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Second Saga

Chapter 035 - *Title Is Hidden*

Title is at the bottom of the chapter for the sake of not spoiling it please read it first xD


As the [Scourge Titan] was dealt a devastating blow it staggered for a few moments, before looking as good as new.

“What?! The ultimate one thousand years of death didn’t work?! Is this guy invincible?”

The [Scourge Titan] then tried to move towards Hydra but it released that its certain area was in a lot more pain than it thought and stumbled again. At this Hydra only gave a smug look, and stared at the sight of victory, or at least a small one.

“Huehhehe! My ultimate attack could never fail!”

Basking in glory for the moment, Hydra was unable to hide his satisfaction. However it was then that a problem occurred.

[Scourge Titan] has no idea the reason for its pain, however it knows you are a dangerous entity. (All Stats +50%)

“Oh…… My bad”

As Hydra quietly apologized for his devious plan he was somewhat regretting those actions now. But there was nothing he could do but to continue to fight!. As the fight became more intense the swings of the [Scourge Titan] only became faster. Hydra even with his ability found it harder and hard to dodge the great sword. The power behind each swing would be able to drag him across the ground if he wasn’t prepared for it.


Another swing passed by Hydra nearly hitting him. In this entire time of constant dodging he had been unable to hit the [Scourge Titan] even once! As the only source of damage right now was Irina, she had to be careful not to aggro the titan towards her instead. It was a tough fight for the both of them and the trades were becoming longer and the damage was lessening over time. He currently had no idea what to do until the enrage effect wore off. It was simply to hard to attack. The worse part was the after the devastating blow they were only able to deal another 500 damage! Thus the [Scourge Titan] still had over two-thirds of its health leftover.

Sweat began to appear on Hydra’s face he was simply getting too tired having to dodge each and every time. But what else could he do? Taking a strike from that great sword wouldn’t instant kill him but the next attack would.

Finally though, after all that hard work, he was able to find an opportunity to counter. As he rushed towards the titan as he dodged the sword and made sure to watch out for the left over hand he was safe. The only thing he was to do was strike somewhere, anywhere on the titan. It was then, that everything changed for the worse. As Hydra was preparing to strike the [Scourge Titan] moved its leg in kicking motion towards Hydra. An attack that the titan had not used before caused Hydra to not be able to react and was kicked backwards.

100 damage!

It was only a slight kick but the damage was still twice what he could return. It huge mistake on his part as the what came next was the great sword! As the [Scourge Titan] knocked Hydra back he was still in the air recovering from the kick! He had no way to dodge and could only watch as the sword came plummeting down towards him! To Hydra it was as if time had frozen he could perfectly see in nicks and cracks in the great sword and as it approached. But it was only something he to could look at in despair. He knew at that moment. This fight was going to be exceedingly difficult. Just then the sword finally met its target!


1030 damage!
A crushing blow has been dealt! You have been stunned for 3 seconds!


Hydra was crushed under the complete power of the [Scourge Titan] unable to do anything under its true might. It was a power they should never have fought and now he could only watch as his death approached. Even with the titan being slow 3 seconds was more than enough time for another blow to strike!

It was then, that he heard a voice call out!


Irina shouted and let loose her strongest spell in hopes of saving Hydra!

“I will not let you die!”

The arrow flew with immense power behind it and struck the [Scourge Titan] in its throat!

249 damage!

As Hydra stared in bewilderment at the damage marker he was surprised. It was an incredible skill and even against this giant it did more damage than his devastating blow. However the good news ended there. Although Irina had successfully gave Hydra time to recover and he wouldn’t die with the next strike. The aggro had changed from Hydra to Irina! But at the same time Hydra still had a full 2 seconds left of his stun! He wasn’t able to do anything and could only watch as the titan crept closer to Irina! Even though Irina, should be safe he wasn’t able to disperse the bad feeling in his heart.

As the [Scourge Titan] stepped closer and a thundering quake reverberated with every movement, it didn’t even seem to care that his target was about to run away. The [Scourge Titan] rose its arms as Irina started to back off.

