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Chapter 005 - 05 – Extra login – The Rebirth Online Manual

Extra login – The Rebirth Online Manual
Table of content…
-Starting up guide
-Rebirth Online introduction
-Basic and advanced class
-User interface
-Experience and battle system
-Event and quest
-The guardian
-List of towns and fields
-The arena
-The prison.
A. Starting up guide.
What’s in the box?
The box contain of 1 synapse reader, 1 synapse imaging device, 1 network cable, and 1 power chord.
What is the synapse reader and synapse imaging device?
Synapse reader or often called Syder is a device that designed to read the information from the human brain and sending signal to the human brain. Human five senses, touch, sight, hearing, taste, smell even human sense of temperature, pain, balance, time, and kinesthetic is controlled by the brain. This starts when a neuron receives an impulse and the neuron transmitted it to the brain. The neuron transmitted it in a form of electricity trough a connective tissue named synapse which connects one neuron to the other neuron. When this electricity processed in the brain, it is often considered as a brain wave. Syder works as a reader of this electric impulse or brain wave. Syder then analyze the impulse which includes information about what human see, hear, taste, smell, and touch. Syder have 10000 electric sensors that work as an alternative synapse which makes it possible for the human brain to channel the impulse that they receive to the Syder. This is resulting in the ability of the Syder to read the brain waves. So Syder makes it possible for us to read and send images to the brain of the virtual world trough these electric sensors. Because of the high level of detail needed in making the Syder, each Syder needs about 12 hours of production and 30 hours of test run.
Synapse Imaging Device or SID for short is a replica of the human brain. Instead of made from thousands neuron cells, they consist of thousands mini processors. This processor then creates what we called as a “fake” electric impulse. This fake electric impulse consisting information of the virtual world. It re-creates the electric impulse of the human senses which is resulting in the ability to create the virtual reality. Both of the Syder and the SID is created by Dr. Hans Schneider.
Startup guide.
To activate the Syder and the SID you have to do several steps.
Firstly, connects the power chord to electrical power source and then connect it to the back of the SID.
Secondly, connects the network cable to the back of the SID, below the power plug.
Thirdly, put the Syder in your head and find a relaxed position (lying down is recommended).
The last step is turn on the power button on the SID and then close your eyes.
Welcome to the world of Rebirth Online.
B. Rebirth Online Introduction.
Rebirth Online or often called RO is a game made by FFAID Corporation to maximize the player experience in the virtual worlds. It is the only exclusive corporation that is allowed to implement Syder in a VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). RO is using the medieval times background as the settings. Resulting in a fantasy yet classical design of the world.
RO worlds run on a system called “The Core”. This system allowed us to create a vast virtual world more efficient than any other system. Which is resulting in almost no loading time. To complete the player experience, RO is equipped with the latest Artificial Intelligence or AI system for all of the Non-Player Character or NPC. This system is called “The Network”. Our NPC mind is connected to the database trough a special network. Resulting in the ability of the NPC to answer the entire player question about the game. To make it realistic, our NPC voice is generated through a special vocaloid device. It is to ensure the player that their experience in the RO will be something that they will never forget.
C. Basic and Advanced Class.
In RO we have 6 basic classes and 22 advanced class implemented. The six basic classes are swordsman, fighter, archer, thief, caster, and commoner. The twenty two advanced classes are samurai, knights, crusader, lancer, monk, berserker, hunter, ranger, assassin, rogue, shinobi, wizard, summoner, cleric, druid, shaman, bard, dancer, chef, crafter, blacksmith, and merchant. You have to choose one of the six basic classes when you first login to the RO. The 22 advanced class can only be upgraded when the player have reach level 50. Each advanced class has basic class requirements, so a player that’s taking the swordsman as the basic class can’t upgrade as a wizard for the second class. The advanced class and the respective basic class will be explained further below.
To change into advanced class, players have to go to the advanced class headquarters and filling out the application form. After that, players have to complete the quest based on the advanced class. If a player successfully finished the quest, they will be upgraded as advanced class.
Swordsman advanced class is samurai, knights, crusader, and lancer.
Fighter advanced class is monk and berserker.
Archer advanced class is hunter and ranger.
Thief advanced class is assassin, rogue, and shinobi.
Caster advanced class is wizard, summoner, cleric, druid, and shaman. The caster class is categorized into two types, offensive caster and supportive caster. Offensive caster advanced class is wizard and summoner. Supportive caster advanced class is cleric, druid, and shaman.
