Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams


Chapter 008 - 08 – 5th login – The Scar In The Heart

5th login – The Scar In The Heart
I’m currently in my first year of high school. I only have a few close friends that I can be open with. I have a lot of regular friends that keeps clinging to me just because they think that my face is pretty. Some people sometimes make a call to my home asking for my interested in modeling. I get troubled sometimes to refuse when a boy asked me to go out with him. I just don’t get the point when you ask someone that you don’t even know to be your girlfriend or boyfriend. Are people only interested in looks? I often wonder, if I could change my face into someone else, will they stop be friend with me?
To tell you the truth, I also have a problem when I speak to the opposite gender. It’s not for any special reason, but my sister tell me that I’m just too shy. I find it uncomfortable when I’m around them, maybe because my elementary school is an all girl school. Even in my co-ed middle school I never speak to a guy. But, if I think about it again. I’ve talked to a boy once.
It starts at my 3rd year in middle school. I was paired up with a boy for the class duty for a week. At first, I didn’t pay any attention to him. At the first day, he didn’t even talks to me when we’re cleaning the classroom. When I look at him at class, I realized that he never talks to anyone except for this one person. That’s also just for a few words. At class, he always stares outside. I wonder what he’s seeing. The sky? The birds? The clouds?
On my second day of classroom duty, I was delivering the homework to the teacher’s office. When I get back to the class room, I see him smiling while looking at his phone. His smile is kind and gentle; I wonder why he never shows it in class. When I enter the room, he immediately returns to his usual expressionless face.
That keeps happening until our last day of classroom duty. On the last day, the clock in the classroom is running out of battery. I climbed a desk and trying to pick up the clock. But my footing is bad and I think that I fall from the desk. I can only close my eyes and hoping that it wouldn’t hurt so much.
But after a few seconds, I can feel that I hit something. But it’s doesn’t feel hard as if I were to hit the floor. It’s kind of soft instead. I also can hear someone calling out for me.
“Hey, open your eyes! Are you okay, Akari? Did you hit your head? Does it hurt anywhere?”
After I hear that voice, I slowly opened my eyes. I see the chest of someone that is hugging me, to protect me from that fall. When I raise my eyes at that person, I can see that boy looking at me. He is worried about me and I can feel it. I realized that I was on top of him and decided to move away from his body. I was sitting beside him and I can see that he is still looking at me. I quickly inspected my own body and I feel that I didn’t hurt anywhere so I decided to give him a reply.
“I’m sorry. I’m okay now.”
“Thank god you’re okay. You’re not hurt anywhere right? Do you want to go to the nurse office?”
“Nope. I’m sorry for troubling you.”
“You’re stupid. You should just ask me to change the battery.”
“I’m sorry… I’m sorry for what just happened…”
I don’t know what to do, but since it’s like this, I just lowered my hand and apologize to him on reflex.
He stands up without saying any other word. He must be thinking that I’m a bother right? I’m just a classmate that causing trouble for him.
But, after a few seconds, I can see that he’s offering his hand to help me stand. I think it’s rude to decline on the offer, so I decided to take his hand.
When I start to raise my head as I stand up, I can see he is smiling to me.
His smile is kinder than any of my friends. I can hear his voice too.
“Don’t worry about it. I’m glad you’re unhurt.”
When I look deeper into his eyes, I can see his pure affection to me.
I can feel that he’s worried about me. Me, someone in his class that he never talked to.
But, wait a moment… he just call me by name earlier right? Does it mean that he’s been paying attention to me?
At that moment, I can feel something throbbing in my chest.
What is this feeling?
Is this… love?
When I think about that word… love… I can feel that my cheek is hot and turns to red. I instantly lowered my head once again to hide my embarrassment.
“I’m sorry once again and thank you for saving my live…”
“Hahaha… don’t make it over dramatic. Let’s just finish our clean up and go home.”
He show me that smile once again and we continue to clean the classroom.
That’s the only day that he ever talked to me. As I look at him in the classroom, I was thinking over and over again. Do I love him? What did I like from him? It’s something that I didn’t understand but I can feel something in my chest every time I look at him.
