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Chapter 020 - 20 – 13th login – Tegron’s Peak

13th login – Tegron’s Peak

Sakuya and the party finally reached the entrance to the Tegron’s mountain. It looked like a barren wasteland with lots of rocks and dead trees.

“okay now, let’s review the plan once again. Our front side will be covered by Shibo, Billy, and Shidou.”

The three men mentioned earlier is acting as the tank for the group. While their job is a crusader, it has the highest defence amongst the class in the game. Which is putting them out front is the basic battle strategy in Rebirth Online.

“behind them will be covered by Erio, Douglas, Seraphim, and Hikaru.”

The people mentioned have knight class as their job. They have a good attack and defence as well as the mobility to move around in the battlefield which is lacked by crusader. So they will be a good back up and can cover the front also the rear side.

“kenta and Kira will isnpect our surrounding and report about the enemy whereabout.”

Kenta the assassin and kira the shinobi have the best stealth skill among any other class. So, putting them on the lookout is the correct choice. They can notify the party of the enemy position before they engage on them. This will give the party a big advantage when battling the enemy. Especially if the enemy is large on number. This can be used to make a battle plan.

“Sakuya, Kongou, Leona, Akari, Seven, Akane, Yoon Bin, Min Sora, Heinz, Mina, and me will stand in the back of the party and give the front guys support.”

The rest of the party is made of priest, cleric, wizzard, hunter, bard, dancer, chef, and shaman which works as the support of the group. They can heal the party, give boost in attributes, as well damaging the enemy from range. This party line up is pretty common in any RPG with each class covering for each other weakness.

The battle formation is given out by Roberto, which is known good for his tactics. With that explained and the party seemed to know their role, they decided to move out.

“One more thing, please take a note that you can’t possibly died here. If u died, you’ll return to seaside shore. Because the far east continent save function is not yet enabled. You also have to be aware that the monster that we will fight here is completely new.”

Sakuya is the one giving the party explanation, because she is a NPC or Non-Player Character that knows a lot about the game interface and function.
After the party noded together and understand their current situation, they move out to the field.

The first twenty minutes of the walk is so peacefull without any signs of enemy. But some sweat seemed to be seen from some of the player face. With the weather system implemented, the far east continent have a warm tropical temperature which could make you sweating a lot even with just walking around.

Tegron’s mountain have a city on top of it named the Tegron’s peak. But the distance needed to reach the peak is yet to be know. The party have walked so far but no sign of the peak can be seen. And moments later, kenta come to the party to inform about the enemy in front.

“two mountain golem is sighted fifty meters in front as well several thunder harpy.”

When the party hear that, they prepared to battle immediately. They know that even though the field level is only around 45 to 50, the enemy that they will encounter is completely new and unknow. There’s a risk for the party to be attacked by surprise and get wiped out.

One of the harpy took notice of the group and immediately let out a cry. Soon the flock of thunder harpy and the mountain golems have their attention to the group.

“calm down… get into formation and get ready for battle..”
The group didn’t consist of high level player for nothing, they all are expert at some point and they easily maintain their composure.

But the next scene put everyone at shock, two large boulder is thrown by the mountain golems and the direction of the projectile aiming in the middle of the formation.

“everybody, dodge …”
Roberto said that in a hurry while the other run away scattered.. But the exit route easily blocked by thunder harpys.. They all are blocking the escape route while channeling their skill.. Within the next second, yellow sparks bouncing around the battlefield..

The party didn’t expect it to turn out this way, they have a hard time maintaining their health even though they have a lot of support type player..
These ordinary monsters around tegron’s peak skill can be compared to a high level monster in other area..

The party first encounter with new continent monster is far from expectation. It seemed that these monster skill is in different league than the monster that they usually hunt.

“I wonder how can we find kuro.. At this rate, just trying to survive is already a big deal.”

“we know that these new monster is especially hard to deal with but their drop and experience is somehow worth the trip.”

