Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 029 - Rise Of The New Cult

Okay guys enjoy this for this is the start of everything~



Hydra was thrilled! It was as if the Gods themselves were simply throwing him free items. It might be impossible for other people, but who was Hydra? He was the person who hurt a quartermaster at level 1! Something that was already thought to be impossible. But was that all? No! Hydra had also escaped an army of Liza clan warriors and used a stampede of piglets to utterly massacre them. It could easily be said that Hydra himself was the breaker of impossibilities. Thus looking at Irina he suddenly felt smug. He could finally prove himself to her and show off in front of her. It would allow her to see him in a new light and Irina would have no choice but to think of him as amazing like she did initially. Thus walking towards the [Mercury] in an over exaggerated form, Irina noticing immediately called over in fear.

“Hydra! What are you doing that thing is basically invincible!”

“Haha! No worries just watch as I destroy this so-called ‘Legendary Monster’ in one hit.”

“What are you talking about! Stop being an idiot and get back here! We have to at all costs avoid it!”

At this point Hydra felt it was useless to argue with Irina and truthfully it was the correct choice. As Irina was now, she was already trembling in fear. While the [Mercury] monster was not incredibly strong, fighting one was next to impossible. And the moment you aggravated it, the only way to escape it was to kill it. Thus hundreds of thousands thinking that they were the ‘special’ one to slay a ‘Legendary Monster’ and become famous throughout the lands. It was no different from Hydra, however Hydra had the right to boast.  It was only through his repetitive misfortune would allow him to be confident to overcome any situation. Now he was practically being fed an easy meal. How could he not take opportunity! It was free!

The greed on Hydra’s face slowly turned into an uglier expression. It was lucky for him that Irina and Pan were unable to see his face at this moment. They would definitely be disgusted and think he was some weirdo. As Hydra stared at the [Mercury] ahead of him the distance shortened. His pace was in no rush and took only one small step at a time. 8 steps to go…. then 7…. followed by 6. To Irina the time it took for each step felt like eternity. It caused a ripple in her heart that only increased concern.

Finally it was the last step. Hydra was now staring face-to-face with what he assumed could be it’s face and to Hydra it was only experience and loots. His grinned stretched from ear to ear, and then it happened!


The sound reverberated throughout the entire room. At this moment only Hydra and the [Mercury] existed! Irina was frozen and Pan didn’t care at all! Hydra was enjoying the moment for vanquishing a ‘Legendary Monster’, or so he thought! There were a few problems that occurred next. First, Hydra didn’t notice any window that popped up showing a ‘miracle’ nor was there the window for armor penetration! Second, Hydra’s hand was now inside the [Mercury], why you ask? Well the slash didn’t slash at all and was simply absorbed into the blob’s boddy. Third and finally, a window finally appeared but it was not the one Hydra had expected!

[Shadow Stealer] has been absorbed by [Mercury]!
Normally the item would be instantly destroyed however because [Shadow Stealer] can not be destroyed it was simply absorbed. It can not be recollected without first vanquishing the target!


Hydra stood there dumbfounded. At this very moment he didn’t even care that his hand was still slowly being eaten by the [Mercury] monster. But instead he was not distraught by the fact that nothing ever went his way! His luck stat had now turned back fully into a curse stat! At the time he thought everything was so easy and arrogant even, everything had gone and turned into the worst possible result!

“Nooooooo! Pan quick come jump on this stupid blob and get back [Shadow Stealer]!”

Hydra was crying, his tears were overflowing as he called out to Pan for help. But alas it was impossible! What could Pan do? If he jumped onto [Mercury] he would be eaten next! Therefore Irina, who now somehow calmed down seeing Hydra’s stupidity, picked up Pan and started to pet Pan before calling out.

“That’s what you get!”

But it wasn’t long before she realized the seriousness behind those actions as well. The sword Hydra was using was exactly THE [Shadow Stealer] and to her it meant more than just being a simple sword. She then started to yell and complain towards Hydra who was now nearly a zombie from depression.

“Get that sword back! You better not lose it! I’ll kill you if you do!”

Hydra was completely ignoring Irina at this point and time. Somehow he was actually okay with being eaten by [Mercury] and because Hydra hadn’t removed his arm it was still eating him. The health marker was still slowly going down as a bunch of -1’s kept appearing. Noticing that Hydra was not reacting towards her complaints she quickly tried to turn his sullen mood around.