Commoner advanced class is bard, dancer, chef, crafter, blacksmith, and merchant.
Swordsman class as the name implies is a basic sword using class, they can turn into samurai, knight, crusader, lancer, or master swordsman. They can equip a wide range of armor from light to heavy. Their skills have a medium cool down and attack power.
Samurai is a unique class that is using katana as their main weapon. Their physical attack is the highest in swordsman class but they have the lowest defense. Their skills also have long time cool down duration because they are powerful.
Knight is a two handed broadsword user. Their attack power is high, and they can defense well with their broadsword. The disadvantage of this class is their skill need a long time to cast and their attack is a little bit slow because of the size of the broadsword.
Crusader is a swordsman that focused as the tank of the group. Their high defense resulting in low attacking power, the weapon they used is one handed sword and one handed shield, or they can devote themselves into a two handed big shield user. Their skill mainly focused on defending the party and taunting the enemy to target them.
Lancer is a swordsman that focusing on mastering the spear. The spear gave them more range than a sword can do and their damage is on par with a knight, they are also more agile than knight. But they have a low defense since a spear is not a defending tool. Their skill mainly focused on attacking the enemy.
Fighter class is a class that focusing on hand to hand combats. They don’t have a high attack but their speed is amazing. They have chain attack which is the best thing about fighter class. Giving no room for the enemy to rest. It’s like saying that offence is the best defense.
Monk is and advanced class of a fighter. They used claws as their main weapon and have devastating combo. But their defense is low and can only equip light armor. Their skill named the fist of heaven is one of the most powerful skills in the game.
Berserker is a advanced class of a fighter which mainly using axes as their weapon. They have low defense but high attacking power. Their skill named berserker blood giving them more attack power based on the health they have. The less health they have, more power they get.
Archer is a basic class that uses bow as their weapon. Archer class isn’t really popular because of the high difficulty in using the bow. Either way, it has a high damage and speed, but low on defense. Their skill keen eyes, allows them to detect enemy before the enemy detects them. This is useful on the battle field.
Hunter is advanced class of archer. Their weapon is longbow which give them more power but reducing their attack speed. Hunter classes can take a hawk as their companion and will help them in battle according to the level of the hunter.
Ranger is advance class of archer. Their weapon short bow gives them less power but more attack speed. Ranger can take a wolf as their companion and have a better chance to inflict critical chance.
Thief is a basic class which uses dagger or short sword as their weapon. Their mobility is the best amongst any other classes and has a pick pocket skill to steal gold from other player.
Assassin is one of the damage dealers of the game. Their weapon is katar, a similar weapon to claws. And can infused poison to their attack which makes them deadly. Their high attack power and speed makes them powerful. But their lack of defense can be vital sometimes.
Rogue is mainly focusing in disabling enemies. They can disable enemy from using weapon and lower their defense by cracking their armor. But the main attractive point of this class is their skill to have better chance in getting gold and rare item.
Shinobi is a class that uses short sword and throwing weapons. They can use kunai, shuriken, even daggers and throws them. Their hiding and sneaking skill is one of the best in the game. It can be used to get past the monster in the field.
Caster is a basic class of many damage dealer and supporter in the game. This class is then divided into two, offensive type caster and then supportive style caster. As a caster you will be thought on how to use skill, how to target your skill, and how to cast your skill. This class is not easy to master as you have to have a good perspective in measuring the distance of where the skill will land.
Wizard is an advanced class of a caster which has the highest attack in their skill. But their skills aren’t many that are target locking. So you have to make sure that your skill landed at the enemy or it will be hurting your friends instead.
Summoner is one of the easiest class to master. Because their skill primary in summoning monster to help you and your party battle in the field. The familiar summoned can freely attack with your commands.
Cleric is a support class that mainly focused on healing teammates and giving a buff. They can increase their attack and attributes. Due to their low defense they have a skill know as barrier to protect themselves. Although it’s seems useful they needed more mana than any other class.
Druid is a support class that can heal teammates and inflicting status to the enemy. Although their healing skill is not powerful as cleric, they have many useful skills. One of their skill, ensnare can hold an enemy at their places which makes it easier for teammates to attack it.
Shaman is full support caster that is mainly inflicting bad status at the enemy. From reducing their agility, put them to sleep, until taking away their sight. This class doesn’t seem to be powerful but their skill is pretty much useful.
Commoner is the basic class that doesn’t have any special rule. They can use wide range of weapon, and can equip a wide range of armor. Medium attack, medium speed, and medium defense, if you have to describe, it is jack of all trades.
