Rebirth Online World

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Second Saga

Chapter 043 - The Meaning Of True Misfortune

As Hydra had been walking down the pitch black hallway he realized how frustrating it was to roam an area without any light. Although at the same time he was thankful because he was able to use stealth.

Roaming about and sometimes even stubbing his toe, where a damage window would appear as if it was making fun of him, he finally managed to find the exit. Now the next problem arose. There was clearly two guards on the other side. These guards had their backs towards Hydra, thus he could not see what they looked like. They wore a full heavy armor set with neck chain mail and gauntlets. It was literally a heavy-duty knight, that would kill convicts on the spot if a problem arose.

Luckily for Hydra he knew exactly how to get out of this situation without fighting. As he had already tested that throwing bread worked while [Stealthed] did not deactivate it, he could aggro one of the guards to open the door without being discovered.

When Hydra opened up the menu and looked towards picking out a piece of a bread, he was met with the worse message he had ever seen since he started to play [Second Saga].

“My Bread!”

As he looked at what was once bread, he screamed, and because he screamed the guards heard him and immediately turned to check out the situation. The guards weren’t able to notice anything immediately, so they opened the door.

As Hydra looked back and forth from the guardsmen to his bread he was now struck dumb by two things. The first was the lesser problem, although still a big shock and 100% still a problem. The guardsmen weren’t human nor were they any other sort of living creature. Yeah, that’s right they were skeletons! Of course this was a big shock to Hydra as he didn’t realize this place was not only the city of the dead for convicts it literally was the city of the dead.

The second problem was the more serious problem. When Hydra attempted to grab a piece of bread the only thing he found was 250+ stacks of rotting rubbish! As he immediately checked the items descriptions sure enough, they were the once miraculous pieces of bread. As Hydra reread the description he nearly collapsed from the sudden blow to his confidence.

-Because you have entered an infested area of death aura, all organic material will decompose until it rots. (This does not include living creatures, however satiety will rise a much faster rate)!

And now because of the time it took to [Transmute] a key, the time limit for the bread to decompose had long passed!

“Oh I am a heretic!! How could I let this happen to the bread?!”

Hydra swung his head back and forth. It was truly a blow that hit him so hard he even forgot he was currently poisoned and on a time limit to finding a secure path to escape. Now his death was imminent AND his bread was GONE! Although it seemed like a minor detail to Hydra he currently had already thought of Bread as his secret hidden super-duper weapon of mass destruction! How was it so simple as bread ‘rotting’, it was the same as his lifeline! Now his lifeline had been cut in two! Poisoned and rotting bread it was a hopeless situation.

Finally while Hydra was in despair the guardsmen passed him, and left with no alternative Hydra could only sneak out and hope for the best.

“At least it can not get any worse than this.”

One can only hope they a situation can’t get any worse. But for Hydra that case is never true. It always gets worse. As Hydra was about to leave the doorway he tripped miraculously over his own two feet. With the stress of finding out that this was the city of the dead and his bread rotting his mind was jumbled and his body reacted slowly. So slowly that he forgot to put one foot in front of the other which cause him to trip and fall unto the ground.

Unfortunately the trip caused -2 damaged and because he was damaged the [Stealth] effect was removed. Of course the guards heard that noise and saw the source of the noise was well. It was a person collapsed onto the ground and without a shred of intelligence they immediately rushed to attack Hydra.

“I really, really don’t think it can get worse than this.”

Hydra rushed to his feet and immediately close the door behind him. Luckily he managed to close it in time before the guards arrived. Now the unfortunate part was that Hydra was forced to explore the area for 30 minutes without [Stealth].

The situation was looking grimmer by the second and because he didn’t want to curse his luck in case it really got worse he immediately didn’t complain anymore.

Now that Hydra could take a good look around he noticed that the city itself wasn’t as terrible as he thought it would have been. It had standing proper buildings made out of wood that could be a slight upgrade from shacks. But even this was amazing considering that this was a city of the undead. There was a chandelier that was attached to the ceiling of this underground city that barely gave off enough light to see 20 feet. At this time he was thankful, even though he wasn’t too sure at how good a skeletons eyesight was, he at least felt somewhat better knowing it was darker.

As he stared cautiously around sometimes his sight would linger at an area with a group of skeletons or zombies. That was the next thing that he noticed after leaving the area. There were actual zombies, walking around like with their hands raised in a cliche zombie like manner. They were the weakest type of zombies in fiction as they walked slow and were stupid. They obviously couldn’t smell because Hydra was standing not even 10 feet away from a group of them.

With that, Hydra finally managed to breathe a sigh of relief.

“It’s not looking to terrible after all!”

He couldn’t help but mutter under his breath. With all the situations that have happened he was unable to control his thoughts and words just came out of his mouth without any hindrance.

But as per usual the moment Hydra let’s his guard down things just have to get worse for him. As he turned the corner he bumped into an object. Hydra was still concentrated on the giant group of skeletons and zombies just a few dozen of feet away from him. Which he naturally wasn’t being cautious enough and didn’t check the corner which just so happened to have a zombie standing there that he just so happened to bump into.


The zombie tilted its head and growled in a questioning manner. It took was surprised to be suddenly bumped into. But after noticing the object it bumped into, the growl was no longer of confusion but a ferocious roar that attracted a certain group just behind Hydra.

“This is the worst day in my entire life!”

Hydra reacted quickly by slashing towards the zombies neck. Surprisingly as he passed he noticed his experience bar went up slightly. As he didn’t have the chance to check it the monster was killed the experience bar told him it was.

“Zombies must be incredibly low leveled or their weak point must be chopping off their heads. Either way looks like I’m not going to be able to find an escape route peacefully any longer.”

Hydra turned to look around, even though he reacted quickly, it wasn’t quick enough for his presence to be left unknown, as the group of skeletons and zombies were now closing in on him.

Hydra could only run straight through the darkness, trying his best to find some ways of escaping during his escape with Cline.