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Chapter 022 - 22 – 15th login – the moon reflection

15th login – the moon reflection

Seeing the girl that quietly lying down on a bed of white roses, kuro then lowered his body and pick up the girl.

“so, i just need to bring this body to sakuya?”

“yes you’re right, but we need to move fast before they found out about it.”

“ok, let’s head out then.”

After that kuro turn back into the tunnel where he come from and immediately dissapear in the darkness.


My name is Yuki, my father is Sakaki, one of the founder of FFAID corporation..

At first I know that my father have zero interest in gaming world.. Our corporation SkyTree is mainly making a virtual environment for surgery simulation. As the reason how he is involved in this game, it’s because of me…

Not because I want to play the VR game but after having an accident on my way home, I was comatosed for several months. My father then trying to find a way to safe me. Even though my body is still alive, but my brain is as good as dead.

Trying to revive me, he stumbled accros a thesis that is about reading the brain waves and sending back information. The thesis believes if one can send enough information to the brain, even a dead brain can be alive again or practically used as a processing medium. After contacting Dr.Schneider the writer of the thesis, he find a hope to bring me back to life.

Six months after that, the game server was launched including me. Literally, my brain was used as one of the “processor”.

Because of that, I became aware of everything that is happening inside the game. I become one of the “gods” in this world along with a couple “Game Master”. But of course my authority is above them all.

As time pass by, I know the motives behind each of the person that helped my father. Reiner is trying to create an ultimate AI. Not for anyother reason but for military reason.

Imagine, a high tech bomber unmanned stealth plane, flying across the battlefield and can adapt to any condition that may rise. How high can the AI be sold?

At first I was amazed at his work, the AI that they create in this game can adapt really well because they all are connected to the same databse. These ability called the network.

Everytime an AI adapt to a condition, they immediately analyze the script and gives some modification.
For example: if a + b = c, the AI they create can make a conclusion that a = c – b, they will also modified it to have b = c – a or even a + b = d , d = c..

Because of this, the AI not actually thinking by itself but it is only reacting using one of the condition that may occurs.

Seeing his plan may come into realization sooner or later, I make a tweak in one of the NPC.
I simply choose one of the NPC with the most variable script and put a little bit of my data inside it.

How can i do it? Because right now I’m probably all data. One of the thing that dr. Schneider done to me is copy all of my brain contents to the server in case my brain ceased to function or erased in the process..

I can locate the data easily and copy it to a guardian. Why a guardian NPC? Because unlike other Npc that is only having simple conversation, a guardian have to adapt in various battle activity. But as a side effect, that guardian look exactly like me, even her personality.

I also guide her in some parts so she can start to feel some emotion. Because as she have some data of me, she can now feel her emotion. Somehow, I’m connected to her. I can feel what she feel, hear what she hear, and sometimes I even think that I was the one that move around using her body.

Aaron, is trying to break the human brain limit to further increase the humanity revolution, but at some part that is a lie. Because no one can block me nor see me I easily join in some of his secret experiments.

He is trying to break the human brain limit to make a super soldier. He is also trying to train the personal army inside the game world. It seems to be working nicely because he find “that boy”.

Is it a fate? I don’t know but his guardian is the NPC that I toyed with. He was fooled at first and almost died. I managed to safe him in a close call. After I explain the situation to him, now we’re trying to destroy those two evil intention.

The biggest threat right now is Dr.Scneider. I don’t know what he is thinking about so I don’t know what he is planning. He also never come inside the game so I absolutely have no information about him.

So, first thing to do is to cancelling their plan. How to do it?

The body that the boy carrying right now is actually “my data”. I will use the body as a container to absorb the data that has been mixed with the guardian NPC. By doing that, her data will be gone from the server and will destroy Rainer research. It was his fault to never realized about my existence after all.

After that I will also move all of my data to the Syder that the boy currently in. He need to log out and put my real body to the syder that he was using now afterwards. By doing so I believe I can regain my conciousness.

The biggest problem is when the FFAID staff realized that he has betray them, it will be near to impossible to bring my body to the syder that he is using. Because FFAID staff is the best of the best including their security. Luckily the boy have seen my body once when he sneak around the laboratory..

When I explained the situation to him, he was convinced quite easily. It would be a big problem for me if he doesn’t want to cooperate.

So, right now we’re on our way to execute the first step.

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