Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 030 - You Can’t Lose!

As Hydra was praying to his new Bread God, meanwhile in another part of the world far, far away.

“Ah! I miss Pan so much!!!!”

As Lila was sulking and complaining with all her ability, Rina was energetically nodding her head in agreement.

“Hey, you all agreed that we should leave!”

“Yes, It is true that staying with Shadow would make us rely on him and not actually gain any strength for ourselves. It’s a guaranteed fact that we might be pro’s in the PC world, however here we are still just noobs.”

With Goliath’s retort and Lockton’s explanation the two girls were unable to disagree with them. While they missed Pan it was an undeniable fact that they missed being together with Hydra as well. But what could they do? At level 9 and with a weak sword, growth item or not it is currently weak, no armor he was able to match for overall damage output. It can be said that this knocked their arrogance out completely and they finally completely realized that they themselves have to work in order become stronger. In fact in real life they all started undergoing martial art lessons and even started to train their body to become familiar with their reactions. It was obvious from these actions that the Shadow Lurkers were now taking the game seriously. Even though they missed their fun times with Hydra, their goal was set. They would create “Shadow Lurkers” in [Second Saga] and destroy whatever party or guild Hydra had joined and have him join them and create the strongest guild possible.

“We can’t keep wasting time we have to get stronger! Knowing Hydra, he’s probably already gained a dozen levels or so.”

After hearing Goliath speak up once more, no one was able to further comment and only nodded in agreement. It was just then, that a giant window appeared above them. It wasn’t the first time they had seen this but for many others in their group it would have been. After all they were currently marching with a group of over 100 users. As they stared at the green message they noticed it wasn’t a warning like previously nor was it an area message. This was the world message! A message that no matter where you were dungeon or the ends of the earth. You would see this message!

The First Legendary Monster [Mercury] has been slayed!
The vanquisher choses to remain anonymous and has used the alias [Shadow]. He who has become a hero throughout the land will be talked about for generations to come! Because of this heroic deed they have been awarded 1000 fame and +2 to all stats! [Shadow] will be the first to be put on the leaderboard! In the case of similar slain counts of Legendary Monsters, the person to slay first will take precedence. Otherwise from now on the player with the highest kill count will remain first! Players who remain on the leaderboard for a certain amount of time will be awarded precious materials or recipes!

The brows on the [Shadow Lurkers] furrowed but it was only because they were seriously conflicted on their emotions. On one side they were happy about it on the other side they couldn’t believe he had slayed a legendary monster under level 50! Then the only response that was possible came out from Lockon.

“As expected of Shadow.”

“Umm… I don’t think I can be surprised by anything he does anymore.”

Rina had given up trying to put a limit on Hydra’s ability, but at the same time. Their limiters were removed and they pressed forward as Goliath yelled out.

“Forward! We will Slay the Raid [The Rise of the Kobold King]!”


The countless users and NPC’s behind him followed and roared increasing their morale. The scene of watching the Shadow Lurkers lead an army of this scale was enough to give anyone arrogance. But that didn’t exist anywhere in their eyes. The eyes with a glint of determination set off to do their best to catch up to their best friend!


You have collected [Mercury]
[Mercury] (legendary material)
[Mercury] is a substance without form, however no matter what it will always stay connected to itself and never be separated. Therefore it can be used in armor or weapons to give it a shapeshifting ability. But because [Mercury] is poisonous to most living animals, it is required to use a catalyst [Dragon’s Skin] to protect from the [Mercury] poisoning. As [Mercury] also has mana draining properties if the item comes into contact with another being it will absorb their mana until the user’s mana is full. The most important part about [Mercury] is it can be reused, however reusing will result in the destruction of the equipment it was attached to and the [Dragon’s Skin] that works as the catalyst.
Current possible recipes [Dusk Glove 1/1, Dragon’s skin 0/1, Mercury 1/1], [???? 0/1, Dragon’s skin 0/1, Mercury 1/1]

‘Ah this feels good. I might not be able to use it but it is an incredibly rare piece of gear! Best of all I got my sword back!’

Hydra was becoming excited, this time was definitely due to his luck and his prayers. He didn’t even care about having [Hesria’s Blessing] while truthfully the damage was down because of that blessing. However to him it more so the Bread God that he prayed to. But as he was letting himself relax a scream came from across the room.


As he jumped up in confusion looking at the fearful expression on Irina’s face he reluctantly replied.


“How….How could you slay a legendary monster!”

As Irina’s face grew angry she started to rush over towards Hydra. Instead Hydra was calming thinking of what she was doing while he was fighting for his life.

‘Weren’t you calming petting Pan that entire time? Didn’t you say you believed in me? This doesn’t make any sense!’

Hydra couldn’t come up with a proper reason to why Irina looked so angry, however he did know that, that anger was directed towards him.

“I swear you keep hiding secrets from me!”

As she arrived in front of Hydra she raised her hand with her palm open. Hydra felt he was somehow guilty and closed his eyes.

‘I’ve kept too many things from her. I deserve this.’

But a slap didn’t come after a few seconds. As he was about to open his eyes and was suddenly slammed to the ground. As he opened his eyes, he saw Irina crying, her face was dyed red and her tears were flowing endlessly. It failed to hide even a bit of her natural beauty as she started to pound Hydra’s chest, with absolutely no strength behind it.

“I…I.. thought.. you.. were.. going to die!”

As Irina paused briefly before every word to regain some of her composure it failed miserably and the tears just kept flowing. Hydra was shocked at this scene and could only stare dumbfounded at Irina.

‘She knows that I can’t die? But wait if I died wouldn’t that mean she would die?’
As Hydra pondered the reasons for her tears he naturally thought it was because she was scared of death, but he was wrong.

“I didn’t want to see you lose! The person I trusted so much to lose in front of me! I wouldn’t care if I died but you can’t lose while you’re with me!….. Even if I died you must never lose!”

“Irina… I can just come back though…”

“That doesn’t matter! You are the owner of [Shadow Stealer]! You are the [Aether Bladist]! You are the one who fights an army of darkness yourself! You can not lose to anything. You…. are my savior!”

The tears that had calmed down now started to rush down her cheeks again. Noticing her unsightly appearance she could only hide her face with her hands and sob uncontrollably. Pan who wanted to somehow improve the mood of his friend, rubbed his furry cheeks on her leg. As he did Hydra, sat up and brought Irina to his chest and embraced her. Letting her cry as long as she needed. He didn’t say anything and nor did she. They just at there in a lone room with the sounds of sniffling echoing. It wasn’t until that Hydra noticed she finally started to calm down as her sniffling had ceased did he say something.

“I can’t promise I won’t lose. With my luck I definitely will come across worse situations. However Irina, I will do my best to keep you safe no matter what. Don’t say you don’t care if you die. To Pan and I you are a precious friend. We both will do our best to protect you, right Pan?”


Pan rose his head and howled in approval. At this sudden humourous situation, Irina could not help but chuckle and her hidden face was now seen. While stained in tears and her eyes completely red, a smile covered her face. It was a smile so bright that nothing else in the world at the time mattered. It was smile brought from deep down into her very soul. Thus she nodded her head and dove into her chest, before she suddenly started to cry again. Hydra was once again dumbfounded. He was not good in these situations, and he could only patiently wait. Wait for his friend to regain her composure, because that’s what it means to be a friend.