Bard is an advanced class from commoner. They can buff the party with their supporting skill which usually can last for a long time. Their skill can be better if they’re using combo skill with a dancer.
Dancer is advanced class from commoner. Not many people using this class as their skill usually focusing on dancing. Their dance said can brings good luck and many status improvements for teammates. They can use combo skill with a bard which improves their duration and effect.
Chef is advanced class from commoner. Many people think that this class is useless but they have a high fire resistance, knife mastery, and their best traits are ingredients seeker. They can improve the drop rate of rare item double than usual, if the item is ingredients for cooking. The food that they cooks have attributes buff for the people who eats it.
Crafter is a class that specialized in light and medium armor and weapon. This is a famous class because the equipment they make has higher defense and attributes than the one that you buy at an NPC. They can make a fortune buy crafting armor and weapon.
Blacksmith focused on crafting heavy armor and weapon. They’re a little bit combat oriented than crafter. They have a powerful bash skill using their hammer that can stun enemy for a few seconds. They also have a high fire resistance because they need to work with fire.
Merchant is a class focusing on trading. They have many useful skills such as discount and overpriced. They can buy items from NPC cheaper than regular player, and they can sell monster drops at a much higher price. They also have a high drop rate which makes many people choose this class.
D. User Interface.
First login.
When a player first login to the RO, it will take some times for the Syder to synchronize it frequency with the brain. The first time login will require 10 to 15 minutes to check all of the five sense response. You don’t have to set up an identity or ID because we can detect the unique brain wave frequency of each person. One person can only have one character in the game.
One Syder can only registering one ID for one player. If a player already has a RO ID, he or she can log in using another player Syder. However, if a player don’t have a RO ID and try to log in using another player Syder, the player can only watched a movie clip about the RO game play. If a player tries to log in using another player Syder, they will have to repeat the first Syder synchronization process.
How the character looks in the game can be costumized. Players can change their mouth, eye, hair, body shape, and all aspect of appearance except gender. If a player decides to use their real appearance, the Syder can read what we called as human awareness, which is stored in the brain. It reads the data and recreates the character to resemble with the player actual looks. Aside from that, RO is giving freedom to the player to change their character name.
The first time login, the player will be guided by our tutorial NPC named Irina. She has been designed to guide you through the basic user interface and familiarized player with the game. She is also designed using “The Network”, so the player can experience firsthand the ability of our AI. She can answer the entire player question about the game. Also for the first registration, players have to choose the class that they want to be. For each class have different skill window. After completing the registration, Irina will guide the player trough the tutorial.
User Interface.
User interface in the game is easy to use. In the top left of the player point of view, there are Health Point or HP bar, Mana Point or MP bar, and Experience Point or EXP bar. On the bottom right corner of the player point of view, there are the clock, hunger bar, and energy bar. RO have 8 main windows. The 8 windows are status window, inventory window, skill window, friend window, party window, guild window, quest window, and reputation window.
To open the windows, players have to call out for the command. But trough the ability of Syder to read the Human brain, it is resulting in the ability to execute commands just by saying it in the human mind. For instance calling out Status Window will open the status window, but by thinking about the status window in the player minds will resulting in the same effect.
Players can only see their own windows. It is designed so each player will have their own privacy. To close the window, you just have to say close or just thinking to close the window.
Player Interaction
Player can interact with another player or to the NPC in the game. The NPC in the game have several jobs. Shops NPC are NPC that stand-by in a shop and sells item. A player can buy an item from them by asking the NPC. The player also can sell their item to the NPC by using the same method. Every shop NPC can buy item from the player without any limitation. But on the other hand, a player can only buy a potion from a potion NPC.
Player can also interact with other player in the game by talking to them. a player then can be friend with another player, invited them to the party, invited them to a guild, asking for a duel, or trading item. To trade item with another player, just shake hand and enter the command “transaction”.
To prevent player doing immoral things inside the game, the system have set up some security measures. If a player tries to touch another player without consent, the player then will be frozen in place for 10 minutes. Even though both of the player are lovers, even if they tries to kiss inside the game, both of them will be frozen in place before they lips touched. A player can’t remove all of their equipment in front of other player. They can only do that when the player are alone inside a room or inside the bathroom. This measure is taken to ensure the player can play the game without bad reason.