[Scourge Titan] Has invoked [Shadow Swamp]!
All targets within 50 feet will be snared to their positions and unable to move for 3 seconds!

As Hydra wasn’t able to be bounded by elementary dark magic it didn’t effect him at all. However the target of the spell wasn’t for Hydra it was for Irina! As she didn’t have a method to dodge the skill she was binded and could only stand there as she watched the abomination stand before her. Hydra who had already been released from his stun could only scream out, as he was too far away from her to help!


As Hydra stuck out his hands, as if the gap between them would lessen at this moment. Irina only smiled softly at Hydra in response.  She didn’t mind death if it meant saving Hydra. She would gladly do it again as many times as it took. To Hydra it was a matter of close that she would survive one strike. But it wasn’t that simple, if the [Scourge Titan] struck Irina she would also be stunned for a manner of time. And unless Hydra regained aggro from the [Scourge Titan] he would just strike again. There was definitely no hope for her surviving another blow!

At this moment the greatsword blocked the view of Irina from Hydra, and when the blow passed she was already knocked 10 feet away.


Hydra ran with all his might. No matter how hopeless it seemed. He could only try to save her! But he was still too far away and the [Scourge Titan] had already reached her!

“It’s at times like these where I can only hope for the Bread God to bless me!”

“Go Bread taunt!”

Hydra threw the bread towards the [Scourge Titan], as he had just finished being stunned he was unable to throw it in time to save her. But now he was close enough and could easily hit a giant target like that!

With a plop the bread fell unto the [Scourge Titan] as it was already Enraged, what did it matter if it was taunted with bread? It would only aggro it back to him! As it was successful the [Scourge Titan] had immediately changed directions toward Hydra.

“Okay, I only have hit left. If I get hit….”

It was just then though. That something unexpected happened something that no one could ever anticipate. As a bright light shone and covered the entire room, Hydra was blinded along with the [Scourge Titan]. Then a window popped up inside of Hydra’s head.

Bread Buff has successfully been applied to Pan!
Pan with the power of bread is evolving!


As Hydra stared in bewilderment at the source of light he could see Pan standing beside the [Scourge Titan] with a piece of bread beside him. Although Pan was unable to do anything this entire time. After Irina was attacked it had felt powerless and even with its weak strength it had attacked the [Scourge Titan] in anger. Pan couldn’t allow anyone or anything to hurt his family. But alas he was weak. But it was then after Hydra had thrown the piece of bread that the bread as if blessed by the gods fell onto Pan and then it happened!

Pan started to grow in size. Even after Hydra thought Pan would stop growing he kept growing. The light was still covering his body so he had no idea what the current Pan looked like but that didn’t matter at the time he finally stopped growing he was already the size of the [Scourge Titan]. The light calmed down and what was left was a giant bear like figure. All the fur was a lustrous with the tips glowing like flame. There was no longer three tails but 1 massive tail that looked as heavy as a mountain. Pan’s face had turned feral and look of adorableness no longer existed. Instead Pan had the air of a king. A king that would crush any of it’s enemies. As Hydra was staring in shock and with the completion of Pan’s evolution a window popped up!

Pan has evolved into the Guardian of the Red Pandas, Randa!


level 1 health 1000/1000 Mana 100/100
A Guardian to animals is a sacred like beast equal to that of Gods for humans. Because the animals do not worship gods a Guardian is a divine existence and is blessed with the power to protect those it deems its family. As Pan was helpless to the current situation it prayed to the bread god to which is his god now and the bread god has answered those prayers and bestowed him the power to smite all his enemies. Now Pan with the power of bread, has evolved to become the new Guardian of the red panda race. Randa holds the power of flames deep within its body however due to the low level of [Pan] it is unable to utilize its full abilities. Instead it is able to use any abilities that it has previously learned as a [Lucky Three-Tailed Red Panda]
Current abilities
Tail-Whip 10 mana Growl 5 mana
Tackle 20 mana Find loot 0 mana


Chapter 35: Pan’s evolution!