Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 046 - Another One?!

Watching the minotaur charging, Hydra could only curse his luck once again. He had no idea, that the moment any intruder kills 100 skeletons or zombies one of the gatekeeper minotaurs will join the fray. Naturally, once the minotaur showed all the banging and clapping from the convicts stopped.

Hydra himself had stopped attacking the skeletons and immediately retreated to the farthest on the pathway. It might seem like a bad idea however utilizing the circle at the end would be his only chance for survival as fighting such a large beast was simply impossible on the pathway.

While Hydra ran backwards, he occasionally looked backwards. He could now see the half-bull, half-man was charging through all the skeletons and zombies without a care to get towards him. It would seem the minotaur is even more stupid than the skeletons and doesn’t even care whether its allies are in the way or not.

Hydra wasn’t very far from the end and when he finally arrived he could only turn to face his greatest threat since teleporting here.

‘Okay let’s see what this big guy has got in store for me!’

[Gatekeeper Minotaur]
level 50 Health 2500/2500
As a gatekeeper the half bull half man creature will stand on guard for eternity. It will never rebel against its master and will follow orders to the best of its ability. Although because the minotaur species is not the brightest it is only able to follow simple commands, as it was a monster created for slaughter. As a beast that relies heavily on strength, it wields a giant axe to complement its strength as much as possible and because of this it is highly suggest of avoiding direct confrontation with a minotaur.

Just as Hydra finished reading the minotaurs stats, the minotaur had finally stepped onto the pathway and was plowing through the skeletons, knocking the off the side or killing them instantly by stepping on them.

Hydra was worried, deep down inside he knew that this was going to be the climax of fighting versus an entire army. Besides the fact that the minotaur was helping him dwindle the numbers of the skeletons and zombies it will still coming after him and it was probably even more dangerous than all of those skeletons together.

That was why Hydra didn’t look happy and why the convicts had all stopped cheering. The minotaur was now on the pathway but it didn’t slow its pace down like the skeletons. It simple wanted one thing and that was Hydra’s death. It would even gladly sacrifice it’s own life to kill Hydra, not that it would need to against such a small and weak opponent. At least that was how the minotaur thought process went. If one didn’t prove their strength and they were small they were weak. If they were big like the minotaur naturally the minotaur would also think it was strong.

Even if the minotaur somehow lost it would eventually be reborn through the monster respawner, through the game’s system. Naturally if monsters didn’t respawn they would be extinct in only a few years, however on the flip side of that monsters killed and respawned would no longer retain their previous memories and may even undergo a complete personality change depending on the monster. For example a Lich might die be reborn and all of a sudden turn into a saint. Although it’s an extreme exaggeration, random algorithms through the monster spawner make it possible. The monster itself under the title of a Lich won’t change overall but there’s nothing to stop the personality from changing unless you wanted to create the same monster with memories. But because saving the data of a monster’s memory is simply too complex it was made to use random algorithms to lighten the load.

Now, that minotaur that was charging towards Hydra, had crushed the last line of skeletons a particular thing happened. As the hoof of the minotaur stomped the last, currently still binded skeleton it was surprised to see that the target was immovable. It wasn’t that the minotaur couldn’t stomp the skeleton flat, but till this point all the skeletons collapsed under the weight of the minotaur easier than this one. And because the minotaur wasn’t the brightest monster, it was unable to react in time.

This reaction resulted in the minotaur being off balanced. This off-balance was also in the direction of the axes head. And because without the proper stability, the minotaur was unable to hold the weight of its own body and the weight of the axe steady. Following gravity the minotaur fell. It fell directly off the pathway. As it fell all the convicts and Hydra watched it.


As they stared at the falling object, without even caring about the rest of the skeleton and zombie army, until the sound was drowned out by the darkness. Of course Hydra stood there flabbergasted by the sudden turn of events. The best part was because he binded the target the minotaur’s death was directly caused by him and even a window popped up!

Your level has risen by 1!