Status window
When opening the status window, player can see their HP, MP, EXP, Attack, Defense, and Attributes. It will also show the player status buff or ailments. Player HP and MP will be generated for 5% every 20 second when the player is out of battle. The most important thing from the status window is the attributes.
Attributes is how you determine how you want to make your character. It is divided into 6 areas, VIT (vitality) it’s determining your max Hp and defense. STR (strength) is determining your attack power and will increase your maximum carrying weight. AGI (agility) is determining how agile you are. CON (concentration) will determine how accurate can you hit the enemy and how fast you can cast your skill. INT (intelligence) is determining your magic attack, magic defense and maximum MP. LUK (luck) is determining your critical hit rate and your item drop will increase. You will get 5 points of attributes to distribute among this six when you level up.
1 VIT point will increase the player max HP by 50 points and defense by 2 points.
1 STR point will increase the player max attack by 3 and increase carrying weight by 50.
1 AGI point will increase the player movement speed by 0,025ms and attack speed by 1%.
1 CON point will increase the player vision by 1% and reduce cast time by 0,1ms.
1 INT point will increase the player magic attack by 5, magic defense by 2, and max MP by 30 points.
1 LUK point will increase the player critical rate by 0,3% and item drop rate by 0,5%.
This attributes is applied with the help of the system. If you increase your STR, the system will help the player to be stronger. If a player increases their AGI, the system will help the player to move faster, and so on.
Inventory windows
Inventory window will show the player, their currently equipped equipment, and their inventory list. At the top right of the window the player can see the weight limit for example 800/3000. 800 is the player current weight and 3000 is the player maximum carrying weight. It doesn’t matter how much item the player are carrying as long he or she didn’t pass the limit.
In every player left waist, there is a small bag know as adventurer’s bag. The player can put anything in there. To take out any item, the player just have to put their hands in the bag and call out of the item name, or just by thinking about the item. To put in an item that’s bigger than the adventurer’s bag, a player can use the system help by saying the name of the item and put in inventory. For example, “wooden table, put in inventory”. But this item has to be in front of the player. The same rule also applied when taking out the item from the inventory.
Skill window.
Skill window will show the player the list of all available skill for their class. It will be unlocked only after the player distributes the skill point. Some of the skills also have a prerequisite skill before they can be taken.
When a player upgrading to advanced class, the advanced class skill will be listed on the bottom side of basic class skill. This means, all basic class skill can be used by their advanced class.
There are passive skills and active skills. Passive skills are skill that doesn’t required mana to activate them. While active skills requiring MP to cast them, it has casting time. Casting time is the time needed for a player to prepare before the skill can be executed. A player can only cast one skill at a time. Some skills have 0 casting time while some may take up to 30 to 50 second to cast. After an active skill is performed, they will enter cool down mode. Cool down is the delay time for each skill before they can be performed again.
Skills have maximum cast range and area of effect or AOE. The range and AOE is usually listed in radius. For example a fireball skill has a 250 AOE, which enable it to hit every enemy in 250 radiuses. For every 50 radius is equal to 30x30cm. So fireball can hit enemy in an area of 150x150cm. Fireball also have 5000 maximum cast range, which means it can only be used on an enemy whom distance is no more than 30m from the caster.
Advanced class skill from commoner class can be acquired by other class advanced skill. The player have to apply at the skill class headquarter and finished the quest. After that the skill will show up at the player skill window. However the player have to distribute skill point to the skill first before it is usable.
Friends’ window.
Friend window will show the player their list of online friends and their level. To be friends with another player, a player has to shake hands with them and said, “Let’s be friend”. His or her name will automatically show up in the friends’ window. The maximum limit of friends a player can have is 500. There are actions available for your friends, which is message and telepathy. You can write a message to your friend or you can call them and have a private chat with them. This two can be done easily just like how the player open their inventory windows. After all what the player think in this world, the Syder can read the brain wave and execute it as a commands
Party windows.
Party window will tell the player about his or her teammate’s condition. To make a party the player have to ask to another player, “will you join my party?” and if the person answer “yes” his or her name will automatically show up at the party window. Their HP and MP bar will automatically show up at the player top left perspective, below their own HP, MP, and EXP bar. The party window will show the player their teammates HP, MP, EXP, Level, and location. The maximum number of people in a party is 20.
When a party is formed, the level difference of the lowest member of the party from the highest member of the party is limited to 5. For example, if a level 10 player tries to make a party with level 1 player, the level 10 player automatically becomes a level 6 player as long as that player remain in the party. As for their attributes and skills, the system has the record of each player. It just like their character is going back in time. For the experience, it will be evenly shared, but the high level player experience needed to level up is still the same
The most important thing in making a party is all member of the party will have their friendly fire status to turn on. It means a party member can attack another party member and killed him or her.
