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Chapter 009 - 09 – 6th login – A Threat From The Water

6th login – A Threat From The Water
It seemed that every day in rebirth online is so lively. It’s almost a month from the day the new PK system is implemented. Tomorrow, all of the player will know who is the one that’s going to be the first reaper.
The player that killed the most players in a month will get a 100.000 gold and will be acknowledge as a reaper. If a player turns into a reaper, their name color will turn into black. A reaper will get 2 times the experience and drop rate until they are killed. If a reaper is killed, their equipment drop rate is 100%. The experience and gold penalty upon their death is 50%. After that, their name will return to normal color and will no longer acknowledge as a reaper.
The results have been obvious all this time. It’s going to be a player from the black scythe guild. They keep killing other players and won’t show any mercy. Their leader the player nicknamed blood thirsted Greenhorn and mad skull Lime is the main candidate. After all, they are the ones that are involved in the bloody sand incident.
Inside the black scythe guild base, a tall man and a woman is talking in the hall.
“Huahahaha. It seems like I will win that title of the reaper. How much is your kill count greenhorn?”
“It’s 472 kills. I don’t get your pleasure in killing another player Lime.”
“Hahaha… mine is 836 kills. Hahaha… it’s definitely my win.”
Lime, the summoner is grinning widely. She is on cloud nine thinking about the rewards that she will get tomorrow.
On the other hand, greenhorn seemed to be upset about something. Seeing his expression, Lime suddenly lost her interest.
“Tch… you’re ruining my mood right now. What’s your problem?”
“Hmm… to tell you the truth, I’m thinking about leaving this guild.”
“What are you talking about?”
Lime seemed to be surprised to hear his answer.
“I can’t stand it anymore. I’m just helping you out all this time, but I have enough already.”
“Hey, don’t you follow me because you love me? Does this mean that you don’t love me anymore?”
“I’m sorry… the woman that I used to love is not someone with a wicked personality. She’s not someone that’s enjoying seeing others in pain. She’s a mature woman that is loved by everybody.”
Seeing from Greenhorn serious expression, she knows that he’s not joking, and Lime is now showing a really sad face.
“Is that true? So, now you’re going to leave me too?”
After that, greenhorn leaves the room silently. Lime falls down to her knees and tears slowly falls down from her eyes.
“So… now I’m alone huh…”
When the midnight bells echoing in the hall from a big decorative clocks in the middle, Lime is still there. She didn’t move an inch for two hours. A window popped out and says.
“Congratulations. You have been rewarded 100.000 gold and acknowledged as a reaper. Until your next re-spawn, you will have 2 times experience and drop rate.”
She ignores the message and still stood silently there. She’s not happy at all.
In the afternoon, when Hikaru shows up, he looks at the notification windows about the reaper. He seemed annoyed seeing the results. He closes the windows and muttered to himself.
“Yosh, let’s do this.”
Today, lots of players have gathered at the lakeside village. It is the place where the FFAID will launch their monthly updates, the boss monsters and guild hunt. You can feel the anticipation from the crowds.
The lakeside village is not a big place, but it’s a long one. The city located on the side of Alkan Lake and the houses is build alongside the shore. Its special geography made this place famous for its water sports.
Hikaru is walking through the crowds to look for his guild. He opened the minimap and using it as a guide. He finally found his guild the blue rose. He can see Kongou, Leona, and Roberto, Shibo, Akane, and one player that he didn’t know. He’s dressed in black outfit just like Kuro, so it must be Kenta, the assassin in the guild.
“Hello everybody. Oh, and let me introduce myself, my name is Hikaru. You must be Kenta right?”
“Yeah, nice to meet you.”
Hikaru shakes hand with Kenta and asking to the group.
“When it’s going to start?”
“They said in a couple more minutes. You can see a lot of big guild has gathered today.”
Roberto replied to him. After he heard that, Hikaru start to inspect all the guilds that have gathered today.
You can see big guilds preparing themselves. The black crow guild which can be easily recognized from their black colored outfit is inspecting their equipment. The three swords guild, with a lot of swordsman class player is diligently polishing their swords. And last but not least, the Nagareboshi. A rising star guild that just win the guild popularity poll, leads by the rumored beauty Akari.
Seeing from the big guilds that have gathered today, more than 50.000 players present. From afar, Hikaru sees someone is waving and approaching them. She seemed to be having a hard time closing in because she has huge followers behind her. When she’s nearing, we can see that it’s Akari.
