Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 041 - The Demon Knight


Hydra appeared out of thin air to an unknown location. Because he was just in an area that was lit up by the crystals and by no means dark, he was unable to adjust to the sudden pitch dark room he was teleported to.

“Where am I exactly? I can’t see a thing in this dark… Ouch!”

As Hydra had no idea which was north, south, east, or west he could only move forward in hopes of finding something. It was to his surprise that before he even had a chance to raise his arms to cope around he ran into a hard rocky surface. Slamming his face into the rock wall even slightly damaged him, and he could only grumble about how unlucky he was to be teleported directly facing a wall.  As the noise of him hitting a wall was heard, somewhere in the surroundings Hydra could hear a laugh.

“Hahaha! That’s interesting way to drop into a cell young man.”

“What cell?!”

Hydra could hear the voice of a middle-aged man but he was unsure of how old he exactly was. His voice was loud and deep and carried an intimidating aura behind it. However, as Hydra could not see yet he could only listen to the man speak once more.

“Didn’t you realize that before you teleported here?”

“No! Are you kidding me? I was teleported against my will!”

“You were also sentenced to death huh?”

“No… well.. actually that seems to be sort of the case in this situation to be quite honest with you.”

“Haha good good, come here let’s have a chat before we walk the drop of salvation!”

“Drop of salvation?”

“You don’t even know what that is that you teleported here? Jeez your story must be worse than mine young man!”


As Hydra was secretly shredding tears in happiness, at that moment he declared he would save this man and become friends with him. It didn’t matter what his appearance was, to find someone who could understand that he’s been through a tough time was not easy. As he finally managed to somewhat regain his composure he then responded to the man, who at this time thought he brought Hydra unhappy memories.

“Yes, it hasn’t been easy that’s for sure.”

“Well, regardless of the fact have your eyes adjusted to the darkness yet? If so come closer to my voice and you’ll understand.”

Now that Hydra realized it his eyesight indeed had adjusted to the darkness. At this point he could see a faint outline of the man, as a sheen of could be seen at the edge of the room. As he walked closer and was now in front of the man, while he still couldn’t see him clearly, he could see off into the distance.

The reason he could see far off was, first there were metal bars that were lodged in the wall that seemed to act as a window. Second, was the far off into the distance there was a pathway. Although this pathway was slightly above this room, he could see it due to the torches on the sides.

However, this is where Hydra noticed a big problem. The pathway lead to ended in a peculiar manner. This pathway at the end was a circular shape however in the middle was a hole. While this didn’t particularly bother Hydra, something else did. The main problem was where the pathway lead to. This pathway didn’t lead to anything. It stopped in the middle of a crater. This crater was at least 500 feet wide and the bottom was endless as night. He then realized that the room he was contained in was on the side of this massive crater.

It didn’t take long to put the pieces together. The ‘Drop of Salvation’ that the man was referring to, was jumping to in this endless crater to his death. Suddenly Hydra shivered. He couldn’t swim and he wasn’t used to heights. Although he was unsure whether the height would scare him, regardless if he couldn’t see the bottom or not, it was that fact that walking that pathway meant your inevitable death.

“You’re just in luck! One of the convicts is about to meet his end.”

As the man spoke up from behind Hydra, he now noticed a group of people arriving at the beginning of the pathway. The group was mainly dressed of one type of robe. This robe covered their entire bodies and complemented with the darkness, Hydra was unable to see their faces as well. The robed man in front was dragging a chain that slithered on the ground until it finally lead to a choked man.

This man was wearing fur like attire, probably due to being a bandit or scavenger, had the look of horror on his face. It was clear it still clung to life even at this point in time. Though even he knew his demise was imminent. It was just that impossible for the gods to forgive him after all the wrongdoings he has done. After all no one would be here if they didn’t commit a crime to begin with.

