Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 037 - The Climactic Finish!

The dust from the destructive force from Pan’s tail had finally started to diminish. As the outline of the [Scourge Titan] could finally been seen Hydra and Pan braced themselves for the final moment.

The titan was noticeably getting tired with it’s health reaching critical and the effects of enragement slowly wearing off it could be said that this was the best moment to act. However, for some reason their caution meters skyrocketed. As the [Scourge Titan] finally drew its last card.

The [Scourge Titan] has reached critical health and in an all or nothing attempt to destroy one of its targets it has started to [Charge]!
[Charge] is impervious to all forms of crowd control and the only result possible is the destruction of the target it seeks.

“Holy crap Pan! Get away!”

“…..Master…. I’m too tired to move…”


The titan’s thighs expanded by a large amount as all of the veins moved as one and converged into the thighs. It was undoubtedly grotesque, but at this moment it was also a sight of pure fear. Hydra wasn’t able to do anything! Pan was too tired to stop it! As Pan could only watch as the giant charged towards him. The ground by the feet of the titan blew apart creating small craters with every step. With each approaching step the death of Pan was slowly approaching and in fact that was the only result possible! A giant bear like Pan, would already find it hard to dodge completely, not to mention when he was tired as well.

Hydra felt helpless towards the situation as he watched, this time even the bread god could not save them. Finally the [Scourge Titan] arrived at Pan.


400 damage!

“Mas….ter… I’m sorry I couldn’t….be of….more help..”

The last words struck Hydra’s heart. He was always being saved by luck or his companions. Never once has he done anything with his own ability and it was the same with now. He watched as the giant Pan was knocked back towards him. As the last bit of health was drained, Pan returned to his former self.

Hydra ran over to Pan not caring about the [Scourge Titan] in the least. Even though right now it was currently resting after completing its charge. As Hydra picked up Pan, it was so weak he couldn’t even open his eyes.


Upon hearing his master’s voice Pan, mustered the last bit of strength it had and meekly licked his hand. As it the sight of watching Pan nearly ripped every heart artery in his body his eyes started to cry non stop. Finally Pan’s head fell and as it did a window popped up.

Pan has died
As a level 1 Pet it can not lose a level but as a penalty will need 48 hours to recover.

Pan turned into particles softly, turning into a weightless light that disappeared in and was absorbed by the darkness. Hydra, held in his tears and faced the [Scourge Titan].

“You dastard. I’ll kill you!”

As the [Scourge Titan] ignored him it was looking around for its great sword. The great sword that just so happened to have been knocked beside Hydra. Thus as his rage meter was full Hydra picked up the giant sword and charge towards the titan.

Luckily there was no problems using it currently as he mainly focused on leveling his strength and agility. Although it was still incredibly heavy and he could only drag it behind him as he ran forward.

The titan grew angry upon seeing Hydra wield its own weapon and walked forward slowly, it had no more strength to charge forward as shadows were constantly leaking him its body. Even if Hydra didn’t slay it eventually die on its own if it didn’t eat something quickly. Though how long that would take no one knew as no one had ever seen a [Scourge Titan] fight to this extent.

As Hydra ran his breathing became unsteady it took a lot of energy just to run with this great sword. But he didn’t care he was currently to angry at Pan’s death to care about anything other than the titans demise. The two came closer both of which were completely exhausted and it would be the final clash for the both of them. Regardless of the winner the climax was now.


Hydra roared and demanded his body’s strength increase he didn’t care where he drew the strength from. As if beckoned he felt his power increased. A giant fist was now upon him about to slam into paste. As the fist came Hydra twisted his body and used the power of the rotation to smash down the sword.


The sword collided with the fist. As the titan’s fist was crushed under the strength of the sword the titan roared in pain. If this was under normal circumstances, even with the power of the great sword Hydra would only be blown away. However, the titan was already too weak and after using its last trump card it could only kneel down growling lowly. It was simply too weak and as it did a damage marker appeared!

160 damage!

