Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 021 - Aim To Be The Strongest!

A little note!  Even if you do not like this chapter please, give this volume a try as this is the most like volume I have wrote so far!

Landon had just woken up, but was unable to move. He sat there while thinking of the adventure he had just undergone. While it may have been a rough ride for him, it was undoubtedly the most exhilarating time of his life. The only thing he wanted to do was dive right back in and see the results of the quest! Seeing as how he died and has to wait 24 hours how could he? Landon could only sit in the Box unit refusing to leave the seat looking through his memories over and over again, it was official he had a lot of fun. Now that he had started [Second Saga] there was no way he could stop. Regardless of the misfortune that happened, making new friends, the gear the escape from the village, the stampede, everything was a moment of fun to him. However even though he had fun he remembered his family, those he had to take care of. So no matter how much of a ‘game’ it was to others, that didn’t apply to Landon, it was now his life. It was time to start leveling more seriously; he needed to find rare gear, not just gear that pertained to his class, but other classes as well so he could sell it off for money. The Old man was right, the faster he became a Core gamer the easier it would be to sell off the gear. The reason for this was because then he could choose the right time when the majority of players reached that level, that way the price would only lead to a bidding war. After being encouraged to try harder, Landon got up and went to sleep.

The next morning Landon thankfully woke up on time. He got dressed in his everyday no name clothing that begged people to call him poor. This was something Landon was used too; people would stare at him like he was a freak of nature, but it didn’t matter because that was the life he lived and he was happy with it.

Ding ding.

“Good morning~”

An energetic voice welcomed Landon, but instead of being overly happy about such a greeting he was instead staring at the owner of the voice. It was a young girl, with her hair tied back into a ponytail and bright blue eyes, energetically walking about serving customers.

“Brother what’s wrong?”

That’s right the owner of the voice was his sister, Azla; that’s not all either as Lisa was also there in a server’s apron. Both of his sister’s were working at the Old man’s restaurant and Landon, who was shocked, stared at this situation due to the fact he did not know what to make of it.

“Ah, you’re here squirt. Sit down and have some breakfast; you rushed to work today and didn’t eat right?”

“Uh…Yeah… Old man why did you kidnap my sisters and force them into child labour?”

“Hey, even as a joke that one hurts my pride. I would never do that to a couple of pretty young girls.”


“What did you say Steve? Better yet why are you here this early in the morning; you’re not welcome, leave.”

“Hey don’t you think that’s a bit rude, I’m a paying customer after all!”

“The hell you are, you haven’t paid for a single thing ever since you started coming here.”

“Oh really?”

“Both of you are going to scare the customers off. If you continue, you know what will happen right?”


The two old men just sulked and agreed with Sarah who came from upstairs. She looked towards Landon and his sisters then she said.

“Actually they decided to work here for their older brother, aren’t you lucky to be looked after like this?”

“Huh? That makes no sense I still have bills to pay after all?”

“Ah brother, don’t worry you’ll still be getting the money!”

Lisa responded to his confusion with a bashful smile.


He was too confused, it was too sudden after all, but before he could think clearly Azla continued.

“Because we want to help you after all, we know you’ve been working hard for us for a long time; therefore we want to help you a little as well. This will give you time to play [Second Saga] and help us more right? So just think of it as a deposit~”

“Brat, here’s your food so quickly eat and get out of here. I don’t want to hear any arguments; your foster parents already agreed, but you still have to work Saturdays with Sarah.”

“Wait Sarah isn’t working either?”

“Nope! I’ve been working here since I was a kid after all, so I’m taking my long overdue holiday indefinitely.”

“But sweetiee!”

Sarah only ignored her father and quickly went back upstairs. Her box unit had just arrived, thus she was excited to try it out immediately.

“That’s how it is Brother, so eat and leave~”

Azla quickly shoved a plate filled with bacon, eggs, and toast into Landon’s hands, while Liza pushed him down into a chair. Now that he
thought about it he did eat a light meal last night, it would be better for him to take the offer and leave; after all his sisters looked like they were enjoying themselves and it made him slightly happy they wanted to help.

“But… We both decided that on Sundays you have to give us your attention and can’t play your game alright!?”

Lisa quietly whispered so only he and Azla could hear. Landon only nodded and wolfed down his food. It only took a few minutes to finish,
and naturally his sisters couldn’t stay and chat as they were still working. It may not have been busy at the shop today, but they were clearly new thus it took a bit longer to take orders. Even still the customers didn’t seem to mind, instead they encouraged the girls if they made a mistake; it was a heartwarming scene.

“Alright, well I won’t thank you as you’re getting your reward later. Take care girls, and don’t let this Old man give you any candy!”


“Hey, what kind of person do you think I..”

Before the Old man could finish Landon had already left, while Steve had stared at Michael before calling out to him.

“Didn’t you want to ask him about [Second Saga]?”


The Old man silently wept to himself depressed.


As Landon was walking home he forget one piece of information, even if he did have the day off, he still died in the game and couldn’t play!

‘Guess I’ll just go wander the supermarket and look for cheap deals’

Depressed, Landon walked home with a slow unmotivated pace.


“Haaah… It’s finally time. I made a big dinner, and I don’t need to worry about working until Saturday; as that’s 4 days away I can dive all day only stopping to eat and sleep. Okay Start!”

Landon, who was sitting in the Box unit, called out as his consciousness was cut. He soon woke back up in the church for the 3rd time. He wasn’t sure if this was the only place he would respawn, as every time he played the game he had always died before logging out.

As he exited the church the loud chatter was even louder than normal, when he tried to overhear the topics he was somewhat embarrassed.

“Hey did you know who that man was that brought the stampede?”
“No, but he was amazing what a hero! If it wasn’t’ for him this city would have been destroyed!”

“I didn’t get to see his face…but do you remember the rumours about that amazing swordsman yesterday called Shadow? Apparently people are saying it was him!”

“Do they remember what he looked like?”

“That’s just the thing, everyone has forgotten! People are also saying he used bewitching potions to make them forget so he could remain anonymous!”

“Oooh…as expected of a hero like Shadow.”

‘No, like seriously who would even take the effort to make hundreds of potions to make users forget my face’

Is what Hydra wanted to say, but clearly it didn’t matter much. People now only knew him by nickname so he could roam freely, only he would have to be careful about how he used his [Shadow Arm] as to not attract too much attention to himself from now on.

“Maybe I should whisper Rina and them, starting the game with them would be fun after all!”

As Hydra called out to Rina there was no response, thus he decided to message Lila, and likewise he was ignored.

‘Strange it says they are online…are they in a boss fight or something?’

He tried one last time to Goliath, as he enjoyed getting attention because he was usually ignored.


‘Yes! He answered okay let’s see…’

But before he could get return a response Goliath messaged him first.

‘We have decided to venture out by ourselves. We are going to create the strongest guild together. When we do, we will come find you; in the meantime, you must become the strongest player in [Second Saga] otherwise we will never fight together again!’

‘Huh? What’s this suppose to mean!’

Hydra was confused, for the second time today he was dumbfounded. He had no idea how to respond, but when he thought to ask a return
message came saying he was blocked!

‘Urgh. I don’t get it, but I know you guys aren’t the type to do
anything without a reason. So all I have to do is become the strongest right? Sounds good. Let’s do it!’