We didn’t even talk before. We didn’t even talk after that. So, is this why people confess their love even though they didn’t know their personality? But, this feeling… isn’t so bad.
In front of the school gate, you can see a luxurious car is parked there. A man in an expensive suit stands besides the car. He seemed to be waiting for someone. He seemed to have found the person that he’s been looking for and moments later, he is lowering his head.
“Good afternoon miss. Your father is waiting at his office so we should hurry.”
The girl that he picked up is a middle schooler. But you can tell that she’s going to have a perfect figure in the future. Her face is a true beauty like a princess. Her hair is straight, long, and black, giving off an excellent demeanor.
“Miss, have you prepared a present for master birthday this weekend?”
“Yes, I have. I can’t wait to give it to him.”
The girl is smiling happily when she said that, she must have loved her father so much.
When they’re still talking, a big truck on the other part of the road seemed to be moving fast. The driver looked panicked and tried to hit the brakes a couple of times, but the truck doesn’t seemed to be slowing down.
The driver and the little miss were chatting to each other because the car is stopping at the red light. Both of them didn’t notice the truck that’s losing control on the opposite side. The truck driver does his best to control his vehicle, but it seemed to be pointless.
The little miss feel that she was just blinking.
She closed her eyes for a moment but when she tries to open it, she feels something was off.
Her head seemed to be hurting and she moved her hand there.
She slowly opened her eyes and saw in her head that there is blood.
She tried to examine the situation calmly, but the scene is a too much shock for her.
Her feet were stuck in the back seat. She looks at her driver and apparently and pipe was stuck to his chest.
“No. This can’t be real.”
She saw the big truck that hit the front part of the vehicle and the driver seemed to be unconscious. In that state, she was looking for her bag.
“Where’s my bag? Where’s my present for father?”
She found her bag to her right and grabs it quick. She takes out a present that’s now a little bit crushed. She holds the present to her chest and smile.
“I’m glad it’s okay.”
But something dark is blocking her eyes.
“What is this? Why can’t I see anything? Where’s my father?”
She tried her best to move her body and opens her eyes but it seemed futile.
Her consciousness continuously goes away little by little.
She can hear sirens sound coming from afar and she slowly accept the condition that she’s been trapped in an accident.
“I’m sorry father… I can’t come to your birthday… but I’m sure that you will like my present.”
Her hand that’s been holding the present then drop helplessly to the ground.
I remember that day… the day when I turn my back on reality… I’m escaping from a big chain wheel called community. A chain that binds people together to make them feel stronger. A big relationship where people will accept you and give you support. Where people will give smile to you and give you greetings when you meet them. United we stand, that’s how they called it. I’ll watch your back. I’ll support you. I’m rooting for you. Let’s hang out together. Let’s play tonight. Let’s go to the beach this summer. It is such a happy connection full of affection.
So, why did I have to run away from it if it was that wonderful?
Because I know that it was all a lie. Nobody really cares for other. They won’t go through trouble to save you. If you have something they want, they will come to you. If you can give them something, they will stand besides you. When you’re doing something and they can get a profit from it, they will cheer for you.
So, can you see it now? The lies and deception in your life? All of those hypocrite and their facade?
If you have realized it… that means that you’re just like me… I won’t call you my comrade or anything… because in the end, we better be alone… you won’t betray yourself aren’t you?
You’re asking me how I turned out like this. I guess I’ll tell you if you’re really that interested.
I won’t talk about big things. My life is a dull one. My looks are just average. I go to school every day, talk to nobody except one of my childhood friends. He is the only that I can depend on. We played together and have a lot of same hobby. I don’t have any other friend in particular. He was close to me. That’s what I thought.
Until one day, I was picked on by a group of delinquent senior at school. It isn’t so bad until it becomes worst. They keep demanding more from me. Asking me to buy them lunch, be their errand boy, until one day when they were pissed off because they get bad marks at exam, they beat me to a pulp.
I keep asking them for their mercy. I ask them to stop. Their punch and kicks surely is too much for my body. I can feel my bone start to break here and there. I was praying to god to help me out in this situation, and he seemed to reply it with an answer.
