Kurgal (Divine Dragon)
level 999 Health 1000000/??????????
As the first dragon that came into existence her very life is what brought upon the race of dragons. When she came to be is unknown but it is said that she was born even before the gods. Therefore even the gods will treat her with respect when speaking to her. She became a mother after copulating with an unknown God.

Kurgal has disappeared from the world many eons ago and it was unknown where she had fled until this very moment. She does not look down upon humans by she does not favour them either as their arrogance has led to many wars and problems. Her power is even greater than most of the Gods. Although, she does not show it, angering her will result in an continents utter destruction. Thus extreme caution is advised when dealing with her.

With her power she created the thousands of sky islands surrounding Mount Myriad where all the dragons continue to live and treat as their holy land. It is unknown whether she participated in the War of the Ancients but as historic scrolls from that period have been completely destroyed.


Due note that the 1000000/?????? health means that she currently has that much health and it is not her max health (AKA she is hurt)