Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 022 - Rewards

As Hydra was thinking about the suddenness of his friend’s actions a sweet call reverberated in his ears.


As Hydra turned around to check the recipient he was actually quite shocked.  The owner was the young girl he had saved. Now that he could see her better, as she was cleaned it she looked like a girl the same age as his sisters. She was beyond beautiful with facial proportions working to complement one another.  The most shocking part was what she was carrying in her arms.  It was a red living object.  Cutely adorable by all means and was staring at Hydra with all the love in the world.  Yes it was Pan, but Hydra could only think ‘Why was Pan with the young girl?’, as Irina’s gaze followed Hydra she knew what he was thinking and passed Pan off to him.  Pan, who was being passed excitedly jumped into Hydra’s arms and as if it was the most natural thing in this world fell asleep!  Irina looked at that sight with delight and cupped her hands together.  Hydra could see behind that delighted face was a hint of disappointment, as Irina was happily petting Pan until the panda left her arms.

“Thank you for holding onto Pan.”

Hydra was not a selfish person and upon seeing someone help taking care of Pan it was natural for him to thank them.  Irina, whose name Hydra didn’t even know yet,  quickly shook her hands in protest while she responded.

“No…. I should be thanking you.  Without you I would already be dead right now.  I can’t thank you enough and holding onto such ado-  I mean your pet was no big deal.”

As she fumbled her words around she finally could breathe a sigh of relief.  It was true after all without Hydra saving her she would definitely have died a terrible death and maybe full of pain.  It was enough to make her shudder just thinking of being just a piece of meat for the Liza.

“It was an obvious thing to do to help another person.  Isn’t that what it means to be a fellow person?  To forsake others is akin to forsaking yourself, you can’t expect others to help you if you don’t help them.”

“Ah…. I knew it…”

While Hydra spoke as if it was a matter of fact Irina could only softly mutter in response.  Though Hydra was unable to hear this and as he was gently petting and looking at Pan with a smile he was not able to see her lips move either.


“Ah!  I have a message from your friends as well.”

“Oh really?”

Hydra’s interest was suddenly perked.  He had gotten a reply from Goliath but that didn’t explain much so if what the young girl had for him would explain more he would naturally be interested.  Irina, who still to this point is just a stranger even though she thinks differently passed the letter off to Hydra.  He opened it up, as he was reading  a number of expressions could be seen as it read:

Yo Shadow~  We all put some time to write this so it might have some weird inconsistency but you don’t mind that right?  Well you might mind the fact that we seemingly just up and left but honestly we don’t really want to explain it to you!  But there is a few things we will tell you Shadow.  First off, we started the nickname for you, aren’t you glad :3  At first we approached you to scout you but then we became friends and we didn’t want to rely on your power alone to become the strongest.  Everyone needs to gain strength on their own and when we do we will come back to you and prove how strong we have become.  So until then Hydra, join any guild lead any party to the highest reaches of them game!  But as your first friends we will come back and destroy any guilds or armies you muster and drag you back with us.  You’re our rival Hydra and as our rival you’re required to become nothing but the strongest you can not lose until you lose to us!
Shadow Lurker
(We tried to steal Pan but he wouldn’t leave no matter what so until then take care of him we will take what’s rightfully ours!)

“Hahaha!  Alright sounds good!  I take you guys up on that challenge.  I’ll find the strongest members and create my own party!”

“Uh…. isn’t this where you get mad at them for leaving?”

“Well I can’t say I’m thrilled.  However if they are challenging me I refuse not to try my best. against them.”

As Hydra and Irina spoke back and forth, Irina could not understand why Hydra was not angry.  He had been left behind by his friends, but was it really like that?  He already showed his ability to fight alone even enemies of much higher levels than him with nearly no gear what kind of person who has full gear and triple his level would be okay with relying on him?  The Shadow Lurkers might be prideful or petty but it wasn’t just that, it was cause as Hydra’s friend it would be even greater to walk beside him with their heads held high.

Now that Hydra, had been challenged, had a break from his job and even had his bank account running low he had an even larger incentive to try harder.  However there was one thing he had to do first.  Hand in his quest!  He may have died but that didn’t change that he successfully saved the boy’s father.  So as he didn’t know where the father lived he asked the one person who escaped with him.

“Do you know what happened to the father I helped saved alongside you??”