I can see my childhood friends passing by. I tried to reach out my hand and gather my voice to call out to him.
That’s surely my loudest yell in my life. He should be able to hear it clearly. He stopped and looks at my way.
Yes, Tanaka, I’m glad you’re able to hear me… help me…
But I can feel a chill run down my spine all of a sudden. He glanced away and walked again casually as if he sees nothing.
After seeing that, my mental probably broke. He is the only one that I considered as a friend easily shakes me off from his life. Don’t you think if it’s normal to help your friends if he’s in trouble?
Tanaka… isn’t you my friend? Aren’t you my childhood friend? Aren’t you my best friend?
As I start lose my consciousness, I can hear a familiar voice. It’s a girl and I think I know her. But strangely enough I never talked to any girl before. Well, Whatever…
I was hoping that I can run from reality. I started it all by playing a game called Rebirth online. When I first got in to the game, I was so surprised to see how real it is. Maybe in this world, I can be a different person from what I used to be.
But, based on my experience I don’t want to believe in other people that easily. When I heard about this game features where I can get a NPC companion, I think that it was the answer. I’m going to get a guardian as my first friend in this game. After all, a computer program won’t betray you aren’t it?
When I get to meet the first NPC in this game, I was so surprised. Her name is Irina and she looks like a regular person. She can talk casually and she can answer your question. After that, I firmly decided to get a NPC as my first friend.
In this game, I’m choosing a thief basic class. After all, in a RPG game, a thief class can usually hunt solo. But, as for my companion, I decided that I would like to have a supportive caster. They won’t hinder me when I hunt and they can help me better.
It was the first day of the game launching and the town is really crowded. People start to chat here and there and some players are partying up to go hunting. Some people even asked me to join them but I decline. I already decided that I will team up first with a guardian.
When I get to the guardian headquarters, I’m shocked to see that the place is empty. But after all, other people probably just going to hunt with their friend. What kind of person that’s going to spend their first day playing online games, hunting with a NPC when there are hundred thousands of player out there.
Well, this kind of person. Me… I was heading to the administration desk and greeted by a polite woman in glasses and wear a maid outfit. She bows down a little and speaks to me.
“Welcome player to the guardian headquarters. Would you like to hire a guardian?”
“Y-yes.” I’m so amazed to see the NPC in front of me. I stutter a little when answering. After all I’m not used to talk to girl. If I remember it clearly, I even never talked to a girl before. But, I think I can recall from my memory there is two occasions when I talk to a girl.
The first time is when I save her when she fall, and the second time is the day after she save me from bullying. I guess I won’t even get the chance to talk to her again then. Well, let’s not think about that right now.
“The cost of hiring a guardian is 10.000 gold. Would you like to proceed sir?”
I didn’t think about it before. There should be some administration fee, but I didn’t think that it would be that much. I tried to open my wallet, but it’s only having 800 gold in it. I let out a big sigh in disappointment.
“I’m sorry, I don’t have enough gold.”
“Oh, I’m sorry… I forget about this. Since it’s the first day the server is launched, the cost has been reduced to 100 gold.”
“Well, if it’s only 100 gold, I can afford that.”
“Okay sir. Let’s continue. What kind of guardian would you like to have sir? An attacker or a supporter?”
“A supporter please.”
“The best supporter for thief class is archer and caster class. Which one would you like sir?”
“A caster class.”
“Okay. Supportive caster or offensive caster sir?”
“Supportive caster please.”
“Okay, finished filling out the requirements. 3 guardians have matched the description. Please choose one from the list sir.”
Immediately a small window popped out in front of me. Just like how I choose my class. There are three windows that I can choose. The first one is Legmond. I click on the window and it gets bigger. In the window, I can see a tall man with a scar on his cheek, with a white hair and white robe. Ugh, he’s so scary.
I decided to skip on him and look at the second window. The name is Senza. She was a little girl that looked like a little red riding hood girl. Black hair and red robe, she’s also short. What a perfect girl for a lolicon I thought.