“Good afternoon blue rose guild. Hello there onee-chan. How’re you guys doing?”
“We’re doing well. As usual, you’re luring a big pack of wolves behind you.”
Akane gives the reply while teasing at her sister.
“Ugh, you’re so mean onee-chan. I wonder if Kuro will show up today.”
Everybody is surprised to hear Leona as she speaks.
“Of course he will show up today. After all, he’s my (self-proclaimed) boyfriend. He’s going to show that he’s the best to everybody.”
After that said, you can see that there is sparks flying out between Akari and Leona stares.
“Well, enough with that it seemed that the events will start.”
Akane tries to separates them by standing in the middle. In a few moments after that, a loud gong voice can be heard three times.
Everybody is looking for the source of the sound and in the middle of the shore, Genki is standing there.
“Yoo… long time no see guys. Are you ready for today’s event?”
“Whuoo…” the crowds is cheering loudly.
“Okay, for this event’s I’m asking you guys to stick together with your guilds. After all, it’s kind of a mock battle for your future encounter with a boss monster.”
With that said, the crowds steadily organize them self. From the far left side you can see the black crow and the three swords guild in a battle stance. In the middle part, Nagareboshi with their large number of players make a firm stand. Although the level of the players in Nagareboshi isn’t that high, but their number is amazing. In the right side, many small guilds gathered including ours. The remaining players are making their line behind the front row guilds.
“I’m just giving you guys a warning. This event is not for someone with a heart problem, a bad trauma, or fear at gore things. It is rated 17+ and means a lot of blood and excessive violence will be displayed. Hehehe. So are you guys ready?”
Some people are trembling hearing Genki comments, but they have come too far to pull back now. Some of them are showing a big smile on their face to show their anticipation and enthusiasm.
“Okay, ready or not, we’re going to start in 10… 9… 8…”
The countdown is nearing and Hikaru is shaking in excitement.
“…3…2…1… Go…”
After Genki finished his countdown, you can hear the gong sound once again. The players are roaring but a sudden silent happened in a blink of an eye. They have witnessed something that they couldn’t believe in front of their eyes. A sight that makes them hope, they shouldn’t even come.
In the morning earlier that day, Kuro is still sleeping in his room. He can hear that someone is knocking at the door and calling out his name.
“Kuro-sama, its morning already. Your breakfast is ready. Would you like to come out now?”
Kuro still feels sleepy and decided to pull his blanket over his head and said: “5 more minutes.”
He was curling up on the bed but he can hear the sound of the door opened. Sakuya then pull away the blanket and pretends to scold him by giving him a glare.
“Just how long are you going to lie on your bed? I’ve tried to wake you up since an hour ago. No more excuse please.”
“Ugh, okay… I’m awake now.”
He forces himself to wake up and head towards the kitchen. In the table, a freshly cooked French toast and sausages is waiting for him. He sits down on the table and Sakuya is already sitting in front of him. They have their breakfast quietly.
“So, how is it master?”
“It’s good as usual.”
That’s the words that’s Sakuya has been waiting for. After hearing that, she shows a big smile on her face.
“I’m glad you like it.”
“Thank you Sakuya. I’m going to eat at my home for a bit. I’ll back in a moment.”
In rebirth online, players can eat the food but it won’t have any effect to their hunger level. Their hunger level can only be filled when they’re eating in the real world. That’s also applied to the bladder level. Although energy level can be refilled when you’re sleeping inside the game.
When Kuro logged back in, he’s checking his equipments and readied himself. He looks at Sakuya and asks.
“Are you ready to go?”
Sakuya then replies with a lovely smile at him.
“Yes master. Let’s go.”
That day, the both of them departed as usual. They didn’t know about the nightmare that’s waiting ahead.
In a room filled with monitor, an old man with thick glasses and a worn out lab coat, is seriously taking some notes.
“Hmm… oh. Yes, this is great.”
The old man mumbling to himself and put up a smirk.
“Excellent Dr. Hans.” A man in a suit clapping his hand, satisfied with the results showed in the monitor. His age is around forty; his hair is neatly styled and wears fashionable glasses.
“Oh, Mr. Rainer. I didn’t expect you to come here today. After all Mr. Sakaki just left moments ago.” The old man surprised for a moment. He didn’t expect anyone to be there except himself.
“I met Sakaki at the elevator. Tch… Is he still concerned about that? More importantly, how long do you think the first phase is going to last?”