“Oh right he told me to direct you to him when I found you.  Actually I only found you because Pan started to act weird and I followed where he cutely.. I mean pointed with this tails.”

“Ah right I will have to trouble you then please!”

“No,  I am grateful that you helped me in the first place.”

“Umm by the way I still don’t know your name!”

“It’s Irina!”

The girl happily answered even showing signs of successfully accomplishing a minor goal.  Hydra realised he had never asked for the young girl’s name.  Now that he looked more, the girl was stunningly beautiful.  She no longer had dirty clothes and the new one piece she wore was matched a summer dress but looked to be fitted for battle instead of a cute like appearance.  It was white while the sleeves mended perfectly into a cherry like colour.  This matched perfectly with her long silky blonde hair.  When she skipped her hair flew with the wind and she happily smiled that would be able to charm any man.  Hydra could only blush at this appearance she might have been a NPC but that did not change that her beauty was exquisite.

After walking sometime following behind Irina, they bumped into people and every time he almost got into a fight, with Irina appearing they would quickly calm down with a stupid looking smile.  Somehow Hydra had been angry by that scene but he wasn’t one to cause trouble if others did not strike first.  Then they finally came upon an old worn down building.  It wasn’t coloured with any special paint the wood was rotting, but amazingly the sign made of steel saying ‘Sage of the smithy’  was completely untarnished and even shining slightly.  Somehow Hydra had a bad feeling until he saw that sign.  The woodwork might have been crappy but the metalwork was amazing.  While Hydra had been standing staring at the sign Irina had already entered and called him to enter as he hadn’t followed her.

“Ah my savior!  I must thank you from saving me for those terrifying beasts!”

‘No, like you’re honestly 10 times more scary than they are, stop being a whimp already.’

Is what he wanted to say but at this point where he was infinitely about to receive a reward how could he!  He was nearly dying from excitement at this point.

“How could I not save you.  Your son’s love for his father moved me and I graciously accepted this quest!”

Flattery works in all shapes and forms.  The truth of the matter was different after all he only accepted because it was his first quest otherwise if he had been more experienced he probably would deny any quest that was this difficult again.  But in the end he won over fate and now it was time to end it and be on his way.

“Well humble as you may be savior, I, Ulric, also know as the Wimp sage of blacksmithing can not let you go unrewarded!”

“Is that suppose to be a title to be proud of.  Anyone?!’

Hydra nearly lost his footing but his poker face was amazing and no one had noticed the drop of sweat running down his neck.

“Here, take this!”

Shadow coal
A piece of coal.  With shadow elements impued.  It’s only used for beginner blacksmiths as it is easily melded.

‘WHAT THE !@#$”

“Oh and I must teach true secret of my family’s blacksmithing.  For generations we have been known as the number one smithery in the kingdom!  And because you saved my life I am able to pass it onto my son so please accept it.”

As Hydra was nearly about to knock the Ulric unconscious and drag him back to the Liza clan he soon was calmed down by the following words.  He then took the scroll from Ulric and a window popped up!

You have learned the skill Transmutation


[Transmutation] (hidden skill)
This is a secret technique by a famous blacksmith to create the best metalwork in the entire country.  But that is not all it can be used for and even though it purifies materials the difficulty to control the transmutation is anything but easy.  However when mastered the weapons and armor will be known throughout the land as masterpieces. (With further levels allows new items to be transmuted and better work can be created.)

‘This is it!’

Not only did he have a hidden class he even had a hidden skill!  It was worth all the risk and the loss of level until now.  Hydra quickly thanked Ulric who continuously wept while shaking his hand.  The little boy was beaming with smiles and the earlier tears could not be seen at all.  It would be hard to think this boy was even capable of crying that hard by seeing him now.  However it was time to leave and Hydra quickly gave his farewells and left with Pan still sleeping, but instead of in his arms Hydra hung him over his shoulder and Pan didn’t even wake up.  It was time to leave and power level.

Hydra walked through the crowd avoiding any shops or fancy buildings the only thing he wanted to do was level up and be off on an adventure.  As he arrived at the gate he took a big breath in.  But as he was about to exhale he was suddenly startled as a young girl’s voice called out to him.

“Wait!  Please wait!”

“Irina?  What’s the matter?”

“Please take me with you!”