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Chapter 021 - 21 – 14th login – A Tale Of A Hero

14th login – A Tale Of A Hero

The monkey monk then told the party a story… A story of a hero

“long time ago, far east continent is one of the most prosperous region in the world… With our tropical geography, we can grow special commodities that is only exist here.. After that, lots of beastman sail out across the world and known as one of the best trader…”

Strangely enough the party can see the outline of the continent, the far east continent geography, and what seemed to be a scene of a movie is playing right in front of their eyes…

“but it all changed when a big earthquake occurs and the mythical monster that have always been our guardian running around attacking the villages… Holy dragon Tiamat breath his wrath of anger to Edenfall, the Tegron’s peak village suffer from the raid of Yeti, Ancient comodo start throwing tantrum in comodo island, and similar phenomenon occurs all around far east continent”

The scene then changed, showing the villager of beast race in a chaos condition trying to save theirselves from the attack of the monster.

“what worse is cyclone,whirlpool, and even tsunami occurs at the sea make it impossiblr for us to get trough. But, recently the sea starts to calmed down seeing you can make it here to the far east continent.”

While continuing to hear the explanation the party nodded a little bit.

“but this is already happening for more than fifty years ago. The beast race start to be forgotten from the rest of the world as far east continent become isolated. The guardian monster then turns into the boss monster that everyone feared. We are the people of this region can’t even remember the meaning of peace.”

The party then can see some expresion changed at the face of the monkey monk, from a gloomy atmoshpere suddenly it turns bright.

“it all changed when a certain person come to this continent. Appearing out of nowhere nobody knows where he come from. He said that his name is Kuro and he is here to help us. At first we don’t have a high expectation for him since a long time ago human are weaker than us.”

Hearing that, some of the party member frowned a little.

“i’m sorry, don’t take me wrong but our race children is capable of hunting thunder harpy in the mountain range. But what shocked us and give us a glimmer of hope is his strength. Within a day, the holy dragon Tiamat that have ruled the Edenfall has been slain. He then continue to slay countless guardian monster that linger in this continent.”

Seven think that it was a bunch of lies but then the scene showed a young man battling with verocious monster and slain them all.

“after that, many title have been given to him. The black hero, the yeti slayer, comodo knight, i even heard some of the beast tribe call him the grim reaper. But it didn’t changed the fact that he is our saviour. After helping out various town to clear out the guardian, a week ago he set out to forgotten empire field near the krakatau dungeon, where he seemed to believe is the source of the earthquake that distrub the guardian peace.”

“so how can you say thay he’s going to come in a few days?”
Kongou then asked the monkey monk, jumping in to stop his story.

“be patient young lad, I haven’t even finished my story. Let me continue then. It is said deep down the forgotten empire, lay sleep the Collosal Dragon. The king of dragons, they said even his stomp causing the earth to shake, the gust of his wing creating cyclone, and even his breath let out a fire that will burn for six days long.”

The party took it as a joke but then they all fell silent seeing the scene showing a monster bigger than they ever see, making the water wyvern looks like a baby in front of him.

“I didn’t sure how he managed to do it, but the earthquake stopped two days ago, so he maybe arrived here in a few days since this is the nearest town from the forgotten empire.”

“so i guess we will stay here for a few days. We can also spend the time hunting around the area.”
Roberto said that and the party agrees.

The monster in the area is perfect for them to level up, afterall some of them have leveled up twice or once at least considering the party level is pretty high. Day turns to night and they decided to sleep for the rest of the day.


“snow, is it the right way?”

Kuro walked down inside a dark dungeon, there is no source of light and his eyes adapted only a little in this endless darkness. He can only believe in the voice that guided him all along.

“yes, in a few more steps turn left.”

Following the voice guidance, he then turn left into a wider corridor. He also can see a small light in the end. Slowly he put his hand in front of his face to block the light which is blinding his eyes since he just walked in complete darkness a moments ago.

The next scene leave him speechless. He fell silent and can’t even think of anything.


That voice brings him back to reality. In front of him, a girl lying down in a bed of white rosses. The girl somehow familiar. White skin, long black hair, and as he get near, the feeling is nostalgic.


Yes, the girl that is lying down without a trace of life is resembling his guardian.

“snow… Is it true..?”

“yes, can you help me?”

He didn’t say anything and just silently nod.

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