“Hmm… seeing from the development, we can hope for some results in the next three to five months. It depends on the trigger.”
“Can’t you make it faster?” Mr. Rainer is getting impatient hearing the estimated time.
“No sir. I’m afraid the result will be immature. We have to consider various factor and variable if we want to make a significant progress. I think to let it grow by itself is the best way.”
“Can’t we create another sample? There should be other right? Or can we copy the original and work on the clone?”
Dr. Hans is thinking seriously and make some calculation on his note.
“No, sir. It will result in a failure. We also didn’t want to create some suspicion.”
“Very well then. I hope to see more good results from you.”
“Don’t worry sir. Today, we’re definitely going to see some good results.”
Mr. Rainer then walks off the room, leaving Dr. Hans who is now returning to watch the monitor and making some notes.
When the gong sound is heard once again, a vicious roar can be heard. It’s a wild roar that’s coming from a large predator. All of the players that have been gathered up can’t believe their eyes.
A creature that looked like a giant lizard emerged from the water. They’re tall and big. As big as an airbus. With a wing that is connected to their arms, they are able to swim swiftly inside the water, and fly freely in the sky. With a head that’s decorated with reptile’s eyes and sharp fangs that could tore anything that’s been bitten easily. Their spiked tails is enough to make players run away when they see it. It’s the new monster boss named water wyvern. Their level is at 65.
What’s more surprising is their number. There are ten of them jumping out together from the water. It was an unbelievable sight for anybody. A lot of turmoil and disorder happened to the player’s formation, because some players are frightened.
As they jump out from the sea, they are unleashing their skills. Water stream. Water stream is a special skill of water wyvern that’s ten times more powerful than wizard’s water pillar skill.
Large amount of water fired out from their mouth with a massive amount of force. That attack is able to kill 1/10 of the player. Killing about 500 players in one skill. Their attack power is not something be laugh at.
Some of the water wyverns fly to the middle of the crowd and land among them. Few players are killed when they got trampled. Breaking the player’s formation even further. Some players tried to go out from the city, and some is trying to use fairy’s wing, but it all futile. When facing a boss monster, players can’t move away from the area or using a teleport skill or item.
The water wyvern finally showing their true strength. They perform a slash attack using their big claw and blow away players in their range. Some of them is baring their fangs to the crowds and bite few players in the process. They are strong, they are vicious, and with blood from players on their body, they let out a big roar once again, and struck players with fear. Seeing what’s happened, players with low morale is running wild.
But in the midst of confusion, leaders from big guild maintain their composure. From the black crow guild, two players are giving out instructions.
“Melee players take the front and maintain the line. If you’re health is running low, switch to the back and take time to recover.”
A tall guy with a hawk on his shoulder is the one leading the party. He’s Yoon Bin, one of a few high level Hunter in the game.
“Caster, keep unleashing your skill. Damage the enemy and heal your teammates. Archer, aim for their eyes and wing.”
The voice just now is coming from a girl with a shamanic outfit. She’s probably Min Sora. With Yoon Bin, the both of them are well known as cursed arrow. We can see the reason why. While Yoon Bin is managing the front line, he’s keep sending his hawk to disrupt the wyvern. He’s also attacking with his longbow successfully piercing the wyvern wing. On the other hand, Min Sora keep casting skills to reduce the wyvern’s attributes and inflicting some bad ailments. The black crow guild seemed to be doing fine. Their water wyvern’s health is reducing gradually.
The three swords guild seemed to be taking a huge damage. Their number has reduced greatly. Their three leaders, Erio, Douglas33, and Seraphim looked exhausted. It’s amazing how the three of them always be able to block the wyvern attack so far. Mainly consisted of melee attacker, they couldn’t do anything but making some sacrifice.
The guild member keep moving forward despite the fact, players on their side is attacked. They finally managed to get near the wyvern. Some of them climbs to wyverns back and some are holding on to the wyvern’s wing using their sword. They’re taking casualty, but they managed to survive this long in the battle.
Nagareboshi, which most members is only a beginner or low leveled is struggling on their own. They can’t deal a lot of damage, but they aren’t taking a lot too. Their member is pretty skilled. It can be said that they have trained them well. They’re taking it slow and steady.
The blue rose guild along with other small guild is now facing two wyverns on their side. They surround the monster using their numbers and carefully attacks. They also try to move in sync to dodge the attack. It’s pretty hard at first to act together, but they realized that’s what they have to do if they don’t want to die.