I let out a sigh and decided to look at the third windows. I didn’t expect so much after seeing the two sample guardian earlier. I just hope that this one looked more normal. The name of this guardian is Sakuya. Current class: caster (supportive). Advanced class: cleric (level 50- still have to do regular job change quest). Traits: none (can be learned from regular activities) Fondness: 0% (higher points will determine the guardian loyalty). The status information seemed normal, but when I look at the appearance I was stunned. She was a real beauty. She was wearing a white robe and has red eyes that are glowing. A long black hair that’s shiny. And the best part is her cute face.
I get embarrassed when I look at the picture, I think I have seen someone as pretty as her. Oh, right. That girl in my class. Well, I think I better forget about her and choose my guardian.
“This one please. Sakuya”
“One last thing, when a guardian dies his or her level will return to 1. So would you like to confirm your selection sir?”
Hmm… I was thinking hard about that. I couldn’t let her died isn’t it? If she died her level will return to 1 and it’s a great risk. But well, I have decided before and there’s no point in backing out now.
“Yes, please.”
“Registering a guardian purchase. Purchase number: 000001. Name: Sakuya. Class: caster. Master: Kuromaru. User ID: 502003. Registration successful.”
When she finished saying that, a bright light suddenly fall from the light at my side. I’m closing my eyes because I can’t handle it and when I opened it, I swear a goddess must have fallen from the heaven.
She was a pure beauty. She’s even prettier than the picture. Her skin is so white and glowing. Her red eyes are so lovely. Her black long hair looks very elegant. Her small face is so attractive and finally she let out an adorable voice like an angel.
“Good afternoon, master.”
Although there is no expression in that sentence, I was so enchanted by her, I don’t know what to do or say.
“U-um… I just hired you and starting from now, you’ll be in my party.”
Ugh, what did I just said. Shouldn’t I introduce myself or something? Before I can think of anything else, she bows down and speaks to me.
“Pleased to meet you, my name is Sakuya. I hope we can get along well, Master.”
“O-okay, please to meet you too. L-let’s gets going.”
I don’t know anything about talking to a girl before so it feels awkward. So, all the way to the hunting grounds we just walk in silence. When we arrived near the beginner forest, she spoke to me and make me surprised.
“Master, are you going to hunt for some jumping rabbit? Based on my knowledge, with the number of people that has logged in today, you won’t be able to gather a lot of experience here. I can show you a better place if you allow me to.”
“U-um… sure…”
It sure is awkward. It’s like talking to a robot. Well, after all she’s a NPC. What make me pleased the most is her knowledge that will come in handy.
At first I have some trouble adapting to the game. But after a few hours I can move my body normally and I can hunt pretty well. Aided by Sakuya, my hunting regime is progressing smoothly.
Just when I was too focused in killing the enemy, a frozen bird attacks Sakuya. She managed to dodge but her foot is bleeding. When she was attacked, I’m sure that I can see her reaction. It should be really painful. I quickly came to cover for her and after we finished eliminating the enemy I think it’s about a good time to stop. I was concerned about the wounds on her feet.
“Are you okay Sakuya?”
“Yes master. It’s only a little grazed.”
“Does it hurt?”
“Yes master. Player sensitivity is reduced; it’s only 1/20th of the actual pain. But a NPC get the actual painful feeling from attacks. Different from regular player wound that would disappear if your health point is full, if we get hurt, the scar will remain. That’s why if we died, we will start over from level 1. You will be able to hire another Sakuya, but that other Sakuya is not me.”
After hearing that, I feel some pain in my heart. So the game maker thinks that a NPC is just something that can be replaced easily when they died huh? Basically they will load another data of the NPC rather than trying to preserve the current one. It’s so sad.
“I see. Don’t worry, I won’t let you die.”
“Thank you for your concern master.”
While saying that, she bows down to me. We’re heading back to town after that while I lend her some hand. She had some trouble walking from the damage she taken earlier. When we arrived, the hunger level on my bottom right windows is reaching 20%. No wonder I feel so hungry now. I guess I’ll log off and eat for now.
“I guess I’m going to log off and eat now. What are you going to do Sakuya?”
