Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Second Saga

Chapter 014 - Absolute Taunt

After Hydra evolved from a basic noob into an educated noob he started to realize that this game was only going to get much more fun from this point on.  He excitedly dived in and massacred all the poor lil piggies.  As just the starting monster they had no chance against seasoned veterans like Hydra’s group and even though Hydra had less than a half a day’s game time he was still used to evading much more agile targets.

“So, this is how you’re suppose to normally start the game.  Yes while a tense hard battle is exhilarating, kicking back and getting easy levels is nice too.”

“Well if it was anyone else I swear they would have been 100% shadow possessed at your level.  You’re just that much of a freak.”

“Hey, that’s rude Lila. I was trying my best to survive…”

“That’s right, it’s only possible because it was Shadow.”

“Ummm I don’t think that’s the point here Lockon…”

“huh really?”

“Guy’s while it’s it’s nice to gather around and chat can you help me kill these pigs first?”

While everyone else had gathered chatting leisurely, Goliath was left to fight a group of 8 pigs.  Grouping them and farming was the easiest way to gather experience and because they were to low-level the burden was considerable lessened.  However from time to time they would leave Goliath and start chatting endlessly.  The veins from Goliath constantly started to bulge out and Hydra was slightly worried he might have internal bleeding if this kept up so he rushed to the his aid.  Not because he was worried the pigs could harm him but that he would harm himself!

After a quick clean up they gathered together.  While finishing off the rest of the pigs Rina, who hadn’t needed to heal anyone was setting up a fire.  They gathered together fished out their pieces of meat from the drops and quickly gave it to Hydra.  The moment they found he could cook it didn’t matter if there were no spices or not it was decided that he was the cook from then on.  Hydra, didn’t mind at all though, as he would have to cook for himself anyways a few more portions wouldn’t harm anyone.  And because of this a nice window appeared to show that rewarded his actions

[Cooking☆] (passive)
You proven your ability to cook a meal.  While the difficulty in cooking is not high, the user must have a basic understanding of when a meal is or is not ready to be consumed.
Bonus increase to satiety.
Depending on the meal cooked temporary stats can be gained.

Hydra was proudly staring at his new skill, when Lila curious asked him with her eyes, he had just responded that he had learnt a the cooking skill.  They all clapped happily, in fact they were the ones most happy about it.  But when Hydra fully read it he realized the benefits of cooking.

“I didn’t realize that cooking would give buffs.”

“What really?!”

Lockon yelled at Hydra who had just blurted out the information.

“Yeah, I just learned the cooking skill and besides satiety depending on the mean buffs can be given.”

Lockon was already absorbed writing clearly in his little journal.

“Guess that means we have our own new cook!”

“Hey at least try to learn.”

Hydra quickly retorted Lila who seemingly was excited they didn’t have to eat raw or overcooked food in-game anymore.  While they finished their light meals and their satiety which hadn’t decreased much was back to full Goliath approached Hydra.

“So, although you told us, I was truly curious about using bread to taunt enemies does it really work that well?”

“Well I can’t say it for other monsters but it was definitely the most effective against the shadows I faced off.”


Goliath walked off clearly in deep thought.  Hydra shrugged his shoulders, he didn’t know why it mattered but because he learnt first hand a the terrible might of throwing bread he absolutely refused to try it again.  Goliath in the meantime walked off alone towards an innocent little big.  It had to have been the smallest and weakest out of them all.  That was the reasoning Goliath came over to this pig.  He wanted to try for himself the bread taunt.  As he gathered a few pieces he threw a piece of bread at the young piglet.  The bread arced with seemingly light force behind it and landed with a ‘plop’ on top of its head.  Though it seemed to do nothing, as the pig didn’t respond, while Goliath started stare confused.

“Is it effective only against shadows or spiders?”

The true reasoning behind Goliath’s actions was because as a knight keeping aggro was the most important.  If throwing bread was a viable method of taunting he would of course be interested in it.  But that was just the beginning of the fearsome power of bread, just as Goliath thought it was a one time skill the pig finally responded.


Startled by the sudden pig’s scream Goliath stared at the pig.  It had now turned full red instead of pink and at that next moment a window popped up in front of him.

You have enraged a pig, releasing it’s hidden skill Stampede.
The pig will now become the call upon all the other pigs and follow the pig until it’s enrage timer is depleted.


“Hey Hydra, what did Goliath want?”

“He just asked about the bread taunt I used on the spiders.”

“Oh, that must be why he’s being chased by a stampede.”


Rina curiously asked Hydra, who responded

“What a terrifying technique.  That must be banned from using at all costs.”


Lila who was watching as well banned the bread throw from then on.  Rina and Hydra quickly nodded their heads in approval.  It would definitely cause more trouble than it was worth from then on.  Meanwhile Lockon was staring at Goliath in the distance writing in his journal with a new-found technique.  He named it ‘Absolute taunt’.


“No, even if you say that that’s impossible.”

As everyone nodded their heads in agreement with Hydra.  Goliath was currently being chased by over 50 pigs.  Low level or not, it would be a huge risk to fight any mob of monsters like that thus they all watched the scene slightly trembling.  Once again Hydra regretted everything when it came to throwing bread.
“I’m exhausted.”

“What?!  How are you exhausted you watched me being chased for two hours”

“Yeah, that was tough work writing every detail of a hidden skill stampede.”

“Why you!”

“Now now boys, it’s over and we finally arrived at the forest.  So let’s change gears and get ready cause the real fight starts now.”

“Are the enemies in the forest difficult?”

Hydra curiously asked Lila who tried to quell the other two guys who turned serious and prepared themselves.

“Ummm.. Hydra this is where the Liza clan lives.  There is a swamp in the deeper parts of the forest.  Although this is only the outskirts, the Liza clan are territorial monsters and often scout their boundaries.  If we fail to kill one and they manage to run away, they will return with 100 times the number.”

“That would be problematic.”

“Yeah, anyways you’re still really low leveled you might have 2 more levels but you still haven’t broken the level 10 mark yet, so it might be best to wait until the aggro is fully focused on Goliath if you want to start fighting.”

“I’ll do just that.”

Lila responded kindly taking note of Hydra’s low level.  She was right and Hydra himself knew that.  He was just level 9 and while he opted to add more points into strength to further increase his damage.  It still was risky to fight an enemy at a much higher level.  While grouping it shouldn’t be a problem dealing with opponents 10-20 levels higher. If the group is too large the amount of damage would be greater than they could handle.

“Yo… I’ve been thinking this for a while but am I just a meat shield to you guys?”

Everybody stared at Goliath dumbfounded is if their expressions said ‘Isn’t that obvious’.  Thus Goliath started to mutter again softly so no one could hear, but everyone realized his personality and quickly consoled him.  While the situation turned better Hydra brought looked at his menu one more time before heading off to the forest.

Name Hydra Level 9
Race Human Profession Aether Blade
Fame 250
Damage 19(+1)~ Defense 0
Vitality 520 Mana 140
Strength 28 Agility 44
Stamina 10 Wisdom 6
Intelligence 10 Luck 44
Shadow Nemesis-+10% resistance to shadow magic, can not be bound by elementary Aether magic.
Shadow Stealer- damage +1
Dusk Glove- defense 0:[Shadow Arm] (Cost 25 mana)