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Chapter 023 - 23 – Final chapter – The entwined fate

Final chapter – The entwined fate

As Kuro and the body arrives at Tegron’s village, he imediatelly meet up with everyone. When he tell them what os going on, everybody is shocked. Seven that just joined with the group actually is a son of some high ranking officer in the police department. He said, if there is enough evidence, rainer and aaron maybe improsined for the experiment that they do is nearly the same as human experiment.

Luckily enough the party is there. Consisting of high leveled player they strength may be needed. There’s a high chance some monster will show up to catch Yuki, at worst a GM will show up. Because after Kuro logged out, she will need time around ten minutes to move the large amount of data about “herself” into the syder.

“sakuya are you ready?”

After a little nod sakuya lowered her body and touch a girl body that is similar to her. As if looking at a mirror. When her hand touch the body, slowly see started to fade. Seconds later she dissapeared and the lying girl open up her eyes and starts to shout.

“get ready, they’re coming. Kuro you need to log out and bring my body as fast as possible.”

After Kuro logged out, instantly around the party, the NPC going hostile to them. Hundreds of monkey monk preparing their stance to attack. The party need to guard Yuki, while she is already standing still meaning that her process to transfer her data already started.

The monkey monk level is around 40 so they’re not too weak but also not too strong for the party to handle. But each time a monkey monk dies, another one instantly summoned. It is a battle of endurance.

On he other hand, Kuro managed to logged out and now is rushing towards the room where they keep yuki real body. The door is guarded by security which standing tall and kuro know it isn’t going to be easy.

Seeing kuro run at their direction two security that guarding the door took out their weapon. If only Kuro is still the old Kuro, he may not be able to do anything. But aaron gives Kuro training which makes him a decent soldier. Taking into account all the moves that he do inside the game can he easily adopted in real life.

He jumps towards one of the guard and kicked him from below to the jaw. A soaring kick that leaves the man collapsed and fall unconcious. When he landed, not wasting any moment he throw a straight punch to the security’s liver and make him succumbed in the ground holding his stomach.

Kuro is now powerful enough to take out two adult man instantly. When he enters the room he sees yuki tied down to various medical equipment. He pulled them out one by one carefully to make sure that nothing will harm her.

He swiftly goes back to the syder and place the helmet on yuki.

The party finally let out a big smile when they see Yuki dissapear. It means that she has sucessfully returned to real life. They are now accepting their death which will respawn them far away from this place.

Meanwhile, kuro notice something is strange. When yuki finally open up her eyes and returned to her real body, the whole process took twenty minutes but no one is coming to intterupt.

Yuki also say something is definitely wrong here. Just when they are heading towards the exit, they came across several lab staff but they’re all moving like zombie towards one direction. When their gaze met, kuro and yuki agree that they have to follow the staff.

What they see next is something that they can’t imagine. The whole lab staff is bowing down and worshipping some one. In the middle of the zombie circle, stand someone who is smilling in an evil manner. Dr. Schneider…. Seeing the two uninvited guest, he then speak arrogantly…

“hehehe… Welcome my guest… Thank you for your assistance.. Because the disturbance that you made, i can sucesfully initiate my plan.”

“tell me what is going on here.” kuro is shouting and walking towards schneider but then the zombie horde hold him down in his place. One or two lab staff can’t stop him but right now the entire lab member is blocking his path.

“hahaha.. You see… I’m working here also not for free, I have a much greater purpose than those foolish people. Creating the ultimate AI, some super soldier, and lastly, just to safe her daughter.. Hahaha…. So pitiful..”

“how dare you” yuki definitely can’t let that one go.. Afterall it was her father being insulted. She know he is doing his best for her.

“so, what have you done to them?” kuro is asking while still struggling to break trough, but right now five lab staff is holding him down. The staff holding his hand, leg, and the last ome grabs him from behind.

“with the syder capable in reading and sending electric impulse to the brain, i designed it not only for that two reason. It have another function to copy and paste a memory. I succeded in copying that little girl “data” but to actually do “paste” I need more research. What you did today, proves my paste theory.”

After hearing that, kuro and yuki is shocked. All along they just get out from alligator mouths to fall into the lion den. They’re dancing in schneider hands.

“and this little button in my hand will actually writes the data that already implemented to the staffs in here. As soon as i press this, i will have millions of underling that will obey to my commands and have no other purpose than to serve me.”

What scneider is doing is basicly a brainwashing. Unlike the old brainwashing method, this time he will really overwrite people memory and implanted them with a new personallity as a follower of schneider sect.

“stop that.” yuki is now really angry but she can’t do anything too. Some staff is now holding her down.

“you two will be the witness in the new revolution of scneider army. Hahaha… I will start the countdown now. 10.. 9….8…”

Kuro now giving a gentle yet a sad eyes full of emotion to yuki. He know that even though yuki and sakuya is a different person, but he feel a strong emotion building inside him towards yuki.

On the other hand, yuki also know since she absorbs some of sakuya data, she is now yuki and sakuya at the same time. She also realized what is kuro going to do.

“Noooo…..” as she cried out so loud, kuro managed to break free.

What she witness now is kuro in over drive state. Is it possible? Yes, since his body and brain already remembered the pattern, he is actually able to go past his limit. But with great power comes great responsibility. He know by using that state, he will have to gave up something precious, it may even take his life.

with a smile on his face for yuki, and a little tears flowing from his eyes he spoke something inaudible but strangely she can hear it.

“I love you”

Scneider didn’t aware of his surrounding anymore, he is in a trance while happily doing his countdown.

With an unimaginable speed and strength kuro moves breaking the crowds in two while walking towards schneider. When the countdown hits 1, the button has gone from schneider hands.

“you… How dare you..”
Schneider then tries to take the button back but right now kuro is much more powerfull than him. His brainwashed staff also can’t do anything to kuro in this state.

With blood starts to run down from his nose, kuro destroy the button.

Seeing that, schneider run towards kuro with the intention to kill.

Kuro easily dodged him but now blood is coming out from his ear.

Yuki is now crying looking at kuro condition, but schneider is now moving towards a table and took out a gun. Pointing the gun at her and with a satisfied smile, he say.

“it’s over now.”

Kuro realized what is happening and run as quickly as possible…

* dorr…*

After the loud sound when the gun is shot, silence fill out the room.


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