Hydra had only one action and one thing to respond to this situation! He gave an exaggerated fist pump and yelling to the sky!

“Praise the Bread God!”

The convicts who heard this were dumbfounded and started to whisper amongst themselves.

“Did you hear that?”

“Yeah, he must be so strong because he’s following the Bread God. I’m not sure what it means but it sounds so strong.”

“Exactly! He actually cause a minotaur’s death without even touching him! Only Godkin could do something like that!

“I swear if i get out of here I’ll drop being a bandit and follow this Bread God for the rest of my life!”

Little did Hydra know, but he later found out that this was the true start of the Bread Cult.

As Hydra was smiling ear to ear he was unable to stay happy for long. Why? The answer was clear with the booming earthquake reverberating throughout the cave again.

Although the difference this time when Hydra saw the other [GateKeeper Minotaur], the convicts started to chant and bang against the bars again. This time they didn’t care about repercussions and they wholeheartedly believed that this strange young man following the Bread God would be able to create another miracle. So they thought at least, as Hydra himself was thinking something entirely different.

‘Why?! I just somehow lived and now it’s already looking bad? At least give me a minute to bask in the glory!’

Hydra was worried, although he had half his health, he could survive probably one or two hits by the minotaur without dying. However, the moment he gets hit the poison will kill him in a few moments after that, or the minotaur itself would. Of course Hydra was not planning on getting hit but it was still incredibly difficult to dodge in the current circumstances.

He was required to fight to live, but even if he lived he would still eventually die from poison. The situation could definitely not be called positive, but Hydra had to take the opportunity to increase his profits as much as possible. Specially with the giant amount of loot on the pathway because of the previous minotaur.

Minotaur #2 came charging down the pathway with no binded skeletons to create another miracle Hydra had no choice but to prepare himself for the incoming axe!


The axe flew by Hydra’s head as he ducked to avoid it. Hydra after dodging slid underneath the minotaur and stabbed straight into the backside of the minotaur.

Devastating Blow!
323 damage!

As Hydra struck as a sensitive spot, he was surprised to see that the minotaur reacted quite differently than he expected. The minotaur stumbled forward and onto pathway flat. How could Hydra not be glad for such a reaction to occur?

As a free dish for the taking Hydra jumped on top of the minotaur and started to slash and stab it multiple times. Only when the minotaur had already received half its health was it able to recover fully and got up.

The not so intelligent monster was angered and rushed forward with a jump. As it leapt up into the air it prepared to slam down the giant axe onto Hydra’s body. Naturally Hydra did not wait for that to happen and started to run towards the entrance of the pathway to avoid it.


The giant crashing sound echoed across the cave and the dust blew everywhere from the collision. Luckily Hydra managed to dodge just in time to avoid being killed. The minotaur had yet to fully recover from the blow itself and still standing with its axe in the small crater. Unfortunately, because of the blast and weight of the minotaur jumping on the pathway, cracks all over the pathway started to appear.

It started at the very beginning of the pathway and like a growing tree root, it grew to finally reach the edge of the pathway. As Hydra could see the cracks starting to merge together at the entrance he immediately jumped up and ran for his life.

But it was too late! The pathway had already started to tip downwards falling into the darkness. Hydra was now running on a pathway falling as the inclination kept increasing as the edge fell first. The first part Hydra was so worried for was he was about to lose all the loot, and as the loot slid down, Hydra mustered superhuman like abilities from who knows where and grabbed every piece without missing a single drop.

You have picked up [Skeleton Sword]!
You have picked up [Skeleton Armor]!
You have….

A bunch of windows popped up but Hydra didn’t have time to read those, as he was currently trying to run off the falling pathway! Unfortunately doing this stopped Hydra from running forward at his fastest pace. He was at the edge of the pathway and the gap between him and the previous entrance was already too far for a single jump to reach, but he didn’t care as he jumped with his entire being!

As he stuck out his head to grab the edge, he missed! It was simply too far but Hydra couldn’t give up there and as he was falling into the darkness he roared out!

“[Shadow Arm]!”