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Second Saga

Chapter 013 - As Expected….

In the world of [Second Saga] there existed several basic classes, these are:

Knight- A class designated for tanking while dealing out damage. Relying on a shield to avoid critical damage the knight is there to protect the team. It’s damage output is the lowest of all the melee classes however the defense is the highest and has the most support/control spells.

Warrior- Throws away defense and turns it into pure strength and vitality. A warrior will charge into the battlefield suck up all the damage and come out bloody and bruised but still victorious.

Cleric- Focuses completely on healing while adding minor buffs. The cleric can be named the most important class without it all quests are bound to fail.

Shaman- Slight heals which heal over time aside from immediate. The shaman will focus on buffs and act as a support more than a designated healer but a master shaman can handle both responsibilities.

Mage- (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Aether [further split into light, darkness, and spatial]) A class which solely focuses on
high damage and massive AOE spells. Later depending on the class type it will focus on either control, burst damage, damage over time, massive AOE, or a balance of those.

Archer- Used for long-range burst with quick maneuverability relies on quantity and quality of arrows for damage.

Swordsman- An agile sword user that relies heavily on ability to master. Greater evasion will increase ability to deal high damage. It is a high risk high reward class

Lancer- Like the swordsman except takes the middle approach and stays out of the melee users range to attack. Can be said to be the number one counter to all melee clashes in a head on clash.

Rogue- A stealth user that relies on sneak attacks and backstabs. Because the user needs to be nimble it relies on daggers. Hit and run tactics are used for this class.

There were 10 basic classes in [Second Saga] with the mass majority of them being melee classes. However if one was to consider different types of mages it would be nearly equal. At the beginning differences will not be huge but as all the characters get promoted into their second classes the differences will start to become noticeable. Next while there are only 10 basic classes there exists Hidden classes. Right now there is only one widely known class which is:

Summoner- A rare class that was born from the ashes of a Phoenix. The ultimate goal of a summoner is to be able to return the ashes into a raging Phoenix. But while they are still growing small beasts may be summoned. The summoner must find and capture beasts and the amount of summons available at any given time is dependent on the strength of the user. This class is a versatile class and the damage, control, healing, support all depend on the summoned beasts. (This class can be acquired by finding a Phoenix’s ashes.)

“Shadow, can you explain to me your class? I’ll continue to teach you more about [Second Saga] if you do!”

“That’s no problem I had no intentions on hiding it from you guys anyways.”

Lockon who had been explaining thoroughly like and encyclopedia asked Hydra, for his class info. It seemed that Lockon was quite the bookworm and enjoyed piling up a journal of information. As Hydra had looked towards the rest of the members and even they sometimes went ‘oh really?’. Thus Hydra quickly explained what the basic profession info.

Aether Blade- A mix between a swordsman and Aether mage. This class is a top-tier hidden profession and allows the user to equip leather armor where a magician could not. Use magic where a swordsman could not. The user may also dual wield the two at the same time. However this class is ancient and does not have a quartermaster and therefore the user must either learn through hardships or acquire massive amounts shadows in order to unlock more secrets of the Rune magic.

Lockon happily wrote down the new information in his book not missing a single detail that Hydra read out. As soon as he finished he quickly finished his part of the bargain and continued to explain about [Second Saga] to Hydra.

“The major difference anyone can see about [Second Saga] is the magic used. Normally magic is vocal but in our case we have to write runes.”

As Lockon explained a single Rune floated up and Lockon perfectly wrote the rune and bright light lit up and fireball shot out at the tree. The tree was charred black and in the middle existed a giant hole.

“The most amazing thing about this, is that it creates a strategy for how you cast it. The strength can be changed by writing sloppy but that’s not all. By writing perfectly the magic can get a bonus increase in damage.”

“I watched a duel already and I was completely amazed. If I had fought him 1 on 1 right without seeing first hand I would definitely had lost the advantage. It would be tough to turn the situation once a mage gets the upper hand.”

