Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 028 - [Mercury]

Immediately after picking his new pair of boots up he equipped them. It might not have been the best pair, in fact it was close to being garbage. But what did that matter? Hydra, had officially gotten his first pair of boots and first pair of gear that resulted in an increase in defense! He went from 0-5 in one go, sad yes, but it wasn’t something that could possibly affect his current mood. Even Irina was slightly staring at Hydra as if he was slightly weird. Pan tilted his head in befuddlement, as if he being an animal of luck and finding countless good drops he wouldn’t even be bothered to pick something up like this. As Hydra started to regain his cool he went over to the remaining drops. As the leader of the party it was his responsibility to distribute the goods. In case they had a larger party people wouldn’t be able to fight over the goods and a roll system would be done through the menu after the leader picked up the goods. The highest roll resulted in securing the item. In this case it wasn’t exactly an issue because Irina wouldn’t care about such an item in the first place. If there happened to be a legendary bow, then that was a different case, but until something perked her interest Hydra could have everything for all she cared. It was needless to say but Pan, didn’t care about a single thing ever at all.  There might exist an item that Pan may want specifically but until then he wouldn’t even take a single look at the items. As long as he got to sleep in his precious spot (Hydra’s arms or shoulder) then he was happy.

“Let’s see what else there is.”

As Hydra walked over to the remaining pile of items he noticed it was completely disappointing in comparison to the drop of gear. He picked up a tooth resembling the [Crugling] and didn’t see a particular use for it, so he decided to identify it to solve any questions he might have.

[Crugling’s tooth] (rare material)
One of the many teeth that exist within a [Crugling]. As it is incredible sharp and small, it can be used as an arrow-head. That is only an obvious use for it as the tooth itself has constricting abilities to darkness magic after absorbing much of the crystals powers. Therefore it can be used in potions or gear for darkness resistance when it is grounded up.

It was a good find but it wasn’t particularly thrilled about it. He already had some darkness resistance but it didn’t hurt to have more as we was a class that countered darkness why not go all the way right? There happened to be 4 more teeth lying around. When he picked up the remaining tooth and put it away he picked up the few coins that dropped. It was only a couple of gold coins but it was a start of his ‘getting rich plan’, so he didn’t mind at all. The last item was an item he had seen before obviously but he hadn’t brought before. It was an Erlenmeyer flask (Authors note: in case anyone doesn’t know that is the proper name for a flask and named after the chemist Erlenmeyer {you don’t say?} btw chemistry 101 yo anyways this chemist will continue the story sorry) that contained, a red fluid. It was the popular potion used for restoring health. As Hydra had used it when fighting with the Shadow Lurkers to speed up farming and distance travelled, but as it was an expensive item for beginners he wasn’t willing to spend the extra dime on it. After all cooking and eating would restore health and health regain the only problem was one had to be out of combat. Thus the potion was something used during emergencies. Although Hydra wouldn’t pay for the item, he would naturally keep such an item in case he needed it in the future. Specially in case Irina was hurt, however he didn’t have plans for her to ever get hurt in the first place. All the damage would be soaked up by him and if the situation came where he could not control it, she would be the first to escape. As he didn’t know how potent this particular potion was he decided to identify it as well.

Health Potion (intermediate)
A potion that heals the user. As this potion was created with mediocre skills it was unable to fully utilize its potential and thus created an intermediate grade potion. Will restore instantly 200 health when used.

“Hey Irina, take the potion.”

As Hydra called out to Irina before she had time to look over a potion was thrown in her direction. As she barely caught it after fumbling with it for a few seconds, she slightly glared at Hydra for nearly causing an accident. But her glare didn’t last long as it was obvious the reason why Hydra had given her the potion to begin with. As she bought the potion to her chest and her grip tightened her lips curled into a soft smile and then she said.

“Okay, I’ll keep it until one of us needs it.”

As Hydra wasn’t going to argue he just raised and waved his hand in approval. As he finally gathered all the materials it was time to finish off the rest of the [Cruglings]. Hydra had already fought one before and as it was still technically a monster of low-level, it shouldn’t have any more hidden abilities unless it was an elite, hidden, or titled monster. Seeing how that was neither the case for the [Cruglings] it was only a matter of time before they all became experience.

“Ready Irina?”


Before he even mentioned anything Irina was already prepared with while taking an arrow out of the quiver. As Hydra rushed over to another [Crugling] with it’s backed face to him, he slashed it multiple times while Irina let immediately used [Hawkshot].

Consecutive Critical Hits!
The target has been greatly weakened (All Stats down 20%) and has been stunned after falling over for 3 seconds.

The outcome after exploiting its weakness was obvious. After quickly finishing up the [Crugling] he went on to the next one without looking at the gear. A rare piece of loot may have dropped but Hydra wasn’t concerned. It wasn’t going anywhere and there was no obvious pieces of gear that would heighten his abilities off the start so he decided to kill the remaining dozen or so before he gathered all the drops together.

It was only took about an hour before the remaining [Cruglings] were dealt with. As Hydra gathered the loot to see his profits he was disappointed once more. The only good drop was the teeth while in total he collected about 75 of them. The potions only counted 6 and the remaining items were scraps of garbage that could have been rare gear but had fully decomposed in the [Cruglings] stomach. But Hydra was disappointed for another reason altogether.

‘In the end that crystal didn’t drop once.’

It can be said that anything can be dropped when slaying a monster, even with extra drop rate and luck some items only had a 1% dropping to begin with. It was possible for the rate to be even lower or that certain conditions needed to be applied like the shadow cores he previously gathered in the [Cave of Origins].

“Well let’s get to the next room.”


As Hydra walked onto the next doorway that was identical to the previous one his companions closely followed him. After entering he didn’t try to stealth as it would be pointless anyways but instead of a straight corridor it it turned a 90 degree angle after a few dozen feet or so. After they arrived at the turn, they found a large circular room. In the middle of the room was a giant living blob. It was darker silver in colour and gave the impression of liquid metal. Before Hydra could even identify it Irina fell on her butt. She was so shocked at seeing the metal blob she was unable to speak and didn’t even notice Hydra’s presence when he called out to her. Instead he opted to see why it was so terrifying.


[Mercury] (Legendary Monster)
level ?? Health 1/1
The most ancient of beings are existences that are nearly invincible or invulnerable to all types of attacks whether it be magic or weapons, that is the meaning of a legendary monster. However [Mercury] is a monster where it is unknown how to defeat it even with the low health. Because if is shapeless it absorbs all physical attacks and when magic is used it simply drains the magic of its mana resulting in failure. Though the material [Mercury] can only be found through this monster and if the user is able to rise above all odds and slay the monster he will obtain the legendary material that allows of a weapon or armor to shapeshift.  Most legendary materials exist as a monster in this shape or form thus if one wishes to create the best gear or items, they must be able to vanquish one first and find the secrets hidden behind these monsters.