Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 047 - To Fall After All That

“Urgh! How did it come to this?”

There stood a white furred cat woman, and in her hand was a whip. It was the kind of whip you’d use for taming tigers at a circus show. And it just so happened that there were 4 tigers in front of her kneeling down. The thing about these tigers, is they were not just regular tigers. They were tiger men! Haras had no idea why all of a sudden that they were kneeling, well she knew but she couldn’t logically answer her own question as she remembered what happened previously.

When Haras had accepted to be a tamer from the old creature she found in the abandoned bar, she was taken down the alleyway to a hidden part of the city. In this hidden part was a wide open space, and even though it was so wide it wasn’t filled with bustling amount of people like the regular streets.

Although the wide area was not abandoned there was a severe difference to the other areas of the city. In the wide area, the people here were all beast clan members! Haras earlier had thought there might be less than 10 beast clan members here because of where they usually started was in the northern region of the continent. However she soon realized she was wrong, seeing that there were so many here.

As she started to curiously looked around, the old thing dragged her to a broken down building in a worse state than the bar she was just in. As she entered she noticed 4 other beast clan members. They were all tigers, two of which were white, and the other two were a golden orange. But soon after seeing the cat girl, they immediately rushed forward and knelt down. This action surely surprised Haras, but she was even more surprised by the their next actions!

“My Lady, please allow me to follow you until you fall in love with me!”

“No, my Queen, please allow me the honours of following your till death!”

“What are you fools talking about! Her Eminence, will naturally chose the most suited between us all!”

“My Lady, I have always loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you! Please let me be your slave!”


Haras was confused, she didn’t know why these 4 tigermen were taking everything to an extreme but it was difficult to even comprehend what they were saying, especially that last one. But before she could gather her thoughts the old thing spoke up first.

“Young lady, a tamer is not just someone who tames animals. In the Beast clan, a tamer is a leader! She will be treated as a queen in front of all beast members! Now you must take these slaves and build a mighty kingdom on your own. Only then will you truly master the tamer profession!”

Rise Of The Tamer Empress! (Profession Quest!)
You have only started your journey and even though you are a minority in this city, because you didn’t let yourself be hasty in your actions you were able to find the hidden beast alleyway! However your luck didn’t stop there and you met a precious aid to the emperor of the beast clan! As a previous Tamer, naturally he was able to unite the beast clan and become an incredible force! Now, like your senior before you, will embark on a journey to unite the beast clan! You will be loved by all because you are the tamer  which everyone bows to! (When a kingdom is finally recognized and the user has reached at least level 100, the Tamer class will reach its second level)
Requirements: Beast Clan, Tamer, must start in the human beginner city!
Difficulty: S


Haras blanked out and only stared at the menu in front of her, completely ignoring the glittering eyes of the tigermen kneeling in front of her. The journey of the Queen of the Beast Clan began at this moment!


“[Shadow Arm]”

As a shadow stretched out and flew towards the edge of the crater, it latched onto the edge!


Hydra breathed out a sigh or relief and retracted the shadow arm which dragged him upwards. Dragging his body over the edge, a smile crept onto his face. As he caught hold of the edge and stopped falling, the group of convicts gasped! They were struck dumb at the miracles Hydra was able to create! They started to scream ‘Praise the Bread God’ and other strange praises towards Hydra.

‘Look at all this free experience!’

Hydra thought to himself as he stared at the zombies and skeletons archers. For some reason the archers even though they couldn’t hit Hydra, kept on firing, and only now that he was actually within range were they out of arrows. Free experience and loot? How could Hydra not be excited about such an event!

Thus with the few hundred zombies and couple dozen archers that were hopeless it was easy to imagine the outcome. After all even someone with average ability could make short work of such pathetic monsters! First of all zombies were one of the weakest monsters and were mainly to stall enemies for the stronger skeletons to destroy the force. However with the skeleton army wiped out by the minotaur’s charge it was only the zombies with archers who were not even smart enough to pick up a sword to defend themselves.

It’s easy to say what the outcome was and after a short time, all the zombies and archers met their doom as Hydra was currently picking up all the items. Unfortunately the zombies didn’t drop anything other than gold and ragged clothes. Even if the skeletons didn’t drop amazing gear Hydra was still able to gather 100+ items from them. This was already a huge profit for Hydra as when he got to town he would be able to auction off the items to lower levelled players. Naturally these items were better than the ones they currently had because it was difficult to find weapon based enemies in the earlier stages of the game. Unless you wanted to fight off a clan like the Liza, then you were stuck with animal like monsters until you reached deeper into the kingdom.

As Hydra finished gathering all the items, his time left to live was short. He only had a couple of minutes left to live. However he still had enough time to investigate the location of the boss. Thus Hydra set off at using [Stealth], while the convicts were secretly depressed that this sudden figure disappeared, even they knew it would be hard to ask for someone to save bandits. But they didn’t lose hope, even if they passed away they promised themselves to always follow the Bread God from this moment on.


Hydra had already cautiously entered the building of the boss or at least Hydra assumed this was the boss’s lair because it was the nicest and largest building in the whole area. He was soon proved right as he heard some strange chatter in the distance. Only a highly intelligent monster would be able to speak even if only a few words. As Hydra grew closer he was able to overhear the words.

“Oh! Oh my precious how lovely you are today! Every time I look at your black glossy figure I can not help but think how amazing you were back in the day!”


Hydra stood there dumbstruck by the actions of the reaper. Hydra was getting closer with every word that the reaper spoke, and now he was able to see clearly the object of the reaper’s affection. It was the [Ancient Shadow Core]! Hydra didn’t even need to identify it as his [Shadow Stealer] started to eagerly vibrate after Hydra looked upon it. It was easy to say that such a large core could only be the item he was looking for!

But because of the hum from the sword the [Reaper Lich] didn’t fail to notice such an action. Its previously happy voice roared in Hydra’s ears.

“You! How dare you barge into my domain!”

‘I literally just wiped out your army and you’re only now getting angry?’

But how would the [Reaper Lich] know of such an event? It stared every single day at this shadow core lovingly petting it with adoration. Hydra just didn’t know that this shadow core was previously also a Lich. But it was Lich of such power that everyone would tremble in fear just hearing its name. It was one of the few Ancients that roamed the land striking fear everywhere it went. But Hydra wouldn’t be able to know that such a powerful core was also giving new strength to the [Reaper Lich] and thus when he was found out, the Lich immediately waved his hand and a window popped up!

You have been teleported!

Before Hydra even had time to react his vision grew dark! When he found himself conscious again, he realized he was falling! As he stared at the direction he was falling he also found out he was teleported into the ‘Drop of Salvation!’

Thus Hydra screamed as he fell down the crater only to disappear into the darkness. As the screams could be heard even throughout the cave. The convicts hadn’t seen Hydra as he was already teleported inside the dark crater and could only hear screams. Naturally they would never think it was the magnificent Bread messenger, and could only ponder if someone was being tortured elsewhere.


The screams soon disappeared as if they never were there to begin with.