Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 034 - There’s Always A Weakness Somewhere

“Okay, when we leave this area you need to tell me all about!”

As Hydra walked away without listening to Irina’s reply he went to gather the drops from the possessed [Gnolls]. But even if Hydra wasn’t willing to listen, she had Pan by her side and she quietly whispered to him.

“I think, he’s angry that I’m stronger than him. Pan what do you think?”

Naturally Pan wouldn’t allow her to up one on his master thus he stood on his hind legs and pawed her cutely. Irina, truthfully was doing this on purpose. She only wanted to see the cute reactions from Pan and when Pan delivered she picked him up and started to hug him tightly.

It wasn’t until Hydra finally picked up all the drops that he realized he had leveled twice. Earlier from the fights with the [Cruglings] he had leveled up 3 more times after the first one and now his level was 26. But unfortunately that was the only positive part about killing the [Gnolls] the only thing that dropped were their weapons and they were so pitiful he didn’t even identify them.

Because the large monster hadn’t even cared about the demise of his minions he thought it was the best opportunity to check his stats.

Name Hydra Level 26
Race Human Profession Aether Blade
Fame 1750
Damage 86(+1)~ Defense 5
Vitality 1390 Mana 320
Strength 86 Agility 71
Stamina 12 Wisdom 10
Intelligence 12 Luck 48
Shadow Nemesis-+10% resistance to shadow magic, can not be bound by elementary Aether magic.
[Shadow Stealer]- damage +1
[Dusk Glove]- Defense 0:[Shadow Arm] (Cost 25 mana)
[Worn Boots]-Defense 5

To Hydra, it gave him a sense of satisfaction every time he looked at it. Now he could finally say he was almost graduating from a noob, except for his general knowledge about games. Somehow when he thought about Irina being a [Wind Assassin] he felt stupid about how he worried so much.

‘Whatever. There is a bigger problem right now.’



“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yup. I’ll fight together with you.”

Hydra shrugged, now that he knew her full strength he wasn’t worried at all. As the two, and Pan who was snuggling in Irina’s arms, got closer to the large monster they started to be able to see its outer appearance. It was a giant humanoid with purple skin. The shadow veins were protruding, and looked like they could explode at any moment. It wasn’t wearing any thing on its upper body and as for its lower the description of clothes would barely fit. It was just like a potato sack cut with two holes that turned into shorts some how. But the one thing it did have been a giant great sword on its back. The sheen of the black metal was beautiful to say the least. The width of the sword was by no means wide, however the length was something else. As the monster was easily 10 feet tall the blade itself was probably 6 feet long. It gave off an eerie feeling that it had consumed many lives ever since it was created.

It was just as they finally were able to see the monster that it turned around and looked towards Hydra and Irina or so they thought. They were unsure whether the monster could actually see or not because in its eye sockets were nothing but darkness. Its mouth was have thin long teeth, that showed it was a predator, that could rip apart any piece of meat in front of it. The chest area had multiple wounds that had scarred over from time and with every breath it looked like it was about to charge at any second.

“Hey quickly find out about its stats.”

As Irina quietly and nervously whispered to Hydra, she had somehow had a bad feeling about it the moment it turned around. Without the need to acknowledge Hydra identified the large monster.

Scourge Titan (boss)
Level 60 Health 3000/3000
An abomination. Simple as that. If a user sees this creature it is advised they immediately run and do not engage. As a creature of darkness is not a simple way to describe it. This monster will eat its own kind to become stronger and needless to say that goes for the other side as well. This berserker will fight until nothing is left of itself or the other party. Once a merchant saw this creature still at a war zone crushing the bodies of the dead and whenever it saw a body it liked it would eat it bit by bit savoring each and every bite. Usually they fight with their bare hands but after eating so many other creatures and thus evolving its intelligence it will use any large item that has the most destructive power. It is unknown why the darkness made such a creature however it is without a doubt the most feared in the lower ranks of the Darkness Army.

“Actually, I’m not going to tell you what it says. Let’s just say it’s strong and scary….. really scary.”

“Yeah… I can see that!”

“Hey don’t get mad at me vent it on this guy!”

As they started to lightly argue the monster was exhaling and it finally made its first step. As it did a window popped up.

