Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams


Chapter 019 - 19 – Prologue (RO – 4th book)


It’s so hot. I can feel my whole body is screaming in pain.
Am I going to die like this?

Strangely as I am facing the life and death situation, I can hear a faint voice inside my head.

“Hey, do you need my help?”

In the middle of my confusion, I decided to ask to the owner of that voice. Who are you?

“My name is snow. I can get you out from this situation, but in return, I need your help.”

While in this kind of position, I know I have no option to refuse. So I decided to give a reply.

If I can get out from here alive, I promise that I’ll do what I can.

“Okay, it’s settled then.”

After she said that, strangely my body is at such an ease. The hot feeling from the fire that engulfing me, now turns into a cold and gentle touch.

“Now, let’s get you out of this situation. I’ll explain the detail later.”

Somewhere in my mind, I’m lost in space. But i have a feeling that i can believe in this voice.

I can feel power coming back to my arms, I let out a roar and throw out my arms that’ve been crossing infront of me and ward off the fire.

I can see the blood dragon in front of me clearly. I can do this.

I quickly dashed towards it and thrust my katar towards it’s landed deep inside and i severed it’s head.

After i finished it off, i stand in silence and closed my eyes.

Between the time when i was near my death, i could see a glance of the future that i never realized.

I have people that will mourn at my death. There are people that comes at my funeral. Even though i think that i’m already all alone.

“kuro, let me tell you about my story then.”
That soft voice return me to my senses.

I listened to the story which leaving me in disbelieve later on.

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