Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 004 - It Was Luck

‘Wow, this is kinda cool.’

Just by thinking of the menu, it was able to pop up. He was grinning ear to ear. It was
definitely the dream of all to play a virtual reality.


Just as he was looking through the menu proud of every individual point in his stats, he noticed the final stat. ‘Luck.’

“Why is this stat so much higher than the rest?”

Landon couldn’t help but whisper as he was too surprised, but upon scrolling to the bottom of the page, he noticed there was still more to be viewed.

Hesria’s blessing
You who have spoken to the Goddess of Luck face to face are already unbelievably lucky. But after all that, the Goddess herself has bestowed you with a blessing.
-If the character has the luck stat, +50 to luck or the Luck stat will be generated and + 40 will be given.
Luck- Affects every portion of the game increases chance of critical hits, increases drop rate, evasion and if the luck stat is high, enough miracles can occur

‘Holy @#$@%!’

Landon couldn’t believe it. He had just started the game and he was already blessed with such a new stat. Of course he had no idea why that happened, but it did, so might as well enjoy it! Landon fiddled with the menu a bit longer looking at the void bag option and once again grinning about his stats. Although he was grinning, at the same time he was walking and before he realized he was already outside where the chatter was loudest. Bringing him back to reality in a sense, he noticed that everybody was staring at him and that the chatter was now about him.

“Hey, he must be a noob. Did you see that facial expression?”

“Haha, did you get a load of that? I haven’t seen anyone grin that big about pathetic beginner stats since release.”

“What a filthy casual. Hey, let’s get out of here. We might get infected with casual-syndrome.”

It didn’t take long for Landon to regret literally everything he has done since he got here. So before he could hear anyone else slander him, he ran away into the street and disappeared.

‘I mean I might have just been made fun of, but this place is still amazing.’

Landon was stupendously surprised at how realistic the world in front of him was. The village was by no means huge, but as a beginner village, it still had to encompass all the users and therefore it was at least a few kilometers in diameter. The building’s themselves were of a medieval feel to them. Most buildings were painted an old brown colour that didn’t leave off a good impression while the richer builders were yellow or white. Clearly the difference in treatment of rich and poor was no different from reality. Landon continued to look through the city. After all it was his first time and he didn’t even have a set plan when he logged in. The most difficult part was that normally he would ask for help on where a beginner should go, but now he was a little self conscious about it and did not dare to ask.

‘It might take a bit more time, but if I explore by myself, I’ll learn the layout easier.”

Landon with determination walked throughout the streets. He found the market area where hundreds of users set up shops to sell their goods. While it was possible to sell things online in an auction, it was either that they wanted to set the price and meet people to negotiate themselves or their items themselves were not of enough value to be put in the auction. Walking past the market area, Landon came to a new area. It was the Residence area and at the entrance was a giant building that was attached to another building on the other side. He stared at it grinning to himself before quickly correcting his expression as to not make a fool of himself again.

“Should I get a job?”

Landon rushed towards the Quartermaster area where he could get a job while he could continue to look around, he felt uneasy by being so lax. The chattering got louder as Landon approached a giant open space. In the open space was a lot and behind it was the largest building Landon had come across until now. It was decorated white. While not of marble like the earlier temple he was in, the masonry was definitely of top quality to produce such work. There was a giant entrance which allowed a flock of users to enter and exit at the same time. It was a giant temple-like building but instead of religion, it was a temple for professions and carried all the known quartermasters and jobs. The Quartermasters were spread out with all of them taking their own areas, but still, the amount of users flocking the quartermasters made it difficult to see even a portion of their armour or clothes. Browsing around, Landon viewed the Archery, Sword, Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Aether quartermasters and in fact, he was rather surprised. The interesting part about magic that he noticed was instead of speaking, all magic was done by writing.

‘So by writing, the ‘rune’ flies into the air and the closer to the original, the stronger it is?’

Just as Landon was thinking of the magic, he heard a rather loud disturbance.

“Hey Burad. If you don’t leave, I swear I’ll force you to be a filthy casual.”