You have engaged combat with the Minion of Darkness Scourge Titan (boss)

“Oh $%@. Here it comes. Irina use whatever method you can to control it. I will do my best to dodge everything that comes. I hope.”

“Be careful.”

Hydra nodded as he watched Irina back away, taking away Pan with her. The giant in front of him was slowly approaching. It might not have been the fastest of creatures but from the looks of it, its strength was no joke.

‘I shouldn’t probe him first. There is no way to know what will come from attacking this guy. If I don’t want to die I best be on guard and attack only when the opportunity arises.’

As the monster got closer Hydra began to think of countermeasures in his head. But as the monster lifted its one arm and grabbed its great sword another feeling started to well up in Hydra and with no option but to release it, he wept.

“That, is terrifying, no absolutely awful, this game I hate it. Let me grind with lil’ rabbits for the rest of my life.”

The giant sword in the hands of the [Scourge Titan] gave off the impression of impending death. It was not an easy feeling to shake off and fighting something three times your size and level was nothing to laugh at. But the only option was for him to fight. So while he cried the determination didn’t falter one bit.

“I really don’t want to say it….But let’s do this!”

As the monster finally prepared itself. It then opened its mouth showing all its ugly long teeth and roared.


Hydra nearly turned around and ran upon hearing that roar. But he stood fast because he wouldn’t be able to run even if he wanted to. And now he had to someone to protect, so there was no way he would leave the monster to Irina alone. So in order to shake the fear he roared back.


Somehow he wasn’t quite sure how to roar so it came out awkwardly, but it didn’t matter. As after the fact he felt much better although somehow the monster started to look at him like an idiot. Now Hydra, was being thought of as an idiot by an idiot monster. That didn’t sit well with him and thus all reason went out the window and Hydra charged forth. All the plans he made he didn’t care, he was better when he winged it anyways.

‘Somehow winging it always feels better.’

Just as he rushed forward the [Scourge Titan] rose it sword and swung forth. As Hydra knew he would almost die if he took that strike, he could only dodge or meet his demise. Thus as the sword came smashing downwards, Hydra jumped to the left. As he jumped the sword landed at his previous location. But the result was devastating, it completely destroyed the ground. The debris flew in all directions and even Hydra’s health went down in tics when hit by it.

However Hydra had no time to be surprised and as the monster had just attacked it wouldn’t be able to react fast enough to attack again. Or so Hydra thought, as he was rushing towards the side of the [Scourge Titan] it used its other arm and swatted at Hydra!

Although Hydra was surprised it wasn’t on the level where he couldn’t dodge. Thus bending his back nearly 90 degrees the fist ‘whooshed’ right over him. The hair on his head was flowing from the wind pressure, but he had no time to worry about that. He fixed his posture and stabbed towards the monsters knee.


50 damage!

“Holy crap! This is not going to be easy.”

As if Hydra only made a dent in a in a wall the monster just shook it off and prepared to strike again. As it did, Irina had already waited patiently for Hydra to make his move first. As long as Hydra kept the aggro on him the monster wouldn’t chase after Irina. Thus she waited until he struck first. As she released the grip on her fingers the feather flew through the air. The arrow unaffected by the [Scourge Titan’s] might struck its throat!



145 Damage!

‘Holy crap! This is going to take forever!’

The monster was somewhat angered by the arrow but as if it was just a sting of a bee, it removed the arrow and threw it to the ground. Then the monster decided to vent its anger and luckily for it, there was a target right in front of it. As if Hydra had seen his death in the future if he took that strike he dove forward.

The strike just barely missing the target destroyed the ground once more. Hydra, who dove forward and rolled to recover. But as he noticed where he was standing he thought of a brilliant idea.
“I don’t know if this things body works like a human. But if it does, there’s no better target than the behind!”

As Hydra struck forward with all his force, it struck the titan’s ass. Luckily, it pierced through tender flesh right inside the monster! A window then popped up!

Devastating Hit!
You have found the point of weakness for all creatures alike and although it might be cowardly it can be said that surviving matters more than viewpoints.
200 damage!

As Pan and Irina watched the scene of the monster being struck in the anus somehow Irina could only cringe, while Pan laid down raised its butt and is he was the target of the pain held its put and cried lowly.