But that wasn’t enough to kill the [Scourge Titan] and Hydra himself knew that. As he released his grip on the great sword that had crushed the titan’s arm. It was now a perfect ramp to his target. Hydra didn’t hesitate and ran on top of the arm. The [Scourge Titan] tried to resist as he raised its other hand to grab Hydra, but who was he? He had been dodging this titan for the entire fight even though he was struck by an unexpected kick, he wouldn’t allow himself to be hit by such an obvious incoming strike. As the fist blew past him after dodging it was the final attempt of the [Scourge Titan] as Hydra was now mounting his shoulders. With an expression void of emotion Hydra yelled as he struck down with the [Shadow Stealer]!

“This is if for you!”

The sword stabbed deeply through the neck of the [Scourge Titan] and even before the damage marker had time to appear Hydra twisted the blade while it was embedded inside. Without even needing to see the window, the body of the titan started to fall. It was now dead and without any strength to hold the body it could only follow gravity towards the ground. Hydra could also only follow the fall and he was thrown off and as he landed on his back. The numbing sensation he felt made him realize that fall even damaged him slightly. But he didn’t care about that as he watched the [Scourge Titan] turn into particles and float away. A message finally appeared!

You have vanquished the [Scourge Titan]!
Your level has risen by 6!
As the final blow has been dealt by [Shadow Stealer], the titan’s core has been absorbed and the strength of the sword has increased!


Shadow Stealer (Growth)
Damage 1+(20) Durability ??
A long forgotten sword used by an Ancient during the War of Life. The Ancient who created this masterpiece had imbued it with the ability to absorb darkness. However where there is darkness there is light instead of being a sword of light it actually is weakened by it. Therefore this ancient sword after being drowned in light for time immemorial has lost all its strength. Though just by wielding this sword the user will feel the incredibly power it once held unlocking the great potential within but only by first feeding it the necessary amount of Shadow energy. This sword can grow in power with every shadow creature absorbed, the damage gained varies on the quality of shadow.[Shadow Stealer] is made with ancient blacksmithing and can not be destroyed.


You have absorbed the core and a new rune magic has been learned!
[Shadow Rain☆☆☆] (Domain Skill)
A skill used to summon a rainfall of shadow droplets. As the rain falls the enemies within its domain will slowly possessed by the shadows. If a user or monster becomes fully possessed the owner may use that target within the domain of the [Shadow Rain] but once the rain is cancelled the possessed monsters or users will perish.
Mana: 3 per second.


You have acquired the [Bloodquench Great Sword].


[Bloodquench Great Sword] (Unique)
Attack 110 Durability 74/80
A sword that has seen many battles, and because it has been drenched in so much blood the colour of the sword has completely turned black. This sword does not need to be repaired normally as it can suck the blood of the foes it vanquishes to restore itself. If a berserker uses this class unknown secrets might be revealed.
Requirements: Strength above 80
Berserker Skill: [???]


[Used Rag pants] (Rubbish)
The rag like pants of the [Scourge Titan] provides literally no defense and is absolutely ugly. It is recommended you burn it immediately and in fact don’t pick this up just throw it away. Who knows when the last time it was washed.

Hydra wasn’t sure why the items were automatically collected but he thought it had something to do with the fact that he absorbed the shadow core of the [Scourge Titan] but that was something he would be able to figure out later. In fact he wasn’t even excited about finding a weapon that he could sell for money! It would be his first step to becoming a Core Gamer and he didn’t even bat an eye and he rushed towards Irina.

Only after he found out that Irina was safe would he be able to calm down and then get excited after defeating the monsters. As Hydra rushed to her side and nudged her softly and called out her name.


“…..urgh. Hydra? Right what happened to the [Scourge Titan]!”

As Irina woke up the first thing she did was looked around for any signs of the titan. The expression on her face was grim she was once again not even worried about her own well-being and only cared about Hydra’s. As Hydra watched this with a small smile on his face he grew calm.

‘It’s good that she’s safe!’

While it was expected for her to live he didn’t know the difference between NPC’s and users as they felt pain instead of numbness. It was even possible for them to die even without their health reaching 0 if the pain was too much. As he could no longer hold in his emotions he suddenly reached out and hugged Irina.


Irina surprised by this action squealed lightly. She only now realized that the titan was killed. A smile appeared on her face and she knew the battle must have been hard seeing his reactions. She could only hug him back. Until a frightening question came up.

“Where’s Pan?