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Chapter 024 - 24 – Epilogue – Results and conclusion

Epilogue – sequel spoiler…

When scneider points the gun at yuki he didn’t realize that kuro is already infront of him.

With a loud noise fill out the room, the trigger is pulled…

The gun is resided at scneider jaws with both of schneider hands enveloped with kuro’s arm

At the last moment, he managed to turn the gun making it a classic suicidal scene…

As the object of their worship is now dead, the lab staff slowly regain their conciousness..

Kuro is now walking towards yuki while blood is falling down like tears from his eyes… He only manages to walk for two step before fall down to his knees and then kissed the floor..

“Noooooo…..” with a loud shout yuki’s voice ended that night…


Few days later, the FFAID building is surrounded by police line. The company went bankrupt and the server forcefully shutted down… The player didn’t know what happened and was furious except the party member at the last battle…

Aaron was imprisoned to death because his experiment is considered a big threat for the country. Moreover his experiment on the human brain is against the law.

Reiner only sentenced for ten years. He didn’t make a critical mistakes only the AI makes him labeled as a terrorist that may rebel against the country.. But that was enlugh to make him suffer… When he get out of the jail, who knows the level of the AI at that time…

Schneider is going to be executed.for all that he has done, but he already been executed so it was voided.

Sakaki now can smile happily with his daughter finally “revived”. He can’t hope for a better results. However the FFAID research is being confined by the authority. Anyway, they already set up a security measure that the data will be erased the next time the server is up. Leaving no trace for the country to use the technology that has been developed in military.

Of course the entire incident is hidden from public view..

The party member now playing another MMORPG games.. Altough it is not VR but they seems to be satisfied…

Hikaru has decided to someday work in the gaming industry. He want to once again jump in the Virtual Reality world… Nineteen years later he was accepted at a company called GolbalWorld..

After that, any project that includes the brain research has been considered as illegal.

Five months before the incident, Dr. Schneider is wearing the syder…

He who yuki said to never enters the game is definitelly inside the server..

“with this, I don’t have to worry about anything. Huahahahahaha…”

With an evil laugh he looks satisfied before logging out…

What in the world is schneider doing there? Hahahaha
As i tell you it will be a spoiler for the sequel.. Can you guys guess what he’s planning?

How about kuro and yuki?
You can find out about them in the re:rebirth online.. Hehehe….


Finally after a year on hiatus this project finally finished… Altough my computer is busted i can now write using my phone.. Altough my grammar is not that good, thank you for appreciating it and reading this to the end…
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