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Chapter 025 - 25 – help the author!

Hi! If you’re reading this then you’re planning to help me….

Currently I accept all kind of help, from proof reader, editor, and illustrator.. If you’re interested you can send me a PM or email..

And as you all have know I write my story from my phone and my PC is break up.. Some ask why didn’t I fix my PC.. Simply because I don’t have the capability..

I worked various job and write during my break.. If you want to know my condition, it’s like ark and weed live before they enter the VR world.. Therefore my friends suggested me to take up on donation.

This donation is not a must but if you could that would be great. It will reduce a great load on me and let me focus on writing more… I’m not a person that said “if you didn’t give me money I won’t write”… Remember it’s a donation and may God bless you for blessing me..

Thank you, best regards…


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