The other five wyverns is wrecking havoc at the back section of the players. Other than those who’re in a guild, individuals players is just running around. Only a few players try to attack.
We don’t know the outcome of this battle yet since it’s only the beginning. After half an hour passed, the scene is not looking good.
The large number of players is now nowhere to be seen. From 50.000 players gathered at the start, it’s now leaving 10.000 players only with no wyvern have been killed. Their chances are thin and some players are already giving up. But a ray of hope emerges. The black crow guild managed to kill one wyvern. Followed by the three swords guild, Nagareboshi, and the mixed guild managed to kill their targets.
There’s only five water wyvern remaining with 10.000 players. It takes 40.000 players to kill five wyverns earlier so we’re still in desperate situation. But there’s something different in the players eyes. Some of them have finally grasped the tactics to go against the wyvern. Some of them also managed to level up to boost their confidence.
The wyverns let out a roar as they leap toward players. They are engaged in another battle once more.
When a lot of players are waiting for the event to start, Kuro is giving a serious look to Sakuya.
“Sakuya, if bad things happened, promise me one thing.”
“What is it master?”
“Stay alive. Even if it means you have to leave me behind. You can’t die.”
“Yes, Kuro-sama I promised.”
Kuro is probably worried about what’s going to happen. Because the last event that he attend requires player to kill each other.
Taking in the fact that Sakuya is a guardian, if she died, her level will be reset to one and her memory is gone. The game company didn’t keep her data. They only have the backup data when she’s still level one. That’s what happened to all NPC. Rather than keeping data from NPC that’s going to grow everyday and takes up the memory space, it’s easier to just load a new one when a NPC is deleted.
The both of them are anticipating when Genki finished his countdown, but what they see is truly a nightmare. They see how powerful is the water wyvern attack that manages to kill 5000 player in a flash. On water wyvern is now flying towards their direction. It seemed that it’s heading to them.
When she sees that, Sakuya body is trembling. She is not afraid when she sees the monster. She’s afraid because of the high probability for her to die in this battle. She knows that it is too late for her to run away now and she decided to make her resolve.
“No matter what happened. I cannot die.”
Sakuya starts to calm down and her body stopped shaking. Kuro is calmly looking at Sakuya, and asking her condition.
“Are you alright?”
“Yes, Kuro-sama.”
“Don’t worry I’ll do my best to protect you.”
The both of them then raise their head and looking at the wyvern that’s about to land.
“Huahahaha. I didn’t know that it’s going to be this fun.”
That’s the voice of Dr. Hans. But, something is different from him. He usually didn’t show a lot of expression on his face, but right now he’s showing an evil expression.
“They’re just running at the palm of my hand.”
He usually just looked the monitor and taking some notes. He never does anything else other than that when he’s watching.
“If she dies, I can’t wait to see the expression at Sakaki’s face.”
He’s now looking at one particular monitor. A girl is lying helplessly on the ground.
“Come on, boy. What’re you going to do now?”
He looked at another monitor at the side and a man is now running as fast as he can.
Dr. Hans fell into silent for a moment and then he was laughing again.
“Huahahaha. That’s great. I’m sure Aaron will be pleased.”
He was watching the scene happily until the picture in the two separates monitor shows the same thing.
The man that’s running before is now crying while holding the girl in his arms. Dr. Hans laughed again after that.
“Hahaha. I don’t know it could entertain me so much. Ups… I get carried away. Let’s return to my main objective.”
He returns to his usual self and taking some notes silently. Nobody knows what’s going on in his mind right now.
“Uryaa… take this.”
Hikaru is moving forward and land his blow at the water wyvern.
“That’s enough, fall back now. Let me handle this.”
After hearing that, Hikaru obediently falls back, he’s resting for a bit while looking for another chance to launch an attack. Kongou then immediately follow up by sending a fire lance towards the wyvern.
“That isn’t effective. You know that he has a water affinity. Don’t you have any lighting based spell?” Leona is giving her comment to Kongou after she sees the attack.
“I’m sorry. I’m focusing on fire spell.”
“Don’t worry Kongou; I’ll kill this monster quickly.” Akane said that confidently and launched her arrow towards the wyvern’s eyes. It hit the eyes and causing some blood to drip. “Jackpot.” She said.
The wyvern enraged because of that and throws a tantrum. He goes berserk and attacking in rage. At that moment, Leona is surely going to be attacked. It’s too late for her to dodge, she closes her eyes because she’s scared, but after a few second, the attack didn’t come. She opened her eye and a fat paladin is blocking the wyvern’s attack using his shield.