“Oh, I am indeed rather afraid to become one of those. However you’ll need the strength in order to do that, Drake.”
Landon rushed over. He was excited. Watching a fight would definitely help him learn the world more easily. The one called Burad was a magic type and he was of the rare type Aether which Landon had no idea what that even meant thus increasing his excitement. The other was what looked like a Lancer.

‘Does being a ranged versus a long-range mean that the magician will be at a disadvantage or will the Lancer?’
Just as he was thinking, the duel timer counted zero and the Lancer rushed towards the magician. In response, the magician cast a spell and a rune appeared in the air. His finger rushed through and completely missed the majority of the spell yet it still was finished. The Aether magic was shown and a black ball spat out towards the Lancer just as he was in front of the magician. At such a close range he was unable to dodge and hit straight on the chest.


He screamed loudly. Pain turned into an electric shock so while it was no longer painful, it was still unpleasant and numbing. Then it happened. The magician before anyone had clearly notice was already writing his next rune. This time it was more complicated and much longer. However the first spell gave him this room to breathe and finished it before the Lancer could recover.

“Take this. Shadow cell!”

A giant shadow appeared under the Lancer and hands immediately grabbed onto the Lancer and drug him into the space.

“No! Burad! I swear to god I’ll kill….”

He was completely submerged into the shadow and ‘Winner’ appeared on top of the magician Burad. It would be unfair to the Lancer to say it was weak and it was more that the person playing was weak which Landon noticed as well. Instead of watching the magician, he simply ran straight towards his demise. It was still rather fascinating to Landon while he was new to the gaming world entirely, it was the first time he had heard of the idea of writing magic instead of vocalizing.

‘Rather it makes sense to be honest. The user can write and even if it is rushed, magic will still be released only the strength will be a lot less.’

However while that sounds strange, after watching carefully, Landon noticed that simply firing magic off was indeed an effective measure. While the power would be low, it could stagger the opponent giving enough time to cast another rune. It was good to see that duel, Landon thought to himself. The information he had about the game was clearly lacking in comparison so anything that would help he would definitely take advantage of.

Still thinking about the duel in his head, he was oblivious to his surroundings and thus did not notice the just defeated Lancer rush in his direction. Clearly the Lancer was angry and even if he knew he would bump into Landon, he wouldn’t care since a user of his level would stomp over him without even having a damage marker pop up. The man, Drake, grinned as he was about release some stress on a low leveled casual, so the though definitely made him happy. Ramming into Landon, and because the difference in level, he was shoved hard into the opposite direction.

‘Huh? What the?’

Landon was surprised by the sudden assault and tried to recover his balance, but by being completely off the ground, even if he was athletic, it was still impossible to do anything until he reached the ground. But instead of reaching the ground, Landon struck into another person.

“Hey, brat. What do you think you’re doing?”

“Ah sorr…”

Just as he was about to apologize, Landon noticed he rammed into a quartermaster. And even more surprising, the nearly invincible quartermasters had a -1 window on top of his head. Thus changing his reaction into confusion.

‘How did I damage a quartermaster? I may not know their level, but I know they are invincible to the current level of users and damage wouldn’t even be possible. Wait…. don’t tell me with the new luck stat, it made it possible to damage even though the defense was too high? Was this a so-called miracle?’

Landon was shocked. He was clever and the moment he saw the damage marker, his mind sped at an unbelievable rate to figure out how that just happened. It was the same for every other user around him. They all noticed the -1 window and they themselves were by no means new or at least new as Landon. Therefore the only thing they could do was stare in confusion. If Landon didn’t know that he had the Luck stat, he himself would also be questioning this right about now, but the only reasonable explanation was because he was ‘lucky’, a miracle so to say. Just as he was cursing his new luck, the quartermaster drew his sword.

“I’m sorry. It was an accident. It won’t happen again!”

“You’re right, boy.”

Without any further warning, the NPC sliced at Landon. The particles of his body disappeared immediately and his view turned blank and a window popped up.

You have died