“I’m going to wait here until you’re logged back in master. A guardian is obliged to stay at her master side all the time. As for my hunger level, may I get some gold and your approval to have my meal? A guardian didn’t get any drop from hunting. We’re only allowed to live at the mercy of our master.”
When I hear that, I fell sad more and more. I know that NPC is just a program, but can’t you give them a better treatment.
“I’m so sorry Sakuya. I didn’t even think about you. Can we set our hunting loot policy to be distributed evenly from now on? That way, you can have your own gold and you can eat whenever you are hungry. You’re also free to do anything you want every time I logged off. Is that possible?”
“Let me check master. Setting additional rule to guardian law number 7. Sakuya is allowed to get gold and item from hunting. Setting additional rule to guardian law number 3. Sakuya is allowed to eat whenever she feels hungry. Setting additional rule to guardian law number 1. Sakuya is allowed to do anything she wants whenever her master logged off. Guardian law setting done. Would you like to do anything else master?”
“Let’s adjust the law number 1 once more. You’re free to do anything you want even though I’m online.”
“Okay. Setting additional rule to guardian law number 1. Sakuya has been granted permission from master to do anything she wants. But, wait a minute master. By applying this rule, you have obliterated my main task. Are you okay with this?”
I can only smile when I hear her comments. Her beautiful face and pure attitude, I definitely can’t leave her alone can’t I? Furthermore the system treated her poorly.
“Yes, I’m okay with that. Don’t worry about it. I’m just going to eat for a moment and I’ll be right back. Here’s your gold. Have your meal when I’m away. “
After that, she bows down a little while sending me off.
In a room full of monitor, a familiar old man is taking notes. He was watching at one of the monitor that shows a player that attacked another player inside the town. But he suddenly surprised when he hear a voice from behind.
“Ooh… what a great scene Dr. Hans. That’s the first step to achieve our goals right?”
When he searches for the source of the voice, he sees a fine looking young man in a modest suit.
“Yes, Mr. Aaron. It seemed that it was possible after all.”
“Indeed. My investment finally showing some profit. Hahaha.”
“Let’s hope for some good progress.”
“Yes. Continue to keep an eye on him Dr. Hans.”
After saying that, the young man leaves the room. We can see at this point that dr. Hans is smiling widely.
“Hahaha… what a bunch of fool…”
After two weeks hunting with Sakuya, I’m getting curious. She always talked like a robot. She has a vast knowledge about the game. She doesn’t have any expression and finally she wouldn’t tell me what she was doing when I logged off.
“Hey, Sakuya. How do I see your status window?”
“The command is guardian window master.”
I executed the command and take a look at her windows. Name: Sakuya. Level: 32. Current class: caster (supportive). Advanced class: cleric (level 50- still have to do regular job change quest). Traits: free willed, *****. Fondness: 100%.
When I looked at it, no matter what it is strange. Our fondness level has reached 100% even though I never paid any attention to her. What’s more seems suspicious is the censored part at her traits.
“Hey Sakuya. Why can’t I see the full windows? There is a censored part in here.”
“That’s my privacy master. Master has given me permission to do whatever I want. So, hiding some information is allowed.”
“Hey, I’m your master you know that.”
“I acknowledge you as my master. But since you have given me a freedom, I can do anything I want.”
I can’t win in an argument against an artificial intelligence that’s been programmed to answer anything. I feel so hopeless for myself. But the day I spent with Sakuya is not that bad. I can feel refreshed every time I look at her.
“More importantly master, leveling up when you have reached level 30 has becoming harder. Won’t you join in a party with other player? I have a list of potential candidates.”
Honestly, I still don’t trust other people that much. But, if that’s what she suggested, I think there’s no harm in trying.
“Sure. It can give me a new atmosphere any way.”
“Okay master. There are three promising party member right now. They are currently inside a bar in the city. Should we go now?”
When we arrived at the bar, I didn’t put my hopes too high. She managed to gather the three players and I started to take a quick look at them. The first man is tall and has a muscular built, his class is a fighter and probably he has an experience in martial arts before. The second one is a cute girl in yellow robe; most likely she is an offensive caster. The last person is a man with a tanned skin. He carries a large bow on his back, so probably he’s an archer.