There is also a function to search for a party member. A player also can put in info if they are looking for a party in the party windows. This function can’t be used to search for a player that didn’t put up a party search request or a player that’s not on your friend list.

Guild windows.
A player can make a guild if he or she registered it at a guild hall in town. A guild limit is 100 people. The limit can be increased by upgrading the guild rank at the guild headquarter. The advantage of a guild is you can rent a building that can be used as a headquarters. Each headquarters will have their own warehouse to keep their inventory and can be used as a re-spawn point. To make a guild, a player have to pay 50.000 gold for the application form. To upgrade the guild rank, a player have to pay 50.000 each time. To rent a building, the price ranges from 250.000 to 1.000.000gold. A guild can only have one building maximum. The Guild master can give permission or banned a player from entering their guild building.
Quest Window.
In the quest window, a player can check their quest progress and the list of quest that he or she has completed. The quest window will automatically update each time a player completed the mission. Players will get rewards for completing a quest. There are also recommended quest for player level that he or she can take. To take a quest, a player has to talk to the NPC. If a player is in a party, all of the party members have to be present in front of the NPC.
Reputation window
Reputation window will show the player battle history. In the reputation window, there are duel win and lose records, the arena participation and win record, also the FFA (free for all) field kill and death.
E.Experience and battle system.
In rebirth online, a player just has to kill 5 monsters whose one level higher than him or her to level up, or 25 monsters at the player level. If a player battle with monster 1 level below him or her, the player have to kill 125 of them
if it is in percentage. The monster one level below the player will give 0, 8% EXP. A monster on the same level of the player will give 4%EXP. A monster that are one level higher than the player will give 25%EXP. a monster that are 2 level higher than the player will give 100% Exp points. Monster that is 3 levels higher than the player will give 500% exp, but the player won’t level up 2 levels at once. 100% experience will be used to level up once, and the remaining 400% will be recounted. For example if a player is a level 1 and kill a level 4 monster, the player will end up as a level 2 with 80% Exp.
Each time a player leveled up, they will get five points of attributes and one points of skill points. The player have to distribute the skill points before the skill can be used. To use skill in a battle, the player can say the skill name or just think about the skill in their mind and it will then executed.
To eliminate the possibilities of someone last hitting the player target monster, killing it, and get all the experience, this game system works on percentage. So if a party battle with a monster until it has 1% HP remaining and someone outside the party hits it with a blow that powerful enough to kill it, the killer only gains 1% of exp.
If a player lose his entire HP or died in a battle, they will be re-spawned at the city. The re-spawn point is located at the medical ward inside the alliance headquarters. If a player died at the field, they will get 1% EXP penalty and 1% gold penalty.
Every time a player killed a monster they will get gold and sometimes an item drop. Gold drop will be automatically added to the player inventory, but item drop will falls on the ground when the player killed the monster. Item dropped by a monster can only be taken by the player that killed the monster or another player from the same party. Items dropped have duration of 30seconds in the ground before it disappears. If the monster is killed by a player from outside of the party, the item drop belongs to the player that deals the most damage.
F. Event and quest
Event is a special quest that is held once a month. In this occasion, the quest window will appear for every player. Only the fastest player that completes the quest can get the reward. If a player completes the event, the quest window will automatically updated on all other player that it has been finished by: “the name of the player”. The reward from event is a unique item, which is only 1 in the game. To prevent In Real Life or IRL money trading, unique item can only be traded to a player that is currently in the same party of the player when he or she finished the quest.
Quest is requested by NPC in RO. You can take regular quest from the quest window. Taking some quest is another way to get experience and gold. Sometimes they have equipment and item for extra rewards. Regular quest can be taken by the entire player. If a player finished the quest, another player can still do the same quest. If a party wants to take a quest, all of the party members have to be in front of the quest NPC. If a party completes the quest, all of the party member will get the same rewards instead of sharing it.
G. The Guardian.
Guardian is a NPC character that can be hired by players to help them out in a battle. To hire a guardian, a player has to fill out an application form at the guardian headquarters. The fee to hire a guardian is 10.000 gold. The guardian will helps a player to level up, but the guardian will have to be in your party. Which is resulting in the even shared of experience. Given that fact, the guardian can level up just like any other player. But if the guardian dies, the guardian level will be restarted to 1 and you will have to fill out another application form to get another guardian.
