.  He then asked her to train his disciple.  He was after all a master in his own family style.  Sarah’s martial arts style was similar to kung fu but was heavily reliant on dodging.  Their family motto was, “If you don’t get hit with you can’t lose!” , thus after a while of Landon getting the crap beat out of him he started to finally realize how amazing it was to dodge without being friendly with the floor.

Michael’s style didn’t have a particular name for it and they could only attach their last name “Hayes’ to it.  Surprisingly however, due to the economics in the world being so low, people had forgone their last names.  There was simply no point and only people with either status or money would be able to keep or obtain a last name.

After all to the government of this day and age the only thing that mattered was paying civilians.  It could be said that the government wasn’t doing its job but at the same time it was more or less that the population growth of the world had exceeded its limit.  Thus when Phoenix Enterprises came out with the first VR, all the rich and bored immediately jumped in on it.

Having only been out for approximately 6 months or so it was no surprise that the sales sky rocketed to the point where Phoenix was unable to even spend more money than they gained.


“Ah… right help Landon train right?”

At this point Sarah finally regained her wits.  After seeing an embarrassing side of Landon, the mere mention of his name allowed her to remember that toned body with a slightly handsome face to pop up in her mind. Of course she wasn’t a lustful girl and if anyone called her that she would immediately blush, then kill them.  Sarah as a child of the Hayes family naturally learned martial arts as well, as she wasn’t as strong as her father and nowhere near her mother, she was still after all quite strong!

Without any further conversation she rushed to get Landon clothes and get changed into her own clothes as well.  The clothes were similar to a karate gi however was thinner and tighter to the skin.
After Landon had changed he was told to meet  Sarah in the dojo for some training.  He wasn’t sure why, but all of a sudden he had a chill run his spine when Sarah had lightly mentioned she was training with him.

The dojo was located behind the shop, and to enter Landon had to go through the kitchen to a doorway that entered it.  It was a large like room with a smooth wooden floor.  In the middle was a padded area that was flat to the surface of the wood.  Standing just before the padded area was Sarah!

Landon already saw Sarah ahead of him same clothing skin-tight clothing.  With her done up in  a ponytail and the clothing tightly squeezing her tender skin showing off her voluptuous curves, even he was unable to hide the slight embarrassment from the clothing.

However, while could be seen as erotic the atmosphere didn’t represent that whatsoever.  There was an unspoken rule in the Hayes family and that was when inside the dojo, one must steel their heart and concentrate on bettering themselves.

Naturally the same was for Sarah.  overtime she would change into these clothes she would be embarrassed but upon stepping into the dojo it was another story altogether.  There was a reason why Michael was so submissive to his wife and daughter.  Naturally the same went for Landon as well.



Landon was thrown unto the ground suppressed face first, while Sarah was holding him in an arm lock.

“Ow ow ow ow ow!”

“Oh sorry!”

Sarah soon got off and apologized.  Landon who was slowly getting up rubbed his shoulder with a tinge of pain covering his face.  He wasn’t sure why but he could tell that Sarah was slightly more serious than usual.  Of course that had nothing to do with beating Sarah or not because, Sarah regardless of how hard she tried would mop the floor with Landon.  But only after being mopped with the floor countless times in one session did Landon realize that she wasn’t even giving him the chance to retaliate!  She would without notice charge at him dodge a single incoming strike from the surprised Landon and take him down.

This was the first time that Sarah had never even given Landon the slightest hope in retaliation.  At least usually she would focus on dodging and allow Landon some experience, but it was a whole new Sarah today.

When they took a break in the rest area of the dojo, Without knowing why Landon could only confront her about it and ask.

“Sarah?  Did something happen?  You’re….. ruthless today…”

“Really?  I… uh I don’t think there’s anything  wrong?”

“It’s not because you saw…. me right?”

Sarah turned red in embarrassment after Landon’s question.  She was unable to refute that it slightly maybe had an impact to her state.  As she was currently also stressed about her in-game time as well.

Sarah herself wasn’t sure how she felt about being the Tamer class.  However Sarah was even more of a noob than Landon, and thus did not know about the ability to change her class.  She even totally neglected the fact that you were supposed to enjoy your class!  She felt it was only natural to accept any quest or plea for help from anyone who asked.  Was she ignorant?  Yes, but she was also kind-hearted to a fault.  Sarah was just a sheltered girl like Landon and his sisters unable to see much of the real world.

After all Michael and his wife didn’t want Sarah to experience hardships as a young age and would let her slowly find out the hardships of the real world as she grew more mature.  This was the cause of her being so innocent.  She was firm and decisive but it was because she knew next to nothing that she didn’t hesitate in her actions.

Naturally this led her to be troubled about her new class. She also didn’t even realize about the difficulty of the class quest!  If it was any of the [Shadow Lurkers] at level one they would have 100% without fail, declined the quest.  It wasn’t something so simple as getting a hidden profession as it was for the quest being realistically possible.

Thus after mopping the floor with Landon her smile returned to its usual self and she was happy, although she failed to realize how much Landon was hurting by these actions.   So when Landon finally spoke up about it she was startled and finally realize she took it too seriously and apologized.

“I’m sorry…it wasn’ because of that I just met a little trouble in [Second Saga] recently…”

“Really?  ME TOO!  I haven’t been able to catch a break since I started, I mean I gained a lot in this last bit here, but It’s been a little difficult, just a bit.”

“Well if we ever need to come relieve stress, I’ll help you train again!”

“Ah.. no that I think I’ll ask the Old man from now on…”

As Landon tried to subtly dodge an explosive landmine in front of him.  He learned that the Sarah under stress was a terrifying existence as he could only see smiles and even behind that smile was innocence.  But it was scary enough to know that he was going to get beaten with no ill intentions behind it. Thus he quickly decided to wait after work to train from then on!


Landon finally arrived back home after saying his goodbyes to his sisters, Hayes, the Old man, and the strange customer who for some reason actively started to talk to him.  Landon still had some time before he could log back into [Second Saga] so he decided to check his bank account.

“Urgh  I really need to start making money!  Luckily I received quite a bit from Yoruba, but it’s still not enough to allow all the kids to go to school!  It’s not even close enough to allow Azla, and Lisa to college either!”

It was obvious the reason why Landon was trying to raise money.  Was it for himself?  Of course not, as Landon only cared about his family and he had a job at the Old man’s shop if he just needed to live happily by himself.  However it was his dream to allow the kids to get an education and have lives that would allow them to better their futures.  Right now it was simply impossible for them to grow up with a decent life.  They were destined to be poor and maybe even homeless that would lead to their deaths eventually.

Welfare just didn’t exist for a people these days.  As such the only option was to work and sustain their own lives, but sometimes that just wasn’t possible!  Naturally Landon was at the age where it would be hard to get a good education.  He was already 18 and although naturally smart and dedicated he was more interested in having the others get educated.

“College for Azla and Lisa will cost about 30k a year…. While each of the kids will cost around 5k a year!  There is 30 of them so that’s 210k a year I have to raise!”

Because schooling wasn’t free and the numbers didn’t fill the classrooms, it was obviously more expensive to attend schooling as the only option if one didn’t have the numbers was to raise the price.  This caused Landon a headache and while it wouldn’t be possible this year.  It might be possible starting after summer.  It was almost Christmas, and Landon had just over half a year to raise 210k for his family.  After realizing the truth behind how expensive life can be a glint of determination filled his eyes!