“Hello everyone, I’m a thief level 33 and my guardian over here is a supportive caster level 32. Would you like to join my party?”
The first one to talk among them is the cute girl.
“Hello. My name is Lime and I’m an offensive caster level 30. I would be glad to join your party.”
“My name is Greenhorn, a level 31 fighter. I’m in.”
“My name is Orin. Level 28 archer. If you’re willing to let me join, I’ll go with you.”
“Okay. That’s great. Let’s get going then”
Our introduction is short and we didn’t talk too much on our way except for Lime. She keeps talking along the road and makes the party lively. It’s a bit loud, but I don’t hate it.
When we’re hunting in a party, I can feel the different. Usually Sakuya keep a distance from me while I’m charging towards the enemy. In this party, Greenhorn acts as our tank while I’m helping him in guiding the monster. Sakuya keeps our health on check and Lime keep casting some spell. Orin on the other hand, despite his level is the lowest among us, his attack deal a better damage than mine.
So this is how we hunt in a party. It really put me at ease knowing that someone is watching your back. I was hoping that our hunting days can continue. It’s one of the happiest moments in my life.
But, it was all just my own delusion. One by one they started to show their true color. Lime and Greenhorn monopolize the drop that we get. Although we already agreed that it would be evenly distributed, I can’t say anything. Orin too has been secretly whispering me, asking what we should do. But I didn’t have the courage to speak up to them.
I’m afraid. Afraid of what? Afraid that they would bully me? No, it wouldn’t be possible in here. What do I afraid? Ooh… I finally realized that I would be left behind again. Alone… just like how my friend abandoned me. So, I guess what I can do right now is bear with it.
Until one day, when we return from our hunt Sakuya stand up and speak to Lime.
“Hey, Lime. I have been seeing you for the last few days and you’re not agreeing with the party policy.”
“Heh. What do yo know little girl? You’re just a program.”
“It is true that I’m just a program, but I know what is wrong and what is right?”
“Ooh… so you’re saying that what I do is wrong then?”
“Yes, you’re wrong.”
“Heh. You sure have some guts to talk back to me.”
We all tried to stop them, but Lime already lost her mind. She pulls Sakuya outside with her to a dark alley in town. We couldn’t do anything but follow them.
“You’re just a guardian. No matter what you want to do, you can’t attack a player. It’s one of your restrictions. But on the other hand. I can do anything I want to you… Hahaha.”
Lime usual smile has disappear and replaced by an evil grin.
I tried to separates them but Greenhorn is blocking my way. Even though me and Orin tried to get past him, he’s tall body is a really big obstacle.
“Ugh, damn it.”
At that time, Lime grabs Sakuya’s arm and tied them together. She then look at her and said.
“I have enough of your face already. You think that you’re pretty huh? I want to smash that silly face of yours. It’s also a good time to find out, what I can do to a NPC? Huahahaha.”
Sakuya on the other hand seemed to be frozen. She didn’t understand what is happening right now.
“Let’s have some fun shall we?”
Lime then slowly strips Sakuya. She keeps showing her nasty face that is full of pleasure. She really enjoyed it.
“Move it Greenhorn.”
I desperately tried to get past Greenhorn. I must stop this before its gotten worse. By the time I looked again, Sakuya has been stripped down, until she only wears undergarment.
“Hehehe… look at that smooth skin. I wonder what will happen if I leave a mark here and there.”
Lime surely has gone mad. She takes out a small dagger and she licks Sakuya cheek on the process.
Lime slowly moves her dagger. She pushes the dagger to Sakuya’s neck a little and causing some blood to spill out. She licks her neck to taste the blood and she keeps moving her dagger towards her chest.
“Hmm… such a sweet taste. Let’s make you feel better.”
It seemed like that she want to cut her bra. Sakuya is still silent and do nothing she only shows a little painful expression when her neck is wounded. I was yelling as hard as I can and tried to get past Greenhorn.
“Stop it Lime. Damn you Greenhorn. Sakuya, what happened to you? Why you’re just standing there and do nothing?”