“Don’t you worry Leona, I got your back. But I can’t keep this up for long.”
Shibo is definitely protecting her from the attack, but his health point is reducing significantly.
“Blue rose, fall back. We’re going to switch with Green Beret.”
Hearing that, Hikaru, Kongou, Leona, Akane, and Shibo carefully pulling back. The one that’s giving the command is Roberto, Leona brother. Usually he’s so self centered and playful, but today he’s showing some leadership.
“Okay, green beret. It’s your turn.”
The one that’s saying that is Kenta. He relay Roberto message to the other guild.
Hikaru didn’t realize it before, but his guild is a capable one. Even if it’s only have eight member. He finally knows his guild strong points. His friend Kongou is a powerful fire magic caster. Leona is really skilled; her supports always came perfectly at the time when you needed it. Akane is a battle maniac that’s always focused and calm in the battle. Shibo is a tanker with a good amount of health point. Although he just met Kenta today, he seemed to be a good member that can cover the other. Roberto is the most surprising one. His commands are calculated carefully, he is capable in turning the table on this battle.
Hikaru is glad to be in such a good guild. He also determined to get stronger so he won’t be a hindrance for his guild. While he’s looking at the current condition of the battle, he sees someone familiar. It’s Kuro.
Kuro is moving around facing the other wyvern that’s been surrounded by the guilds. The mixed-guild pack is handling two wyverns at the same time. He sees that the black crow, three swords, and Nagareboshi only able to hold one down. He now knows the reason. Kuro is battling against the other wyvern almost one by one.
The wyvern is focusing the attack on him but he always managed to dodge and strike back. Because of that, other player is able to launch their attack freely. Seeing that, Hikaru speak to himself.
“I still have a long way to go.”
“What’re you spacing out for? It’s almost time for us to switched back again.”
Leona words are able to return him to his senses. Hikaru then can hear Roberto shouting on the other side.
“Blue rose, ready your position. We’re going to switch with the gargantula.”
Hikaru realized that’s it’s not the time to think about anything else. He must focus in the enemy in front of his eyes. He firmly grabs his swords and move forward once more.
Most of the players with no guild are now died. Black crow only have 800 members remaining. The three swords are down to 500 and from the three leaders, only Seraphim left. Nagareboshi remaining players is now around 2000. With the amount of surviving member from mixed guild, there is only 4500 player left with 4 wyvern alive.
It seemed to be impossible but the player’s side hasn’t surrendered yet. After all, they have seen how Kuro is battling earlier and gained some morale. Kuro on the other hand is getting more and more worried about Sakuya. The number of causalities is not understandable and it’s going to be more dangerous from now on. Kuro can only hope that he will be able to finish this quickly.
As the number goes down, the battle becoming more fierce. With less time to switch and potions running out, some player’s mana point also has depleted.
Sakuya on the other hand is just putting a defensive stance. Kuro asked her not to use any skill and try to hold out as long possible. So, she’s should be fine for a moment.
What remains now is exhausted player against a large monster. Their eyes are just like a predator waiting for their prey to fall down. Kuro tries to take down another wyvern using the same method before, but the decrease in number of players is surely a critical point. They managed to kill a wyvern at the cost of 3500 players.
After two hours of battle, only 1000 player and 3 wyverns stands on the ground. What happened after that is not a battle anymore. The three wyverns are now circling the players. It’s the exact opposite with before where thousands of players surrounded a wyvern. The tides of battle have change.
Kuro is getting anxious. If it continues like this, it is going to be bad for Sakuya. He recklessly charges at one of the wyvern. Some players tried to support him but it’s now something that’s nearly impossible to do. Kuro’s charge rather than killing a wyvern is on the contrary, causing more causality from the player side.
300 players remaining with 3 wyverns still roaming around freely. The wyvern then starts to go on the offensive. They use water stream again and killed almost the entire remaining player.
Kuro is alive but his hand is bleeding. Sakuya seemed to have full health but it’s not going to last. 30 players remaining severely wounded. Sakuya is now in despair. She’s going to die for sure.
One of the wyverns is roaring and is going to bite Sakuya. When he sees that, Kuro is moving below the wyvern’s head and stab it upwards as hard as he can. The wyvern trajectory is changed a little bit and goes past Sakuya shoulder.