There are lots of chatter and small talks while the group carefully climb the tegron’s mountain and engaging in battle along the way..

But something suddenly come into hikaru’s mind.
“sakuya, can i ask you a question? How can kuro pass these road. Does he really that strong?”

After thinking for a while, sakuya give a reply.
“i think for master, this is still within his ability, he can easily pass this route.”

“eeeh.. How can that be? We know that kuro is strong but to pass here easily I think that comment of yours is a little bit biased.”

“no I’m not.”
With a little higher note she then puffed up her cheeks. Sakuya is definitely different from other NPC.. Only a little bit different in the manner of speaking, but that emotion and expression of her is really a mystery…

“then, can you tell us the secret why your master is so strong?”

The party also get curious behind the secret of kuro’s strength.. After all he finished all three wyvern which is even impossible for a whole guild to kill..

“hmm… I think the way he battle is the answer. He always battle efficiently and kill the enemy quickly. He always deliver critical hit and the damage he conflict in each hit is always increased.”

The party then thinking for a moment… Is it a skill? No there aren’t any skill that grant a critical hit every time and increased damage in every critical…
After a long quiet time and a couple more harpy killed, leona muttered something..

“i think i know the answer.”
The voice she let out was so small but everyone seemed to notice..

“hey, are you serious my cute little sister? Do you really know the answer? As expected of my beautiful angel.”

This time everyone seemed to not distracted by roberto words.

“yeah. Probably. Let me ask you something first sakuya.. Does he hit in the same spot everytime?”

“hmm.. I’m not sure but I think when master battles with a monster he always killed it cleanly with only inflicting wound in specific parts.”
” i get it now..”
After that the party seemed to stop and heard the explanation from leona.

“you guys may already know that hitting a specific parts of a monster grants a critical hit, for example the neck of the stampede rhino which is clearly their weakness. So what I’m thinking is we can keep hitting in the same spot to keep inflicting critical damage while increasing the damage everytime.”

Everyone fell into silent and they all agree to that conclusion. They all then tried it when they facing another thunder harpy. They hit the wings which inflict critical damage,but it wasn’t an easy feat to keep hitting the same spot even for twice in a row. When they actually managed to inflict two critical hit in succesion, the damage is increasing a little.

When they realized the way kuro hunts monster, they realized how high is the skill of kuro. Because in reality they have a hard time doing critical hits twice in a row. Not even once the party managed to make it thrice.

Seven who just got in the group seemed to think that kuro is just a high level player that everyone admires. But he sure got the skill to be recognized by the party.

After climbing for more than three hours, the group managed to find the harpy pattern and the easy way to deal with mountain golem boulder throw. And they will arrive at the peak in less than an hour.

Nearing the peak, snow starts to fall down and the view seemed so similiar to the monks temple near himalaya, building seemed to be carved at the scenery not made. They blend in the surrounding so well making it a spectacular view to see. the tegron’s village seemed to be this temple.. At the entrance to the temple, a monkey dressed in a monk clothing stand and greets them.

“welcome to the tegron’s village.. You all are brave adventurer that have travel far to tegron’s peak.. Come inside, i can arrange some food and place to stay for you.. As for why you have come here, i want to hear about the reason later.”

Without further wait, they all come inside the temple and enjoy their meal. After explaining the reason of their journey, the monkey monk let out a surprising answer..

“oh.. If you’re looking for Kuro the yeti slayer, he should be coming here in a few days. you can just stay here in the temple.”
they never tought that finding kuro will be this easy. After all, Hikaru then curiously asked.

“can you tell me, why all of you have some wierd nickname for him? The beast people at eden fall call him the black hero, and you call him the yeti slayer. Is there any reason?”

The monk then seemed to be pleased hearing the question. He then stand, put his arm behind and walks like some wise man. After a few step, the story that will shock everyone is coming out from the monkey monk mouth.

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