“Huahahaha… stop struggling little master. Can’t you see that she is enjoying this? She totally surrendered to me. She’s just a simple program that’s been given a humanoid shape. She can’t think and she can’t feel anything. Even if I killed her, she’s just going to be replaced.”
But, when Lime is going to cut Sakuya’s bra. Tears flow out from Sakuya’s eyes.
“m-m-ma-mas-ter… h-h-he-lp me…”
When I see that, my mind then goes into a chaos. What can I do to safe her? What should I do? How do I get past Greenhorn? How do I stop Lime? When I constantly thinking suddenly I can feel my brain is in a blank state.
It feels like watching a movie. Everything around me goes into a slow motion state. I calmly take out my dagger and I stab Greenhorn in the heart. I easily go past him because his movements are too slow right now. I quickly cut Lime’s neck and I hug Sakuya after that.
The clock seemed to be moving again and that moments passed away in an instant.
Greenhorn and Lime quickly disappear into a glowing dust.
I keep hugging Sakuya and her tears keep falling down and she’s now crying.
“Hick…hick… m-master… I’m sorry…”
I patted her head slowly and whispered to her ear.
“Don’t worry. As your master I have a responsibility to protect you.”
“Hua… master… please keep protecting me.”
“I promised. I will never leave your side.”
While we’re hugging together, we forgot about one thing, Orin is there. From his point of view, in a blink of an eye, the scene where Greenhorn blocks the way and Lime is harassing Sakuya has changed. In a mere seconds now I’m consoling Sakuya. He’s coming at us and asked in confusion.
“What’s just happened?”
“I killed Greenhorn and Lime, and safe Sakuya.”
“No, what I mean is, what’s just happened? I just close my eyes for milliseconds while I’m blinking and when I opened it again Greenhorn and Lime has died.”
“As I told you, I killed them.”
“How? Attacking another player shouldn’t be possible in town. Furthermore it happened too quickly.”
“I don’t know either.”
While still in his shocked state, Orin seemed to think carefully. He finally regained his sense and talked to me.
“Let me introduce myself once again. My real account name is Genki. I’m a game master from FFAID Corporation. I was assigned to gather some data while pretending to play as a regular player. So, could you please tell me now what’s really happened?”
“As I have told you before. I don’t know how, but I killed Greenhorn and Lime. More importantly, can you do something about the NPC in this game? You see what have just happened to Sakuya right?”
“Hmm… I won’t promise you anything but I’ll try to do my best. I’ll register your name on my GM account friend’s list. So, if any other things happened, tell me okay?”
“Alright. So, Sakuya let’s get going now. We should find you new clothes.”
Sakuya finally realized her current condition and try her best to cover her body. She then talks in her usual angelic voice with no tone.
“Master, you’re a pervert.”
After that, we laugh and dismissing Greenhorn and Lime from our party. Orin also left our party because he will return to his GM character. Maybe he’s the only person that I could trust in the game. He’s a GM so he probably doesn’t want anything from me. He’s a good guy and sometimes sent a message asking about me and Sakuya’s condition.
You can also trust his words. A week after that, a new command of GM call has been added to the system. There is also a new law regarding the NPC. A player that’s trying to kill an NPC or do anything inappropriate will have their character frozen permanently.
But, after that incident, I only have one reason to play. I want to get stronger. Stronger than anybody else. I don’t want to let Sakuya have another bad experience again. I want to protect her.
I keep hunting and hunting. I only logged off to have a meal or to go to the bathroom. Other than that, I spent my days with Sakuya. I also notice that she’s starting to change and that’s a good thing. But before I know it, my heart is frozen once more. I didn’t talk to any other player other than Genki. It’s also just a talk regarding my action back then. Well, Sakuya is an exception because she’s a NPC. I always keep my hatred to Greenhorn and Lime. I want them to feel my despair one day. I want to torture them for what have they done to Sakuya.
But, right now I don’t even know what to do anymore. Suddenly my hatred is gone. I feel empty inside me. Will I be able to accept others again in the future? I don’t know. Will I fall in love to someone in my life? I don’t know.
What do I know right now, is my daily life with Sakuya isn’t so bad… and I give my smile once again to her while enjoying her cooking.

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