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Second Saga

Chapter 036 - Battle Of The Giants

“Wha…How is this possible?!”

As Hydra stared at the now humongous bear in front of him that was once Pan. The situation had definitely gone in a direction he had not expected at all. But how was this bad? It just meant that Hydra now had a chance to save Irina. He wasn’t about to let this chance go so he called out towards Pan.

“Pan… No you’re Randa now, right?”

Hydra called out towards the giant bear Randa, and as he did the bear stared at Hydra with a loving look. Then a voice could be heard within his head, and this is what it said.

‘Master. Please continue to call me Pan. I am and always will be, the Pan you once knew. But seeing how I could not protect my master or Irina. It frustrated me. Thus I begged for power to help. This is the result.’

Dumbfounded once again it was not easy for Hydra to regain his composure. But as he finally managed to control himself he realized a few key points in what Pan had said. It was enough that Pan felt the need to protect them.

“Well should we get revenge for him attacking Irina then Pan?”

“Yes master! But master, I am unable to use my skill moves and will need your help in order to use them. I can attack normally but only the skills can be used when called out by the master.”

“That’s alright, let’s do this together Pan!”

“Yes master!”

Normally the two, master and pet, would not have this chance to talk so easily. However during the time Pan evolved he had blinded the [Scourge Titan]. While Hydra was able to close his eyes and adjust afterwards while the [Scourge Titan] didn’t have any eyelids and were only empty eye sockets. On top of the fact that it was a creature born of darkness the light had blinded it for some time. But that could only last for a time.

Just as Pan and Hydra finished speaking the [Scourge Titan] had finally regained its sight. It was now staring at the large bear in front of it. Noticing the intimidating aura coming off of Pan it did not rush towards it. Instead it only glared, as if frightened of Pan. However, as a beast of carnage and fear it would not allow anything to belittle it. As it opened its mouth drool of shadow could be seen pouring out. The long teeth were as unsightly as ever. The [Scourge Titan] bellowed in anger.


“Oh…. It seems like it wants to start with an intimidation… Pan use Growl.”

As Hydra was not struck by fear in the least at the rage of the titan he just calmly looked at the skills Pan had, he could only think it was common courtesy to yell back. Pan, at Hydra’s command, stood on his hind legs and raised its paws in the air. The air around Pan was all sucked in completely in his lungs. Then Pan stared in anger towards the [Scourge Titan] and roared back.


Hydra was knocked off his feet. The roar was so loud it nearly blew his eardrums out. It was completely unexpected and even the [Scourge Titan] stepped back in fear as it was the recipient of the growl. Then after the roar stopped echoing throughout the cave a window popped up.

Growl has been used!
[Scourge Titans] attack has sharply fallen (-20%

“That’s surprisingly useful.”

As Hydra was happy inside he didn’t show it. The battle was still going and it wasn’t like he could miraculously throw a round purple ball that would end the fight immediately. Though the [Scourge Titan] had lost in the yelling battle it wasn’t about to give up and it raised its great sword with both arms and prepared to slam it downward onto Pan.

“Quick Pan, use Tail-whip!”

As one of the first things Hydra had noticed when Pan had evolved was the incredibly dense looking tail. He figured the only thing that could withstand it be the tail. Pan without hesitation turned and swung out his giant tail.


As the tail swung past Hydra he was knocked back by the wind. Fallen onto his butt he watched at the sword and tail were about clash!


The tail bombarded the sword and the sword clashed with the tail. But that only lasted a second as the pure might behind the tail could not be stopped. Pan used all the strength from his anger, and love for his family to completely blow the sword away. The [Scourge Titan] was unable to withstand the blow and was blasted backwards.

The titan had fallen and what better chance than now would Pan and Hydra get to attack? Thus Hydra quickly called out to Pan.

“Use Tackle!”

Pan stomped the ground and rushed towards the titan. The stomps reverberated throughout the cave and even rocks from the ceiling started to fall from the quake. As Pan was closing in on the titan, it could only stare with its deep endless eyes at the giant in front of it.


Massive Hit!
560 damage!

“Alright! We can do this!”

The destruction force behind the tackle crushed the [Scourge Titan] into the ground and sunk into the crater from the force of Pan’s tackle. The [Scourge Titan] might have been damaged but it wasn’t about to lose so easily, it was a boss and a feared maniac. The titan slowly stood up exhaling in and inhaling constantly. It was unknown if this was due to the rage building up or if the blow from Pan was simply that effective.

It wasn’t something that either Pan and Hydra could worry about. As the battle they struck first, it wasn’t going to be that simple, and they were right. The moment the [Scourge Titan] finally straightened itself, it rushed towards Pan. As for Pan it wouldn’t sit back and watch as he too rushed towards the [Scourge Titan].

Watching from afar he could only look flabbergasted at the strength of these two powers. As they both collided Pan was standing on his hind legs and his hands interlocked with the [Scourge Titan’s]. It was a battle of strength and endurance. The two continually pushed each other back and forth.

But slowly the [Scourge Titan] was losing in strength and to counter it opened its mouth and leaned forward. As its teeth met with the flame like fur of Pan, Pan roared in pain. The deep crimson blood flowed down Pan’s shoulder. If front of Hydra a window popped up.

240 damage!

Because Pan was interlocked with the [Scourge Titan] it could not swing his tail nor use tackle. Thus Hydra could only stand and watch Pan fight. But Pan was as stubborn as his master and even though the body of the [Scourge Titan] would prevent most from eating its flesh it didn’t hinder Pan at all as he opened his jaw wide and with the brilliant pearly whites crunched down on the [Scourge Titan].

220 damage!

The two back and forth kept biting one another. Slowly it met with Pan losing in health. Pan had now only less than a fourth of its health. Possibly one more bite and Pan would die! Hydra was sweating as he tried to think of a way out of this. As Hydra thought about strength behind the both of them he then knew it could utilize this. It might only work once but it was better than nothing!

“Pan! Jump backwards!”

“Yes master!”

As Pan heard the voice of Hydra it happily obliged. Pan who at this point was winning in strength was no longer using any and instead completely pulled the [Scourge Titan] towards the direction it was pushing to. As the [Scourge Titan] could not react fast enough it fell forward slamming into the ground, as all the dust around was pushed out-of-the-way of the giant.

“Now Pan! Use Tail whip!”

As Pan now was standing over top of the [Scourge Titan], he swung his body and the massive tail followed hits his path it swung with destructive power behind it. Once again the [Scourge Titan] was helpless to react in time. As the tail met its back the entire cave shook.


The tail struck and kept on falling straight down pushing the [Scourge Titan] deeper into the ground! Then a damage window appeared and Hydra was shocked at the amount. He was thankful he wasn’t Pan’s enemy or he would have been one-shotted!

Destructive Hit!
843 Damage!

But there was no further message and quite frankly Hydra surprised that the [Scourge Titan] was not stunned by the hit and couldn’t help but think.

‘It must be because he’s still enraged!’

To Hydra that was the only answer that could describe it! But that wasn’t important. The battle was now at the climax. Both Pan and the [Scourge Titan] and even Hydra were at critical levels. At the bottom of the pit was a giant shadow creature and above was a sacred beast beside them was a small insignificant human who could only watch the battle unfold! It was no joke to say this next few moments would decide everything!