H. List of towns and fields.
RO is divided into 5 continents: central continent, west continent, east continent, south continent, and north continent. There are currently 20 city located trough out the continent. Players can move between cities by travelling or using the warp portal service. To use the warp portal service, a player can talks to the portal NPC about the destination. Gold will be charged when using the portal depending on the distance.
There are also regular field and FFA (free for all) field. Regular field have monster that is reccomended for the player current level. FFA field is a field that have monster with higher experience and item drop rate. But in this area, a player is allowed to kill another player.
List of Towns
Amber Village – the silent village
Avalon – the city of vanguard
Black factory – the city of crafter and black smith
Dessert’s oasis – paradise in the middle nowhere
Dewata – the city of carnival
Eden fall – the city of light
Edelweiss – the town of beginner
Elka village – the peaceful village
Harbor bay – the merchant warehouse
Illidian – the fairy hideout
Koga village- the historical village of ninja
Lakeside village – the watermill
Magora -the flying fortress
Memoria – the city of time
Miner’s cove – the mining city
Mineral town – the nature village
Misty lake – a city hidden by the mist
Pirate’s cove – the city of bounty hunter
Seaside shore – the city of festival
Waterfall – the city at the end of the world
List of fields
Central continent Field – Level Range 1 – 20
Beginners forest (field level 2-5)
Sewer dungeon (field level 5-10)
Frozen mountains (field level 10-15)
Goblin’s camp (field level 15-20)
West continent field – level range 15-30
Underwater dungeon (FFA field level 15-25)
Clock tower (field level 20-25)
The sunken ship (FFA field level 20-30)
South continent field – level range 30-50
Enchanted forest (field level 30-35)
Magma dungeon (field level 35-40)
Sands pit (field level 40-45)
Desserts storm (FFA field level 45-55)
East continent field – level range 50 -75
Abandoned mine (field level 50-55)
Great stone range (field level55-60)
Dragon’s lair (FFA field level 60-70)
The wind plateau (FFA field level 70-80)
North continent field – level range 75-100
Ancient Cathedral (FFA field level 80-85)
Haunted Tower (field level 85-90)
Misty forest (FFA field level 90-95)
Dragon’s grave (field level 90-100)

I. The arena.
The arena is a special place designed for player versus player or PVP. In the arena a player can test their skill against another player. The arena itself is located at Magora -The flying fortress. There are several types of battle: 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, until 6 vs. 6 is the maximum limit. The arena is the only place that allows a player to kill another player. The player can surrender to another player if their health already below 10%. There are monthly tournaments held at the arena, and the winner will get 100.000 gold.
To battle in the arena, a player has to fill out an application form. If a player is forced to fill out the application form to enter the arena by another player, he or she can report to the guard in the changing room and his or her application will be voided.
Another type of battle between players is duel. A duel can be done anywhere if both players agree. Both of the players have to shake hand and say “let’s duel”. If only one player who said it, the battle will be voided. After that the nearest NPC, aside from a guardian will come and be the judge. If a player try to force another player to battle with them, he can be accused as a criminal, our stand by GM will then warps to the scene and examine the situation. If he is proven to be guilty, he is then will be processed to the prison.
J. The prison.
The prison is located at special field where only GM can warp in and out. Player who’s doing sexual harassment, bullying, forced duel, or even trying to PK another player outside the FFA field will be processed by the GM(game master) in charge and then if they’re proven to be guilty they will be taken to the prison. The player who’s been taken to the prison can’t open their command window and can’t even use their skill. They also can’t interact with other player, so telepathy is out of question. The prison time ranging from 24 hour to 720 hour of login time depend on the crime. So if a player is in a 24hours crime time, he can’t log out and log in back the next day and be freed from the punishment. He has to login for 24 hours in the prison, for him to be released.
With the Syder implemented, we’re always monitoring the brain wave condition of each player. If a player stress level reaches a certain degree, such as fear, anger, and anxiety, our GM will automatically warps to the scene and examining the situation. If our GM didn’t show up at the scene and you feel threatened, you can execute the commands of GM call. Our GM will immediately come into your location. The law created inside Rebirth Online is very strict. That is for one sole purpose, so the player can enjoy the game without any other disturbance. The only crime allowed in the game is pickpocket trough the thief skills. We hope that all of the players have the best time of their life in the game world. Welcome to the world of Rebirth Online.

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