The man was now finally at the edge of the of the pathway staring down at the endless abyss in front of him. Without even a speech to increase the dramatic effect the man was pushed off the edge to his demise. The convict screamed like a little all the way down until he was so far only soft echoes could be slightly heard if one paid attention enough.

Now that Hydra thought about it, this man beside him must also be a criminal and he so easily showed his back to him. But who could help it? Hydra was naturally trusting of people and even if they did leave like the [Shadow Lurkers] after Hydra killed them a few times he would be all smiles with them again. While the [Shadow Lurkers] would more than likely cringe at hearing that, that was what Hydra had decided to do when he met them again, or at least when they decided to forcefully bring them back.

And now Hydra was in a similar situation where he just naturally assumed this person was good. Thus, after forgetting about the man who sounded nice, he was now on guard and decided to carefully ask him his situation before he trusted him anymore. Although truthfully as long as this man was a savage who murdered people left and right Hydra was particularly worried. He was just on guard because he didn’t want to die in place that lead you to death anyways. How sad would it be to die before even your death sentence had been set?

“What are you in here for?”

Hydra couldn’t help but be blunt. But the man didn’t seem to mind and even sat down as if he was about to tell a long story.

“Hah… I was knight once. In fact I was the commander of the wall guardsmen for the royal capital. I was happy with the job, so happy to be chosen for such an honourable position. It gave me the opportunity to lead a happy quiet life with my wife and children. That was what I thought, until one day a beast wave attacked the city happened. It was an incredible fight that left thousands dead. Even I was lucky to get out of it, however as if fate willed I was unable to continue my duties as the commander. But this didn’t mean I was to stop being a knight, instead I given a second chance to be a guard for a high noble. However that was where the problem started for me. I was foolish and accepted, even though my wife had told me not to. She felt something was wrong with the sudden recruitment to be a nobleman’s guard. Then when an ‘attack’ happened on the nobleman, and because his face had a nick on it, in my presence I had to take the blame for it. I was unused to my environment and the attack methods were even more fishy. It was as if they knew everything before hand. After being blamed I was thrown in jail to reflect on my actions.”

As the man kept talking Hydra, didn’t bat an eye once. He was clearly interested in this man’s story as it seemed there was more to the man than Hydra had originally thought. But, as if to signal the climax, exhaled deeply, and with a giant inhale he continued his story.

“As I was finally released, what I came home to was a dead family. My children had their throats slit clean and quickly, and my wife…. My wife clothes were in tatters…. She… She….”

“It’s okay you don’t have to continue with that part…”

As Hydra could tell the pain behind the man’s voice he only softly helped him continue the story.

“…Thank you…. I soon realized that this whole thing was a set up. The noblemen didn’t want me. He wanted my family, and as if to use my children was hostages my wife would be taken. But it was clear they had no intentions on letting my children go. Even in anger, I was able to calmly think of revenge, so calmly I was even scared at my current self. I stormed the mansion during the night killing all those in my pathway. Finally I arrived at the noble’s room, he was currently satisfying his lust with a young woman. I only walked up to him and in fear he trembled an instantly went limp. I was unable to hold back my laughter as I cut ‘it’ off. The noble was laying face down in tears, and I ended his pathetic life.”

Hydra could only listen flabbergasted. He would never have thought that the man would have such a past. The man then told him he was given arrested and sent here for his death. The only reason he wasn’t killed on spot was to commemorate his service as a knight. It was then that the man stood up and walked closer to Hydra.

It was the first time that Hydra could clearly see this man. He was taller than Hydra by a good foot and had a broad build. He could easily tell that this man was a knight. Although still dark Hydra was able to see that he had attractive features as his face was manly and dreamy. His hair although, had not been cleaned in sometime, still had a luster to it. The biggest feature noticed of this man though, was he only had one arm. The left shoulder had scar tissue that showed how incredible the damage must have been to acquire such a wound. Then the man spoke up.

“I am Cline. They call me the [One-armed Demon knight]. Young man, may I ask for your name?”