Hydra and Lockon continued to dive into strategy game mechanics, while the other three were bored and started to hunt monsters. While the term monsters was correct it was simply the low-level pigs that hop around for players lower than 10. But they couldn’t exactly fight and strong enemies specially that they were just passing through. Goliath, Lila, and Rina didn’t even need to kill the poor pigs. They were already level 30+ as Hydra had later found out so it was over kill but the pigs still gave meat and it was easy. They also didn’t want to listen to the conversation Hydra and Lockon were having. While Goliath was engaged with a pig he could easily solo Lila walked over to Rina and started to chat with her.

“Hydra, is surprisingly studious isn’t he?”

“Mhmm, it’s quite amazing. I don’t think I have ever heard anyone listen to Lockon that long without getting bored.”

“Well it is basic knowledge so he would have to learn it eventually.”

“Yeah. But he’s quite strong even without it. I was actually shocked to hear all he’s been through and he hasn’t even played the game for more than a day.”

“Well better take care of your precious Lockon or Hydra here might snatch him up and ran away with him!”

“Lila! Wha… What are you saying!”

As Lila ran away giggling Rina chased after her in protest. Meanwhile Goliath had a few veins pop.

‘I’m seriously fighting by myself with a party of five people. I have the lowest damage other than a cleric, and I’m required to fight this alone. While it doesn’t do any damage nor do I.’

Goliath depressing fought by himself without the help of any of his teammates. It didn’t take much longer for him to start muttering incomprehensible things.

“Oh! that’s good….. Next time….”

As Hydra was watching Goliath, it suddenly started to get darker and darker and therefore chose to pretend he never heard it in the first place and started to listen to Lockon again where he started to explain the circle of magic.

Magic is a circle that exists to counter itself. Some elements prevail over others while being weak to another. This is the case for every magic and goes like this:


Light and darkness are simply two sides of a coin one cannot exist with the other so the stronger used magic will win over the two. Spatial magic is special. Because light and darkness are abstract objects it is easy to avoid the effects of spatial magic however because the elements are things that can be grasped or manipulated easily spatial magic easily counters and disrupts the elements. As for the elements countering an abstract form with a manipulated form allows it to block most light and darkness spells.

“The next thing would be the world itself.”

Hydra perked his ears on this one. To him adventuring the land was his second priority after acquiring money. So it was no joke when he felt this is the most important topic to him.

“The only kingdom available at the moment is the Valeria kingdom. From what I have gathered it is one of the four major powers on the continent. Although it is a little difficult to confirm what other kingdoms exist other than the four major. Though the current strongest 4 are well-known. In the mountains to the south exist the Dwarves of Gila. The north is the land of barbarians and it is said that many different clans, species and monsters exist on equal footing there. The Valeria Kingdom exists in the middle of the two and acts as the trading center of the continent. Finally the last place is the Forest of Origin where the high elves are said to live. However from what I read it is near impossible to reach there as it exists in a valley with no way to enter.”

“So besides these four there are more?”

He was listening very carefully making sure not to miss a single detail. Lockon shook his head and shrugged.

“It should be obvious that there is much more than that. Otherwise Phoenix wouldn’t be able to stay in business.
However to avoid leaking information they forced the Library to only allow information to be learnt as other users unlock it. The exception to the rule is that basic world knowledge that all regular commoners would know. Because they wouldn’t care about the world outside it is assumed that we shouldn’t know unless we venture there ourselves.”

“Once I’m high enough level, I’ll immediately set out for that kind of adventure.”

“At that time, make sure to bring us with you Shadow!”


As the two pounded the fists they came to a common agreement. Although the other three did not hear it, with how close they had become in such a short period the answer was clear.

“Now, I think i explained the basics to you. I guess the only real thing say is that this is still another world. Therefore by doing performing certain actions it is possible to learn skills that will greatly improve those actions.”

“Like what?”

“Hmm, like cooking for example. Although the vast majority of users in [Second Saga] can’t cook when we have everything prepared for us.”

“I can cook…”

“….As expected of Shadow.”

‘No, I seriously am starting to think you have too many expectations for me’