“Dammit Hydra get yourself together!”

As Irina yelled out she put Pan down and started running towards Hydra. As she got closer and closer towards Hydra she became more determined. She could not afford to lose the [Shadow Stealer] nor could she lose Hydra.


Irina’s body collided with Hydra and they both tumbled away. Although Hydra was now free of [Mercury] because it was no longer eating it’s target it started to get angry. It went over to the person who aggravated it in the first place, Hydra! As Irina knew Hydra’s condition wasn’t any better she mounted him and started to viciously slap his face. His health went down a noticeable amount before he woke up.

“Irina!? What are you doing! Get away or it’s going to kill you!”

“Fine! If you aren’t going to find a hope from this situation then we will die together!”

“What are you saying you idiot!? I’ll just come back the next day you’ll die!”

“I don’t care! You can either find a way out of this or I will die!”

“Fine! Don’t blame me afterwards!

“I won’t….. Cause I trust you!”

As Hydra threw Irina off of him, she squealed at the suddenness of being thrown off. With the glint in his eyes restored Hydra had now found a reason to win this battle. In fact the result would have been the same if he gave up or not as regardless the [Mercury] would not have let Irina go after he aggravated it. But in his previous state he didn’t even think of that possibility.

‘How do I kill it?’

Hydra thought of all the possibilities that he could utilize until now. Thus he started with the first thing he thought of. But he couldn’t think of single thing. If magic didn’t work and physical weapons didn’t work what would?

‘Wait! It might fail but it’s the scariest technique I know, so I can only try!’

As Hydra, pulled out his last resort and his last hope. The object in his hand was by no means powerful but it allowed him to overcome many obstacles and piss off many things. Therefore he could only use it. The piece of bread in his hands for some reason felt powerful. It was as if all the power in the world was contained within the bread. At this moment he would stake his all in this one throw. As Hydra gathered his energy and focused it into his arm, he was ready to throw. His witnesses to this historic moment were only a red panda and a young girl, but that didn’t matter! He staked his entire life on this one throw. As he threw the crusty tasteless and hard piece of bread, it arced and slowly but surely landed on top of [Mercury] with a ‘plop’.

Time was frozen nothing else could disrupt this moment. But…. time went on and nothing happened! The target wasn’t even enraged it just sat there and absorbed the bread! But who was Hydra? He had already been disappointed once would he allow himself to be again? No! So he took out all the bread the whole 499 pieces in a stack. As he carried two in his hands. He prepared for the longest fight of his life!

‘I refused to believe I won’t get a critical once!’

As Hydra started to mercilessly throw the bread at [Mercury] it kept on eating it and slowly walking forward. Meanwhile Irina, had forgotten everything turned and walked away picked up Pan, while watching this incredibly pathetic sight.

“HA! HA! HA!”

Bread after bread was continuously thrown until even Hydra was getting frustrated. He gathered all his strength into one last throw! Even though he had hundreds of pieces of bread left.

“Bread God, if you love me, please bless this piece of bread! Go!”

Hydra through it after praying to the God of Bread. With another arc the bread softly landed on top of [Mercury].

Miracle! Armor penetration has been applied!
1 Damage!


Hydra kneeled and screamed toward the heavens. He raised his hands in fist pumped. Just then a window popped up in front of him!

You are the first to vanquish a Legendary Monster! As the first player to do so you will be awarded 1000 fame and +2 to all stats! Because [Mercury] is only a material based monster 1 experience point will be gained. As the first to vanquish a Legendary Monster you have will be put onto the leaderboard as the first! Please insert a name you wish to be known as!


Without hesitation Hydra used his nickname. He wasn’t a player who liked to be well-known in the first place so might as well use his alter-ego. Even though next to 0 experience was awarded he didn’t care about that for the moment and suddenly he turned to stare at Irina and Pan as he called out.

“Pan come here, quick!”


Pan rushed over on all fours towards its master.

“Okay Pan, from today on we will worship the Bread God as our religion! Quick bow and pray to the Bread God!”

As Hydra had lost himself in delusion he put a piece of bread in front of Pan and him. Pan who took it’s master words seriously sat down and tilted its head down before placing its paws on its nose. At any other moment than this Irina would be all over Pan and calling it ‘adorable’ however somehow at this very moment a strange and pointless cult was formed. The Bread Cult!