Seeing that, Sakuya fall down to her knees. She’s depressed. She’s going to die for sure. Seeing her reaction, Kuro is frustrated. Is there something that he can do?
If Sakuya is about to take that attack just now, she probably won’t be dead because of the ring of endurance. Kuro is thinking about letting Sakuya to use the teleport from necklace of obedience but it’s not possible against boss monster. The circlet of midnight won’t help either. The mantle of regeneration is only useful if she’s wounded. “Ugh… what should I do?”
The 30 players that survived so far can’t move their body because of the damage that they take. They can only watch this dire situation.
“Ryuuji. Watch out!”
Someone from the surviving member suddenly shouts. That shout is able to make Kuro realized that he’s now in danger. But it’s too late. The wyvern managed to bite his leg and tosses him aside.
Hikaru slowly regained his consciousness. After getting hit by the wyvern’s skill, Hikaru is still alive but he can’t move his body. The damage that is taken by his body is too great. He can see Akari is doing her best to warn Kuro. He also sees the moment where a wyvern bite Kuro’s leg and tosses him aside. Kuro is now landed behind him. He can’t look back to check Kuro’s condition, and what’s he’s going to see now is something more dreadful.
The three wyverns are now surrounding a girl. Hikaru is trying to look carefully at her but blood is coming to his eyes, blocking his vision. He closes his eyes to clean it up a little. When he’s still closing his eyes, he can hear a man and a girl screaming.
“Kyaa….” he can hear the girl scream echoing in his head.
“NNOOOOO…” he hears the man voice that’s so loud that he thinks he will damage his ears.
When he opened his eyes, although it’s red because of the blood, he can see much better now. But, he was hoping that he is blind at that time.
One of the wyverns is attacking the girl using his claw from behind. The girl is then thrown for a couple meters. Hikaru can see blood gushing out form her back when she was attacked. That blow surely enough to kill her, but the wyvern is still coming at her.
One of the wyverns raising his claw and looked like it wants to crush the girl.
“STOOOP…” the man voice can be heard once again.
After that, Hikaru can hear the girl speaking weakly.
“Please… don’t…”
Bam… the wyvern slammed his claw to the ground and blood starting to splatter everywhere.
All of the surviving player has regained consciousness and is now watching something that they wish they don’t see.
The second wyvern then raises his claw. It seemed like that it wants to attack the girl too.
The girl is in a grieve pain because of the first attack and another one is coming.
“Please… it hurt’s…”
It is pointless to speak to a monster that doesn’t understand anything.
Another ground cracking noise can be heard and the girl is screaming from the pain.
You can hear a weak sob coming from the girl.
Tears are flowing out from her eyes.
Is it a painful cry from the pain or a sad cry because she is going to die?
But the wyverns aren’t satisfied yet. The last wyvern also raises his claw and going for another attack.
After that, strangely enough she was smiling.
The girl is letting out a weak voice once more. But Hikaru can’t hear it clearly.
Her eyes are now closed.
You can’t tell if she’s still alive or not.
The last wyvern delivers his blow….
Hikaru is hoping that the girl is still alive. He tries to search for her voice but Hikaru is not able to hear anything… is his ear damaged? No, it’s not correct…
It’s the girl…
He couldn’t hear her voice because the girl is not saying anything…
Just like that, Blood starts to drop from the sky like a rain.
It’s the girl blood that’s been splattered…
It’s so sad…
But, that girl hasn’t disappeared into a glowing dust…
Does it mean that she’s still alive?
Does it mean that she’s still going to be hurt?
At this point, Hikaru’s crying… he doesn’t know why, but he also can see Akari is crying…
It’s not just them; the entire remaining survivor is crying and showing a sorrowful expression.
But, the devil won’t stop with just this…
The first wyvern is raising his claws again…
Looking at that, all of the players couldn’t believe it. They’re still going to attack the girl.
“STOOOOP.” Hikaru can see that voice is coming form Akari.
“Stooop.” He also tries to shout as loud as he can.
“Stoop.” “Stop.”” STOP.” All of the players are now shouting too.
After that, Hikaru can hear a footstep s beside him. It’s moving towards the wyvern.
He looked at the person and he sees Kuro crying… he’s dragging his feet but he’s still moving.
He’s not in a condition for a battle. Furthermore, he’s not someone that’s willing to help others.
Does it mean…
That girl is…
The wheel of fate is moving cruelly and the wyvern’s claw is going to hit once more…

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